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How to Create a Personal Branding Strategy [9 STEPS] [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’re looking for a job, you need a strong personal brand. But how do you go around creating a personal branding strategy?

Branding Strategies for the Unemployed

Careers Done Write

Take five and study these strategies for the unemployed. If you are employed, these strategies are beneficial to you as well.

Personal Branding for College Graduates

Competitive Resumes

For college students, building, managing, and marketing his or her personal branding efforts can be quite complex.

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Career Management for a Winning Job Search Strategy

Competitive Resumes

That is why this conversation is a MUST listen to for your career management goals. It is a frequent faux pas in career management.

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Creating a Career Branding Strategy

Career Brander

Executing a Career Branding strategy requires a plan.  It does not matter if you are gainfully employed or currently in the midst of a job search. That is, where would you like to see the self actualization of your career be in 5, 10 or 15 years.  Promote and communicate your personal brand. The Where. The What.

The Value of Blogging Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

that is, your personal brand. Just like running your own blogsite, you’ll be building your personal brand.

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What’s Your Executive Career Brand Story?

Executive Career Brand

Start with Targeting and Personal Branding. Then define your brand and promise of value to them so your content will resonate with the values, vision, attributes, passions, and driving strengths they’re looking for. Then Use t he C-A-Rs (Challenge – Actions – Results) Strategy. How did you use those lessons in your career?

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How to Land, Brand and Ace Executive Job Interviews

Executive Career Brand

That is, if their job search strategy is working. Prepare to excel with market intelligence, personal branding and social proof.

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New Year. Time to Revisit and Refresh Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Whether or not a job search is looming in front of you this year, for career health and fulfillment it’s wise to revisit your brand each year.

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Personal Branding: How to Brand Your LinkedIn Summary Section

Executive Career Brand

[The following article was originally published for my Personal Branding Expert gig on]. fit hiring choice for them. and metrics?driven

3 Must Haves for Your Recruitment Strategy

The Undercover Recruiter

Must Haves for Your Recruitment Strategy. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. View Article.

Personal Branding FAIL: 4 Errors Job Seekers Make

Career Realism

Personal Branding FAIL: 4 Errors Job Seekers Make. Related: 5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try. Work It Daily.

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3 Examples Of Great Personal Branding

Career Realism

3 Examples Of Great Personal Branding. Personal branding can be a real stumper for many people. Great Personal Branding Examples.

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10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

Executive Career Brand

[This is my latest article as''s Personal Branding Expert ]. Here are 10 of the best ways to build your personal brand online.

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How To Build Your Own Brand: Strategies For Success

Career Realism

That is the task—to build a personal brand identity through design and content. You may not feel like a brand. Start With Strategy.

Personal Branding for the Modern Job Seeker

Competitive Resumes

This week I decided to share with you my interview on Ryan Rhoten’s “Brand New You” show. Job Search Personal Branding Personal branding

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Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Pro – Targeting

Executive Career Brand

Then, I’ll follow with: Part 2 – What Personal Branding Is and Is NOT. More About Personal Branding and Executive Resume Writing.

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Is Your Talent Engagement Strategy Leaking?

The Undercover Recruiter

Is Your Talent Engagement Strategy Leaking? Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. View Article.

Social Media Strategy Tips for Career Management ~ Part 2

Position Ignition

Social media is impacting the world of work and it can have a profound impact on your career if you understand how to use it.

Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet

Executive Career Brand

Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Who are these people?

You Are Not a Brand. You HAVE a Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

And they speak and write about “Brand Them” incessantly. think they help give authentic branding a bad name.

6 Bold Job Hunt Strategies to Try

Competitive Resumes

In 1990, this was a useful strategy but in 2015, not so much. It will figure into your career trajectory for years to come. You dig? 1.

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Chances Are, Your Employer Brand Strategy is Stale.


The “it” that I’m referring to is the hot topic of Employer Branding. Responsive Career Page – check. Branded Postings – check.

Personal Branding: The Secret To A Flawless Introduction

Career Realism

Personal Branding: The Secret To A Flawless Introduction. Related: 5 Things EVERY Brand Needs To Succeed. Work It Daily. ” 3.

4 LinkedIn Ways to Keep Your Personal Brand Top of Mind

Executive Career Brand

Use LinkedIn to remind them of your unique ROI to those employers, reinforcing your personal brand and good-fit qualities. Posting an Update.

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Personal Branding, Resume or Job Search Targeting: Which Comes First?

Executive Career Brand

And they often misunderstand the importance of personal branding, and dismiss it as unnecessary. Personal Branding. Resume Development.

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Revealed: Expert Strategy To Boost LinkedIn Visibility

Career Realism

Revealed: Expert Strategy To Boost LinkedIn Visibility. CAREEREALISM. How do high-visibility competitors brand themselves?

2016 45

5 Tips For Building Your Brand On LinkedIn

Career Realism

5 Tips For Building Your Brand On LinkedIn. The answer lies in your personal brand. What have you achieved throughout your career?

Twitter Personal Branding Time-Saving Tips

Executive Career Brand

Without a solid Twitter strategy, each visit can easily eat up an hour or more. Strategies to Leverage the Value of Twitter. Stay Focused on Your Job Search and Your Personal Brand. Keep the majority of your tweets relevant to your personal brand, industry, areas of expertise, and value to your target companies.

6 Steps To Creative Personal Branding

Career Realism

6 Steps To Creative Personal Branding. Related:   There’s No ‘I’ In Personal Brand. This is about branding, and branding is about trust.

2016 29

Why You Should be Preparing a Job Search Strategy Before It’s Needed

The Undercover Recruiter

didn’t establish myself as a subject matter expert by sharing my brand on social media – social media didn’t even exist then. View Article.

2016 43

Ask Deb – Professional Branding Strategies for Executives

Careers Done Write

What can I do on my own to improve my branding efforts and what services do you offer that might be of help? Dear Debra, Q. Cleveland, OH. A.

How to Use Employer Brand Management to Attract and Retain Top Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

How can your organisation use employer brand management to attract, recruit and retain the best talent? View Article.

Are You Steering Your Career Ship?

Career Trend

Her husband, she said, is winding up two of the most successful years of his career. appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Where Should You Be Promoting Your Personal Brand?

Career Realism

Everyone has a personal brand, but some people aren’t sure how or where they are—or whether they should be–promoting it.

2015 49

How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search, Part 1

Executive Career Brand

I recently did an interview with a writer for Money Magazine on using Twitter for personal branding and job search. Staying the course.

Branding Tips for Men Age 50+

Careers Done Write

Branding is essential for a career. On top of the age issue, men may be lagging in the branding department. Get in the Door.

2015 64

Professional Branding Strategies: 3 Simple Steps to Brand Building

Careers Done Write

Building a brand to enhance your professional reputation and further your career goals is not a modern fad. Are you highly productive?

Branding Yourself - Digital Identity for Career Growth

Careers Done Write

Professional Branding Resume Help personal brandinghave recently become enamored with a site called DoYouBuzz.

LinkedIn Groups and Personal Branding: Showcase Your Subject Matter Expertise

Executive Career Brand

suggested the following strategy to a client who wished he had time to blog – a time-consuming commitment that was not realistic for him.

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