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Navigating Workers Compensation Claims After an Injury

Ms. Career Girl

The post Navigating Workers Compensation Claims After an Injury appeared first on Ms. While you should do what you can to avoid injury, it would be in your best interest to know about the workers compensation process before the injury occurs.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


Workers Compensation Definition. Every state has a Workers Compensation Division that is responsible for the administration of the state WorkersCompensation Law to ensure proper payment of benefits to employees injured on the job and encourage safety in the work place.

Episode 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update


A few weeks back, we had our Triple Threat webinar discussing FMLA, WorkersCompensation and Disability on Blogging4Jobs. Episode 28: Your FMLA, WorkersCompensation & Disability Questions Answered. In the HR world, one area that is hard to keep up with is the employment law landscape and eligibility requirements especially in the areas that I call the Triple Threat which are ADA, FMLA and WorkersCompensation.

Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims


cases per 100 full-time workers. For this reason, companies are required to carry workerscompensation insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance 101. Clumsy people have continued to spark laughter and lighten up the workplace for years.

Knowing Your Legal Rights as an Intern

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This means those who participate in internships will not be compensated for their time spent in the office. WorkersCompensation Coverage for Interns. Workerscompensation helps employers and employees when injuries in the workplace happen.

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Does your Small Business need help cutting costs?

Corn on the Job

How an effective return-to-work program can impact employee morale and cut workerscompensation costs? One way to help employee morale; that many business owners do not anticipate, is a successful return-to-work program for injured workers.

What You’re Entitled To After Being Hurt On The Job

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Simply put, workerscompensation is a type of legally mandated insurance that covers employees who are hurt on the job. Due to the scale of workerscompensation programs, the impact on public health organizations is high.

“Does an independent contractor have a duty of loyalty?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

So, a client of an independent contractor is not required by law to provide that independent contractor with the things it has to, by law, provide its employees, including (a) a safe workplace; (b) overtime; (c) unemployment insurance; (d) workerscompensation; or (e) social security contributions. Question : If an independent contractor is a subcontractor to a business, can the independent contractor bid against that business on a totally unrelated project?

6 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Happy

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Results from a survey shows that inadequate compensation is by far the number one reason that dissatisfied employees who want to leave their job. Managing an office and keeping employees happy is no small task.

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The Top 10 Workology Podcast Episodes for HR and Recruitment Practitioners


4 – Ep 28 – FMLA, WorkersCompensation & Disability Update. I call FMLA, Workers Compensation and the ADA the triple threat.

4 Signs You Should Bail From Your Job While You Can

Ms. Career Girl

Do people regularly need to file for workers compensation? The post 4 Signs You Should Bail From Your Job While You Can appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The daily trudge. That 9-5, that even if you like your job, prevents you from binge watching television for hours on end.

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How Can I Get a Job Following a Termination?

Resume Bear

Dave Thomas, who covers among other subjects’ workers compensation , writes extensively for , an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.

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Can You Have One Too Many Interviews in Your Job Search?

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Dave Thomas, who covers among other topics workers compensation and credit card processing, writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.

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13 Best HR Metrics Formula Examples


Worker’s Compensation Cost Per Employee = total workers compensation cost for year / average number of employees. Worker’s Compensation Incident Rate = (number of injuries and/or illnesses per 100 full-time employees ?

Are You Committing Unemployment Insurance Fraud By Accident?

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Not reporting other types of reimbursement (for example, WorkersCompensation payments). Unemployment Insurance Fraud takes place when an individual conceals or misrepresents some information to get or increase unemployment insurance payments. Most often UI frauds imply making a false statement about one’s work and earnings.

Understanding Comprehensive Benefits Before Taking A Job

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For example, workers compensation benefits can be significantly helpful if you are injured while performing your job. This can include time off and compensation during your recovery. Wages aren’t the only way an organization provides compensation.

What the Heck is FMLA Leave?!


Workers Compensation – this is a paid leave granted to people who were injured while executing their job duties.

Single Disengaged Worker Costs Company $4,621 in Lost Revenue in 2014


I could tell you that Gallup reports in their 2013 State of the Workplace report that unproductive and engaged workers are costing United States businesses $550 billion a year. Workers Compensation Insurance & Claims. Looking to engage your workforce?

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Back to the Basics With Blogging4Jobs #hrbasics


We all also probably remember how overwhelming it was, the I-9 Forms, workers compensation issues, and different policies that we had to learn and know by heart. These next couple of weeks we’re doing something completely different on Blogging4Jobs.

“You expect me to believe THAT??!!”

Sklover Working Wisdom

A New York law firm, Markoff & Mittman, whose law practice is dedicated to Workers Compensation law, maintains a room in their offices dedicated to their employees’ “serenity.”. It really is true: a law firm maintains a dedicated “serenity room” for employees.

My Favorite HR Specialty Bloggers


Ann Bares , Compensation Café Ann specializes in simplifying today’s workplace compensation plans. Margaret Spence , CWC, Workers’ Comp Gazette. Margaret edits the Workers’ Comp Gazette with fresh comp news everyday.

Graduate to Moving Faster on Your Job Hunt

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As lots of college grads hit the job market in the coming months, keep in mind that many of them will seek work or start work with skills that older workers may not possess, especially in the areas of technology, social media, etc.

Prevent FMLA Tracking from Becoming a 4 Letter Word


Be able to know which FMLA leave becomes a disability leave, run FMLA leave concurrent with workerscompensation leave, etc. Managing FMLA leave is difficult.

6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

Corn on the Job

Working in insurance you may be responding to a client about their child’s health insurance or about their small businesses workers compensation insurance policy. Walt Capell started Workers Compensation Shop in 2005.

The Role of HIPAA Laws for Employers & HR


Also known as OHR or Employee Health Records , these are a result of a post-offer employee physical, workers compensation or other workplace injury under OSHA. Managers or HR from sharing healthcare informatio n with co-workers or the boss. The Role of HIPAA Laws in Human Resources. When it comes to topics of privacy especially concerning employee healthcare benefits, HIPAA is one of the most misunderstood and miscommunicated for employers and employees.

Mistakes Not to Make When Starting a Business

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Do you have all the necessary insurances, including workers compensation insurance? Businesses that don’t succeed can’t tell us what went wrong. Their phone is disconnected and there’s no one to get in touch with.

2013 Holiday Season Pay Practices

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The infographic below highlights survey findings for 2013 Holiday Season pay practices. Also listed below are the rules for bonuses and gift cards related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), payroll taxes and withholding. A total of 3,804 organizations participated in the survey.

2013 14

Keeping Up Appearances in Interviews

The Undercover Recruiter

Additionally, heavier employees filed twice as many workerscompensation claims and missed 13 times as many workdays as normal-weight employees. How many articles or blogs have you read about how your appearance can affect the outcome of a job interview? I can answer that…too many.

14 #HR Metrics & Formulas to Improve Human Capital Efficiency


Worker’s Compensation Cost Per Employee = total workers compensation cost for year / average number of employees. Worker’s Compensation Incident Rate = (number of injuries and/or illnesses per 100 full-time employees ? This is an important metric in my mind when looking at succession planning and forecasting staffing areas of opportunity as older workers begin to consider retirement.

Job Search at Work? 5 Must-Read Tips


Also do not use current co-workers as references no matter how much you trust them or value their friendship. It could be for more money, the opportunity for better growth, an issue with a co-worker or boss, etc. Put less pressure on yourself by job searching while employed.

Independent Contractor or Employee? The Basics

Sklover Working Wisdom

The most common scenario seen by employment lawyers and Courts is for employers to try to characterize true employees as independent contractors in order to save money on such things as (a) employee benefits, such as vacation, sick days and health insurance; and (b) legally required payments, such as unemployment, Social Security contributions, and workerscompensation coverage. . “If you are not happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you get.”. - Unknown.

“After severance, can I sue my employer for workplace stress?”

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Two years of severance seems to hardly be fair compensation for what has happened. However, you may very well have a right to file a claim for “WorkersCompensation” benefits. That’s because most states have set up a separate system for those who are injured “on the job,” which is called “WorkersCompensation.” Question: I was employed for five years as a Vice President at a company in Illinois.

Incentive Programs for the Hourly Workforce


We made it simple for managers to administer and easy for employees to understand…and whoosh it lowered workers compensation claims and costs.

Don’t Believe “The Big ‘At Will’ Lie”: 117 Reasons an “At Will” Employee Cannot Be Fired, and There’s Plenty More

Sklover Working Wisdom

In like fashion, the law says, in effect, to people who want to be employers, “There are certain rules you must follow if you want to get into an employment relation, including (a) the legal obligation to pay at least a minimum hourly wage, (b) the legal obligation to provide a safe workplace, (c) the legal obligation to provide workerscompensation insurance, and (d) the legal obligation to pay overtime to that employee, among others. “The greatest pleasure in life is doing.

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“Vacation and Vacation Pay – 50 Frequently Asked Questions”

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Generally, executive employees are provided more vacation time than clerical workers. . On the other hand, generally, employees on unpaid leave or “income-replacement” leave, such as (i) workers compensation, (ii) short-term disability, (iii) long-term disability, will not continue to accrue paid vacation time while on leave. . “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take. what you’ve been taking.”. - Earl Wilson .

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With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility: Protect Data on Your HRIS #BigDataHR


Employers amass big data on their employees.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

Sklover Working Wisdom

When resigning should I say where I am going to my co-workers? HL, not only am I not licensed to practice law in California, but I am not experienced in Workers Compensation, which is a sort of “subspecialty” in employment law.

Avoiding Office Injuries: Keeping Workers Safe and Saving Money


According to Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index for 2011, virtually all of the workplace accidents that lead to workerscompensation claims can happen in the office. Don’t leave a spill for a co-worker to slip on. How Safety Impacts Work Incidents.

“I fear workplace violence; what should I do?”

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Question : I’ve been a victim of a physical altercation with a co-worker. If you have been financially “injured” – due to medical expense, or lost income due to being out of work – you may be able to collect “Workers Compensation” benefits, provided you have filed a Workers Compensation claim. In the early twentieth century, as we evolved full-gear into an industrial society, many workers suffered injuries on the job due to industrial accidents.

The #HRBasics Guide to OSHA Workplace & Safety Reporting


It was established in 1971 with the goal of keeping workers safe and healthy on the job. After obtaining my OSHA training and just diving into the black hole of record keeping, I was able to go to work properly complete the required forms and determining through my worker’s compensation incident report what incident was considered an OSHA one and the amount of time lost for each incident so I could accurately report on the form which was not easy.

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