How HR Technology Can Help Build a Motivated Workforce


The main thing you need to focus on as a business owner is utilizing the power of technology to both reach new markets and keep your employees engaged. Most small to medium-size businesses spend around 5 percent of their total gross revenue on technology. Making sure your technology budget is being spent wisely is important. Read below to find out how to keep your team motivated and engaged with the power of HR technology. Source- Pixabay.

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How to Source on Instagram #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

how to use Instagram to source potential hires. A lot of times when recruiters talk about using Instagram to source and recruit they only use the social media platform to post a visual job ad– a modern day version. How to Source on Instagram #TechTuesday. Recruiting Social Media Tech Tuesday Technology candidates Hiring Instagram Recruitment Social Recruiting SourcingLast month I covered the topic: how to use Instagram as a networking tool. This month….


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How to Really Source Talented Applicants

Undercover Recruiter

Business is changing all the time and HR professionals need to be horizon-scanning and considering the talent pipeline needed to negotiate current challenges and address disruptive technologies. How to Really Source Talented Applicants. Recruiting Applicants Candidate Sourcing employee advocacy Social SourcingIt can be tough attracting quality applicants. When you find skilled professionals you need to move decisively.

3 Chrome Plugins To Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing

Undercover Recruiter

Despite the advancement of technology with the invasion of AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, hiring is still pretty much a painful process for many. 3 Chrome Plugins To Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing. Recruiting Technology candidates Chrome Plugins Recruitment SourcingYou start off confidently with a vacancy handed down from your hiring managers, thinking it would be a walk in the park. A job ad goes here, a social post there. View Article.

Recruiting Technology – The HOT Trends


Staying informed on developments in technology is critical for high-performance recruiting. The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology. One of the companies in the list, Broadbean , is releasing a free white paper today which will discuss the five hot trends today in recruiting technology. The dynamic, fast-paced evolution of HR technology is a tech-savvy recruiter’s dream.

13+ Candidate Sourcing Tips & Tools You Should Be Trying

Undercover Recruiter

Regardless of how established your candidate sourcing methods are, there’s no denying that recruiting technology is moving at lightning speed and the best recruiters are the ones who constantly work to stay ahead of the pack. 13+ Candidate Sourcing Tips & Tools You Should Be Trying. Recruiting candidate employees Recruiters Social Media Sourcing Sourcing tools Technology

Source Qualified Candidates on Social Media in Half the Time


Internet Sourcing in Half the Time. Often referred to as sourcing , organizations don’t wait for the job seeker to find them, they find the job seeker using the phone, personal networks or the internet to guide their candidate search. The challenge is that sourcing takes time; especially when it comes to the expanse of the Internet. Searching, combing and sourcing individual websites, communities and social networks takes an exhaustive amount of time and effort.

Why Internet Sourcing Isn’t Your Recruiting Savior


Social media combined with the power of the internet has re-invigorated a once overlooked skill of sourcing within recruiting. Simply put, sourcing is the proactive searching for qualified job candidates for current or planned open positions. In terms of internet sourcing, it is research for the purposes of recruiting. What is Internet Sourcing? I’m a fan of sourcing. Sourcing is definitely a creative art that often requires thinking outside of the box.

15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science

Imarticus Learning

It’s a reliable source of Data Science information where everything related to it will be at your fingertips. NYC Data Science Academy Blog – A one-stop destination for in-depth development tutorials and new technology announcements created by students, faculty and community contributors in the NYC DCA network. The post 15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science appeared first on Imarticus.

Does Big Data Matter in Sourcing? #BigDataHR


Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that enable talent acquisition teams to strategically identify, attract and engage candidates. With many enterprises using “Big Data” to more efficiently source, screen and select talent, the prevailing feeling within the recruiting space is that if you aren’t talking about “Big Data” and how you and/or your teams can be using it, you are behind the curve… or are you?

Role of Technology in Investment Banking

Imarticus Learning

Today, technology is key in turning trading strategy into trading profit. Technology enables new pricing models and products to be delivered to the market. The IB industry thrives on the flow, analysis, and interpretation of information and technology is often the edge that gives a bank competitive advantage. Technology spans across IB functions and underpins every deal that is made. The post Role of Technology in Investment Banking appeared first on Imarticus.

Jobvite 2018 Recruiting Benchmark Report: Source of Hire Report!

The HR Capitalist

They've got the data - the report is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of 2017 data from Jobvite’s massive database of more than 55 million job seekers and 17 million applications and includes year-over-year benchmark data by company size, by revenue, by source of applicants and hires, and by industry. The greatest lie the devil ever told the world was that you could get accurate Source of Hire info. Getting source of hire right is like herding cats.

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What Are The Best Sources To Educate Yourself About Cryptocurrencies?

Imarticus Learning

Training is crucial as it helps you to learn the latest skills in technologies that will dominate the future. Some of the topics you learn here are getting started with Bitcoins, how the blockchain technology works, getting your own crypto wallet, investing, withdrawal and cashing in of cryptos. The cryptocurrency markets are filled with investors who are unaware of the underlying blockchain technology and its advantages.

How Long is a Technology Career?

Hiring Technical People

Take a look at A Long View of the ‘Short’ Technology Career. A technology career is as long as you want to make it. If you want your technology career to last, and you want to be in demand as a technical person by lots of people, you need to train yourself. Participate on an open-source project. Matt Heusser has a great column over at Stickyminds this week.

Are Your Recruiting Technologies & Tools OFCCP Compliant?


Whether you are building a candidate pipeline to funnel candidates in a talent network or building out your sourcing plan to engage qualified STEM engineers, HR technologies beyond the standard ATS. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR hr basics HR compliance internet applicant OFCCP ofccp compliance

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What Are Blockchain Technologies

Imarticus Learning

The new hype in the field of technologies is surely the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is gaining more limelight as it is considered as the unbiased technology wherein there is no control with any individual or a certain group of people. Blockchains are open-source eco-system which is shaping the face of the digital era. Merits of blockchain technologies. The database in a blockchain technology is not stored in a single computer.

The Future of Tech Recruitment: Sourcing, Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Undercover Recruiter

The dawn of technology has opened endless avenues to reach candidates and for a time made all our lives easier. The Future of Tech Recruitment: Sourcing, Hiring and Retaining Top Talent. Recruiting Technology Recruitment Sponsored tech recruitment tech talent Technically CompatibleThis post is sponsored by Technically Compatible. Times have changed. We humans have never been more connected, and yet, never been more closed off.

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7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting & Sourcing on LinkedIn Recruiter


Most recruiters aren’t surprised when they hear that LinkedIn is the number one social recruiting source on the internet. It’s the go-to tool for recruiters looking to quickly source candidates for nearly every job opening. I’m a fan of their search and sourcing functionality as well as their paid recruiter product, LinkedIn Recruiter. What other cardinal LinkedIn recruiting and sourcing sins have I missed?

Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Trend #1 – Capitalizing on Technology


Improvements in technology have created a number of opportunities for recruiters to do their work more efficiently and effectively. Capitalizing on Technology. There is a definite need for speed and reduced costs in healthcare recruiting, and one sure-fire way to achieve both is by streamlining the process,” said Kelly Robinson, CEO and founder of Broadbean Technology. Among the key metrics that technology can help improve? Healthcare Staffing & Nursing Shortage .

Fall Fashion Advice and the Usefulness of Path Source’s Job Search App

Competitive Resumes

The second segment features Aaron Michel, co-founder of Path Source home of the job search app of the same name which helps you track your career interests, provides tools for you to find the career and resources for your job search. Aaron Michel is the co-founder and CEO of Path Source , the company whose job search app focuses on career navigation. His app, Path Source is free and is simple to use. His app, Path Source is free and is simple to use.

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“Deeper Social Integration” — HOT Trend #2 in Recruiting Technology


With advances in technology, referrals can now be automated, tracked and distributed through social networks including Facebook and Twitter,” says Allen Jerkens, Senior Marketing Manager for Monster Worldwide. “In The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology Today. This 6-part Blog Series and White Paper - The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology produced by Reputation Capital & released by Broadbean.

Ep 150 – How Collaboration Technology Drives Business Results


They also can offer more than just efficiency – with today’s technology you can gain insights, data, and information that HR and business leaders often only dream of. This can happen with a variety of technology including artificial intelligence and […] Source Work collaboration tools can be fantastic for getting things done and driving results within teams. Work collaboration tools can be fantastic for getting things done and driving results within teams.

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The Future of HR Technology Starts with Blockchain


Blockchain isn’t the newest technology, but it’s becoming more mainstream and has the potential to disrupt everything we do online and in the real world, including traditional HR processes. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent […] Source. HR Tech Technology blockchain blockchain human resources data security HR tech

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Does Your HR Technology Promote Employee Engagement?


What if it was a simple as the technology you use? Technology has become a major challenge for HR and IT departments. In the post The future of the mobile worker they revealed that 25% of employees globally “… are influenced by the technology provided to them at work and would consider taking a new position if provided better technology that helps them be more productive.” Have you ever considered that and touted the technology you have in place?

Improved Technologies Have Unintended Consequences


Their family member had been saved by this donation, as had another four individuals who benefited from the harvested organs […] Source. I recently came across an interesting article on about the unintended consequences of driverless cars. This article was written by someone whose a family member received a donated lung from a car accident victim.

Technology Will Not Replace a Handshake


This question addresses technology and the future of it. Of course, my brothers had total game control but every once in a while I was given the opportunity to “play” and learn how to work the game, the technology. The rapid forward movement of technology is nothing new. What do we want or need from technology? If a new technology, be that fax, email, or Twitter, gets you to the finish line faster, more power to you. photo source.

What Are The Sources To Learn Corporate Banking?

Imarticus Learning

Blockchains are the buzz word and a lot of hiring is around this technology. The post What Are The Sources To Learn Corporate Banking? The scope of a job in Corporate Banking depends and varies depending on the following factors. These factors are: . The bank that employs you: . All banks do not offer the same bouquet of services. Some focus on smaller firms and the middle-market segment requiring a variety of skills specific to the field of work.

What Are The Sources To Learn Corporate Banking?

Imarticus Learning

Blockchains are the buzz word and a lot of hiring is around this technology. The post What Are The Sources To Learn Corporate Banking? The scope of a job in Corporate Banking depends and varies depending on the following factors. These factors are: The bank that employs you: All banks do not offer the same bouquet of services. Some focus on smaller firms and the middle-market segment requiring a variety of skills specific to the field of work.

Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire


I don’t necessarily put a lot of weight on the source of hire ,” shares Craig Fisher , head of employer branding at CA Technologies. “I I want to know the source of employee, as well as the source of impact.” Susan LaMotte, CEO and founder of exaqueo, doesn’t hang her hat on a source of hire metric either, but instead looks at “source of influence.” So, why no love for the source of hire metric? If not source of hire, then what?

Ep 98 – 3 More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies #hrtechconf


As part of my pre-HR Technology conference coverage, I’m sitting down with 3 more startup founders and CEOs to talk about their products, services and technology offerings that make their company innovative and unique. Episode 98: Three More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies. Jeremy Ames talks about HR technology Implementation company called Hive Tech HR. Jeremy’s company focuses on HR technology implementation for all types for the employment cycle.

Why a Recruiter is the 2nd Most Important Role at Your Technology Company


Join me for a webinar on sourcing & hiring hacks 10/16 at 12 PM CST where we discuss ways to recruit technical talent. Sourcing is the process of actively seeking out candidates most often through the use of the Internet. With amount of time we, as individuals spend online growing, sourcing is a great way to engage a passive job seeker before they are actively looking for a job at a new company. Tips to Recruit Technical Recruiters for your Technology Company.

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“Search is Getting Easier” – HOT Trend #5 in Recruiting Technology


I remember ten years ago having a 120-page list of hospitals slapped down on my desk with the charge to call every hospital on the list and find out the names of every single ER manager – this was how we sourced passive candidates in the old days. Online candidate search is now a primary recruitment strategy that is receiving substantial improvement from new technologies. Technological enhancements and the use of Boolean logic and semantic search have helped bridge the gap.”.

How Is Blockchain Technology Helpful In A Banking Career?

Imarticus Learning

What benefits does blockchain technology bring? Blockchain technology brings in the important four attributes of immutability, decentralization, transparency, and security. The benefits offered by blockchain technology are: . User authentication and verification using blockchain technology sans third-party interference. The source of the ledger can be tracked at every block of the chain. The post How Is Blockchain Technology Helpful In A Banking Career?

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Episode 5: 3 More Emerging HR Technology Startups #HRTechConf


Welcome to Episode 5 of the Workology Podcast powered by Blogging4Jobs features three more mini interviews with three new emerging HR technology founders and CEOs. EPISODE 5: THREE (MORE) NEW EMERGING HR TECHNOLOGIES: TALENTCIRCLES, RECRUITIFI & REPPIFY. In preparation for this week’s HR Technology conference, this special episode focuses on three additional mini interviews with three founders and CEOs. CareerXroads 2014 Source of Hire Report.

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The Scope of Cryptocurrency Technology in India

Imarticus Learning

It makes use of blockchain technology to secure and encrypt transactions, whose database is highly secure and unalterable. The government should make its stand clear since banning a promising technology might mean that India has to suffer backlog in a technique in which the whole world is continually improving. Article Source: What is Bitcoin and Is It a Good Investment? Future of Blockchain Technology.

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How is your company implementing blockchain technology?

Imarticus Learning

Our business uses the following applications to implement blockchain technology. . On average, the world is spending more than $22 billion on cloud storage, and this has the capacity to be a source of revenue for average users. We use blockchain technology, that provides the stakeholders with digitally permanent records that are can be audited with no concern. Fintech is a new form of financial technology that applies and uses technology to improve financial actions.

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? How People Are Actually Moving To Careers In Blockchain Technology


Not so in the blockchain industry right now: “Thanks to the relative youth of blockchain technology, recruiters are willing to consider candidates who don't have advanced degrees or experience in the field as long as they're willing to work hard and experiment with new ideas,” says Meltem Demirors , chief strategy officer of CoinShares, a digital asset management company. Another source that piqued my interest at around the same time was from an influencer I follow.

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Essay Writing Using AI Technology

Corn on the Job

In this article, you can find tips and methods on how to write an essay with AI technology. After millions of years, humankind arrives in this day when the intellectual journey has reached a technological singularity. From the computer itself to smart devices, there are also technologies such as deep learning that brings an all-new kind of innovation, including computers programs capable of writing. Essay Help – Writing Essays and Articles Using AI Technology.

Job Seekers: Consider the Source!

Career Rocketeer

Furthermore, there seems to be an infinite amount of advice online in blogs like this, newspaper and magazine articles, YouTube videos, and other sources. Take in all the advice you can… but when deciding what to apply in your search, or not… always consider the source! While ideas and advice from those sources can be great information points, don’t necessarily take them as the best advice out there.

SHRM Conference Recap: Solving the Applied Technology Skills Gap

Water Cooler Wisdom

Recently, DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board presented a session on the applied technology skills gap at the  Society for Human Resource Management’s  Annual Conference in Chicago. As defined in  DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board’s 2017 JPI survey , applied technology skills (ATS) are skills needed by employees to leverage the right technology to do their jobs.


4 Keys to The Future of Human Resources Technologies & #HRTech


HR technology is a niche industry overshadowed by the likes of LinkedIn and Workday. Hot on the heels of Glassdoor’s $50 million Series C funding announcement, it’s safe to say that the human capital industry which finds its roots in compliance and regulations, is one of the hottest areas of opportunity for technology. click here to see my list of fundings, mergers, and acquisitions in HR technology). Do Investment Firms Really Understand HR Technology?

“Big Data is Getting Bigger” – HOT Trend #4 in Recruiting Technology


In many cases, HR departments keep their data in many separate pockets: one for distribution data, one for sourcing information, one for applicant hire data, etc. This 6-part Blog Series and White Paper - The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology produced by Reputation Capital & released by Broadbean. photo source. .

“Core Systems are Moving to the Cloud” – HOT Trend # 3 in Recruiting Technology


Cloud computing is on the rise in many industries that use specialized technology, and HR is no different. Although some employers are not yet comfortable with storing sensitive data in the cloud, and still others are waiting until they see a return on legacy technology, many recruiters are eager to make the offsite transition. A primary benefit of HR cloud technology is its cost-effectiveness. The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology Today. photo source. .