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Tips for Young Women in the Workforce

Resume Bear

After conducting hundreds of women’s seminars and coaching numerous female executives, I believe that a lot of women could benefit from “leaning in.”

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Men with families feel more trapped than ever. Here’s how to fix that.

Penelope Trunk

NYC, SF and LA require $150K/year in order to raise two kids in a middle-class life. You earn enough to support a family in a metropolitan area.

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5 Things Possessed By Successful Women In IT

Career Realism

Despite this growth, however, it can still be challenging for women to stand out in their field and land senior roles. Skill. Curiosity.

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Working and Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Of course, his creative class overlaps neatly with Davos attendees and those we consider to be among global elites. What

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Why I Used to Hate My Feet – The Stigma Against Women with Big Feet

Personal Excellence Blog

When I was 9-10, my mom would always go to this shoe store to buy shoes for the family. I Have you ever had a body part that you hated? so? ). 

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Becoming More Confident and Assertive at Work and School

Ms. Career Girl

For example, when I attended my first graduate class, I was VERY intimidated of my classmates (I don’t know why. If you have a question, ask it!

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Nightmare On YOUR Street: When The Victim is YOU

Ms. Career Girl

And whether or not any or all of those stories are accurate, women are almost always at higher risk of being the victim of assault. Career Girl.

Unequal Pay and Unequal Opportunities: New Data On the Gender Wage Gap


To arrive at the uncontrolled wage gap, Payscale compared sector earnings to sector earnings: women in HR to men in HR. more than do women.

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Why We Work


The college student looking for full-time employment, hoping it will work around her class schedule. To support a family. Why is this?

How to take ownership of what you really want

Penelope Trunk

To be clear, these women are incredibly powerful. Women do it because it’s practical. Knowing yourself Women

What I Learned from My 50 Different Jobs

Ms. Career Girl

You see your boss more than your friends or family. career career women personal development your first job denise duffield-thomas

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The ONE Thing You Must Do To Be a Better Negotiator

Ms. Career Girl

But the most interesting part is that women reported much more discomfort around negotiating a raise than men did.  Career Girl. Career Girl.

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2 Positive Steps to Handle Family and Friends' Influences on Your.

Career Key

Are you stuck in career indecision and feel your friends or family might judge you for it? Best Careers for Women Online Resources: Happy Wom.

Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the mix Posted to: Entrepreneurship | Money | Negotiating November 25th, 2009 But this year is a big switch for me, because I’m doing Thanksgiving family drama—with the farmer. 

How I Found My Soulmate in Life, Part 4: How I Realized Ken is The One for Me Forever

Personal Excellence Blog

He was so excited about our relationship that he couldn’t hold back from telling all his close friends, family, and relatives that day.

Paying Attention to Anthropologists May Be Important to HR


In our HR classes we are taught to engage in environmental scanning as a way of anticipating areas that may hold some importance.

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Nail the Interview with Michelle Lederman

Competitive Resumes

12 with a special Salary Negotiation show that focuses on helping WOMEN! What are your interview challenges? Tell those stories. can help.

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Finding a mate isn’t luck. It’s about setting a goal and reaching it.

Penelope Trunk

Special bonus for women with sisters: they are happier in their later life.). 2. But that’s not how love works. How to start? Really.

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Thank You, God, for Giving me Anxiety

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. ruined every family vacation growing up thanks to my incarcerating anxiety. This runs in my family.

2014 was the end of the workplace revolution

Penelope Trunk

wrote women don’t want big careers in 2005. Because education transformation requires family transformation. it is needless waste.

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What's in My Garage: Getting My Career Portfolio Up To Date

Career Key

What I found, in preparing for my class, is that my career portfolio didn’t really exist, much less in a single place. Lawrence K. John L.

Secrets about personality type no one dares to tell you

Penelope Trunk

learned INTP women look nothing like INTP men. learned that INTJ men almost always marry ENFP women. You have two weeks to do this.

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We need to talk more about Melinda Gates

Penelope Trunk

And she’ll say she did an art class with kids with cleft lips because she wants people to associate her with outcasts and underdogs.

Here are six steps that will make re-entering the workforce easier

Resume Bear

Many women (and an increasing number of men). after a new baby joins the family. decide to put their careers on hold from time to time.

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A Working Mom Leans In and Steps Up


Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In has re-energizing the discussion on how women can achieve their ambitions in the workplace as well as home.

10 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago - BLOG - Career.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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THANK GOD FOR ASIANS: Google Releases Diversity Numbers.

HR Capitalist

People who chase math and science (and are world class) get rewarded with careers at companies like Google. MJ''s going to work at Google.

Is "Having It All" Realistic? New Movie Aims to Find Out

Ms. Career Girl

New documentary follows three working mothers as they balance career and family. The post Is "Having It All" Realistic? Career Girl.

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What Is a Work Perk Worth?


Shares in a booming startup are great – unless they’re in a less valuable class. That’s not a bad thing. Unlimited vacation!

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How to change a habit

Penelope Trunk

My son’s last cello class ends at 9:30 pm. If you want to make a change in your life you need to change something in your routine.

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

Resume Bear

The Economic Policy Institute reports that, in 1962, a family unit in the top one percent of U.S. Martin Luther King Jr. He merely exists.”

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What the New Overtime Policy Means for Your Wallet

Ms. Career Girl

President Obama recently announced new rules to expand overtime pay for many middle-class workers. Career Girl. What Are the New Overtime Rules?

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Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

Penelope Trunk

Mainstream America doesn’t go to spinning classes. Last night my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night to talk politics.

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Changing Career Paths as You Age

Career Alley

Lakshmi Balachandra once found herself taking over the family business. It had been family owned for generations. CEO Turned Realtor.

5 Tips to Navigating a Career Transition Successfully

Career Realism

This is an extremely important step for women who often spend much of their “free time” taking care of others. Don’t quit your day job.

4 Things Not To Do When Trying To Find Your Passion

Career Realism

Taking a class or vacation that really pushes you out of your comfort zone and gives you some inspiration. which is all well and good. Ready?

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Productivity is about giving something up

Penelope Trunk

When I do get to a yoga studio, I’m always the best in the class. I’ve been doing Ashtanga for fifteen years. Maybe. Really. cimott?n?sana

Gates, Buffett, Kevin Rose and Pete Cashmore: Entrepreneurs Speak

Resume Bear

million babies in India and save the lives of 135,000 between 2010 and 2015 — though any amount of infants and families assisted constitutes a victory.

The Balancing Act of a “Mompreneur”

Ms. Career Girl

Why is this a conundrum for most women? To be a seriously successful business woman, you have to give up your hopes of ever having a family.

Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Hardly

Evil HR Lady

So, when I hear women whining about being discriminated against I always have to stop and wonder, is it illegal discrimination or different choices?