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How To Become An Influencer On Twitter


As such, it highlights content that is successful on Twitter. And we think that this will help you be more successful with Twitter.”

Facebook: The Untapped Job Board

Career Realism

Most of what you hear about Facebook while looking for a job involves keeping your information as private as possible from potential employers.

3 Online Tools to Network your Way into Job

Resume Bear

Social media is becoming increasingly important for job networking. Tweet my Jobs. Posted by Adam Justice. LinkedIn. Only 5.7 ResumeBear.

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How to Recruit & Source Candidates on Twitter


It’s no secret that Twitter is an information search engine. Social Media Job Board. Taking Advantage of Job Search SEO.

Are Bigger Niche Job Boards Always Better?

Career Alley

This can even be the case when deciding which job boards to use within your niche. Criteria for Choosing Your Niche Job Board.

Why Recruitment is NOT Dying

The Undercover Recruiter

Recently there have been a fair few blog posts and articles published on various recruitment sites that discuss the changing nature of recruitment.

Corn On the Job’s Top 25 Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow

Corn on the Job

When I launched Corn on the Job in July of 2009, I was unemployed, and in my own way, starting a job searc of my own. How cool is that?

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11 concrete ways to use Twitter for networking

Blue Sky Resumes

If you already use Twitter, you can easily switch to the more strategic focus I am going to teach you. Ask about jobs directly.

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Which Recruitment Tool Should I Use to NOT Seem Like a Tool?

The Undercover Recruiter

All the tools are equally great and all of them equally suck – it depends on what you’re using them for. The end is the relationship.

Job Boards

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Guerrilla Job Hunting Home Subscribe FREE-Guerrilla Job Search Tips! Tailor the content to the board. Follow me on my Profile.

366 Job Search Tips for Every Day of 2016


Your job search crash course this year. A job search tip a day keeps the recruiters away closer… This isn’t a checklist.

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Social Media Helps Job Seekers Find Work


Social Media is powerful and if you are currently looking for a job. Check out Julie on Twitter @jobhopjulie. . So what makes you unique?

How New Job Search & Recruitment Tools are Changing HR

Corn on the Job

Yet again, I have another great research article and blog from Spherion’s Emerging Workforce Study findings. Spherion on Twitter .

Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

Resume Bear

I want to blog about the pearls I have gathered from a particular event I attended, namely Impact99!! Yes, social media. Social is mobile.

How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

Resume Bear

Simple interviews or guest blog content offers (free of charge) are a great way to get them involved and helps to promote them to a new audience.

How Social Networking Sites Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Resume Bear

You’re likely aware of the necessary precautions to take when posting certain information to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Get “Linked In”.

Perception is Your Employer Brand – What are You Going to Do About It?


Luckily for us, we live in a digital world and have countless tools at our disposal. One of the more common pieces of advice? Photo Credit.

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How Job Hunters are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and MORE to Target Employers: PART 2

Guerrilla Job Hunting

If you use them to help you find a job, you're part of the new generation of job hunters who are using these websites to open new opportunities.

New Tools for Twitter for Job Seekers


People don’t prepare for the job search although they should at least six months in advance. Twitter is no different. Love it!

The Top 3 Mistakes Job Seekers Make On LinkedIn

Career Makeover Coach

In contrast, job boards only have about 3.5% of available jobs. Looking for a job is just another sales situation. Wrong.

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What Online Communities are Best for Your Job Search In 2013?

The Undercover Recruiter

Networking is a major part of job search success. The real question is what online communities are the most beneficial for job seekers?

Three Little-Known Ways the Internet Can Help You Land a New Job

Professional Resume Services

Top rated resume writing services can help you land a job. With these three tips, you can use the Internet to your advantage to land a new job.

How To Effectively Reach Out To Hiring Managers

Career Realism

Whenever I talk to clients or run a job search and interviewing workshops, I always ask about what methods they are using to find a job.

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twitter!? can it really help me find a new job?

Resume Writing

Can it Really Help Me Find a New Job? -- Part 2 » July 04, 2009 Twitter!? Can it Really Help Me Find a New Job? Joyce ).

How to Save Time in Your Job Search [5 Top Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

There’s no denying searching for a job these days is trickier than it used to be. 2) Set Up Job Email Alerts. 5) Use Job Search Engines.

Walk Like an Egyptian…Think Like a Candidate

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’re a recruiter reading this blog, congratulations for taking the time out to do that. and you don’t have a time machine?

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10 Places To Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Realism

Note that I’m speaking of your dedicated job search and career management email address here, not your employer, business, or personal email account.

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ResumeFit LLC; Does It Fit You? |

Resume to Referral

Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « Will LinkedIn Replace the Traditional Resume? tools , new post , resumefit.

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Twitter in the job search.

Job Stalker

ChicagoNow ChicagoNow is Chicagos finest blog about all things Chicago. It is a blog by and for locals. Brendan Tripp on 09.13.10

How to Get a New Job Using Social Media

Careers Done Write

This blog is part of the Career Collective. Did you know that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? Yes, it’s true. Enjoy!

5 Myths (And Truths) About Social Media And Your Job Search

Career Realism

The following myths and truths are intended to demystify some of the ways in which you can utilize social media as a job search resource.

Reactive Vs. Proactive Job Search Strategies

Career Realism

There are two kinds of job searches, reactive and proactive. Most people use reactive job search strategies , which means they look for job openings and then apply to ones that interest them. So, when you send your resume to recruiters and respond to job board postings, you are really at the mercy of what comes up.

9 Job Search Trends You Need To Know

Career Realism

Are you one of those people who think a resume is an antiquated job search tool? mail were a job seeker’s best friends?

2014 54

Help! I Can't Land an Interview

Career Realism

It has been months since you lost your job. Ironically, although the job market is challenged, usually there are blocks in a job search.

2010 59

How Recruiters Use Social Media to Find Talent & Hire Online


For Job Seekers: Online Job Search Tips & Advice. The old way of thinking about finding a job was actually quite simple.

Six Ways Employers, HR & Recruiting Can Use Social Media


Jobs Feed and Automated Distribution. Check out my list of great resources and HR blogs to get you started. Social Recruiting.

3 Reasons Why Top Recruiters Have A Personal Brand

Career Realism

There are several top names in the recruiting world and many more you recognize from quickly perusing LinkedIn or job boards.

2015 54

Recruiting in the Rise of the Multi-Screen #mobilerecruit


Mobile Recruiting week is sponsored by our friends, RXInsider and their new mobile app tool, CEAppCenter. It’s called multi-screen.

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Blogs. HCX Jobs. Recruiting Tools. Fantastic Recruiting and Job Hunt tools for Firefox. TOPIC: Fantastic Recruiting and Job Hunt tools for Firefox. Fantastic Recruiting and Job Hunt tools for Firefox. Research LinkedIn candidates on sites like , Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit

Executive Career Brand

Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Only an estimated 3-5% of jobs are filled through job boards.