How To Use Video For Job Search and Personal Branding

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

Career Alley

A video resume is a developing trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise representation of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. Resumes Resume Video Resume Visual Resume

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8 Tips to Add Pizazz to Your Video Conference Interview

Ms. Career Girl

Use these tips to find ways to make a video conference interview work in your favor. . One of the limitations of video conferencing is the once-removed nature of appearing on as a head on a screen. The post 8 Tips to Add Pizazz to Your Video Conference Interview appeared first on Ms.

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8 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts HR Industry

Career Alley

Video conferencing solutions offer the human resource and staffing industry a tone of benefits. Video Conferencing EmployeesThis has made it possible for staffing companies all the world over to revolutionize and improve the way they run their business.

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6 Unbeatable Video Interview Tips

Career Alley

With this increase, companies have used the technology of video interviews to scan through the ideal candidate for the position. This sounds easy enough, sit at home, do a quick video chat with the hiring manager, and get the job. Whether you have a remote office somewhere or your office is merely in your spare bedroom at home, the first key to achieving a successful video interview is providing a professional environment.

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Etiquette Tips That Will Help You Succeed In Your Next Video Interview 


If you are on a job hunt right now, the chances are you have come across jobs offering video interviews as a part of the recruitment process. In a 2012 survey by OfficeTeam, 60 percent of companies used video interviews to boost efficiency while hiring.

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The Power of Video Interviewing


As an entrepreneur I love video. Video makes the relationship more personal using what many consider our most important sense, sight. Video is everywhere. hours watching online, streaming video. Did I mention that there were 174 million folks tuning into the power of internet video? Video is a powerful medium to entertain as well as engage. One of my main concerns as a human resource professional is the legal risk associated with the video interview.

3 Common Misbeliefs About Video Interviews

Undercover Recruiter

A particular process that sparked my interest was video interviewing as a means to screen candidates and determine their suitability for an available role. Video-interviews are… 3 Common Misbeliefs About Video Interviews Undercover Recruiter -.

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Job Search in the Digital Age: Video Resumes

Career Alley

To stand out from the crowd, many job seekers are submitting video resumes to complement or replace the traditional paper version. Considering how difficult it is to find a job these days, video resumes are a great way to stand out in the crowd and jump to the top of the list for a recruiter who goes through thousands of paper applications each day. Keep the following suggestions in mind if you want to create the ideal video resume.

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#COVID-19: The Truth About Video Calls and Your Career.

The HR Capitalist

If you're a white collar worker and you've been moved to WFH (work from home), odds are your team/company is experimenting with video meetings/calls to keep you connected with your team. Here's a piece of advice on team video calls from your friend, aka KD : Don't get comfortable.

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Why a video job interview is more difficult than a face to face interview

Cube Rules

One of the reasons video job interviews are compelling is because you can see each other on the screen even though you aren’t in the same room. After all, a video interview is just like a face to face interview, right? The post Why a video job interview is more difficult than a face to face interview appeared first on Cube Rules. Related posts: How to deliver a professional video job interview. 3 ways to succeed at video job interviews.

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Four Ways Video Games Are Good For Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

The post Four Ways Video Games Are Good For Your Career appeared first on Ms. What image enters your mind at hearing the words ‘video gamer’? Clearly she hadn’t seen this recent study , indicating that children who play video games develop superior cognitive and social skills to their peers. So marked was the volumetric increase that researchers think video game therapy could be useful for patients with disorders involving decreased brain size, such as schizophrenia or PTSD.

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Job Matching + Employment Video =


Video interviews and hiring with video is a trend that’s growing in popularity as companies look to cut travel and recruitment costs while still maintaining candidate quality and keeping employee turnover low. Employment Videos Lend Qualified Candidates. MyNextGig is a startup job board that integrates the power of video into the hiring and candidate selection process. Hiring the Best Employees is Good for Bottom Line.

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Get Yourself Together: 8 Tips for Improving Video Interviewing Skills


At least 50 percent of the nation’s employment managers now use video interviewing at some point in their screening process. Luckily, you can start preparing for your first video interview before you even land one. Consider setting up profiles on one or more commonly used video interviewing sites, such as Skype or Zoom. Video magnifies small ticks that might be overlooked in person, so remain poised. Video Etiquette. Contributed by LiveCareer.

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The 5 Most Inspiring Employer Brand Videos

Undercover Recruiter

As we all know, videos around employer branding can be a bit cheesy. So, video formats are becoming. The 5 Most Inspiring Employer Brand Videos Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Recruiting adidas Dropbox Employer Brand employer brand video Employer Branding GE Heineken videoSo instead of taking them down, we’ll give you five memorable examples that are actually worth watching.

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Tips For Using Video To Promote or Monetize Your Website

Ms. Career Girl

Have you experimented with putting videos on YouTube, but seen little results compared to your efforts? Because whether you have a blog, a more traditional online store, or are just present on social media, video can be very effective. Here’s how to start using video. Of course, you can’t just put up any old YouTube video from an online course website, but if you can repackage your content or create new content that is educational in nature.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Instagram Recruiting Strategy

Recruit CRM

Such kind of recruiting strategies focus on short videos, preferably created with a video maker , and photos that enable users to absorb content more efficiently, satisfying their information needs.

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3 ways to succeed at video job interviews

Cube Rules

Or, instead of that cold, impersonal phone interview where there is less communication because you can’t see the other person , what do you do when you get the request to do a video interview? Video is coming. If you don’t believe me, just check out FaceTime and see how video will change phone conversations to video conversations. The technology is there; it’s just time before video is commonplace. Skype is another example used for video calls.

2011 201 – 5 tips for video interviews

Cube Rules

Video interviews will become more prevalent as we move forward. But video interviews are not like face-to-face interviews and as part of my work on, I give you five tips to succeed at video interviews. Related posts: 3 ways to succeed at video job interviews. Video Job Ads — How to Evaluate. Job Search video interviewsphoto credit: sevgi.k.

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12 Hilarious & Horrible Recruiting & Hiring Videos


Powerful Recruitment Marketing & Employment Branding with Video. The importance of video and the candidate experience has grown in importance since we published our 12 Most Best and Ridiculous Recruiting Videos last year. I thought it only best to share a second installment of 12 recruiting videos that had me running to or running away from these different companies. Click here to watch the video. Watch the whole video to see the funny reference on manboobs.

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A YouTube Video Job Search Success Story


The YouTube Job Search & the Power of the Video Resume. Using video is hot in the human resources and recruiting industry. Recruiters and hiring managers are using employment videos to tell their story and leveraging video interviewing to lower recruitment costs and increase productivity and quality in the hiring process. The YouTube video was launched in May 2012. So why did their video resume and job search approach work?

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Do video resumes work?

Resume Bear

Jim shares his favorite video resume of all time and interviews the person who produced and starred in it. Do video resumes work? Career Advice Success Stories Uncategorized VideoTune in to discover one that did. P.S. Thank you for watching. Smile) Leave me a comment and I may mention it in a future episode.

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Recruitment Video Lessons from Consumer Marketers


What Does Recruitment Video Mean for HR & Recruiting? The idea of incorporating video into a consumer marketing strategy is nothing new, but with online and mobile video consumption increasing at rates incomparable to years prior, now is a prime time to take the plunge. Video interviewing is already a popular industry trend. The 5 P’s of Marketing, Recruitment Video. This may seem obvious, but your recruitment video should be people-centric.

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Good Afternoon from CareerTrend | 1st Video Blog

Career Trend

The post Good Afternoon from CareerTrend | 1st Video Blog appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. CareerTrend Owner Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter shares a bit about her background as well as discusses current executive resume strategies. executive resumes

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How many people are using YouTube to post video resumes?

Resume Bear

I’ve got video resumes on the brain this week, so why stop now? Hmm… How many people are using YouTube to post their video resumes? At this writing, not as many as I thought, 5300+ video resumes. Oh well… As I glance over the first page of results (my random sampling), the shortest video is 00:54 seconds and the longest one is 09:16. Hmm… this video resume is averaging about 40 views a month.

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Take Your Productivity to Another Level with Video

Ms. Career Girl

The post Take Your Productivity to Another Level with Video appeared first on Ms. By using video to screen and hire possible talents, you effectively open the post to a global talent market, says the CNBC. Video clips can make your life so much easier. So if you want to improve the way your teams work together, invest in video conferencing systems that come packed with collaboration-ready features. Use video meetings to make the training sessions happen.

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Top 7 Tips for LinkedIn Native Video


The LinkedIn native video capability was introduced in August 2017 and history was made! Personal Brand Social Media LinkedIn sandra sandra long videoHave you noticed the lights, camera, and action now on the LinkedIn home feed? Talk about driving engagement. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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VIDEO: Future Jobs in HR and Recruiting (and how HR Pros can get ready!)

The HR Capitalist

In this video , FOT leaders Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett talk about future jobs in the world of HR, recruiting and talent (from HBR), then discuss how HR Generalists should get ready for the trends by up-skilling through continuing education and development.

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Video Interview

Professional Resume Services

The popularity of video interviews is increasing by the day. With more companies offering telecommuting opportunities and wanting to save on resources like travel costs, video interviews are becoming an acceptable practice. If you haven’t been a part of a video interview yet, you likely will be at some point in the future. The good news is preparing for a video interview is similar to preparing for a traditional interview.

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The 11 Best Recruiting & Employment Branding Videos at #intalent


You might be considering creating a video for your talent acquisition and recruiting efforts, but it is extremely time consuming to research and locate a cross section of videos that are currently in the space. The 11 videos included below demonstrate how recruitment and employment branding videos come in all shapes and sizes. What recruiting and company videos have caught your eye? I am a Trooper video from the Colorado Highway Patrol.

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How to Create an Employer Brand Video that Stands Out

Undercover Recruiter

With video representing 74% of all online traffic, video content really does rule the internet waves. So it’s no wonder more and more companies are tapping in with employer branding videos to enhance their profile and attract top talent. Employer brand videos are a great way to engage prospecting applicants and communicate your company’s story, View Article. How to Create an Employer Brand Video that Stands Out.

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Great Recruitment Videos Don’t Magically Happen


Chances are you have a line item on your 2015 employment brand (or talent acquisition) budget that reads something like this: Produce amazing recruitment video that goes viral and magically attracts only qualified applicants. Great recruitment videos do not just happen as if by magic. Here are a few tips to guide you and your team down the path toward producing a video worth sharing. Why Video? How does video help solve this problem? One Last Video Tip.

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Meerkat vs. Periscope: How Video Streaming Changes Recruiting


Mobile’s newest love interest comes in the form of two suitors who are bringing video streaming to the masses. These two video streaming services are vying for our attention and betting on the social media community to share and now stream every single minute of their lives. Meerkat and Periscope are nothing more than apps that live broadcasts video directly from your mobile device. Video streaming isn’t new. Wondering about the power of video?

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The HR Capitalist

FOT mainstays Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett talk shop in this video, riffing on 3 things HR Leaders are focusing on during the COVID recovery , including overall HR agility, HR Communications/Branding and topgrading talent in a down economy. Video below!

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What is so different about video – interviews?

Career Alley

Face to face interviews have been the preferred selecting tool for recruiting employees but this is gradually changing as video conferencing technology is advancing rapidly. Video interviews take up far less resources as far as money, time, people and environmental impact is concerned. There isn’t much difference between preparing for a normal and a video interview. If there is a video or audio problem, don’t hesitate to speak up.

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What is so different about video – interviews?

Career Alley

Face to face interviews have been the preferred selecting tool for recruiting employees but this is gradually changing as video conferencing technology is advancing rapidly. Video interviews take up far less resources as far as money, time, people and environmental impact is concerned. There isn’t much difference between preparing for a normal and a video interview. If there is a video or audio problem, don’t hesitate to speak up.

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Inspiring Short Video on How We Learn

Position Ignition

Career Development VideosFind our own animation series on YouTube, for quick career tips and advice.

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How Recruiters Can Use Video to Attract Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

How do you go about creating engaging video content aimed at candidates? How do you reach a large audience with your videos? How Recruiters Can Use Video to Attract Talent. Podcast Video Aimee Bateman Interview podcast videoHow can you get viewers to apply for jobs? To answer these questions I’ve had a chat with Aimee Bateman who is the founder of CareerCake. She’s a consultant, speaker and skills trainer, YouTube. View Article.

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4 Video Tech Trends Beyond Video Interviewing #hrtechconf


Earlier this week I was invited to be part of the #RecHangout discussion panel where we tackled the topic of video in recruiting. The panel consisted of number of talent acquisition professionals, business owners, pundits and video technology founders making for a very lively discussion. I enjoyed the banter and discussion from the group because it provided me some awesome insight into the global adoption of video. Video interviewing isn’t simple.

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Why Facilitating Leadership Training Is Hard (Video).

The HR Capitalist

I'm always reminded of this video from David Allen Grier from In Living Color. 40 second clip (email subscribers click through if you don't see the video below), well worth your time. Spent the Last couple of weeks onboarding a great HR pro to help me facilitate a bunch of Leadership Training via my BOSS series in the next month. It's reminded me of what I already knew, but sometimes forget: Being a good to great facilitator of Leadership Training is hard. Why?

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Should I Send Employers a Video Resume?

Resume Bear

Have you heard about video resumes? Information on how to make a video resume, how to submit them, and where to host such resumes are everywhere. Have you been thinking of creating a video resume? The popularity of video resumes has been driven by the idea that a polished video with someone selling themselves will intrigue employers. Employers can add a section to web based applications for video resume links, saving time.

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