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ResumeBear Launches Employer Job Posting Competition to Help Get America Back to Work

Resume Bear

About WMCN TV: WMCN TV is an independent broadcast television station reaching nearly 3 million homes in southeastern Pennsylvania, central and southern New Jersey, and Delaware. Employers post jobs for free during this month long competition that begins April 11th. The competition runs from April 11th through May 10th.

How to Screw Up at a Career Fair

Career Realism

I recently attended a career fair here in Delaware and saw or heard many of the scenarios outlined below. This is no commentary on Delawareans or those seeking to work in Delaware – I commonly see and hear many of these egregious. A few I added from other career fair experiences, but not many!

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Career Alley

Sevinsky, MS, CDMS, CCM Author Website: [link] I am just coming from a career fair, here in Delaware and saw or heard many of the scenarios outlined below. This is no commentary on Delawareans or those seeking to work in Delaware – I commonly see and hear many of these egregious examples at job fairs I attend across the region.

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The Basics of Labor Relations #hrbasics


Blogging4Jobs is bringing you a special two-week series on basics in the workplace. It’s information we all need to know. . Labor Relations 101.

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Women should not bother negotiating salary

Penelope Trunk

For women, then, the process is more important than the success , according to Marvin Zuckerman , professor of psychology at University of Delaware.

Women 33

The Worst VP of HR in the World? Fortune Reports, You Decide.

HR Capitalist

Instead, she began traveling back and forth regularly on a company helicopter from Delaware to Manhattan. My notes appear like this. Um.Yeah.

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The Original Social Network was Usenet

Resume Bear

Delaware ( Once upon a time, before the days of Facebook, was a series of computer network systems called USENET. Go figure.

Becoming An Entrepreneur: An Interview With Ted Rollins

Ms. Career Girl

It was a company based in Delaware that developed hotels. The post Becoming An Entrepreneur: An Interview With Ted Rollins appeared first on Ms.

How To Start A Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Career Realism

Related: Starting A Business? 4 Ways To Capitalize On Economic Trends. A franchise system like the one the Baldinos chose can help ease the transition.

Five Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question 5 - “Breaking” a Non-Compete: I am an insurance broker in Delaware, trying to “break” a non-compete agreement. Middletown, Delaware.

10 Labor Relations Resources for Tuesday’s Election & Beyond


Tuesday is Election Day 2012. Election Day 2012 is looming. I hope you find it to be a useful resource. You can also subscribe to agency newsletters.

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Will Lying at a Job Interview Come Back to Haunt Me?

Career Alley

senator from Delaware, torpedoed his 1988 bid for the presidency when a couple of whoppers from his past were revealed. Honesty Is Best Policy.

The Great Employer/Employee Social Media Passwords Debate


Delaware prohibited public and private schools from asking for students’ social media account passwords too. Last April, SNOPA or H.R.

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Proof of the Hidden Job Market

Career Realism

I know in working with my clients in Delaware and Maryland, I include the Hidden Job Market in nearly every vocational counseling session. If you are looking for work you, no doubt, have heard of THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET. You may have even heard TOO MUCH of it. Here is a recent success story that.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Wilmington, Delaware. Question 1: If my employer changed its name, is my non-compete void? The Short Answer is “Yes, it is still valid.” Buffie.

“Must an employee be paid to sign a non-compete?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

New York, like New Jersey and Delaware, views the continued employment of the employee to satisfy the “consideration requirement.” On the other hand, such states as Pennsylvania and Delaware do not. I worked for a company as a 1099 independent contractor for several years. Is it enforceable? Bernard. New York, New York. 2011 Alan L.

What's the "Uber" of HR?

HR Capitalist

Let''s stretch your HR muscles today. Cars are reserved busing a mobile app. Using the apps, customers can track their reserved car''s location.

“Should I file a lawsuit in my city, or in the employer’s state of incorporation?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

They operate in Pittsburgh, where I work, but are a Delaware Corporation. Question : My former employer claims I violated a non-compete agreement, and is therefore exercising a “clawback” provision to take back my vested stock shares, which are still held by the company. Where should I file the lawsuit for the injunction? Thanks. Presley.

“I’m retiring; can I ask my boss to keep that confidential?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

The legislatures of Illinois, Ohio, Delaware, Michigan, New York, California and Washington state are considering similar measures. . Question: Can I request confidentiality from my boss as I just want to leave on a certain date and not return. I don’t like parties or to discuss my retirement. Dennis. Lancaster, Ohio . Just [ click here.]

A Day In The Life of a Professional Superhero: Was Grad School my Kryptonite?

Corn on the Job

Meg Pomante , aka: the artist formerly known as Mirzoeff, is a 10+ year seasoned veteran of the non-profit Development and Fundraising industry.

Incorporate Your Business

Telecommuting Journal

If you are forming your corporation in a different state (like popular Delaware and Nevada for example), then I assume you’ll need to search that state’s database as well. I wanted to have a safety net, something to fall back on in case the contract job I was pursing didn’t work out. So I decided to start a business.

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

In alphabetical order, they are: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington (state). . “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”. David Brin . Ouch! .

E-book Announcement – Release date 7/20/10

Corn on the Job

Congrats from across the Delaware!! Well, the project is near completion and we are planning on releasing the e-book on 7/20/10. Congrats!!

How to cope with diversity | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

I renovated my kitchen while I was involved with a man who was a carpet store manager in suburban Delaware (I'm a writer/editor in Manhattan).