Should you get timetracking software?

Evil HR Lady

Do you need time tracking software? Timetracking software should never be used as a micro-managing tool. Should you install time tracking software? This post brought to you by Advance Systems. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Evil HR Lady.

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Software For Startup Computers: Essentials For Your Employees

Ms. Career Girl

The software you put on your startup computers should also reflect your expectations and how much you value your employees. Here is some essential software that should be on every startup computer. Every business would be nothing without its employees.

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Employee Engagement and Working with Halogen Software

David Zinger

I am in Ottawa right now at the Halogen Software Conference. Halogen Software was welcoming, supportive, fun, and well-organized. It was a pleasure yesterday to facilitate a session on employee engagement.

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Why Software Developers Appreciate Working At Asynchrony Labs

Career Realism

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Asynchrony Labs, John Maglione says technically advanced software developers looking for the best place to work in St. The post Why Software Developers Appreciate Working At Asynchrony Labs appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Keeping Track Using HR Software

Corn on the Job

Using the right HR software makes keeping track of training and ensuring that it is completed on time, by the right people, becomes easy. Buying the right HR software for you. The HR software from CascadeHR is easy to use. Running a company is complicated to say the least.

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From E-commerce to Software

Career Shifters

“All of a sudden I realised I was in an amazing state of flow.”. Erin Morrissey missed the challenge of learning something new. So when she stumbled across a subject that stretched her mentally and made time fly by, she made it her mission to immerse herself in it. This is her story

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COTJ Reviews Team+: Revolutionary HR & Talent Management Software

Corn on the Job

What is Team+: Team+ is a time saving HR & Talent Management software that helps assist recruiters throughout the entire process. Any industry will find value in the Team+ software, as the labeling on criteria is 100% user-defined.

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From Sales to Software

Career Shifters

“I sleep better at night and feel a sense of fulfilment I never thought possible.”. Though Tate Price was challenged by his career, he didn't find it worthwhile.

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Is Cloud Software the Future of Recruitment? [TECH TUESDAY]

The Undercover Recruiter

Have you taken any calls recently from software providers? Calls where you’re promised the world if only you would switch from your existing software provider? For those of you who haven’t, it begs the question: What exactly is cloud-based recruitment software, and how can it help SMEs?

Resume Help - Insurance Software - Business Analyst - Manager

Careers Done Write

Today’s résumé help will focus on a candidate in the insurance space with strong technical skills and business analysis expertise. We will call her June. June should be very marketable, but she has created a résumé that does not impress.

Software Developers: How To Write A Killer Resume

Career Realism

Software developers are in high demand. Businesses all over the world are marketing software for almost every purpose that can be imagined, and when you include the millions of “apps” that are sold for mobile devices, the number is expanded exponentially.

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Finding the Customer Service Software That’s Best for You

Ms. Career Girl

The post Finding the Customer Service Software That’s Best for You appeared first on Ms. Choosing the right customer service software is essential in today’s world. This article helps you get started, with insights on where software for this essential business topic is headed.

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Dovetail Software: Employee Relations Case Management


Employee Relations Case Management Software Utopia. Dovetail Software is a web-based employee support software for employees and employers. Its HR product, Dovetail Support Suite for HR is a web-based employee support software for employees and employers.

The 3 Reasons Your Email Needs to Integrate with Your Recruitment Software

The Undercover Recruiter

The 3 Reasons Your Email Needs to Integrate with Your Recruitment Software. Recruiting Technology communication Email Hiring Integration Recruitment recruitment software

INFOGRAPHIC: How Recruitment Software Has Evolved Over Time

The Undercover Recruiter

INFOGRAPHIC: How Recruitment Software Has Evolved Over Time. More and more applicants are searching for jobs through their social media connections, which has given rise to a networking evolution and the ever-increasing need to have a recruiting technology that adapts to the social media era.

How To Get Your Resume Past Resume Screening Software

Professional Resume Services

Did you ever consider that the resume you just sent to a prospective company would have computer software that screens your resume before any human person can see it? More companies are using these types of software due to the sheer number of applicants per job opening. Automated resume screeners or applicant tracking systems are

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Proven Job Search Blog Grows Into Innovative Online Software Tool

Tim's Strategy

The new online software tool, simply named “Tim’s Strategy” (named after the blog) delivers a structured and strategic process to help users create a personal and customized job search strategy. It’s A New Year. . Time To Get Serious About Job Search.

The Most Insensitive/Yet Accurate Statement You'll Read This Week on Recruiting Software Developers.

HR Capitalist

aren’t real software engineer. One of the lauded myths of Silicon Valley culture is that anyone can be a tech superstar if they have the talent. That if you just work hard enough, you too can grow up to be a lauded developer. Take game publisher and former Microsoft developer Alex St.

Do We Have a War for Talent in Software?

Hiring Technical People

I’m at the SHRM conference in Chicago this week, courtesy of I blog for them, and am working on an agile recruiting series. Watch for it, in the coming weeks. I read this piece, The War for STEM Talent is a Lie. I agree. Until we do all of these things: Hire the people who are in their 40′s and 50′s. People who are older than 35 do know something. Hire the unemployed and train them.

Employee Engagement at Halogen Software Conference in Ottawa (September)

David Zinger

Halogen Software (@HalogenSoftware) July 30, 2015. Employee Engagement Canadian employee engagement David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker Halogen software OttawaJoin me September 9 to September 11, 2015 in Ottawa to learn more about employee engagement. davidzinger shares how to make #engagement work for your org at #HSCC15. Register now! link]

5 Software Programs That Will Improve Your Hireability

Career Alley

Here are 5 software programs to learn whilst studying that will improve your hireability when you graduate. The days when a degree, any degree, was a guarantee of a well-paid job are long gone.

3 Ways Women Can Open Their Own Doors to Entrepreneurial Success

Ms. Career Girl

Sabrina Parsons is CEO of Palo Alto Software, developer of the best-selling business management software, LivePlan. Palo Alto Software develops software and tools specifically targeted for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

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How to Create a Software Engineering Resume That Will Get You Hired

Professional Resume Services

As you probably already know, software engineering jobs are in demand, but there is also a pretty saturated talent pool. If you want to be a software engineer, but don’t have your own personal website, it’s time to get one immediately.

3 Software Courses To Expand Your Career Options

Career Realism

However, even if you are perfectly computer literate, you can still expand your career options by getting to grips with certain software. The post 3 Software Courses To Expand Your Career Options appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Advancement software tools

Do You Need a Degree to be Hired to Develop Software?

Hiring Technical People

One guy came into my (quite technical) software testing team via the IT group. I’m not sure how he got into software, but he was great at it. I retweeted a link to Here’s a Thing: There’s No Correlation Between a College Degree and Coding Ability. I was a bit surprised by some of the reactions to that link. One colleague said, “I question whether people who wait until a college assignment to learn to code have the same obsessive interest in the topic.”

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THE HR CAPITALIST BUYERS GUIDE: Buying HR Software (Suite vs. Best in Breed)

HR Capitalist

Spent a couple of hours on Monday representing a client on a demo call with an HR software provider of the Suite variety. First, some defintions when it comes to HR Software: Suite Provider - HR software provider that has developed a suite which solves multiple pain points for the modern HR department, including things like system of record (HRMS), recruiting/ATS, performance, learning and development, etc. . Dateline - Monday, Go To Meeting. Virtual.

The 12 IT Jobs that Fast Track Your Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Software Developer. Career Management Job Search Technology & Software Career Cloud Architect computer Computer Systems Analyst fast track IT job jobs Mechanical Engineer software Software Developer technician web developer

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pre-employment testing for software developers

Ask A Manager

And now a break to talk about a sponsor…. If you’ve hired people before, you know the terrible feeling of realizing after just a few weeks with a new hire that she’s not going to cut it. But while hiring will never be an exact science, there is a way to minimize hiring mistakes: having candidates simulate activities similar to what they’d be doing on the job before you hire them.

TeamWox collaboration software

Ask A Manager

It offers a lot of the same functionality that you find in traditional CRM software, but with a ton more features: customer relationships and interaction tracking, human resource management, documents and task management, CRM functions, accounting and e-banking, and email and IP PBX phone systems, and it even allows you to run a help desk and online assistant for clients. Advertisement. And now a word from a sponsor… If you run or help manage a small business, check out TeamWox.

Employer Advocacy, How a Global Software Company is Nailing it

The Undercover Recruiter

I’ve spoken to Alli Soule of SAS, a global software company to learn more. Employer Advocacy, How a Global Software Company is Nailing it. Employee advocacy. Everyone’s talking about it. But who’s actually doing it, and who has a story to tell? Let’s find out.

Tech Culture is in CTC’s DNA

Career Realism

A niche focus (web, mobile, and software developers and engineers), a lot of IT recruiting expertise and market knowledge, plus an expansive network (1,000+ area employers), enable them to give candidates a competitive edge in the tech job market.

Need To Be More Organized? Here's How

Ms. Career Girl

SideHustle Featured Home Homepage Features News360 Work getting organized organization organization software organization tools project managementThe post Need To Be More Organized? Here's How appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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The Benefits of Hiring Boomerang Employees

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer Boomerang employees Software AdviceLook out at the labor economy and you’ll find a dire situation for employers and recruiters entering 2017. The U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest point in eight years.

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this creepy, invasive software can tell your boss if you’re looking for a new job

Ask A Manager

You may also like: how to discreetly job search when you have a nosy boss my company asks personal, invasive questions about your childhood and adolescence when your company wants to hijack your social media accounts this creepy, invasive software can tell your boss if you’re looking for a new job was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

How Remote Workers and Flextime Are Changing How We All Work


announced that Slack, a wildly popular mobile business-collaboration software, was their Company of the Year. It’s not just a chat program; it’s enterprise software. Social media too is beginning to respond to popularity of Slack and remote project management software. And that popularity, driven by users, is indicative of a new trend in enterprise software development. HR enterprise software remote work Social Media Telecommuting

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Top 30 Social Recruitment Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment Technology & Software 30 BranchOut Glassdoor indispensable Recruiting SmartRecrutiers social socialr strategies Tools When socially recruiting you need tools – but which tools? This infographic by Social Recruiting Strategies lists the top 30 tools you must use.

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7 Totally Insane Employee Perks at Tech Companies [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Business Infographics Technology & Software companies Company Employee perks Do you want to work at tech companies? What about if you got these insane perks? Who is Hosting This? have collected together the top 7.

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Why Online is the Future of Job Interviewing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Hiring Infographics Interview Tips Recruitment Technology & Software Video candidate human resources Job Interview online video Video Interviews Job interviews are daunting enough, but now more and more are moving online and using video.

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What are the Alternatives to LinkedIn for Sourcing and Networking?

The Undercover Recruiter

Networking Professional Sourcing Technology & Software Career Advice data scientists GrabCAD Hiring journalists Kaggle mechanical engineers military scientists Social Media social recruiting There’s no doubt that when it comes to sourcing online, LinkedIn is a paradise for recruiters.

10 Jobs Which Are Becoming Extinct [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Career Management Infographics Technology & Software 10 agent extinct job jobs lose postal professions rental supermarket Technology travel video Technology is meaning more and more jobs are becoming extinct and not needed. Is yours one of them? CIPHR has listed 10 that are almost dust.

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