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Five Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job

Evil HR Lady

I got this email from a reader: You are lying to us. No one can get hired. If there are people working they don’t live in the world of MOST people. So, you’ll never hear me say “I’m so happy I get to look for a new job today!”

2016 62

3 Ways To Make Your Online Networking Count

Executive Career Brand

The best way to land your next great-fit gig is networking – fortified by targeting and personal branding  built around your value to target employers.

2016 81

Secret to Answering Personal Life ?s During Holidays

Ms. Career Girl

The post Secret to Answering Personal Life ?s During Holidays appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. It’s stressful. Work: “Do you have a job yet?”.

2016 61

How Do You Choose The Keywords In Your LinkedIn Headline?

Career Realism

How Do You Choose The Keywords In Your LinkedIn Headline? Work It Daily. Standing out amongst 400 million LinkedIn users is tough.

2016 40

Debunking Job Search Myths

Competitive Resumes

In this special edition, I am debunking job search myths. I am interviewed by Anthony Quinones of the podcast, “Your Point of Q.”

2016 33

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5 Ways To Conquer The Anxiety Of Your First Job Search

Career Realism

5 Ways To Conquer The Anxiety Of Your First Job Search. Work It Daily. College graduation leads to a bevy of complex emotions. Set goals.

2016 39

how to appear smart in meetings

Ask A Manager

Seriously, it is really funny, and it would be an excellent gift for your office holiday gift swap. You will not regret it. work habits

2016 39

Employee Engagement: Learn to the Love Your Bricks

David Zinger

How fully do you engage with the work right in front of you? You know the story of the three bricklayers at the same work site. Feel your work.

2016 27

Project Management in the 21st Century

Water Cooler Wisdom

Researchers at Portsmouth Business School in the United Kingdom conducted a review of recent academic studies on project management to answer the question: “what components exist across the board in the worldwide practice of 21 st century Project Management and what are some universal challenges that exist?”.

2016 24

10 Essential Verbs to Use in Your CV

The Undercover Recruiter

Your written vocabulary is obviously extremely important in the process of writing your CV, but you must pay particular attention to the verbs you include. Verbs are used to describe actions and are commonly known as “doing words”, so they are crucial if you want to describe how your input impacts your employers. Verbs quite. View Article.

CV 25

5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview

Career Realism

5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview. Work It Daily. Ever wonder what a potential boss wants to hear in an interview?

2016 36

Creative Genius Employees Are a Leader’s Worst Nightmare But Drive Amazing Business Results


In the war for talent, adding creatives to your teams can provide you with a competitive advantage. Creatives can be game changers. They are organizational linchpins , unicorns and the purple squirrels of not just your business but possibly the entire industry. They have special skills and abilities that make them unique. Creatives can be weird.

2016 21

my coworker is cc’ing his mother on work correspondence

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: During a recent disagreement between my coworker and me, my coworker cc’d his mother on some emails going back and forth between me, him, and our board of directors. Of course, he could copy and forward the emails to anyone, as could any of us. You need not worry about my correspondence with my mother! Don’t mention her again.’

2016 29

How to Hire the Best of the Long Term Unemployed Candidates

Evil HR Lady

Last week I wrote 5 Things the Long-Term Unemployed Need to Do to Find a Job and it ruffled a few feathers of the long-term unemployed. It’s enormously discouraging to not even be able to get a foot in the door, to even be given the chance to prove yourself.

Things Every Recruiter Should Check For On A Candidate’s CV

The Undercover Recruiter

As a recruiter you want to give the candidate you are representing the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd and their CV is the first opportunity they have to sell themselves. Ensure that the CV which you send to your client is clear, concise and highlights the relevant experience effectively. Follow these easy steps. View Article.

CV 18

11 Tips For Creating Compelling Cover Letters

Career Realism

11 Tips For Creating Compelling Cover Letters. Work It Daily. Now you’re facing the daunting task of making your cover letter worth reading. Saved $1.5

5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


Data-driven recruitment is the key to attracting and keeping the right talent needed to meet business objectives — and hiring them at the right price.

update: my coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master”

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer whose coworker wanted everyone to call her boyfriend her “master” ? Of course you do — how could you not! Here’s the update. She read over the letter & responses, though, and was grateful too.). Many of my coworkers, I barely know what their spouses are named… but anyway.) updates

2016 26

Why I Used to Hate My Feet – The Stigma Against Women with Big Feet

Personal Excellence Blog

Have you ever had a body part that you hated? body part that people kept criticizing, even though it’s simply a natural part of your body? so? ). 

2016 17

What you can control in a job search. And what you can’t.

Cube Rules

Whenever I went to any sales-type training, one of the consistent subjects was all about “controlling the sale.” ” That somehow, the salesperson could extract dollars out of the buyer if all they did was “control the sale.” ” I always had problems with that approach. After all, the buyer can always, always say no.

2016 16

6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Realism

6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profile. Work It Daily. The right recruiter can put you in front of dream job opportunities. Summary.

2016 30

Two Ways to Measure Employee Engagement

Learning Voyager

Recently, in several client sessions on the topic of employee engagement, I was asked, How should you measure engagement? Without saying so directly, I facilitated them toward the answer to another question: Why would you measure it? Here's how we did it. As each person answered, we kept a running tally of the answers on a flipchart or white board.

2016 15

update: I’m in trouble for what I wore when when my boss made me pick him up for the airport in the middle of the night

Ask A Manager

‘Tis the season of updates from letter-writers! Between now and the end of the year, I’ll be posting at least one update every day (including weekends!) from someone who had their letter answered here this year. received a lot of updates this year, which I’m very excited about. Here’s the update. didn’t even need to.

2017 25

Four Ways Video Games Are Good For Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

The post Four Ways Video Games Are Good For Your Career appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Melted brains? Bloodshot eyes? Gamification. Sound familiar?

Here's Your Authority-Building Quote To Use as a HR or Recruiting Leader.

HR Capitalist

Damn, I'm just going to say it. You're the HR/Recruiting leader, and from time to time you need to remind everyone around you that you're the expert. Not them - YOU. It's OK for people to have takes on the best way to do HR or recruiting. But do they know as much as you?  NO. And you ought to find subtle reminders to make sure they get that reality.

2016 11

Phone Interviews: How To Put Your Best Voice Forward

Career Realism

Phone Interviews: How To Put Your Best Voice Forward. Work It Daily. Phone interviews make it easier to screen a candidates. Talk Enthusiastically.

Leading is a verb

Learning Voyager

I write about leadership quite a bit. It's a big part of the work I do with my corporate clients when they bring me in to help them with things like change, engagement, and culture. What ever happened to MBWA? Good point. Leading is a verb. leader is known by the actions he or she takes. Here are three actions of real leaders. 1. Quite the contrary.

my boss crashed an employee’s wedding and now everyone hates him

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m an executive assistant. My boss made an unpopular personnel decision, and I’m the one who is bearing the brunt of it because everyone is upset with my him. He went to a coworker’s wedding because he had a question about something and she was the only one who could answer it. Very, very bad. Dear god.

2016 22

How To Stand Out and Land the Interview

Ms. Career Girl

The post How To Stand Out and Land the Interview appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Daif Said. His bio follows.

Swiss Saturday: Subtle Educational Differences

Evil HR Lady

For the past year, I’ve taken part in a survey from the Swiss government on employment. Every three months they call me and ask me questions about my job–how many hours I work, how much money I’ve earned, if I’ve applied for any new jobs, etc. love data so I’m always happy to help out with such things. Me: Yes. Me: Yes.


4 Things Interviewers Rate You On

Career Realism

4 Things Interviewers Rate You On. Work It Daily. Related: 5 Tips To Ace The In-Person Interview. Here are four areas interviewers rate you on: 1.

2016 28

Is Your Personality Derailing Your Leadership?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Are you equipped to be a leader today? These insights could help you up your game. According to DDI’s new global study of 15,000 executives in 18 countries, there are certain personality traits and attributes that make it more and less likely that a person will succeed in a 21 st century business world leadership role. How CEO Candidates Are Wired.

update: an employee’s boyfriend privately asked me to give her time off … and then things got even weirder

Ask A Manager

Remember the boyfriend who contacted his girlfriend’s manager to privately ask her to give the girlfriend time off ? Here’s the update from the manager: I was so grateful to have my question answered, and enjoyed the commenters so much. I did take your advice to have a conversation with her pretty quickly after she got back. ”).

2016 18

Yes You DO Deserve A Barbados Getaway Vacation

Ms. Career Girl

The post Yes You DO Deserve A Barbados Getaway Vacation appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. But hey, let’s not even go there! Why Barbados?

2017 11