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7 Ways to Get Uncomfortable Writing Your Career Portfolio

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5 Benefits Of Creating An Online Portfolio

Career Realism

Online portfolios aren’t just for certain fields or industries anymore. Do you have an online portfolio? Job Search career

Stand Out In Your Job Search with an E-Portfolio

Ms. Career Girl

Build your online presence by creating an e-portfolio. is an online portfolio site for young professionals. The solution?

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5 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

Tips for Building Your Personal Brand. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. View Article.

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5 Steps for Building a Website Portfolio #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

View Article 5 Steps for Building a Website Portfolio #TechTuesday Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

Should I Be Thinking About A Portfolio Career?

Tim's Strategy

What is a portfolio career? portfolio career is made up of multiple jobs instead of just one.  Thank you! brilliant.

10 Reasons To Love Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Besides, you say to yourself, branding is for products. You’re not a “brand”, you’re a person, right? photo by

3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Online Personal Brand

Career Realism

3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Online Personal Brand. Webinar: The Science Of Personal Websites For Career Advancement. Work It Daily.

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Branding Tips for Men Age 50+

Careers Done Write

Branding is essential for a career. On top of the age issue, men may be lagging in the branding department. Get in the Door.

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Branding Yourself - Digital Identity for Career Growth

Careers Done Write

Professional Branding Resume Help personal brandinghave recently become enamored with a site called DoYouBuzz.

How to Write and Use An Executive Brand Biography

Executive Career Brand

career brand biography is a storytelling tool that breathes life into an otherwise flat rehash of your resume. For job search and career management, a bio affords the opportunity to reinforce your brand through storytelling, in a way that’s more difficult to accomplish in a resume.

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How to Get Your Personal Brand Into Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

Extend the value of your branded executive resume. Branding is about creating emotional connections. Don’t stop there.

4 Ways To Give Your Brand A Little Swagger

Career Realism

My students recently turned in their final job search documents, video interviews, and digital portfolios. Your brand will thank you for it.

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Nourish Your Career Interview

Career Tips Blog

Listen in as Stevie is interviewed by Shahrzad Arasteh, a holistic career counselor out of Baltimore, Maryland. Shahrzad brought many career development experts together in a unique project to create the book Nourish Your Career. Audio accomplishments journaling networking personal brand personal power portfolio strengths

From Fabrics to Brands and Blogs

Career Shifters

Here's how she pulled together the threads and created a portfolio career that finally fits. What work were you doing previously?

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6 Tips for Revitalizing Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

The post 6 Tips for Revitalizing Your Career appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Perhaps your personal brand needs some attention?

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How To Brand Yourself As A Freelancer

Career Realism

Between getting your name out there and scoring a steady stream of clients, the road to a freelance career isn’t always easy. Get social.

How To Build A Personal Brand While Still In School

Career Realism

How To Build A Personal Brand While Still In School. Professionals are now going to great lengths to create a personal brand online.

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Brand New Year. New Personal Brand?

Executive Career Brand

Brand New Year. New Personal Brand? is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Maybe it’s time to re-brand.

How to Build a Personal Brand While Still in School

Career Realism

Professionals are now going to great lengths to create their own personal brands online. Personal brand school image from Shutterstock.

Using Email to Promote Your Personal Brand

Careers Done Write

Every time you send out an email, you have the opportunity to promote your personal brand. Professional Branding personal branding

Recently Fired? Surround Yourself With Pushy Encouragers!

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Recently downsized, separated or fired executives often at the precipice of retirement or at a phase in their executive career ladder where they are feeling old and worn down often struggle with building a career portfolio.

40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the Brand New Graduate

Resume Bear

There’s a lot to learn about office culture, time management, keeping jobs and even about what you really want out of a career. Outside the Box.

Blog Comments: Part of Your Online Executive Brand Communications Plan

Executive Career Brand

Blog Comments: Part of Your Online Executive Brand Communications Plan is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Every strong executive brand has an online identity that follows these 5 guidelines: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency. Be sure your comments won’t negatively impact your brand and reputation.

5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Corn on the Job

 Building a strong personal brand can bring innumerable benefits to your career. Associate With Other Brands. Career Advice

3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Online Personal Brand

Career Realism

It’s the start of a new year and you have probably set some new career goals for yourself. Personal Brand online website The result?

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Market Your Brand: Top 10 LinkedIn Add-Ons

Career Realism

Top 10 LinkedIn Add-Ons For Your Brand. This is a one or two-page document that contains less branding and fewer work experience details.

Be a Superstar Job Seeker!

Catherines Career Corner

Tweet By Catherine Adenle Fierce – that’s the word that describes the current job search situation in today’s economy. To be able to navigate the job search super highway and quickly set yourself aside to be ‘the one’ that gets the [.].

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How To Make A Midlife Career Change

Career Realism

Related: The Challenges & Rewards Of A Mid-Life Career Change. Build a personal brand which highlights your career accomplishments.

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5 Reasons Why All Job Seekers Need to Have a Work Portfolio

The Undercover Recruiter

Answering a job ad won’t get us a solid career anymore. What are some other reasons job seekers should have a work portfolio? Not many.

100 Blog Articles That Every Job Seeker Should Read

Catherines Career Corner


6 Ways 99% Of People Are Destroying Their Careers

Career Realism

Launching a successful career with longevity used to have a very simple formula. No Personal Brand. Career Advice No Network.

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10 Reasons Why Your Chance of Promotion Disappeared Into Thin Air

Catherines Career Corner

By Catherine Adenle You and I know that a promotion will not get handed to you via a tap on the shoulders. It will only happen if you work for it.

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You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane

Catherines Career Corner

By Catherine Adenle I am not going to mince my words on this – when it comes to your career flight, YOU are the pilot! Not your manager, your company or mentor – they can all help, support and guide you [.].

Get Promoted at Work

Catherines Career Corner

Written by Catherine Adenle At work, getting to the next level is possible if you feel ready and want to take your career to the next level. Related posts: You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. 6 New Year Career Resolutions For You. Getting promoted is the aim of many employees but there are often far and [.]

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6 New Year Career Resolutions For You

Catherines Career Corner

Written by Catherine Adenle If you are keen to develop your career further this year, then ensure that you have some New Year resolutions to help your career. To guide you, here in Catherine’s Career Corner, we have provided you with [.].

4 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Yourself

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Branding is all about representing yourself to the public in a way that you hope will positively promote your business or service. Either way, no matter your industry, the outside world will still brand you in one way or another. Related: 14 Things That Impact The Quality Of Your Personal Brand. Work It Daily. Are you happy?

No Promotion at Work? See These 6 Reasons Why You Must Have Been Bypassed.

Catherines Career Corner

All about Jobs Career Career help Empowerment Jobs Leadership and Career Management Personal Branding Salary Self-Development Skills Portfolio Career Advancement Career Development Career Success Development No Promotion at Work?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Personal Brand

Boomers Next Step

Today’s job seekers must remake themselves as a brand. People remember these brands because they set themselves apart from the rest. Careers Resume Help Brand resume Resumes and PortfoliosSocial Media has dramatically changed the job landscape.

Threshold Consulting: It's Your Life, Own It!: Brand Story in a.

Threshold Consulting

Boldt: Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Arkana) Archives April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 July 2010 More. What Tonya had not expected was to start a journey that helped her discover her own brand story.

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