What is your worst video conference story?

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I had a video conference this morning at 5:30 am. This particular video conference is just a monthly meeting of my family–my siblings, parents and any random children that happen to be around, so it’s not necessary that I wear a suit. in your days of video conferencing?

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7 Common But Easily Avoided Job Interview Mistakes [VIDEO]

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There are 7 deadly sins when it comes to interviewing, none of which you will commit after having viewed this video from our friends at Slate. 7 Common But Easily Avoided Job Interview Mistakes [VIDEO]. Interview Tips Video Interview interview tips Job Interview video

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5 Things You Should Consider Before a Video Interview

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Being interviewed for a position can be an intimidating experience, but the increasing trend for video recruitment means there’s a whole new set of factors to take into account. 5 Things You Should Consider Before a Video Interview.

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Video Interview Tips For Graduates: Mistakes to Avoid

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The video interview, the early stage cost-effective alternate to face-to-face interviewing. Have you already been invited to the video. Video Interview Tips For Graduates: Mistakes to Avoid.

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9 Killer Tips for Video Interviews (+4 Bonus Ones)

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To keep your eye on the ball and get that dream job, you should be ready for a video interview. Six out of ten hiring managers used video technologies. 9 Killer Tips for Video Interviews (+4 Bonus Ones). Interview Tips Recruiting Technology video interview

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How to Ace Your Video Interview #TechTuesday

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The twist is, it’s a video interview . How to Ace Your Video Interview #TechTuesday. Interview Job Search Camera candidate interviewer microphone preparation Recruiter video interview So you’ve been invited for an interview for a job you really want, brilliant!

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

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A video resume is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise description of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. So, you have good chances of expressing your inner self with a video resume.

How to Look Good In a Video Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Video interviews are even harder. Mixergy have outlined the important tips to looking your best on video. Turn off any additional programmes you don’t need – these can slow down your connection and video quality. How to Look Good In a Video Interview [INFOGRAPHIC].

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6 Company Culture Videos We LOVE

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Below are some company culture videos we really enjoy (we know you’re gonna love them just as much!): Have you seen a really cool company culture video? The post 6 Company Culture Videos We LOVE appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Science Says: You Can’t Charm Your Way Through a Video Interview

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A new study from the J ournal of Personality and Social Psychology found that when people meet face to face, they assume the person sitting across from them are both “typical” and “desirable” But when that same person is simply a video recording?

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11 Videos Show How Diverse Employment Branding & Recruiting Really Is


As consumer use of video continues to grow, recruitment and employment branding teams are adding video to their existing job announcements, career sites and creating interactive employer YouTube channels. In fact 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video.

How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps [VIDEO]

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How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps [VIDEO]. Interview Tips Personal Development Video compensation earnings emolument higher negotiate negotiation raise Salary Many factors influence your job satisfaction but it’s safe to say that salary is one of the key components.

4 Steps to Creating a Successful Video CV #TechTuesday

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Although it is unlikely that video CVs are going to replace the traditional written CV any time soon, they might just be what it takes to catch an employers eye. A video CV gives you the opportunity.

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How You Really Sound in Job Interviews [VIDEO]

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How You Really Sound in Job Interviews [VIDEO]. Interview Tips Video hear Interview job mistakes Recruitment say So here you are at your job interview and feeling hopeful that you are going to make a great first impression.

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Including Video Conferencing in the Recruiting Process

Corn on the Job

The name of the game these days is video conferencing, and here are a few ways it can benefit you throughout the recruiting process. However, phones inarguably lack certain elements that are present during an in-person interview; video conferencing can give these back.

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How many people are using YouTube to post video resumes?

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I’ve got video resumes on the brain this week, so why stop now? Hmm… How many people are using YouTube to post their video resumes? At this writing, not as many as I thought, 5300+ video resumes. Hmm… this video resume is averaging about 40 views a month.

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The 11 Best Recruiting & Employment Branding Videos at #intalent


You might be considering creating a video for your talent acquisition and recruiting efforts, but it is extremely time consuming to research and locate a cross section of videos that are currently in the space. What recruiting and company videos have caught your eye?

5 Things You Should Consider When Conducting a Video Interview

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5 Things You Should Consider When Conducting a Video Interview. Interview Tips Recruiting candidate interviewer Job Interview Recruitment video interviewModern technology has made so many processes more flexible, and recruitment is no exception.

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Tips for Handling Video Conferencing Interviews

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One of the greatest benefits to come from video conferencing is the ability to connect with anyone in the world so long as that person has a compatible device and Internet. However, handling an interview through a video conference is not quite the same.

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12 Hilarious & Horrible Recruiting & Hiring Videos


Powerful Recruitment Marketing & Employment Branding with Video. The importance of video and the candidate experience has grown in importance since we published our 12 Most Best and Ridiculous Recruiting Videos last year. Click here to watch the video.

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The Power of Video Interviewing


As an entrepreneur I love video. Video makes the relationship more personal using what many consider our most important sense, sight. Video is everywhere. hours watching online, streaming video. Video is a powerful medium to entertain as well as engage.

The Real Value of Video Calling for Virtual Meetings


The modern world loves video. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have their own video apps. In real life, though we still don’t use our cell phones very much to make either personal or business video calls. The trouble with video calling.

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Where Do People Look First on Your LinkedIn Profile? [VIDEO]

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This video explains all. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get these videos first! VIDEO]. LinkedIn Video Headline Profile video

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7 Practical Tips For Conducting Great Video Interviews

Career Realism

Recently, many recruiters have turned to video interviews to augment communications during interviews and throughout the hiring process. While video conferencing can be a very effective solution, there are a number of variables and factors to consider when deploying the interview.

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A YouTube Video Job Search Success Story


The YouTube Job Search & the Power of the Video Resume. Using video is hot in the human resources and recruiting industry. Since both Steven and Gareth had experience with video from running their online shops, they decided that they were going to do a killer video résumé.

How to Stay Positive All the Time [Video]

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” In today’s video, I share 5 tips on how to stay positive, including when you’re facing tough times. If you’re unable to see the video above , watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB6twblXx2s.). What do you think of the video?

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#Socialography: How Social Media Has Changed The World [VIDEO]

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View Article #Socialography: How Social Media Has Changed The World [VIDEO] Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Social Media geography global Social Recruiting videoSocial media is a huge aspect of our lives. Particularly in recruitment and job hunting.

Meerkat vs. Periscope: How Video Streaming Changes Recruiting


Mobile’s newest love interest comes in the form of two suitors who are bringing video streaming to the masses. These two video streaming services are vying for our attention and betting on the social media community to share and now stream every single minute of their lives.

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12 Things You Think During a Video Interview

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Ah video interviews. The benefits of a video interview are that you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t have to travel on public transport and everything is done in. 12 Things You Think During a Video Interview.

6 Unbeatable Video Interview Tips

Career Alley

With this increase, companies have used the technology of video interviews to scan through the ideal candidate for the position. This sounds easy enough, sit at home, do a quick video chat with the hiring manager, and get the job.

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How to Video Screen for Company Culture Fit


Using online video to screen candidates is a smart move when it comes to finding job seekers who will fit into your company culture without wasting a lot of time in the hiring process. In the video interview, look for candidates who can bring something new to the table.

Recruitment Video Lessons from Consumer Marketers


What Does Recruitment Video Mean for HR & Recruiting? The idea of incorporating video into a consumer marketing strategy is nothing new, but with online and mobile video consumption increasing at rates incomparable to years prior, now is a prime time to take the plunge.

From Video Games to Market Research

Career Shifters

“Make your move. It's a risk, but everything will eventually work out.”. Sometimes, doing what you're 'supposed' to do leaves you in completely the wrong place. For Dan Lazar, a career change meant navigating uncertainty, mental gymnastics, and working out of a garage.

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4 Video Tech Trends Beyond Video Interviewing #hrtechconf


Earlier this week I was invited to be part of the #RecHangout discussion panel where we tackled the topic of video in recruiting. The panel consisted of number of talent acquisition professionals, business owners, pundits and video technology founders making for a very lively discussion.

5 Must-Haves Of A ‘Viral’ Company Video

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Company videos have become one of the most increasingly desired digital branding tools by marketers and consumers alike. Often overshadowed by the pursuit of virality, identifying the purpose of video creation is commonly disregarded. Take the video below, for example.

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12 Best & Most Ridiculous Employer Brand & Recruiting Videos


Learn more great video recruiting and employer branding tips for employers by clicking here. . It’s true video is a great way to be able to relate, engage, and tell a story about a company culture and environment going beyond your standard careers page. see above video).

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6 Tips For Crafting A Video Resume That Gets Interviews

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This led me to create a video resume. I made a humorous video and set up a personal website at DropboxHireMe.com. Jittery footage, bad lighting, and poor editing will sabotage your video from standing out, even if the content is excellent. Resume interview video

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The New Employee Engagement Video: Results, Progress, and Energy

David Zinger

Watch this brief 2 minute video on these 3 elements of the New Employee Engagement. 3 Powerful Elements in the New Employee Engagement are: Know your results. Manage progress. Monitor energy. The New Employee Engagement: Results, Progress, & Energy from David Zinger on Vimeo.

Do video resumes work?

Resume Bear

Jim shares his favorite video resume of all time and interviews the person who produced and starred in it. Do video resumes work? Career Advice Success Stories Uncategorized Video

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8 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts HR Industry

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Video conferencing solutions offer the human resource and staffing industry a tone of benefits. Video Conferencing EmployeesThis has made it possible for staffing companies all the world over to revolutionize and improve the way they run their business.