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Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories

Ms. Career Girl

The post Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Here are four that are particularly inspiring.

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Giving Women The Courage to Negotiate Salary

Competitive Resumes

I am happy to continue this dialogue on the gender pay gap to empower women to be informed and inspired to seek better compensation.

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Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Women, Pt 1

Hiring Technical People

In the blogosphere and in the press, there is an increasing notice about the lack of women in technical fields and management positions.

Lean In or Lean Out: Women Are Damned Either Way


Still pressured to not “make waves”, even at events to foster more women in tech, they are encouraged to hold back. and $0.93

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Investors fund mostly men, which is fine for women

Penelope Trunk

That’s what it sounds like when anyone suggests that we need to get more women doing startups. Clearly, women have a choice. So what?

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What if Women Pioneered the Work World?

Ms. Career Girl

Had the professional world been pioneered by women rather than men, what would it look like? career womenAnd that’s no coincidence.

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Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies? We took a look at some recent controversies from some of the biggest companies on the planet.

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Women in the Workforce; Key to Economic Recovery


His opinion, “Women are a major reason we will do so well.” What’s Holding Women Back? This applies to both women AND men.

Lean In and Advance Women in the Workplace


A well-orchestrated book tour could make her the Betty Friedan of the digital age. Women in Business Leadership. Why is this the case?

Working Women Need Wives

Career Solvers

Women now make up at least half of the American workforce. Yet despite these strides, working women are facing more challenges than ever before.

New Study Shows that Leaning Into Negotiations Doesn’t Always Work for Women


” They wanted to know how and when leaning in might benefit women – and when it might not. Last week Christine L.

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Social Business: Developing Your Company to Better Interface with Consumers

Ms. Career Girl

The post Social Business: Developing Your Company to Better Interface with Consumers appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Let me tell you a story.

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Weatherhead’s executive education programmes for emerging and current women leaders help them understand the system and how to overcome it.

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The 6 strategies to success recommended by all bestsellers

Ms. Career Girl

There are thousands of books out there about how to be successful and achieve everything you want in life. Career Girl. Learn all the time.

The New Career Girl: Gen Y Women Redefine Success

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Last week I asked you to consider some awkward scenarios that apply to women at work. years.

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Does Gender Determine Workplace Strengths?

Water Cooler Wisdom

I recently enjoyed reading Marcus Buckingham’s book, Find Your Strongest Life.    It’s ‘how will this make me and loved ones feel?’

What type of woman who should freeze her eggs?

Penelope Trunk

Apple and Facebook announced that the companies will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs. It’s a great company policy. Women

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book review, other people's families, and mango sticky - — Ask a.

Ask A Manager

Posted in Uncategorized There’s a very nice review of my e-book over at YouShouldOnlyKnow, a blog I have long adored, run by Erica Manney.

Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

Ms. Career Girl

I’m reading great books about entrepreneurs and feel inspired but I’m also starting to feel hopeless. Why finance? Natalie.

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Why Soft Skills are Essential to Career Success

Ms. Career Girl

career career women gen y office politics women in business your first jobNeedless to say, she was NOT jumping to help me all the time.

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Resumebear: Job Hunting While Still Employed? Keep it Private

Resume Bear

“Make sure that you have a fully fleshed-out LinkedIn profile that promotes both you and your company,” Cohen says.

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John F. Kennedy and the job search

Resume Bear

If you substitute the word “company” or “organization” for the word “country” you’ll likely see what I mean. Truly, however, it’s not.

Why men should give women flowers | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Why men should give women flowers Posted to: Learn to take advice | Office Politics October 28th, 2009 Women like receiving flowers. The women they know are the exception to the rule. women? That’s right. Thanks!

4 Tips To Start a Business From a Woman Who Knows

Ms. Career Girl

I sell information, sure, my company develops content, and it is good content. Be Nice. Yes, really. Pantsuits? That just doesn’t make sense.

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Are You Prepared for an Unexpected Job Offer?

Ms. Career Girl

You get a call from another company, recruiter, or VP at your current company because “There is a new position and you would be PERFECT!”

Headline Bloopers That Probably Got Someone Fired

Resume Bear

The story discusses a governor who was stepping down after being caught on film in the company of three women. Chink in the Armor. up 9%.

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Top 10 Business Clothing Mistakes

Resume Bear

When in doubt, both men and women should take their clothes to a tailor for a professional fitting. This applies to both men and women.

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Women Are Breaking the Mold with Non-Traditional Jobs

Career Rocketeer

Women are taking on new, challenging job roles like never before. what where job title, keywords or company city, state or zip jobs by.

Dating in 2015: Is It Time To Raise The Bar?

Ms. Career Girl

But I learned that this meant my partner would hit on other women and drink to excess. The post Dating in 2015: Is It Time To Raise The Bar?

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

Resume Bear

Career Girl in November 2008 as a “passion project” to build community among ambitious young professional women. The Daily Muse is a rapidly growing community of women (and dudes!) Everyday they will introduce you to an awesome new company or non-profit. When you finally get that chance how do you make sure you don’t lose it?

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How to date when you have a big job

Penelope Trunk

The clients for Melissa’s company are all CEOs, and once a month one of them wants to fund her company to grow it big: A recruiting revolution!

LinkedIn: Busting 8 Damaging Myths About What It Can Do For Your Career

Resume Bear

You can find people who work at companies posting jobs, check them out, and ask their help to introduce you. By Kathy Caprino, M.A.

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6 Exciting Careers for Women Who Love Communications

Ms. Career Girl

The post 6 Exciting Careers for Women Who Love Communications appeared first on Ms. About two-thirds of PR professionals are women.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Competitive Resumes

This show is packed with practical and powerful advice to help women to level the salary playing field. Women should not offer salary history.

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my company does secret performance reviews we're not allowed to see

Ask A Manager

Am I allowed to see the record or have a copy, or is my company allowed to tell me it’s confidential or worse – no such record exists?

Riaz Mamdani discusses importance of supporting Alberta’s woman entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

At least half of Canadian small and medium businesses are owned or partially owned by women, a number which continues to grow. Career Girl.

For Writers: Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts. How To Create Compelling Settings In Your Books.

Ms. Career Girl

How To Create Compelling Settings In Your Books. As a writer, the setting is so important in a book. appeared first on Ms. Setting.

How to Get Out of the Unemployment Line, Risk To Succeed!

Resume Bear

To be “Hungry” and “Foolish”: Most men and women – young and old, have a wanting to achieve, to master, to improve. The answer is: Yes.

What I Learned from My 50 Different Jobs

Ms. Career Girl

Despite doing some jobs that I really did enjoy, I was desperate for direction and devoured books like ‘What should I do with my life?’

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my boss jokes that I don’t work after 5, company donations to a controversial charity, and more

Ask A Manager

The only explanation I can think of was that about six months ago, one of our teammates quit and my boss took on all of her work (he’s the owner of the company), so his workload is significantly higher than mine and I think he’s been struggling lately with keeping up with his work. It’s five answers to five questions.