How to Recruit & Source Candidates on Twitter


It’s no secret that Twitter is an information search engine. He later realized via Twitter once the news broke of the raid, how exactly he had been involved. Recruiters and hiring managers can also leverage this tool as a candidate source a number of different ways.

How to Use Twitter to Source Candidates by Location

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Perhaps you are a business developer… or simply a networker… Do you use Twitter to find stuff or do you just bleet?? Find prospects on Twitter. Go into Twitter and find your Advanced Search wheel (or just go to:!/search-advanced

16 Handy Twitter Recruiting & Hiring Hacks [Infographic]


Recruiting, Sourcing & Hiring with Twitter. Keep in mind that if you are recruiting at an event like SXSW which kicks off later this week, Twitter is a wonderful way to source new candidates and connect with them on the fly.

10 Common Social Recruiting & Internet Sourcing Myths BUSTED


Common Social Recruiting and Internet Sourcing Myths. social recruiting and internet sourcing have had plenty of time to accumulate some big, big, myths. TechCrunch reports Twitter has 170 million active users, and Google+ has 100 million. Busted!

5 Rock Star Google Internet Sourcing Tricks


Even if you are not in a dedicated sourcing role, you probably use Google several times a day. Google & Internet Sourcing Tips That Work. This is simply internet sourcing tips you can use that are easy to remember and even easier to use. Source Candidates the Easy Way.

How to Source, Hire, & Recruit Candidates on Instagram


Best of all, sharing a photo via Instagram gives the user options of also sharing it to Twitter, Facebook, email and Flickr. How Can Recruiters Use Instragram to Source Candidates? More importantly, his Twitter links directly to his LinkedIn profile. . Instragram.

How to Source Candidates & Prospects Using Social Network, Ello #sourcecon


Learn more about technical sourcing hacks by joining us on our October 16th webinar at 12 PM CST. How you find those friends is mostly by going to Twitter and Facebook asking them to connect with you. I decided to break things down a bit more using Twitter’s advanced search.

How to Improve at Online Sourcing [Top Tips]

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Before you embark on the journey to learn more about Internet sourcing, you might want to ask yourself these three questions: Do you know your way around the Internet? If the answer is “no”, then you will have little motivation to integrate new sourcing methods into your daily activities.

5 legal issues for Twitter users

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Legally tweeting: 5 legal issues for Twitter users. Twitter’s popularity is growing by the day, and the Tweet is now a daily (and preferred) method of communication for many. Even I entered the Twitter world @PedramTabibi. Who Owns A Twitter Account, Employer or Employee?

Does Big Data Matter in Sourcing? #BigDataHR


Join us April 10th 2014 at 3pm to talk Big Data on Twitter using the hashtag #BigDataHR and join our webinar , “What’s the Big Deal with Big Data in HR & Recruiting” on April 17th at 11a EST. Follow the week by bookmarking us !

Twitter Job Search Help From Career Experts

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Finding Jobs: Direct Sourcing by Recruiters & Employers. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), I’ll post some of my favorite tips here as they hit Twitter over the next several months. Related posts: How Twitter Helped Me Build My Personal Brand.

3 and 1/2 Non-Linkedin based sources on finding candidates


Twitter. Most recruiting efforts on Twitter is about pushing job posts hoping for interest. For sourcing, Twitter is more of a listening tool. Also, Twitter response rate from candidates are akin to Linkedin back in 2006 when everyone replied to an inmail.

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search

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Twitter can be a great source of competitive intelligence during a job search. Here are five tips for using Twitter to source information related to your job search that can help you find key decision makers and accelerate your networking efforts.

5 New Ways to Recruit & Hire Using Twitter’s Improved Platform


Learn more about Twitter by viewing our free Twitter for HR & Marketing webinar available on demand by clicking here. . On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets and about 300,000 new visitors on a daily basis. Twitter’s Enhanced Search.

50 Hottest Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers

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Twitter is like a window into the soul of America. So it was only a matter of time, in a bad economy and a worse job market, that Twitter would be flooded with both job seekers and job offerers.

7 Killer Examples of Twitter Recruiting & Job Cards


This is part of an ongoing series on Social Recruiting 101 and Twitter. Click here to read about Twitter social recruiting best practices. . Twitter is the social network that I love. Fortunately, last year Twitter came to the rescue and launched Twitter Job Cards.

Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter

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Even the likes of Instagram and Slack are being coined as candidate sourcing tools, alongside market leaders LinkedIn and Facebook. But what about Twitter? Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter.

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FREE Twitter Book From Job Search and Career Experts

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Did you know that the vast majority of executive recruiters use social recruiting (including Twitter) to source and assess top talent? So, are you ready to start using Twitter to accelerate your executive job search and build your personal brand?

25 Twitter Chats for Valuable Career Advice

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While career counselors at your school can be a great source of information, grads can also seek out guidance on their own through a wide range of career-focused Twitter chats. Just log on to Twitter Thursday nights at 7 EST to add your two cents.

Are You Going Beyond CVs For Your Candidate Sourcing?

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At the Talent Sourcing Conference, held at Monster HQ in August, we heard that Monster alone have 10 million UK CVs in their database. This could be why the discipline of sourcing is getting so much attention at the moment. Sourcing is really about people, rather than just their CVs.

Twitter For the Job-Seeker

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Twitter can be overwhelming when you log on because, if you’re following many people, their messages roll down the screen quickly and you can’t possibly read every single one. That’s also what makes Twitter perfect for a job seeker.

How Does Twitter Know What’s Trending?

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A trend on twitter is any hashtag-driven topic that gets popular within a period of time. It is any marketing departments dream come true if their hashtag starts trending or in other words gets popular on Twitter. Did you ever ponder over the fact on how these trends on twitter get started? Also ever wondered twitter trends are tailored. There are algorithms of twitter that are responsible for hashtags trending. The post How Does Twitter Know What’s Trending?

Social Recruiting Without Social Sourcing Is A Waste Of Time


Because social sourcing is where the magic happens. To work, social recruiting needs to be personal and include social sourcing, a great personality shown through great content & engagement, and (just the occasional) job post. Social sourcing success requires curiosity.

Why Recruiting Online is More than Just Sourcing

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Nowadays you can find Java developers on GitHub, accountants on LinkedIn, journalists on Twitter and your neighbour’s cat on Facebook. Why Recruiting Online is More than Just Sourcing. Branding Recruitment Social Recruiting Sourcing branding online recruit Recruiting

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Source Quality Candidates


Passive job seekers are just that, passive and not actively looking, that is why sources like Linkedin are such good sources to find talent but just because I can find someone on Linkedin doesn’t mean I can covince them to come and work at the company where I work. Many recruiters receive training on how to source or find candidates but the sourcing bit is the less difficult part in our opinion.

Using Twitter to Recruit: Direct Messages for All

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Were you one of those happy recruiters who in 2011 started to notice that people were applying to 3 x more of the roles you advertised on Twitter than LinkedIn? Twitter, bless it, has changed shape and scope since being born – its history is pretty compelling (and short!): Source leads.

Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow: 2012

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If you’re new to using Social Media in your job search – specifically Twitter – how do you know who to follow for really good advice? At YouTern, we answer that question by providing our Top 100 “MUST Follow” Twitter accounts for 2012!

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300 Million; It’s Time To Get Instagram Sourcing


That’s more than Twitter’s 284 million and not that far behind LinkedIn. Like Twitter, it’s easy to engage and re-engage people making it very social. 3 Ways To Use Instagram For Sourcing Talent. Use IFTTT And Make Your Images Pop On Twitter.

Job Seekers: Consider the Source!

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Furthermore, there seems to be an infinite amount of advice online in blogs like this, newspaper and magazine articles, YouTube videos, and other sources. Take in all the advice you can… but when deciding what to apply in your search, or not… always consider the source!

The Benefits of Recruiting & Sourcing with YouTube Videos


Is YouTube a Viable Sourcing Tool for Recruiters? Any social media platform, chat room, or forum is game to recruit, hire, and source from including the second most popular search engine, YouTube. Keep in mind that Facebook’s is 50%, and Twitter is 39%.

Top 10 Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

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The conversations is always happening and Twitter is a way to participate in the dialogue of exchanging ideas. Mashable – 2,691,685 followers: The largest independent news source covering web culture, social media and tech. job seekers resumebear twitter

Twitter’s Keyword Targeting: Will It Help Recruiters?

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“ Keyword targeting ” are the two key words on everyone’s lips at the moment – this is of course in part to do with the fact that Twitter has only just recently launched their own keyword targeting marketing feature amid their own platform.

Twitter Recruiting 101: How to Optimize Your Tweets to Attract Candidates


Last week, Twitter surpassed LinkedIn as the number one social network for sales professionals because it offers the ability to research and engage, especially those you are not connected to, and to do it all in real time. In 2008, I began to understand the power of Twitter.

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Stalled Executive Job Search? Get Busy on LinkedIn and Twitter

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Get Busy on LinkedIn and Twitter by Meg Guiseppi on February 10, 2010 · 12 comments A favorite client of mine “Tom&# , who is a highly accomplished COO in life sciences, told me the other day that, after two months of actively searching, he had not gotten one interview.

2010 153

Top 5 Twitter Apps for Recruitment

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Twitter is an extremely useful tool for posting job opportunities as well as researching applicants. JobVite has two products: Source and Hire. A job is posted to the Bullhorn Reach platform and then automatically shared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

David vs. Goliath. Someone’s Hijacking My Twitter Stream


My Brand Has Been Hijacked On Twitter. When I learn that a vendor is using my twitter name, Blogging4Jobs as a sponsored keyword on the social networking site, A Twitter follower sends me a DM alerting me to the issue. Help!

Recruiting & Hiring on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn by Country


Social networks in particular present an opportunity to engage employees on a wide scale sourcing and engaging them via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hiring & Recruiting on Twitter.

4 Sources For Job Leads You Should Consider

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As is clear from this not-so-hypothetical situation, job boards have become almost entirely useless as a source of real job leads. I’d like to suggest some other sources that will spare you the effort of throwing your resume into a black hole. 2) Twitter.

Take Advantage of Social Media! How to Find a Job on Twitter

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These days there’s no lack of job searching sources online. As social networks become the number one source for networking online, it only makes sense that you would go there for your job search too. And Twitter is the place you want to go.

Twitter: A Practical, How-to Starter Guide for HR Leaders & Corporate Recruiters


Twitter is a leading social network through which companies and recruiters advertise jobs, source and engage candidates, and elevate their employment brands. It’s also important to understand what HR is hoping to gain by using Twitter. SOME TOP TWITTER TIPS.