5 Essential Tools for Small Businesses

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By using the right tools, you can streamline the process to reduce the workload on yourself and allow you to enjoy the challenge of running your own company. Starting a small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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#TrendingTopic: Job Referral Tools

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People are posting Facebook ads, building online relationships with employers, using social networking websites, job boards, search engines, and recently, job referral tools and platforms. If your current job hunt strategies and efforts aren’t working, it might just be time to consider using one of the above tools. Job Search Job Referral Tools Jobs self help Self Improvement

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Technological Tools to Take the Next Step in Your Career


In either case, it’s important to make the most of the tools available to you in order to ease this transition and help you make that next step successfully. This guide will cover some of the key tools to use.

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The Only Prioritization and Productivity Tool You Will Ever Need

Ms. Career Girl

None of those is as valuable as what I am going to show you: the only prioritization and productivity tool you will ever need. I have used this tool for more than 20 years, for everything from schoolwork to work tasks to managerial priorities to running my own business.

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7 Online Tools That Can Improve Your Business

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However, growth can come at a cost, and many business budgets may not allow for heavy investment in different tools and opportunities. Business Advice Online tools Your BusinessContinual improvement is something that every business wants to maintain. For small business in particular, growth is important.

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Modern Tools for Modern Job Search

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Right tools and right approach, both are key to a successful job search (not to mention hanging a new mailbox). Today's post is a collection lists and tools you can use in your job search. Job Search

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Use Your Calendar as a Career Tool

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There’s one thing that most professionals, no matter how successful, always seem to struggle with, and that is the need to keep their productivity tools discretely separated if they are going to be effective. Career advice Calendar Careers

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6 Tools to Help Launch Your Job Search

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There are tools you can use that will help you create most (if not all) of you documents and lists. Resume Writing Tools : There are lots of resume writing tools out there, some are free and some are not. Is a “fee based” resume writing tool better? Following are three tools for your review. How to Write a Resume – This site offers both a step by step resume builder as well as a cover letter tool.

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7 Pros Share The Best Tools to Help You Kill it in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

The end of one year and the beginning of the next is the perfect time to take a look at the processes in your business that could use a boost or refresh and find updated tools to improve efficiencies. Change doesn’t have to be scary, especially when the recommended tools come from entrepreneurs like you who have done the leg work and tested them out. 2019 Killer Tool: Slope. 2019 Killer Tools: Voxer and Slack. 2019 Killer Tool: Inslightly.

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The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

Ms. Career Girl

The latest resume tools use the same technology ATS systems use. These programs are called Resume Optimization Tools and ATS Checkers. The post The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview appeared first on Ms. Job Search get the interview job matching resume resume tools resumes that get the interviewIt’s a good time to be looking for a job. With unemployment rates at all-time lows and business booming, it’s a candidate’s market.

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People are Not Tools

Hiring Technical People

Building Rapport with Personal Conversation → People are Not Tools Posted on October 23, 2009 by johanna I’ve been reviewing job descriptions from clients that are a laundry list of tools. People are not tools. Here’s how I categorize technical skills: functional skills, subject matter domain expertise (problem-space and solution-space), tools and technology, and industry skills. Most people can learn new tools relatively quickly.

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Top Paraphrasing Tools for Writing a Killer Cover Letter

Catherines Career Corner

These are the top paraphrasing tools for writing a killer cover letter. Explore these top paraphrasing tools for cover letters. The post Top Paraphrasing Tools for Writing a Killer Cover Letter appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

Tools for Leaders to Support Remote Teams

Catherines Career Corner

Explore the tools for leaders to support remote teams. The tools for leaders to support remote teams will help managers to support their teams. Tools for leaders to support remote teams will help managers to support their teams working from […].

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Top 5 Ways to Use Online Learning Tools to Enhance Your Education

Career Alley

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or simply want to improve your learning abilities, online learning apps can bring your learning abilities to the next level. Career Advice Education online learning

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Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities

Professional Resume Services

Familiarizing yourself with the common tools executives use to operate at their full potential can make a major difference in your confidence entering the new position. Read more » The post Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Taking on a new leadership opportunity can come with undue stress surrounding the demands and qualifications of the role.

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LinkedIn Updates: A Time-Saving Personal Branding and Networking Tool

Executive Career Brand

The post LinkedIn Updates: A Time-Saving Personal Branding and Networking Tool appeared first on Executive Career Brand Posting LinkedIn Updates Is an Easy, Fast Way to Stay Proactive on LinkedIn When I’m speaking with executive job seekers about the importance of using LinkedIn, one of their biggest concerns is finding the time. Most of them are employed, while job hunting under cover. They know job search takes effort. But with holding down […].

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The Tools You Need to Be Successful in Construction

Career Alley

f you're going to have a long and successful career in the world of construction then you’re going to need a whole of host of tools to help you along the way. Career Opportunities Construction Jobs

Changing Jobs? Use These Online Tools to Help With Your Resume


If you want to make sure your resume stands out from the pack, it’s important that you use the right tools to create your resume. But, what tools should you be using? Check out this guide to discover the top online tools to help you with your resume. .

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Tools & Strategies for Improving Collaboration in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

With online tools as well as mobile devices, your writer can chat in real time with your marketer while she’s making her morning coffee, then leave notes on the project to be picked up by the rest of the team later in the day. Businesses today, from agriculture to tech, need collaboration tools and techniques that are just as flexible as the teams they serve. The type of collaboration tools you should use can directly relate to your team’s strengths.

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10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 New Tech Tools to Upgrade Your Work Life appeared first on Ms. The answer you are looking for is tools and applications that you can carry around and entrust with your files, information and schedule organizing. Let’s take a look at some of the new tech tools that can help you upgrade your work life and achieve maximum productivity without much hassle. That is why Sane Box is a tool is designed with clean and organized inbox in mind.

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Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords

Avid Careerist

The post Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords appeared first on AvidCareerist. Job seekers often ask me, “How do I identify resume keywords?” ” Until recently, that was a tough question for me to answer with an explanation that made sense. While I. Read More. Resumes Uncategorized Resume Keywords (3 More Posts

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Three Tools for Productivity in Freelance Work

Ms. Career Girl

You can do this by adding new tools and apps to your repertoire, creating automated or streamlined ways of performing routine tasks, and even changing the way you think about your projects. Apps and Tools to Keep You On Task. Quickbooks has a great resource that collects tools from across the web and various app stores. Managing the expectations of clients is one of the most useful tools in reclaiming lost time. The world is filled with productivity killers.

Job Search Tools of the Trade

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Tools: First the tools to help you stay organized. Huntsy.com – This is a web-based organizational tool for job hunters. Looks like a great organizational tool for your job search. 44Score.com – Another Job Search Organization tool. How to Organize Your Job Search: There are the tools (above) and the process (below). “ Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ” – Henry Ford.

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How To Use Recruit CRM As A Client Management Tool?

Recruit CRM

Fast-growing recruitment agencies need to step up their game and invest in a client management system that lets them value their new clients and nurture existing ones. Gartner , in a study, has claimed how 80% of a company's future revenue will come from just 20% of the existing clients.

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Apps, Aids and Assistance: The Best Tools For ESL Students

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Communication is one of the essential skills that make you feel integrated into society and it can be frustrating as an ESL student when you can’t always understand those who you need to talk with or listen to. Launch your Career

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10 Online Tools Every Serious Job Seeker Should Use


Then I discovered the following great scheduling tools: • Tungle.me. Career Advice job search advice job search tips job search toolsThe Internet offers a wealth of resources for the modern professional — whether you’re a job seeker or an actively employed guy or gal. The trick is knowing which resources can make your life a little easier so you don’t waste your time on the ones that can’t. 1- Simplify Scheduling.

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Tools to Change Your Financial Reality

Ms. Career Girl

The post Tools to Change Your Financial Reality appeared first on Ms. The post Tools to Change Your Financial Reality appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Simone Milasas. Her bio follows. Valentine’s Day around the corner has lots of people evaluating their relationships. What’s working? What’s not? What would it take for it to be better than you could imagine? Since we’re on the topic of relationship, how’s your relationship with money?

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Top Social Media Tools You Can Use to Find a Job


Here are a few social media tools and tips that you can use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to put you at a better advantage: Use LinkedIn effectively. Career Advice find a job social media tools In today’s increasingly competitive job market, it is just as crucial to present yourself to future employers with the skills related to your industry as it is to present your online presence in a positive way.

Popular Tools to Analyze Data

Imarticus Learning

There are many tools that can be used effectively for analyzing data. Each of these tools has their own benefits and strengths. Once you are familiar with the capabilities of these tools, you will be able to employ the right tool for the right analysis. Tools for data analysis can be categorized into four main types. Open Source Tools. This tool is similar to KNIME in that it is a visual program. Tools for Data Visualizations.

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Are You a Tool?

The Job Quest

Linkedin Twitter Facebook rss Home About Services & Packages Contact Recommendations Resources The Job Quest Helping You Reach Your Job Search and Career Goals Are You a Tool? Posted by Melissa Cooley on | August 30, 2010 | 2 Comments Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool&#. While it sounds like you would be a mere cog in a wheel, I see a good tool as doing so much more. How else can you be a good tool?

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The Tools of the Trade


At most companies, employees are, by far, the most valuable resource. All of the gadgets and machinery in the world won’t turn a profit if they don’t have smart, capable people behind them. At the same time, certain “stuff” can … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Burnout Empowerment Leadership Psychological Resilience Respect Workgroups Employee Engagement Engagement Teamwork Workplace resilience

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10 Best Recruitment Tools That Every Agency Recruiter Needs

Recruit CRM

To make things easy, we had previously written an article on productive recruitment tools that'll save you time and money. So even if you're starting on your recruiting journey and looking for a guide that'll help you choose the right tools, you've landed in the right place.

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21 Tools and Concepts for Employee Engagement

David Zinger

One of my most popular posts was on 21 tools to improve employee engagement. 21 contemporary employee engagement tools and concepts david zinger from David Zinger. Employee Engagement #employeeengagement 21 tools Canadian David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker David Zinger Winnipeg CanadaI have create a slide presentation on the subject. David Zinger. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Psychological Tools That Help Overcome Debt Stress

Ms. Career Girl

Fortunately, there are a number of well-established psychological tools which can help you face up to your financial problems and sort them out before they stress you out so much they rob your capacity to find solutions. The post Psychological Tools That Help Overcome Debt Stress appeared first on Ms. Nobody said that dealing with debt stress was easy. When you owe money, there are all sorts of thing floating through your mind. Will your home be repossessed? Will you have to move?

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Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

Executive Career Brand

I estimate that more than half of the emails I receive from executive job seekers have only one line in their email signatures. their name. Sometimes their signature is the default they use in doing business through their employers, which may not be appropriate to use in their job search. When communicating with potential employers via email, your email cover letters need to include a potent, branded email signature.

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Two Career Tools for a Job Search

Hiring Technical People

If so, you want to know about two tools: understanding your career anchors and mining your career timeline. Is it time for you to look for a new job? Or, thinking about looking for a new job? I just read about Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors. The 8 anchors are: Technical/Functional. General Managerial. Autonomy/Independence. Security/Stability. Entrepreneurial Creativity. Service to a Cause. Pure Challenge. Lifestyle.

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Four Super Tools To Stay True To Your Dreams

Ms. Career Girl

The post Four Super Tools To Stay True To Your Dreams appeared first on Ms. Do you dream of success? Are you sure you not only know your purpose – your why in life — but you can stick to it, no matter what? Here’s a Spoiler Alert: At some point, someone is going to try and dash those dreams. Someone will tell you your purpose is ridiculous. Or you may be the one telling yourself those lies. Whoever it is, it’s going to make you want to give up.

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10 Tech Tools to Help You Get Excellent Hiring Results

Undercover Recruiter

As a recruiter, you have the option to make your job easier by using all the right tools. 10 Tech Tools to Help You Get Excellent Hiring Results. Employer Recruiting digital tools emails Interview online tools Productivity recruiting technology schedulingThe hiring process is getting simpler… and more complicated by the day. How is that possible? One word: technology. They help you pick the right candidates and eliminate the expense of a bad hire.

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New Grads Embracing Social Media as Job Search Tool

Resume Bear

New college graduates are embracing social media as a job search tool, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Nearly one-quarter of 2012 graduates using social media identified it as a research tool, up from 17 percent just a year ago, and up from 15 percent among 2010 graduates,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. Social media as a job-search tool has gained traction since NACE began tracking its use in 2008.

Top Ten On-Line Tools for Time Management

Career Makeover Coach

Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS Top Ten On-Line Tools for Time Management by Tai Goodwin on October 4, 2010 When you are launching your business while working full-time, time is a resource you can’t afford to waste. Having good time management skills and tools enables you to work smarter instead of harder. Do you have a favorite time saving tool?

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Free Personal Brand Assessment Tools

Executive Career Brand

Free Personal Brand Assessment Tools is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Among a whole host of publications and resources, the folks at Reach Personal Branding offer a number of free web-based tools and quizzes that are fun and valuable, including these four: Online ID calculator. 360° Reach is a web-based tool that collects anonymous 360-degree feedback in real time from family, friends, peers, managers, staff, employees, clients, and mentors.

Top Tips and Tools To Create A Profitable Blog

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s our top tips and tools to help you create a blog that’s something you’re proud of. … The post Top Tips and Tools To Create A Profitable Blog appeared first on Ms. Chances are, you either have a blog, or have thought about creating one. Maybe you even had one years ago and it simply died a slow, quiet death.

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Possible Career Finder Tool for Job Seekers

Hiring Technical People

I discovered this career finder tool. So, Manage Your Job Search folks, consider this tool. See What Career Should I Choose? There is a lovely chart. Here is how I walked myself through the chart. I plugged in Computer and Mathematical occupations and Management, figuring I would find me. I turned annotations to On. Then I moved the mouse around to see what I would discover about which kinds of occupations would be growing. Verrry interesting.

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