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Is Hiring on Craigslist A Waste of Time?


Craigslist was founded in 1999 by Craig Newmark in San Francisco. Today, Craigslist has websites in over 70 countries and in 700 areas.

my boss is insisting I get my tonsils out, my applicants including cover letters, and more

Ask A Manager

Why aren’t my applicants including cover letters? In the job description, we state, “Please include a cover letter that tells us more about you, and why you’d be a great fit for this role.” 95% of resumes we receive have no letter. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I average 1.5

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How to Write a Cover Letter

Position Ignition

No matter how impressive your resume may be, few employers will bother to look at it unless your cover letter catches their interest. Writing a stellar cover letter is an achievable goal for anyone that is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to hone a few short introductory paragraphs to perfection.

Cover Letters: 1 Get Started Tip and 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid.

Career Rocketeer

Yes, you can hire someone to write a resume cover letter for you – but it’s also possible for you to pen it yourself, and get the results you need. Before you write your next letter, consider this 1 get started tip…and avoid these 4 mistakes. But you can’t include all of them in a 1-page letter. Now, give me 2 reasons.

Introducing the TruFocus Cover Letter Template | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [07.01.10] View Comments Introducing The TruFocus Cover Letter Template I don’t like cover letters.

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job listing asks candidates to submit a headshot — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Every now and then, a listing will ask for a headshot along with a résumé and cover letter, and it skeeves me out. Is it a red flag?

Top 3 Up-And-Coming Sites To Find Your Dream Job

Career Realism

Think you’re going to find a job you can brag about to your friends on Craigslist? GameChangers 500. So, who will you find on this list?

Concerned You Have A Weak Resume, CV or Cover Letter? | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Be sure to check out the posts here in the resume and cover letter category. Consider A Spit Shine. Are your shoes dirty? Or on Twitter.

5 Tips to Help Speed up Your Job Search

Career Alley

Let’s face it, job search can take a really long time. This is a Guest post. We are always eager to hear from our readers.

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How Are Executives Recruited?

Career Realism

For many positions, job board websites such as Monster, Indeed, and even Craigslist have become the go-to spots for job seekers. Related Posts.

How to Succeed in Job Search without Really Trying

Career Alley

In addition to ensuring that you have your basics (resume, cover letters, etc.), Jackson Brown, Jr. Excuses. You get the drift. Google+.

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Why Applying At Online Job Boards Is A Big Waste Of Time 

Career Realism

You check out the “careers” section of different companies, scan Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, and other huge job networks. That’s not a typo.

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Out With The Old: Job Searching The 21st Century Way

Career Realism

Get acquainted with job search sites like Craigslist, Indeed, and Monster where daily updates are posted. Need help with your cover letter?

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how to announce a firing, I’m losing my bonus, and more

Ask A Manager

Writing a cover letter when you don’t know anything about the company. I have a question about writing cover letters to job postings that provide a good description of the position, but very few details about the company. I really want to apply for the job–should I send my resume without a cover letter?

366 Job Search Tips for Every Day of 2016


Use fewer pronouns (I,my,me) in your cover letter. Use rejection-response letters. Use external recommendations in cover letters.

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The Intriguing Truth About Your Dream Job

Career Realism

Related: Is It Ever ‘Too Late’ To Get Your Dream Job? It’s true. In 2013, 25,000 people applied for jobs with Zappos, and they only hired 250.

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asking for more info about a job before applying

Ask A Manager

I’ve pasted it below: “My name is _ and I am very interested in the job offer you’ve recently posted on Craigslist. With this knowledge in hand, I would be able to effectively shape my cover letter and resume, demonstrating why I am a quality candidate for the job. I look forward to a reply from you. Good luck!

Wanted: Telecommuting Urban Planner

Telecommuting Journal

I ran across this ad on Craigslist and it says “Telecommuting Okay!&#. Please email your resume and cover letter. Want to email your resume and cover letter? See the original craigslist posting. Think again. Must have previous experience in planning, real estate, or architecture/urban planning.

3 Ways To Beat The Evil Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Career Realism

” Within an hour you’ll cover the perfect Word.DOC resume template, SEO checklists, learn about Black Hat SEO, SEO for LinkedIn and more.

Job-Seeker Advice: 6 Tips for Getting Your Résumé Noticed by Recruiters

Ms. Career Girl

Conversely, there is no need to write a book or restate your entire cover letter in your E-mail message. Best regards, Jane Doe.

55 Hidden Job Finding Tips WITHOUT Using Social Media


Use it to distinguish your cover letter and resume for everyone else’s. What if your next job was hiding right in front of you?

7 Tips To Get Off Unemployment ASAP From Someone Who’s Been There


Make Your Resume and Cover Letter Stand Out. Cover letters are another area where I messed up. Look Busy. That’s annoying.

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Job Boards: How Effective is this Tool in Your Job Search? (Part 1.

Boomers Next Step

Even employment ads placed on Craigslist or Kijiji will receive hundreds of responses for each job listed. Why Baby Boomers are Exercising on Elliptical Trainers! Job Boards A typical job posting on the larger job boards such as Monster or Workopolis , may draw thousands of applicants for the same position. All Rights Reserved. Designed by

Top 10 Signs of the Worst Freelance Job Ever


This happens mostly to writers applying on Craigslist. Related posts: How To Evolve A Freelance Rock Star Cover Letter.

5 Tips to Help Speed up Your Job Search

Career Alley

Modify Your Resume for Each Employer. Look for Jobs in More than One Place. Weed out the Junk. Create a Plan of Action and Follow Through.

How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

That post was about signaling strength during job interviews. So it pictured a young boy flexing his muscles. So there’s a bigger story.

short answer Sunday: 10 short answers to 10 short questions

Ask A Manager

It’s well known that plenty of the job listings on websites such as Craigslist are put there by scam-sters. Jobs ads that don’t ask for a cover letter. No cover letter or anything else that might be relevant should be included. Include a cover letter. Yes, 10. Is this legal? Is this legal?

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How to Conduct a Successful Job Search

Career Realism

Many people use Craigslist, but it is known for scams and shady people, so use with caution. I currently work as a technical writer for HP.

11 Ways To Personalize A LinkedIn Invite | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Authenticity. And a personal touch. Especially if you are engaged in career networking. Your first impression to others matters. So here they are.

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50 Funniest Short Job Descriptions Ever | JobMob


Updates via RSS Follow on Twitter Like JobMob? 50 Funniest Short Job Descriptions Ever Over on the Dilbert Blog, Scott Adams gave his readers an assignment : “describe your own job in one sentence, preferably in a humorously derogatory way.&# Here are the best replies from among the hundreds, with the top 10 at the end. Make you laugh?

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My Favorite Resume and CV Template: Introducing TruFocus | Tim's.

Tim's Strategy

Easy to read and covers all the bases. Easy to read and covers all the bases. They can, however, be great fodder for a cover letter.

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How To Build A High Value Network | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

His Altaee Blog focuses on social media and career development topics. Mohammed and I met on Twitter and have started a value exchange. Thanks. Thanks.

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bad recruiter behavior: deceptive sales tactics

Ask A Manager

3 recruiters contacted me, thru the other armpit of the net Craigslist. Thompsons cover letter get him an interview? Right? Agggh.

The One Question Job Seekers Struggle To Answer | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [09.07.10] View Comments The One Question Job Seekers Struggle To Answer It baffles me. They tend to meander.

Building A Great Elevator Pitch | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Because when your elevator pitch has a pitch problem , you won’t have the impact. And no one will rush the stage to meet you when it is over.

10 Tips: Asking For Recommendations On LinkedIn | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Surprisingly, in two years of writing I’ve never covered the subject. For a few reasons. Asking some great questions. Funny. Thank you!

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17 Ways To Build Confidence While Finding A Job | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

It can drain your best parts. When you need them most. Here are ways to get them back. That’s the first hurdle. And sometimes panic. Ready?

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Pro Bono Consulting: Is It Right For You? | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [10.05.10] View Comments Pro Bono Consulting: Is It Right For You? Via pro bono consulting. Not a problem.

do I have to be perfect to get a job?

Ask A Manager

I’d also keep an eye on Craigslist if you’re interested in restaurant work (sorry if you already are). No, no, no, no! Have fun!

Best Practices in Writing LinkedIn Invitations: What's In It for.

Tim's Strategy

But Neal went one step further and explained his method in some detail. Tim, you need to take your rant further. Please chime in! No related posts.

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