Technology And Kids – Where Is The Balance?

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In today’s world, technology and kids have become a new addition to parenting challenges. In 2015, the average 8-12 years old was spending over five hours each day engaged with forms of video or audio technology. Spoil your children – just not with technology.

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Sexism in Technology

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The article was about the frustration that women feel working in technology due to widespread sexism, which in this case resulted in the ladies interviewed in the article abandoning tech altogether for hopefully greener pastures. Is there sexism in technology? sexism technology jobs

What’s the Best Wellness Technology?

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Technology has been introduced to nearly every aspect of our lives and the health and wellbeing sector is no different. What’s the Best Wellness Technology? Employer Recruiting corporate wellness employee wellbeing health tracker Mobile apps Technology URPanel wellness

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Recruiter and Candidate Technology Expectation Mismatch

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There can sometimes be a mismatch in recruiter expectations when it comes to early career candidates and the use of technology professionally. Recruiter and Candidate Technology Expectation Mismatch. Recruiting Mismatch Role Expectations Technology Young People

Should Your HR Department Use Facial Recognition Technology

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Apple recently announced that the iPhone X will utilize face recognition technology instead of the current thumbprint for personal identification purposes. So it’s only logical for you to start wondering if this is new technology you’ll need to invest in for your business sooner than later. Here are some pros and cons of adopting this technology. The current thumbprint technology used by iPhones has a 1 in 50,000 false positive rate, notes Forbes.

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Women in Technology - Part 2

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As a follow up to our blog posting on Women surviving in technology , today we are featuring a guest post from our one of our friends, Jessica Hernandez, of Great Resumes Fast. Greetings and salutations!

5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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The post 5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better appeared first on Ms. Read on for some of the ways GPS technology is changing your life for the better, without you even realizing it. They allow you to use GPS technology to discover your furry friend’s location at any time.

Women in Technology - Part 3

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And the third and final post in our Women in Tech mini-series. Today''s guest blog comes from Amanda Augustine, Career Management Expert at TheLadders. Thanks Amanda! Compared to their male counterparts, women often face a steeper climb up the corporate ladder.

How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting?

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The rapid pace of technology has transformed many aspects of work, and life for that matter. How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting? Recruiting experts Future of Work Recruitment Recruitment technology Technology URPanel

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3 Technology Trends that are Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness

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3 Technology Trends that are Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness. Employer corporate wellness Employee Motivation Productivity Recruiting Technology tips workA healthy workplace is a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a far more productive one.

Careers in Mobile Technology

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If you are the type of person that simply can’t live without the newest gadgets or obsess over what apps are best, a career in mobile technology might be your calling! More Jobs in Mobile Technology. Educational Requirements for Working in Mobile Technology.

Put Technology To Work For You

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Technology can be an excellent employee, if used correctly. If you don’t have a smartphone, substitute “computer” or “remote control” or whatever technology you use. One problem with this employee of yours is that technology changes over time.

Future of Blockchain Technology

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This peer to peer payment system makes use of a technology called as blockchain technology , where the identity and transaction details of both the parties are effectively protected. It is believed that blockchain technology has a great future, especially in the financial industry owing to its mechanisms of storing legitimate information in such a way that it can be traced thoroughly. Smart devices can also make great use of blockchain technology in the future.

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How You Can Use Technology To Streamline Your Business


There are lots of ways to streamline your business, from outsourcing jobs to improve efficiency to hiring web designers – but if you really want to improve your business model, you need to embrace technology.

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5 Careers That Utilize the Power of Mobile Technology

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Mobile technology has revolutionized the daily lives of millions of people around the planet. Ever since the introduction of the first generation of smartphones, the technology has evolved to encompass more tasks that are part of the daily routine. Career advice mobile Technology

Major Technology Trends in Education

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The current trends in technology have had a great impact on education characterized by the increasing use of the internet in learning institutions. Career advice Education

Technology Is Essential to Employee Retention


Technology is one of those things. Many organizations use technology to recruit. Even if all you’re doing is posting jobs on LinkedIn, you’re using technology. This doesn’t mean that technology is a replacement for human interaction. That’s where technology comes in.

The Future of HR Technology Starts with Blockchain


Blockchain isn’t the newest technology, but it’s becoming more mainstream and has the potential to disrupt everything we do online and in the real world, including traditional HR processes. HR Tech Technology blockchain blockchain human resources data security HR techWorkology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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How Will Technology Change Work in the Future?

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By 2020, experts predict about seven million jobs will be lost and two million gained as a result of technological development. How Will Technology Change Work in the Future? Recruiting Future of Work Technology URPanel work workplaceThe buzzword nowadays is AI, and there has been non-stop debate over how work will change in the future. It is no doubt that we will see a dramatic re-shape within the working environment, and. View Article.

LinkedIn Job Search Technology

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LinkedIn technology for job search series. In our next few articles we will show you free technologies available to leverage your LinkedIn profile and connections. Sometimes technology can be really cool and of low utility, and other times they can be less cool and of higher utility. My conclusion after playing with this for a while is that this is very cool technology, but I struggle as to how actionable it really is. Cool technology, low utility.

5 Hot Careers in Technology

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Whether you've just graduated from college, graduated 10 years ago or have just started your college career, it's never too early (or late) to find a hot career that will fit your needs and (hopefully) experience. Career advice Hot Careers

Weary of Wearable Technology


Depending upon who you believe, the bar patrons were technophobes who hated technology or the woman was invading the bar patrons’ privacy. What do you think the future of wearable technology will hold? .

8 Links to Who’s Hiring in Technology – Vol 1

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Career advice Company Career Sites Technology Technology JobsSuggested Reading: Land the Tech Job You Love (Pragmatic Life) Statistics, we love to quote them. And you know what they say – “so many statistics, so little time” But there are some interesting statistics regarding Tech jobs like, did you know that Atlanta is a “top ten places for tech jobs“? Yes, you are reading this […].

CO, NM & WY Tech Sales | Lewan Technology (A Xerox Company)

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CO, NM & WY Tech Sales | Lewan Technology (A Xerox Company) Work It Daily. Lewan Technology is a subsidiary of Global Imaging Systems – a Xerox company. Stay informed of technology updates and maintain a technical understanding of hardware and solutions in your portfolio.

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What does your technology policy say about your workplace?


Ep 138 – Future of Work: Virtual Reality & Accessible Workplace Technology


I’ve had a number of podcast interviews over the last three years that touch on the topics of AR […] Podcast accessible technology augmented reality beth crutchfield jessie haugh PEAT podcast virtual reality VR workology podcastThe area of virtual reality and augmented reality is a growing space. The VR industry has increased to 90 million active users in 2017, and it is projected to increase to 171 million users in 2018. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment.

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Résumé Help - Information Technology Manager

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Today our Résumé Help reviews the résumé of a candidate in the Information Technology space. George is a strong candidate; and some of the information on his résumé is quite compelling. George has overused bullets throughout the document.

Information Technology Resume Writing For Students and Graduates


Highlight your IT Skills: As an IT student, you probably have a list of various technologies that you are an expert in using.

What’s the Best Employer Branding Technology?

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What’s the Best Employer Branding Technology? Employer Recruiting Employer brand tech Employer Branding Recruitment technology URPanel

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Technology as an Aid, Not the Boss

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The problem emerges when we forget technology is supposed to support us not replace us. Technology as an Aid, Not the Boss. When it comes to hiring, there’s been an increasing reliance on algorithms to make decisions for us.

Go, Technology. Go!


So do technologies. My first induction into social technology was the online networking of the late nineties. Social Media and other new technologies and their many offerings intrigued me. Conversations come and go.

How Does Technology Affect Employee Productivity? #TechTuesday

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Technology has had a huge impact on the way that modern day businesses run and though there are many benefits to it, a rise in apps and gadgets, has also led to more distractions in the workplace. How Does Technology Affect Employee Productivity?

Are Your Recruiting Technologies & Tools OFCCP Compliant?


Whether you are building a candidate pipeline to funnel candidates in a talent network or building out your sourcing plan to engage qualified STEM engineers, HR technologies beyond the standard ATS. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR hr basics HR compliance internet applicant OFCCP ofccp compliance

Role of Technology in Investment Banking

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Today, technology is key in turning trading strategy into trading profit. Technology enables new pricing models and products to be delivered to the market. The IB industry thrives on the flow, analysis, and interpretation of information and technology is often the edge that gives a bank competitive advantage. Technology spans across IB functions and underpins every deal that is made. The post Role of Technology in Investment Banking appeared first on Imarticus.

Ep 98 – 3 More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies #hrtechconf


As part of my pre-HR Technology conference coverage, I’m sitting down with 3 more startup founders and CEOs to talk about their products, services and technology offerings that make their company innovative and unique. Sierra-Cedar HR Technology Survey.

Technology Touches Everything – #HRTechConf


Perhaps it is reserved for only those who understand the requirements of continued success – whether they are in the technology space or not. Networking today is affected continuously by social technology – and we cannot talk about social tech without talking about mobile.

Hot Career Change: From Finance to Technology

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But recent examples (including a banker who went to work for Google, a Barclay’s exec who joined a tech firm, and an economist who launched a healthcare technology venture capital firm) illustrate that financial prowess is exactly the sort of expertise that tech companies desperately need. According to Syed, financial training requires the development of a tremendous work ethic,  communication , and a fresh perspective that traditional technology workers sometimes don’t have.

5 Hot Careers in Technology

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for technology careers is looking really good. There are lots of great reasons to consider careers in Technology. Today’s post covers some great careers in Technology.

15 Links to Help Find Your Job in Technology

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One job sector that continues to be hot is the technology job sector. Career advice Technology JobsWhether you are a web designer, software developer or systems analyst, there are more jobs in these areas than can be filled. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, web designers can expect to earn $63,000 with an Associates degree while Computer Information […].

Job Search Technology for LinkedIn

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Below we examine several pieces of job search technology that are applicable to LinkedIn. Hope this article was helpful in exposing you to available LinkedIn job search technology. . Sometimes technology can be really cool and of low utility, and other times they can be less cool and of higher utility. Uncategorized ian levine job search technology linkedin personal marketing resume builder LinkedIn is now growing at 7500 MPH. That’s Members Per Hour.