5 Rapidly Growing Careers In The Software Development Industry


. There are several rapidly growing careers in the software development industry. According to recent data, the number of software development jobs is expected to be significantly higher than any other occupation in the next several years. Custom Software Developer.

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Ace Your Embedded Software Engineers Interview

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This post includes all of the job search and career information you need to help you land a great job as an Embedded Engineer. Included below are the best resources on the Internet for a successful embedded engineer job search. Nail the Interview Embedded Engineers Engineers Hot Careers Interview questions


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From Geotechnical Engineer to Software Engineer

Career Shifters

“I dreaded going to the office every day.”. Marina Sideri felt like she was performing a well-scripted role: doing well on the outside, yet unhappy on the inside. So, she quit her job without a back-up plan and took some time to plan her next move.

From Civil Engineering to Software Development

Career Shifters

“I realised that 'the right moment' might never arrive.”. When James Buckley started to use a new skill-set at work, he was hooked. Here's how he retrained and landed a role in an exciting new industry

2020 164

From Communications to Software Engineering

Career Shifters

“I'd always wanted something more creative.”. Ste Taylor was ready to jump with both feet into a more fulfilling, engaging career. Here's why he pivoted from his first plan, and how a tough decision got him moving more quickly towards work he loves

Starting a Career as a Freelance Software Developer

Career Alley

If you’re skilled in web and software development, the future is bright. Software developers are in a lucrative position; the skills you possess are highly prized in just about every industry, and you’ll have some flexibility when it comes to choosing a position. Career advice Freelance

Software Engineer Job Description (2021)


Free software engineer job description. Software engineers apply mathematical and scientific principles to solve problems and write computer software. Software engineers create, maintain, improve, and audit system

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Software For Startup Computers: Essentials For Your Employees

Ms. Career Girl

The software you put on your startup computers should also reflect your expectations and how much you value your employees. Here is some essential software that should be on every startup computer. When an employee sees that you’ve loaded up the computer with antivirus software, ad blocking extensions, and web tracking software, they may mistake it for not being trusted. Every business would be nothing without its employees.

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From Software Trainer to Digital Nomad (Plus Post-Shift Update)

Career Shifters

“It was miserable. I knew there had to be a better way.”. Esther Inman was sure that if she put her mind to it, she could find more-flexible, location-independent work. So, she took a leap of faith to make it happen.

2019 207

From Sales to Software

Career Shifters

“I sleep better at night and feel a sense of fulfilment I never thought possible.”. Though Tate Price was challenged by his career, he didn't find it worthwhile. Here's how he taught himself a new skill set, found an outlet for his creativity, and secured a job in an industry where he had no previous experience

2017 116

From Software Trainer to Digital Nomad

Career Shifters

“It was miserable. I knew there had to be a better way.”. Esther Inman was sure that if she put her mind to it, she could find more-flexible, location-independent work. So, she took a leap of faith to make it happen. Here's how she changed not just the content, but also the context of her career, to create the freedom she was looking for

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Finding the Customer Service Software That’s Best for You

Ms. Career Girl

The post Finding the Customer Service Software That’s Best for You appeared first on Ms. Choosing the right customer service software is essential in today’s world. In fact, individualized customer service software is already helping business people respond to their clients with more personalized results. That software works best when there are the in-workplace tools to demonstrate to employees how to maximize its functionality.

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Difference Between Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer

Imarticus Learning

Though the term appears familiar, it is often mistaken for a software engineer. Both are not the same, there is clear differentiation in the job roles and the contributions of a full stack developer and a software engineer. What Does a Software Engineer Do? Software Engineer.

5 Software Programs That Will Improve Your Hireability

Career Alley

Here are 5 software programs to learn whilst studying that will improve your hireability when you graduate. Anyone who’s been in the world of work for any length of time will have plenty of stories about painful PowerPoint experiences, but the reality is that this is the fault of the presenter, not the software. The days when a degree, any degree, was a guarantee of a well-paid job are long gone.

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Should you get timetracking software?

Evil HR Lady

Do you need time tracking software? Timetracking software should never be used as a micro-managing tool. Should you install time tracking software? Now, if you have remote workers who are currently exempt, but will be changing to non-exempt when (if) the new rules go into effect, raising hte minimum salary for exemption to over $50k, then this type of software may be a boon. This post brought to you by Advance Systems.

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Why it’s nearly impossible to pick your business software

Evil HR Lady

Their software will solve that. Then you end up with software that may or may not solve your problem, but it solves the vendor’s problems—they made a sale! To keep reading, click here: Why it’s nearly impossible to pick your business software. The post Why it’s nearly impossible to pick your business software appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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From E-commerce to Software

Career Shifters

“All of a sudden I realised I was in an amazing state of flow.”. Erin Morrissey missed the challenge of learning something new. So when she stumbled across a subject that stretched her mentally and made time fly by, she made it her mission to immerse herself in it. This is her story

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Dovetail Software: Employee Relations Case Management


Employee Relations Case Management Software Utopia. Dovetail Software is a web-based employee support software for employees and employers. Its HR product, Dovetail Support Suite for HR is a web-based employee support software for employees and employers. Benefits of a HR Record Software System. The software allows any HR team member to create a case and report conversations whether electronically, in person, or by phone.

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Do You Need a Degree to be Hired to Develop Software?

Hiring Technical People

One guy came into my (quite technical) software testing team via the IT group. I’m not sure how he got into software, but he was great at it. I retweeted a link to Here’s a Thing: There’s No Correlation Between a College Degree and Coding Ability. I was a bit surprised by some of the reactions to that link. One colleague said, “I question whether people who wait until a college assignment to learn to code have the same obsessive interest in the topic.”

2015 233

Do We Have a War for Talent in Software?

Hiring Technical People

I’m at the SHRM conference in Chicago this week, courtesy of Dice.com. I blog for them, and am working on an agile recruiting series. Watch for it, in the coming weeks. I read this piece, The War for STEM Talent is a Lie. I agree. Until we do all of these things: Hire the people who are in their 40′s and 50′s. People who are older than 35 do know something. Hire the unemployed and train them.

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on CV Scanning Software

Undercover Recruiter

CV scanning software is being introduced as an alternative for recruiter’s to manage the. 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on CV Scanning Software Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Recruiting Andrew Fennell CV Tips human resources keywords scanning software Standout CVAutomation is taking over in all industries and recruitment is no exception.

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How To Get Your Resume Past Resume Screening Software

Professional Resume Services

Did you ever consider that the resume you just sent to a prospective company would have computer software that screens your resume before any human person can see it? More companies are using these types of software due to the sheer number of applicants per job opening. Automated resume screeners or applicant tracking systems are

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How to Create a Software Engineering Resume That Will Get You Hired

Professional Resume Services

As you probably already know, software engineering jobs are in demand, but there is also a pretty saturated talent pool. There isn’t one specific key to writing an effective resume to get you hired in the software engineering industry, but there are some steps you can take to give yourself the best chance at landing the job you want. If you want to be a software engineer, but don’t have your own personal website, it’s time to get one immediately.

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The Best Recruiting Tools and Software for 2017

Undercover Recruiter

Running a successful recruiting agency is all about utilising all tools, tactics, and software available to streamline your process. Recruiting software can help your internal team with the process of sourcing possible employees, hiring individuals and assisting the onboarding process. The Best Recruiting Tools and Software for 2017. Recruiting Apps ATS chatbots recruiting software recruiting tools Video Interviews

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Top 5 Interview Questions for Software Developers

The Undercover Recruiter

As a Technical Recruiter, my bread-and-butter roles were Software Development positions. Why to ask this: Source control is software that manages code during its build; logging what changes are made (and by whom) and saving previous versions so if a Developer breaks something badly, they roll back to a stable version. Top 5 Interview Questions for Software Developers.

2012 87

Is Cloud Software the Future of Recruitment? [TECH TUESDAY]

The Undercover Recruiter

Have you taken any calls recently from software providers? Calls where you’re promised the world if only you would switch from your existing software provider? For those of you who haven’t, it begs the question: What exactly is cloud-based recruitment software, and how can it help SMEs? Traditionally the cost of implementing new software or IT infrastructure has been relatively expensive, presenting a significant barrier to entry for business owners.

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Resume Help - Insurance Software - Business Analyst - Manager

Careers Done Write

Today’s résumé help will focus on a candidate in the insurance space with strong technical skills and business analysis expertise. We will call her June. June should be very marketable, but she has created a résumé that does not impress. The visual appeal is very poor and the résumé is 6 pages long. This excessive length is neither necessary nor desireable.

Why your recruiting agency needs video production software

Corn on the Job

By using video production software that makes it simple and speedy to put together eye-catching videos, you are able to reap all the benefits that come with video content creation, but without the headache that often comes from having to create something from scratch.

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The 5 Best Apps and Software to Streamline Your Working Day

Ms. Career Girl

The post The 5 Best Apps and Software to Streamline Your Working Day appeared first on Ms. Thankfully, there are a number of clever apps and ingenious pieces of software that can help with the latter. Slack Software. Released in 2013, Slack software is a project management tool that promotes easy communication and aims to build employee relationships. The post The 5 Best Apps and Software to Streamline Your Working Day appeared first on Ms.

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bosses are panic-buying spy software to monitor remote workers

Ask a Manager

Well, this is a terrible indictment of employers’ utter lack of understanding about how to manage remote workers : I’m quoted (in part, questioning how these managers are getting any work done themselves).

2020 57

Proven Job Search Blog Grows Into Innovative Online Software Tool

Tim's Strategy

The new online software tool, simply named “Tim’s Strategy” (named after the blog) delivers a structured and strategic process to help users create a personal and customized job search strategy. Described by one user to be “like tax software for your job search,” the software breaks down a complex and unfamiliar process into smaller, easier to chew pieces. It’s A New Year. . Time To Get Serious About Job Search.

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Which Career Is More Promising: Data Scientist or Software Developer?

Imarticus Learning

However, more competition in the field of IT pressurizes on the software career aspirants to be upfront with the latest technology for survival. The foremost responsibility of data scientist is business analytics followed by constructing data and software products using algorithms. The approach of data scientist and software developer. Software developers collaborate with computer programmers for testing the convenience of using a software program.

2019 40

Résumé Help - Financial Software Sales Manager

Careers Done Write

As a financial software sales manager, this candidate should be able to write proposals and business letters that are professional. As many of my regular readers know, every Monday we feature a résumé help section that takes a look a portion of a specific résumé Today’s sample résumé is riddled with errors. Our candidate Joshua has some very impressive results to boast about, but his document has extremely poor punctuation and grammar.

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Employee Engagement and Working with Halogen Software

David Zinger

I am in Ottawa right now at the Halogen Software Conference. Halogen Software was welcoming, supportive, fun, and well-organized. Employee Engagement #halogensoftware Connie Cotigan David Zinger Halogen software Melany Galant People Artists Pyramid of Employee Engagement Zoryana CherwickIt was a pleasure yesterday to facilitate a session on employee engagement.

2015 53

3 Software Courses To Expand Your Career Options

Career Realism

However, even if you are perfectly computer literate, you can still expand your career options by getting to grips with certain software. Microsoft Office’s spreadsheet offering may not be the most exciting piece of software at consumer level, but it drives a wealth of business operations. While a number of different database software packages are in use by different businesses, including some custom-built in-house solutions, Oracle remains the most popular option.

2014 84

Resume Software – Can It Make A Difference?

Resume Help Blog

If this is you, then consider the Rapid Resume Builder resume software. We’ve done our research on resume software and really feel this is one of the best around. Also, this resume software helps you build a resume in a step by step format, instead of laying it up on a Word page and then playing around with copying and pasting, which always messes up the formatting.

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What is The Market Size For Agile Software Development?

Imarticus Learning

In layman terms though, agility or Agile Development in software engineering means ensuring agility, flexibility, and adaptability in the agile development , maintenance, and working of a model, i.e. prototype. All these things are equally important while trying to build software. Before diving into how the Agile Development method works, let’s discuss a step by step approach to how software is built. The post What is The Market Size For Agile Software Development?

2019 40

COTJ Reviews Team+: Revolutionary HR & Talent Management Software

Corn on the Job

What is Team+: Team+ is a time saving HR & Talent Management software that helps assist recruiters throughout the entire process. Any industry will find value in the Team+ software, as the labeling on criteria is 100% user-defined. Career Advice COTJ Reviews COTJ Review Recruiting Recruiting Software Team+ TeamPlus The Problem: The entire recruiting process is one big cluster of confusing nonsense.

2015 67

Keeping Track Using HR Software

Corn on the Job

Using the right HR software makes keeping track of training and ensuring that it is completed on time, by the right people, becomes easy. Buying the right HR software for you. The HR software from CascadeHR is easy to use. It is essential that any HR software that you buy for your business is flexible. Therefore, the HR software you use needs to be able to be changed to allow you to record new fields of data. Running a company is complicated to say the least.

2016 43

Why Software Developers Appreciate Working At Asynchrony Labs

Career Realism

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Asynchrony Labs, John Maglione says technically advanced software developers looking for the best place to work in St. The post Why Software Developers Appreciate Working At Asynchrony Labs appeared first on CAREEREALISM. PICTURED ABOVE: A photo of one of Asynchrony Lab’s development areas. It’s in a historic district in Downtown St.

Career Advice: From Support Technician to Software Programmer

Position Ignition

Question: I am thinking about changing direction in my career - I am currently a Support Technician, and want to go into Software Programming/Development. From the research I have done, it appears to require a degree in Computer Science, which I do not have, though I have an ordinary degree and the MCSE, as well as some very basic programming skills. Our Thoughts: It sounds like you have a fairly clear idea around where you want to go.

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The 3 Reasons Your Email Needs to Integrate with Your Recruitment Software

Undercover Recruiter

The 3 Reasons Your Email Needs to Integrate with Your Recruitment Software. Recruiting Technology communication Email Hiring Integration Recruitment recruitment softwareIn our digital world, today’s staffing and recruitment professionals are reliant on email as their primary source of correspondence with candidates and clients. The challenge for many recruitment agencies is managing all the electronic communication in a central location in a quick integrated way.

2016 49

Employee Engagement at Halogen Software Conference in Ottawa (September)

David Zinger

Halogen Software (@HalogenSoftware) July 30, 2015. Employee Engagement Canadian employee engagement David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker Halogen software OttawaJoin me September 9 to September 11, 2015 in Ottawa to learn more about employee engagement. davidzinger shares how to make #engagement work for your org at #HSCC15. Register now! link] pic.twitter.com/JK4sHA0TJP.

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