Should I Be A Travel Agent Or A Travel Blogger?

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Discover Career Opportunities Blogging TravelWhen it comes to choosing a career that suits your personality, the best advice you can receive from professional recruiters is to think about your interests and passions.

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About That Road Less Traveled.

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I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” ” Robert Frost wrote those words as part of “ The Road Not Taken ” over a hundred years ago. The complete quote is below, but most of us only remember the last few lines about the road less traveled. ” I suspect there are many, many more lessons, and accompanying trials, along the road less traveled. And be one traveler, long I stood.

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Travel Options After The Coronavirus Lockdown

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Are you wondering what your travel options are now as stay-at-home orders are lifted? If you want to travel again, it’s time to – Imagine new possibilities. Think outside your travel box. If one of your favorite travel options was a cruise, why not yacht charter Greece island tours? Again, putting in a little research time (think: “beautiful canyons of Arizona”) will pay off with travel jackpots you never expected. I get it.

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Time to Plan! Lesser-Known Tips For The Solo Traveler

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Disclaimer : Part of attentive travel is respecting laws and regulations. Until the coronavirus pandemic has passed, please regard all travel restrictions and do not plan to take vacations until they have been lifted, even as a solo traveler. Traveling is an incredible experience, whether you do so with a friend, with family, or completely on your own. In the case of the solo traveler, though, it’s important to take some extra precautions.

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7 Reasons The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Soul Is Travel

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It’s funny how your excuse to not travel is “life,” but you fail to experience life by remaining stuck and feeling trapped. The best thing you can do for your soul is travel. Here are a few essential ways that travel heals the soul.

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Frequent Business Traveler? Here’s How I Stay Healthy

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People often tell me how jealous they are that I get to travel the world for work. What most people don’t realize is how challenging it is for business travelers like myself to stay healthy on the road. It also said that it only takes two weeks of business travel to gain weight.

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Lessons Learned From 60 Countries of Travel

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For five months of travel through the continent, I was the one making calls, asking questions and booking rooms. Travel has taught me that I’m not too old to learn new tricks and in all likelihood neither are you. Travel has taught me that this is true – at least for me. And I wonder if I’m doing the right thing in travelling instead of working in an office and trying to climb the property ladder. Kia Abdullah is an author and travel writer from London.

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7 Travel Packing Hacks

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The post 7 Travel Packing Hacks appeared first on Ms. Over the years, I've gathered and invented a few tricks for travel packing that have proven to be time savers. I'd struggled for years trying to travel with more than a couple pieces. Travel Size Items. For a few bucks, make a trip to the store, like tomorrow, and stock in one or two of all the travel-size items you'd normally use. Then, when you're ready to travel, it's easy to pop them in your bags.

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Secrets Of the Expert Business Traveler

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The post Secrets Of the Expert Business Traveler appeared first on Ms. You’ve seen her – the Expert Traveler. Here are her secrets for easier travel. Pre-travel. Wear comfortable travel clothes: low-heeled shoes without laces, comfortable tops and pants. Travel in business casual clothes in case your checked bag is lost or you meet a colleague on the plane. Stick with smart travel habits and you’ll feel better, work better, and have a better time.

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Five Travel Tips for Less Stress

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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, being away from home for extended periods comes with a certain level of stress. We believe that a little bit of intentional planning can go a long way in obtaining the physical and emotional benefits that come with traveling. We’ve rounded up our favorite travel tips to make your next trip go as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. You need to think about how you will communicate with others while you are traveling.

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Bali Is A Solo Traveler’s Dream

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Although some people have certain reservations towards traveling solo , solivagantry (solitary wandering) is actually a great opportunity to meet other cultures and make new friends. You also shouldn’t be worried or reluctant to travel alone if you’re a girl, as Bali is generally considered to be a safe place (even though some men tend to be a bit too friendly at times). Traveling solo to Bali can also work wonders for you if you’re on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

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Business Travel Tips – Winning the Travel Battle


Business travel tips are necessary, because nobody likes travelling for business when their body is sore, their clothes are wrinkled, and they have screaming children wailing in their ears. The fact of the matter is that business travel is a billion dollar industry, and that if you haven’t traveled on business yet, there will come […]. The post Business Travel Tips – Winning the Travel Battle appeared first on

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Overcoming Unawareness During Travel


Travel. August will be the busiest travel month I have ever had. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel and that I am fairly good at it. Except the “Unaware” I have said in the past that the “unaware” are the bane of my travel days. For the experienced traveler, whether you travel by car, which I just did, logging about 1700 miles in about 3.5 Try it next time you travel. .

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Surviving the 4 Big Business Travel Disasters

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Can anything save this travel disaster? All business travelers have survivor stories : tales of missed connections, dodgy airport hotels, appearing at the office in yesterday’s clothes…sharing them helps us connect. Ask for a travel emergency kit; I once got PJs, toiletries and more from Qantas when they left my bag in Singapore (it was on the tarmac as the plane taxied out). They help travelers with this sort of thing all the time. Do you have to travel now?

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Best Travel Apps to Try This Year

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Luckily, when it comes to travel, you’re not likely to find yourself searching for a helpful option for long. Whether they’re helping you find a taxi, saving you dollars or pointing you in the direction of the best sights to visit, there is an app to solve every potential travel problem. Read on for five of the latest travel apps you can use to make your smartphone smarter and holiday more relaxing in 2014. The post Best Travel Apps to Try This Year appeared first on Ms.

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Two Must-Read Books To Propel Your Travel Writing Career

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The post Two Must-Read Books To Propel Your Travel Writing Career appeared first on Ms. Have you been pondering the possibility of making your dream of travel writing a reality? So I watch for sources of guidance about travel writing and how to make it work. If you’re serious about creating a career around travel and writing, these should definitely be on your must-read list. The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map.

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Cruise Ship Travel Experience

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Cruise ship travel and second-hand brushes with fame. Cruise ship travel offers all sorts of entertainment, from full-on variety shows in the theatre to small venue entertainment that entices you to hang around the bar for an hour or two. The post Cruise Ship Travel Experience appeared first on Boomers Next Step Helping Baby Boomers Reinvent Their Lives Through Online Lifestyle Business Education and Career Advice.

Working, Traveling and Living the (Nomad) Dream

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The post Working, Traveling and Living the (Nomad) Dream appeared first on Ms. It’s time to empower yourself to up your game and become a traveling professional. If you want this too, there are five types of professions that let you make travel part of your career: Digital Freelancers : Digital nomads have skills that can be done online. To make travel part of your career, you actually have to work. Living a life of travel isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

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Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling

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The post Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling appeared first on Ms. If you’re like most travelers, you spend your every waking hour filled with wanderlust, dreaming about travelling to different places or relocating all over the world. In this article, we will list some great jobs that allow you to travel across the globe while earning yourself some sweet cash. Now the question is, where are you travelling next?

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Budgeting for Your Next Trip? Don’t Forget These 6 Hidden Travel Costs

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Here are six of the most commonly overlooked and hidden travel costs that come with traveling. Factor them in and travel comfortably on this trip and all the ones to come. Others can travel with you if you’re driving to a pet-friendly destination.

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Travel Like a _!

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I love to travel. I said I love to travel. Additionally, while I do not travel for business, I can completely emphasize with those who needed to get where they were going yesterday. All of that being said, the little mishaps really are worth the overall joy ride, so have a little faith people, and let me fill you in on one of my tips for good-time travelling. You can be anything, and travel like a __! Happy travels! The post Travel Like a _!

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How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler

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The post How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler appeared first on Ms. Traveling the world as a female means navigating all the usual obstacles and differences encountered by every traveler, with a pile of extra ones heaped on top. After all, the differences are part of what makes travel so great. 8 ways to deal with local customs as a female traveler. To avoid arousing suspicion as a lone female traveler.

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5 Unexpected Careers in the Travel Industry

Undercover Recruiter

While several graduates are perfectly okay with working 9 to 5 jobs, a few feel the need to travel and see the world in its full glory. These individuals have a sense of adventure, a longing to have varying experiences, and so they venture into the numerous job opportunities that the travel industry has to. 5 Unexpected Careers in the Travel Industry Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

The Pleasures Of Travel – Eating Local Foods

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I confess that meandering slowly through local markets, eating traditional local food, is one of my greatest joys when I am travelling. The post The Pleasures Of Travel – Eating Local Foods appeared first on Boomers Next Step. Travel travel storiesIt is wonderful to eat where the locals eat, to be part of their lives for a short while.

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How To Save Money On Your Summer Travel

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The post How To Save Money On Your Summer Travel appeared first on Ms. Extra discount and savings sites – Everyone uses the big travel sites. Other big travel sites have offers available on Groupon. Here’s some of the other travel-related promotions they have running now. Travel days – Remember the best days to get lower air fare are Monday and Tuesday. And this doesn’t just relate to day of the week, as in the travel day tip.

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Tips to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume

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As the world becomes more and more interconnected and companies begin to branch out to various markets and cultures, the demand for certain soft skills only someone who has traveled possesses, increases in the job market. Tips to Make Travel Look Good on Your Resume Undercover Recruiter -.

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6 Ways to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable


A lot of people resent the fact that they have to be away from home so much and on the road for business travel. However, there are some ways you can make business travel more interesting and comfortable: let these six suggestions inspire you. Use Travel Time to Be Productive.

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Money Handling Tips for International Travelers

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The post Money Handling Tips for International Travelers appeared first on Ms. The post Money Handling Tips for International Travelers appeared first on Ms. Money Travel & Leisure International TravelersCareer Girl. The following is a guest post by Veronica Ramirez of NerdWallet. Her bio follows. Perhaps you’re daydreaming of an exotic beach vacation this summer or pondering which historic sights to visit overseas.

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Israel for the Solo Female Travelers

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The post Israel for the Solo Female Travelers appeared first on Ms. Israel is a fantastic travel destination for solo female travelers but it is worth doing a bit of homework before your trip. Solo Female LGBTI Travelers to Israel. If you are a solo LGBTI travelers you should know that Israel has an anti-discrimination law which protects the rights of the LGBTI community. Travelers can come and go freely from East Jerusalem.

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13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding

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The post 13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding appeared first on Ms. The travel bugs are out and about, and you and your fiancé are never able to fight them off, even when it comes to planning your wedding. You two are travel gurus, so kick off the wedding by setting the tone even before your guests step foot into the ceremony. The possibilities are as endless as the oceans you like to travel. Travel-themed garter. Sign off to Travel.

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How Traveling Can Make You Healthier And Happier

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Most of us love to travel. Once we’re in full travel mode, everyone has their favorite parts of the journey. Maybe it’s the travel itself, whether by car, boat, or air. But beyond all that, there are some real benefits of travel. So if you’re looking for some solid reasons to get out the travel magazines and maps and start planning your next adventure, here’s some benefits of travel to stir up that wanderlust. Benefits of Travel.

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Travels Through Time: A Look at the Changing Face of Business Travel

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they always say, followed by the slightly-jealous “It must be so nice to travel all the time.” Let’s be clear here, I love traveling, and I am so lucky to have this as part of my job, but that’s what it is: a job. The Evolution of Travel. Business travel is vastly different from vacation or personal travel. Efficient, yes, but not exactly the kind of soulful wandering normally associated with traveling through the Pacific Northwest.

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WFH Saves People 23.5 Days a Year Traveling

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Days a Year Traveling Undercover Recruiter -. Is remote working here to stay? While many people have predicted the rise of remote working over recent years, nobody expected it to rocket its way to the forefront as it has during 2020.

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3 Great Places for Incentive Travel

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The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms. Incentive travel is a trip which someone goes on to get a new skill, as part of a rewards program, or even as a group trip to build morale in your team. There are a few places around the globe that are great for incentive travel, and here are some of the stand out places that you should look at if you decide to plan your own…. The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms.

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5 Travel Destinations for the Workaholics

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We could probably write a travel book detailing all the wonderful destination spots in the world. The post 5 Travel Destinations for the Workaholics appeared first on Ms. Travel & Leisure awesome vacationsEven the most career-minded person needs a break from time to time, and because you work so hard, your vacations must be all-out, no expense-spared excursions.

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How to Survive, Thrive & Turn Passion into Profit & Security While Working & Traveling the World

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They’re about freedom, and choice, and travel. If you want to learn how to turn your passion into profit (aka freedom) while traveling the world, here are a few tips on how to make it happen: Stay Intentional.

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Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

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Travel in Turkey for women can be rewarding and educational, but it pays to travel safely through unfamiliar landscapes. However, sometimes women traveling alone have been known to be hassled. Women can travel freely in modern Turkey thanks to the welcoming, courteous people. It’s not crazy at all to travel by yourself. Reported hassles for women traveling alone include: • Minor grouping. The post Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

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Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List

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The post Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List appeared first on Ms. There’s a good chance that you know someone who travels a lot, or it’s all they do. Travel bloggers, millennials who are not inclined to put down roots, and others have placed the way of the wanderer in our consciousness if not our own family. If you’ve traveled much, you know that it can be a challenge to use your smartphone in some foreign locations.

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3 Reasons For Your Boss to Approve Employer Brand Travel

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Sponsored content Some companies have unlimited travel budgets, but most do not. And we’re not even talking about business class travel expenses. Basic travel is not cheap. 3 Reasons For Your Boss to Approve Employer Brand Travel Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Bryan Cheney Employer Brand Home Office Talent Brand Summit travel Travel request

Traveling Careers: The 5 Most Important Skills to Be Successful

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Traveling to new places for work also often puts you in a position where you are solely responsible for your own success and failure. Careers that involve traveling leave plenty of possibilities for inconveniences so it is important to be able to adapt. . Traveling will constantly put you out of reach of the people you are working for or with. This is perhaps the most valuable skill you can have in a traveling career.

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7 Careers To Consider If You Love Traveling

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These are just some of the things you get when you travel. If you've been bitten by the travel bug recently, you're not the only one. According to Condor Ferries , 82% of millennials traveled last year, compared to 75% of all other generations. For some, that means breaking the mold of the traditional workplace and branching into careers where they can travel. So, which careers should you look into if you're interested in traveling?

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World


Chances are you’ve thought about how to quit your job and travel the world at one point or another. What if you could travel the world, climb the tallest mountains, sail the seven seas, and simply forget about coming in tomorrow. This is how to quit your job and travel the world today. Vacationing and Traveling. Traveling is more of a process. Traveling the world is work, vacationing is not. It’s easy to vacation, it is not easy to travel.

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From IT to Travel

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“The thought of spending the rest of my days working on something that didn't mean anything to me started to feel like a dreary prospect.”. Steven Dillon's career was comfortable, progressing well, and earning him great money. But he lacked purpose. Here's how, with tenacity and patience, he's turned his previously outside-of-work passion into a business he loves

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