Finding Support for Women in Business & Leadership

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According to a Harvard Business Review report , more women in leadership roles were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall leaders than their male counterparts — and the higher the level, the wider that gap grows.

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Career Development Tips for Women

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The post Career Development Tips for Women appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Are you a woman who’s looking for guidance on how to get ahead in her career?

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Twitter Users Share The Most Inspirational Women Shaping Business

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Today, we are seeing more women-owned businesses and more female investors than ever before, with 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago. Women-owned businesses in the US are generating $1.8 Featured News Real Career Girls inspirational women

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Why Women Leave Work Behind

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Having women in the workforce was once unthinkable. Typically viewed as the weaker sex, women were historically barred from enjoying equal rights and career opportunities. […]. Career Advice Hostile Work Environment

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Dear womens demin makers.

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Dear women’s denim makers – Would it really be so hard to make pants that fit? It’s at least a 4 hour excursion for women to get new jeans. The post Dear womens demin makers. Fashion News Product Reviews how jeans fit inaccurate women's sizing women's clothing sizing women's denim women's sizes variationThis has become an epidemic. Cheap pants, expensive ones- it doesn’t matter.

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7 Books That Celebrate the Successes of Women

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It’s no secret that women do remarkable things every day. Whether it’s building a thriving career, inspiring others or overcoming a tumultuous incident, the power of women is alive and well. Perfect gift ideas for all the women on your gift list!

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That’s one small step for WOMEN, one giant leap for WOMANKIND

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A white man’s world – when taking a look back at the photographs taken of the 1960s Apollo 11 space program you can’t help but notice women are rarely depicted amongst the various images. Below we have listed 5 of the women who made “mankind” landing on the moon possible.

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Empowered women = Empowered Economies

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A key part of this is female participation in the workforce and the improvement of women’s lives within society. Women Investing and Investing in Women. What Can We Do to Empower Women? The post Empowered women = Empowered Economies appeared first on Ms.

How Women Are Shaping VR Technology

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According to a 2018 report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology , women hold just 26% of technology-related roles. This doesn’t just illustrate the problematic systemic biases against talented women, it also serves as a reminder that we continue to truncate our technological trajectory by excluding the ideas of diverse minds. The VR industry in particular has attracted talented women to a wide variety of positions.

Girl Power: Women In The Entertainment Industry

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With female produced and directed projects breaking box office records and garnering awards like never before, I am proud to witness a time where women are taking the lead in the film and entertainment industry. The post Girl Power: Women In The Entertainment Industry appeared first on Ms.

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More Women in Business Means More Cash for Women and Their Employers

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As well, Catalyst research shows that companies with more women on board statistically outperform their peers over a long period of time. Clearly, more women in business is good for women and employers. Higher performance means more success for both women and the companies for which they work. This is particularly exciting for younger women who are entering the workforce and mapping out their career goals to ensure their future success.

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Dear womens demin makers.

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Dear women’s denim makers – Would it really be so hard to make pants that fit? It’s at least a 4 hour excursion for women to get new jeans. The post Dear womens demin makers. Fashion News Product Reviews how jeans fit inaccurate women's sizing women's clothing sizing women's denim women's sizes variationThis has become an epidemic. Cheap pants, expensive ones- it doesn’t matter.

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A year in reflection: International Women’s Day 

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Like any year, 2019 was a mixture of successes and failures for women’s rights. This is true whether we are talking about the rights of women in employment, women in the wider UK, or for women worldwide. Highest proportion of women in work ever.

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Top Productivity Tips From Women in Tech

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It’s no secret that the tech industry is predominantly a man’s world, where women take up fewer than 1 in 4 technical job roles. So today we wanted to share some advice and productivity tips from women in the tech world.

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How Successful Women Support Each Other To Advance Their Careers

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Smart women today have figured out how to partner together to overcome workplace barriers and move up the ladder. The truth is, we women have created this advancement for ourselves, so we should celebrate our gains. I want to talk about ways we can harness our awesome power as women to gain more traction at work. Diverse women need to work together in partnership towards equality because we will all benefit from using the power of our full numbers.

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Top Three Tips For Future Women Leaders

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Through that I was able to connect with executive women that were the masterminds behind this disruption and see how their role was allowing for their company to be ahead. I am dedicated to the women we work with in retail, but I also advocate for the importance of women in executive roles across industries. There is not enough awareness of the women in these roles. People couldn’t see the connection between women, disruption and retail.

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Why Women with Tribes Live Longer, Healthier Lives

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For women, specifically, our relationships can be crucial to our health. Studies show that women with strong social networks are more likely to achieve better outcomes of breast cancer. I was lucky that a few of the women in my Tribe were also looking to make the same changes.

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Five Reasons Women Tend to Make Better Bosses than Men  

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That said, research carried out over the past few years has regularly reached the conclusion that women make better bosses than their male counterparts. So what makes women better in leading roles? Here are just five reasons women tend to make better bosses…. Women are Better Listeners. An ability to listen is vital in an employer/employee relationship, and women are naturally better at letting people have their say and listening to what is said.

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Five Ways Career Women Can Maintain Mental Health on the Job

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The post Five Ways Career Women Can Maintain Mental Health on the Job appeared first on Ms.

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Who Runs the World? Three Inspirational Women in Business

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In recent years, feminist discourse on the role of women in business has become much more visible. Worst of all, the gender pay gap remains stubbornly entrenched in our society, with salary variances between men and women only widening as we age.

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We Want More Women!

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The post We Want More Women! It’s a common complaint throughout the tech industry: there aren’t enough women–and the few who are there are treated terribly. It is important to know that the lack of women isn’t an isolated tech-world problem. Women hold fewer positions of leadership, their work is valued less, and their opinions and ideas often dismissed. This doesn’t mean that women can’t find each other, of course. The post We Want More Women!

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Three Inspirational Women You Should Know About

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Throughout history, brave women broke with convention, taking on roles deemed ‘inappropriate’ for their time or culture. Here are the stories of three inspirational women you’ve probably never heard of, who overcame expectations to be demure and ‘behave.’. Born in 1926, she grew up when women were expected to be demure, get married, and have babies. Pauline Frederick reported on the United Nations when women usually reported only on style, cooking, and homemaking.

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Women Who Launch – For Whom Failure is Impossible

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Thus they morphed into the women who launched-instead of waiting for a glass slipper they shattered glass ceilings. We can take succor from the women who made it possible for “the weaker sex” to partake in the arena of the ballot box. With such women consecrating their lives, failure is impossible.”. Behind Every Great Man: The Forgotten Women Behind the world’s Famous and Infamous (Source Books 2015) . Failure is Impossible.

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The Female Advantage: Why Women Will Be on Top When AI Rules the Business World

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Women today hold more advanced degrees and are overwhelmingly viewed as equally if not more intelligent than men. But moving into the Feeling Economy plays right into women’s strengths. Women are poised to naturally rise in influence and authority in this Feeling Economy.

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4 Ways You Can Support Women at Work…and Why You Should

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For too long, men and women have blocked women’s progress up the career ladder. Whether it’s the office Queen Bee blocking other women’s path to senior leadership, the Office Witch hexing every female colleague, or the old-fashioned man who can’t see women as his equal, it’s time for this to stop. In the 21 st century, men and women work together to break the glass ceiling. Why We Need Women At The Top. We need more women at the top of business.

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Inspiring Women in Automotive History

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For some uplifting information and stories during this uncertain time, check out this post that highlights women in the motor industry and their heroic achievements! With this historical timeline, learn and explore some of the tenacity and creative work of these women in automotive history.

7 Top Self Defense Tips For Women

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The post 7 Top Self Defense Tips For Women appeared first on Ms. Over 600 women are victims of rape every single day in the United States, and this accounts only for the actual reported rapes, the real number definitely being substantially higher. The biggest misconception that women have is that it’s never going to happen to them, that they are somehow different, protected and immune from attack. Self Defense Tips For Women.

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Status Quo? These 13 Women Said “NO!”

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Too often, women forget that what’s happened to them has happened to countless other women. ” No matter the label, it’s a reflection of the impossible double standard that women are subjected to. These 13 Women Said “NO!”

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What Working Women Should Know About Disability Benefits

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Women have taken major strides in a workforce once dominated by men. As women continue to climb the obstacles to equal pay and C-suite leadership roles, another potential barrier they cannot afford to overlook is the possibility that they will experience a life-altering disability. A disability will turn someone’s life upside-down, and the working women who experience one will probably face even more workplace hurdles than they already do.

Women in Technology – Invaluable Perspective and Experience

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According to the US Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration , only 24 percent of women work in tech – and it’s unlikely to get better in the near future. The National Center for Women and Information Technology predicts that by 2026, even fewer women will study computer science than today. The latest statistics from the Center show only 18 percent of computer science graduates are women. Women in Technology – My Own Experience.

How Women are Changing the Face of Construction

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The current statistics of women in construction in other developed nations is not much higher. Construction industry leaders have responded to this shortage by attempting to attract more women and younger workers to their trade. While women are answering the call, the industry needs to address some of their specific concerns such as: Designing separate bathrooms for male and female workers. Black women in construction earn just 81 cents on the dollar to what white men earn.

Five Jobs Perfect for the Women of Tomorrow

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Our grandmothers could have barely imagined the careers women can now enjoy and succeed in, but what might our daughters and granddaughters be doing in the future? As technology revolutionises the way we work and as new and exciting sectors emerge and develop, here are just five jobs ideally suited to the women of tomorrow. When that does happen, the women of tomorrow will certainly make excellent tour guides.

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Reviving Blue Collar Work: Why the Trades Need Women

Career Alley

Career advice Blue Collar WomenIt’s no secret that a career in the trades can be quite lucrative. Nevertheless, few parents and teachers would wish their students pick blue-collar work over a university education. As such, fewer and fewer high schools have been teaching trades and encouraging students to explore career opportunities that veer from the university route. This is […].

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Breaking into Brewing: Tips for Women Looking to Enter the World of Craft Beer

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Every day, women are taking over male-dominated industries, and that includes the field of brewing, which makes sense, because it started as a women’s craft! Somewhere along the line, men were named as the sole beer drinkers and beer brewers, while women became a sales tactic. Women Drink Beer, Too! I’d love to help other women along their path, and here is some of the top advice I would give: Have Patience: Good beer takes time and so does building up a career.

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Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories

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The post Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories appeared first on Ms. At Ms Career Girl, we hear about lots of women who have not only survived but thrived. Bursting with color while also not forgetting basics, Minnie Rose’s collections are ideal for any women’s wardrobe. She's Iconic™ is an online community that features live streams, trainings and chats to help women balance their health, wealth and mindset.

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Top Hobbies for Women Professionals

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The post Top Hobbies for Women Professionals appeared first on Ms. Here’s a list of the top 10 hobbies for women, enjoyed by some seriously successful ladies, to inspire you: Reading Reading is a favorite hobby of many successful women, including America’s book club hostess-in-chief, Oprah Winfrey. Skiing Supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Victoria Beckham are just two women who love to hit the slopes. The post Top Hobbies for Women Professionals appeared first on Ms.

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Funding Female Careers: Are Women Financial Equals in the Workplace?

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Since women are paid 82 cents for every dollar a man makes, it leaves room for improvement. But how different is work for men and women? In a new study , financial adviser Kayla Brennan and Personal Capital wanted to learn how women’s experiences differ from men’s in the workplace.

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Six Standout Traits of Courageous Women

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A new study by IBM, “ Women, Leadership, and the Priority Paradox ,” reveals a harsh truth: advancing women in the workplace still, in 2019, just isn’t a priority. IBM polled 2,300 executives and professionals from around the globe, and within those organizations, women hold only 18 percent of senior leadership roles. For women, this study reveals a tiring, ongoing battle in the workplace. Courageous women aren’t afraid to be labeled as the “black sheep.”

2019 179

10 Women You Should Know

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Woolf would be proud of how far women have come, and indeed we have come very far. While there is still a lot of work to do in the fight to give all women voice and visibility from the office to the home, I think we also ought to celebrate the many women who make strides in business, science, technology, international affairs, academia, government, law, media, and the home. In 2009, she was one of Glamour Magazine ‘s Women of the Year.

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Four Ways Men and Women Sleep Differently

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Breaking News: This just in, folks: men and women are different. Well…we don’t want to get too technical, but there’s a wide variety of departments that men and women differ in. Did you know that men and women do it differently? We were intrigued by the concept that these gender variations of humanoids which you call “men” and “women” could do something fundamental to their species so differently, although they appear to do the same when you look at them doing it.

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Women Rarely Negotiate for Higher Salaries – Here’s How to Start Asking

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It’s no secret that women’s paychecks have generally been slimmer than their male counterparts’. But it’s not just discrepancies in income that are holding women back from long-term financial success. 60% of women in the workforce say they’ve never negotiated with an employer for pay.

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Allyship Among Women: From Sabotage to Support

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Allyship focuses on the ways we use our voice, our power, and our influence to stand in solidarity with women who are marginalized or silenced in our spaces. But it’s key to truly supporting women in the workplace. This type of support in the workplace can allow the space for women to be more authentic, and show up in their fullness without fear of judgment or retaliation. The post Allyship Among Women: From Sabotage to Support appeared first on Ms.

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Get Inspired: Groundbreaking Women in Fintech

Catherines Career Corner

Get inspired, explore the lessons for success from groundbreaking women in Fintech. Unfortunately, women still face major barriers in entering into this male-dominated industry that historically dismisses the value, talent and insight countless women have to offer.

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