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Should Companies Incentivize Alternative Transportation?


Among the list of potential health motivators is offering some sort of incentive for employees that get to work through active transportation.

Building a Company Culture You Can Be Proud of

The Undercover Recruiter

Its company culture is legendary, and by most accounts, it truly is a great place to work. For the past six years, Google has topped the list.

Traveling in Holland: Land of Bicycles, Public Transport and Going to Other EU Countries

Personal Excellence Blog

While cycling may seem like a laborious/unglamorous mode of transport at first sight, it quickly shows itself to a top choice when commuting.

The Culture of Waste: Why It’s Bad, and How To Prevent Waste

Personal Excellence Blog

It would seem that America has quite a wasteful culture compared to other places in the world. Use alternatives to private transport.

UP YOURS: Zeneifits CEO Says "Move Along" to Candidate Who Dares Compare Zenefits and Uber Job Offers.

HR Capitalist

Of course, if you're the *biggest* transportation / taxi company in the world, suddenly these challenges reveal themselves.). Zenefits.

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3 Signs Your Career Needs A Lyft

Career Realism

told us to watch in 2015 is continuing to grow and revolutionize the world of transportation as we know it. Do you love your company’s culture?

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4 Things Veterans Need In A Company To Succeed

Career Realism

Culture. Similarly, you’ll want to find a company that has a well-defined culture. Joseph H. Amtrak, President & CEO, Joseph H.

Zebit Challenge Day 4: Enough Already, Time To Prioritize

Career Realism

went back to the notes I took on the budgeting app and reminded myself that besides shelter, food, and transportation, everything else in my life is pretty negotiable. Tips To Uncover Company Culture. Company Culture Is Important To Hiring Managers. Zebit Challenge Day 4: Enough Already, Time To Prioritize. Related Posts.

How Big Data is Taking Recruiters from “I Think” to “I Know”

The Undercover Recruiter

In addition, Gild also gathers social media activity for each candidate to help you determine culture fit. But that would be a huge mistake.

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How Studying Abroad Can Fast-Track Your Career

Career Realism

Barcelona is known as a cultural city brimming with artistic treasures while London is identified with business and first-rate education facilities.

10 Easy Steps To Design Your Own Personal Infographic


Step 3 – My main transport is. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Why would you want to make your own infographic? Type your name.

Should America Be Going Green: The Pros & Cons of the Legalization of Marijuana

Corn on the Job

The big issue here is that companies do need to set individual policies on what’s acceptable in their culture and in the industry. 100% no.

7 Easy Ways to Beat Interview Nerves

Blue Sky Resumes

Research the company, their products, and their culture in depth. If you get nervous before interviews, you’re not alone. Plan ahead. Reframe.

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Relocating? Things to Think About Before the Big Move

Career Alley

It’s an exciting time; starting over, meeting new friends and perhaps experiencing a different culture. If you’re lucky enough to have a job waiting for you in the new city, you should only be worried to have enough money for a flat deposit, bills, living costs and transport before your first payday and you’re set! Read more: [link].

Employer’s Interview Advice for College Students


Jeff Fernandez, CEO of Grovo in New York City, says “Prospective employees need to be in tune with the corporate culture and social cues.” They know about our different businesses such as healthcare, energy, transportation or appliances. Are you gearing up for interviews this spring? Employers are the best source of credible advice.

5 Business Buzzwords to Leave Behind in 2016


Outside of business, in pop culture and politics, is the same interest in change. This anxiety is a huge part of the current cultural climate.

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4 Reasons To Teach English Abroad

Career Realism

Working in a foreign culture requires a lot of flexibility. More refined personal culture. Here are just a few of the benefits: 1.

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Announcement: UK Meet-Up!

Personal Excellence Blog

Traveling in Holland: Land of Bicycles, Public Transport and Going to Other EU Countries. Hey everyone! absolutely love this place.

Is Working Abroad For You?

Career Realism

From religion, to food, to relocation expenses, to transportation – the list is extensive. Related:   5 Great Places To Work Abroad.

Insights on Holland – View from an Outsider’s Perspective (Series)

Personal Excellence Blog

Bear in mind that Holland is a large country, and within Holland there are many different towns/cities, each with its own individual set of culture.

The Best of Melbourne in Three Days

Ms. Career Girl

Having had your fill of delightful shopping on day one, it’s time to shift from consumer to a lady of culture and environment.

5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

Career Alley

percent in March , and the various museums, cultural attractions and special events guarantee entertainment options are plentiful for everybody.

Should You Test Potential Hires?

Water Cooler Wisdom

The test vendor should also conduct either a validity study specific to your organization to justify the test’s use in this organization and for these specific jobs, or a transportability study to show that the jobs in question are sufficiently similar to jobs that have been included in other validity studies. For example, some cultures (e.g.,

Why Being The Best On Paper Does Not Always Mean You Will Get The Job…

Career Alley

Companies are increasingly focussing on the culture and community of the work place. But consider the strength of each individual placement.

The Difference Between Profit and Value

Personal Excellence Blog

There comes a time when we need to think about the weight of profit vs. value in what we do. little candy in our diet once in a while is fine.

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Living in Ubud Series: Introduction, Visa, Accommodation

Personal Excellence Blog

Ubud: A Cultural Hub. Ubud is a quiet town that is rich in nature and known for being the cultural hub of Bali. Why I’m Here.

8 Essential Interview Tips by a Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter

Companies are increasingly focussing on the culture and community of the work place. Personality. Sociability. Natural ability. Appearance.

8 Essential Interview Tips by a Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter

Companies are increasingly focussing on the culture and community of the work place. Personality. Sociability. Natural ability. Appearance.

should you go into the office during severe weather?

Ask A Manager

live in Boston and rely on public transportation. Obviously the office is open (to what extent staff is actually there, I’m not sure). I’m mostly curious because I’m new to the company (started in the spring) and corporate culture in general. Stay home. They issue those warnings for a reason. People

Why Happy Grads Need To Be Brave Grads

Career Realism

Meanwhile, companies like mine are desperately seeking fresh minds to help them navigate massive cultural and technological changes. In your career, you will encounter “ships” that can transport you to unexpected places. This year, 3.2 million US students will graduate from college. 85% will move back home. Expose Yourself.

What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Personal Excellence Blog

Horseback riding began in the 14th century, where it was used as a functional activity to transport materials and people. Enjoy! Family? Yahoo!

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I’m not allowed to share food if I don’t bring enough for everyone, flying back from a business trip for a funeral, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s definitely possible that the culture of your company has changed since you were hired, particularly with the arrival of the new CEO, and that expectations around dress are changing (if not formally, then informally in terms of the impression you might be making by dressing more casually). It’s five answers to five questions. Maybe?

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Hi-Tech Companies Are Poaching Your Talent with Amazing Perks


Charles Var who is the VP of Marketing for TrackVia says the rapid growth has been centered around their unique company culture and employees.

Work Life Balance – It’s Complicated


Nonetheless I understand the strife that folks go through everyday having to deal with the pressures of family life. Man, I felt for this fellow.

tickling as team-building, awkwardness about my vacation plans, and more

Ask A Manager

We were told to tickle each other aggressively at a team-building event. I’m leaving my current workplace for a lot of reasons related to culture fit and disorganization, but I wanted to tell you about this misstep in hopes you’ll get a laugh out of it! It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. What?! What the actual F?

Overcoming Unawareness During Travel


It is the same for any other mode of transportation, be a defensive traveler. Travel. August will be the busiest travel month I have ever had.

Living in Ubud, Environment: Nature, Climate, Villages, and Animals

Personal Excellence Blog

In the next part, I will share about transport options in Ubud. I’ll also be sharing the food and restaurants later in the series. Check.

Are You as Happy as You Can Be? 10 Surefire Ways To Be Unhappy in Life

Personal Excellence Blog

Living in Singapore, it is known there is a complaining culture here. Are you ready to make March the month of positivity ?? “Huh? Future.

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Get your hustle on! Four winning lessons for succeeding in hard times

Mildred Talabi

My husband and I recently returned from the most amazing holiday in Tunisia. If you makin money, you hustlin.” Hustle on the beach.

Top 3 Barriers to Making a Career Decision

Career Key

Practical obstacles to employment : affordable childcare, disability, or finding reliable transportation to work, a lack of job skills or education Not knowing how to work through and overcome these barriers is the biggest problem of all. Welcome to our career blog. Jones , discuss these topics with seriousness and a touch of humor. John L.