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Personal Branding for College Graduates

Competitive Resumes

For college students, building, managing, and marketing his or her personal branding efforts can be quite complex.

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10 Tips for Promoting Your Personal Brand

Position Ignition

The most successful brands are the ones that people notice, want to know more about and eventually want to be associated with.

2016 67

Personal Branding, Social Proof, and YouTern

Competitive Resumes

Social proof and personal branding is at the center of attracting the eyes of employers. Personal Branding social proof Personal branding

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The Value of Blogging Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

that is, your personal brand. Just like running your own blogsite, you’ll be building your personal brand.

2016 98

The New 10-Step Executive Personal Branding Worksheet

Executive Career Brand

You’re every bit as much a brand as Nike, Coke, Pepsi, or the Body Shop. What are your top personal brand attributes?

Personal Brand Buzzkill: Snarky Comments on LinkedIn Pulse

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The not so funny thing is, his mean-spirited comment impacts his personal brand and may have tarnished his reputation. That’s all good.

2016 105

Dare to Express Your True Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

My c-suite and senior-level executive clients work hard with me through my personal branding and job search readiness proces s. Over 50?

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Personal Branding: How to Brand Your LinkedIn Summary Section

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[The following article was originally published for my Personal Branding Expert gig on]. fit hiring choice for them. and metrics?driven

Winter Fashion for Professional Personal Branding

Competitive Resumes

Your fashion faux pas could impede your personal branding efforts if you’re reckless. Can we talk? Let me re-introduce Aaja Corinne.

New Year. Time to Revisit and Refresh Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Whether or not a job search is looming in front of you this year, for career health and fulfillment it’s wise to revisit your brand each year.

2016 101

How to Build Personal Brand Content for Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Build Executive Brand Content From the Inside Out. Now you’re ready to write the content for your executive brand communications plan.

2015 117

Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Pro – Build Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Part 3 – Differentiate Your Unique Value Proposition and Build Personal Brand Content. Part 2 – What Personal Branding Is and Is NOT.

2015 104

How and Why Personal Branding Works

Executive Career Brand

But there are many aspects to branding that you may not have considered, as you use it while navigating your job search. Ignore the Hype!

2015 70

How to Land, Brand and Ace Executive Job Interviews

Executive Career Brand

Prepare to excel with market intelligence, personal branding and social proof. How To Brand Your Executive Job Interviews to Land the Gig.

2015 106

10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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[This is my latest article as''s Personal Branding Expert ]. Here are 10 of the best ways to build your personal brand online.

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How to Keep Your Personal Brand Alive During Unemployment

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[This article first appeared on, for my Personal Branding Expert gig.]. Work on Targeting and Your Personal Brand Messaging.

2015 110

The Secret of Personal Branding – Be Authentic!

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[ This article was first posted for my Personal Branding Expert gig on ]. Branding Is Not Just the Right Keywords.

2015 75

Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Pro – Targeting

Executive Career Brand

Then, I’ll follow with: Part 2 – What Personal Branding Is and Is NOT. More About Personal Branding and Executive Resume Writing.

2015 123

10 Things You May Not Know About Personal Branding

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But you say to yourself, “Branding is for products. I’m not a product or a brand. I’m a person!”. You’re not alone.

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Your Brand Never Takes a Rest

Careers Done Write

The following are three tips to protect your brand when posting comments on social media. 1.) Your brand is on display at all times.

2015 77

Over 50? Is Personal Branding for Boomers, too?

Executive Career Brand

Personal branding seems to belong to Gen-X and Gen-Y. Branding helps you do these things. by perhaps as much as 20-25 years.

2 LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips You Don’t Know

Executive Career Brand

LinkedIn is undeniably the executive job-seeker’s most important and powerful online personal branding tool.

2014 116

5 Ways Your Employer Brand Impacts Recruiting

The Undercover Recruiter

I recently had a conversation with a candidate that brought to mind the importance of employer brand when it comes to recruiting. View Article.

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You Are Not a Brand. You HAVE a Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

And they speak and write about “Brand Them” incessantly. think they help give authentic branding a bad name.

Ignore the Hype! What Authentic Personal Branding Is and Is NOT

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These misguided voices tell us that personal branding is: A passing fad soon to be replaced by the next best thing. Ego-stroking.

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Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

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When communicating with potential employers via email, your email cover letters need to include a potent, branded email signature. their name.

Working From Home Means Online Branding

Professional Resume Services

If you honestly evaluate your work-from-home plans, they are going to include your online brand. Online Branding / Profile Development Coaching.

Summer Fashion to Boost Your Personal Brand

Competitive Resumes

It’s summer, and once again Aaja Corinne is back to share her summer fashion and brand advice. Layer and dress for comfort.

Building Brand “You”


In other words, she is not only selling a commodity but building a brand. In today’s competitive world, you cannot expect people to come knocking at your door unless you build a personal brand for yourself. I can’t help but quote Tom Peters, writer on business management practices, who says, “Big companies understand the importance of brands.

Brand Building through Community Leadership

Careers Done Write

Leadership experience in volunteer, civic, and professional association settings is one way you can build and promote your personal brand.

5 Steps to Creating a Personal Brand Statement

Position Ignition

Whether your current career goal is finding a new job, changing careers or getting a promotion, creating a personal brand statement, or elevator pitch, can help you to define more clearly who you are and what you’re about, which will in turn help you to achieve your objective. CV & Applications Social Media & Branding

2016 47

How to Create a Personal Branding Strategy [9 STEPS] [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’re looking for a job, you need a strong personal brand. But how do you go around creating a personal branding strategy?

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Professional Brand?

Careers Done Write

Yes, your hairstyle can influence your brand. How does your hairstyle brand you? Are you confident? Are you seen as intelligent?

2015 86

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Your personal brand is established and nurtured by you, whether online or offline. What other ways do you establish your personal brand?

2015 55

Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Pro – 10 Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Executive Career Brand

This 5-part series will help you understand how to create an interview-generating, brand-reinforcing executive resume. Tell the Truth!

2015 116

Employer Brand Tagline: Do You Need One?


There’s something to be said for a brand that can share a message that creates meaning or even a sense of nostalgia. We recall a moment.

Personal Branding and the Email Signature Dilemma

Executive Career Brand

Your executive job search is underway, or about to be, and you’re working on your branded email signature. Executive Career Brand – [link].

10 Reasons To Love Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Besides, you say to yourself, branding is for products. You’re not a “brand”, you’re a person, right? photo by

Personal Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Executive Career Brand

It personalizes and humanizes your brand-reinforcing content. Personal Branding: How to Brand Your LinkedIn Summary Section.

How to Use Snapchat for Employer Branding

The Undercover Recruiter

How to Use Snapchat for Employer Branding. Employer Employer Branding Branding Cisco Jorgen Sundberg Social Media Talent branding

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