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Ep 71 – Importance of Compliance with Employers Insurance Benefits


The topic of compliance in employer benefits is of growing importance, due in part to the new reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act, and because several benefit administration companies have recently been questioned about reporting, licensing and compliance issues. Company insurance and benefit brokers often get a bad rap.

Changing Careers and Health Insurance

Career Alley

Employer-Based Health Insurance Statistics. Short-term coverage fills in the health insurance gaps while you are in-between jobs.

do you need life insurance? quite possibly.

Ask A Manager

Also, life insurance. Yes, life insurance, because someday we are all going to kick the bucket, in many cases leaving behind financial dependents. Here’s the deal with life insurance: If you have people who currently depend on you, in whole or in part, for financial support, life insurance will help provide financial security to them.

Employment Benefits: Negotiating For Life Insurance As Part Of Your Salary

Career Realism

There are several solid reasons to include life insurance into your overall strategy for negotiating your salary package. Related Posts.

You’ve Got The Job! What’s Next?

Ms. Career Girl

Insurance. What’s important to remember is the basic reason behind insurance. insuranceThe post You’ve Got The Job!

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my job offer was pulled after I said the insurance wouldn’t meet my needs

Ask A Manager

After a few email exchanges with HR about benefits, I realized their health insurance is one of the ones exploiting the ignorance of folks and claiming loopholes where there are none for my form of birth control. I responded to the HR person to thank them for all their help and let them know the insurance would not meet my needs.

How to Insure You Have a Job in the Future


But the reality is that current jobs will be lost and will disappear as opportunities of employment. I have written about it several times.

update: my coworker won’t stop complaining about our health insurance and I feel horribly guilty

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer whose coworker wouldn’t stop complaining about his health insurance and she felt guilty because she’d helped hire him? We were the client, he was the service that his employer provided to us. But the good news is he’ll have better insurance going forward. Here’s the update.

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4 Signs Talent Thinks Your Employment Brand Isn’t Legit

Career Realism

4 Signs Talent Thinks Your Employment Brand Isn’t Legit. If so, then you may want to review the four signs you’re not seen as a legit employer: #1 – When the wrong people knock on your hiring door – it’s not them, it’s you! 2 – Your employment brand is sending the wrong message to the right people.

Two Cool Google Tools for Employer Branding


How are recruitment marketers to measure the impact of their employer brand efforts? Google Tools that’ll help your Employer Brand.

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Before You Change Jobs, Do This!

Professional Resume Services

Health insurance is a complicated thing so you have to be aware of how a job change changes your status. NAIC Recommendations For Job Changers.

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6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

Corn on the Job

No matter what role you have within the insurance industry you will have to interact with other people. Interpersonal Communication.

Sales Staff Not Using Social Media? They Should Be

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer Employer Branding Social Media insurance social selling XchangingView Article. Sales Staff Not Using Social Media?

Employment Trends Index Increased in December

Resume Bear

The Conference Board Employment Trends Index™ (ETI) increased in December. “After posting a significant increase in December, following an upward revision in November, the Employment Trends Index is improving,” said Gad Levanon, Director of Macroeconomic Research at The Conference Board. in November. Department of Labor).

50 Best Workplaces & Employers for Boomer & Traditional Generations


Best Employers for Workers Over 50. 18. FCCI Insurance Group .

Private Health Insurance for Every Woman

Ms. Career Girl

A lot of discussion has been held recently about the cost and availability of health insurance for workers. Who Needs Private Health Insurance?

Finance Tips for the Self-Employed

Penelope Trunk

Being self-employed looks so nice at an amusement park. The self-employed are always free to go on a vacation. A paycheck is so nice.

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“Can employers require medical information from job applicants?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question : I work as an Employment Specialist in Ohio coaching a wide range of job seekers on their job search strategies. More and more people are asking me about being asked by prospective employers to provide them with a release to obtain medical histories and files on the actual job application. Is this legal? Here’s my best: .

How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


Six other states followed suit before the first federal unemployment insurance program was created as part of the Social Security Act of 1935.

Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates?

Telecommuting Journal

Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates? Robert Hunter, Director of Insurance for CFA and former Texas Insurance Commissioner and Federal Insurance Administrator. I think my insurance company also gives smaller breaks for those who drive under 10K and under 15K.

Scouring the Internet for Employment – A Warrior’s Adventure

Professional Resume Services

Finding employment can be tough, many people have been out of work at one point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean that you have to get down on yourself. Losing your job can be crushing, you have to deal with the loss of income, health insurance and the pain of rejection. If you find

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance?

Resume Help Blog

Don’t buy the absolute “cheapest” insurance you can find from a small company because it could come back to bite you. Keep up the good work.

“Employer’s Sole Discretion” in Contracts, Handbooks and Compensation Plans: Six Strong Arguments to Defeat It

Sklover Working Wisdom

Most of the companies his employer sought to acquire were family-owned, and in recent years struggling to survive in a more consolidated, competitive and complex world of music publishing. Is it possible that one party to the employment relation can be solely and absolutely in charge of determining the outcome of issues between them?

ACA Will Increase Employer & Primary Care Fees by 73%


By now you have probably heard about a teeny tiny little change affecting employers regarding benefits called the Affordable Care Act.

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Life After COBRA


COBRA provides employees and former employees the opportunity to continue their health insurance and their health insurance alone.

update from the reader worried her employer was going to drop their health insurance

Ask A Manager

Remember the reader back in March who was worried that her employer was getting ready to drop their health insurance ? We still have the same insurance, and nothing has changed, other than I probably have a few more gray hairs from worrying about it. Here’s her update. updates

Nearly Half of Employers Plan to Offer Grads Signing Bonuses in 2014

Resume Bear

Figure 1: Percent of employers offering signing bonuses to 2013-14 graduates, by industry. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate. percent.

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refusing a job duty on ethical grounds, company wants me to show them another employer’s offer letter, and more

Ask A Manager

Company wants me to show them another employer’s offer letter. My employer doesn’t offer a 401K. but I’m struggling with some of the benefits that my employer offers — or doesn’t offer, in this case. However, my employer only offers a company-matched IRA. It’s five answers to five questions. Please help!

Unemployment and How We Can Help


Unemployment Benefits Paid by Your Employer. Five years ago, the average duration of unemployment was 16.8 weeks and unemployment is at 8.3%.

Put a Ring on it. 2012 Employment & Jobs Outlook.


Job Seekers to Employers: Put a Ring on it. Employers are hiring contingent, contract and temporary workers instead. Make a Commitment.

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Health Insurance and Career Choice

Career Key

A major factor in making many career decisions is health care, such as obtaining or keeping health insurance. Like me, you have probably heard comments like these: “I would really like to start my own business, but I can’t afford to lose the health insurance I now get through my employer. It plays out in many ways.

Are You Committing Unemployment Insurance Fraud By Accident?

Career Realism

Unemployment Insurance Fraud takes place when an individual conceals or misrepresents some information to get or increase unemployment insurance payments. Types of UI: Failing to report your employment. This includes: cash jobs, commission, self-employment, 1099 or temporary. New employers hire reports.

Health Insurance for Your Personal Brand – The 3 Cs

Executive Career Brand

Will Employment Gaps Hurt My Executive Job Search? Practice the 3 Cs of brand communication – the cornerstone of personal branding. Tweeted it!

what employer behaviors should be deal-breakers for employees?

Ask A Manager

Some people won’t work for a company that doesn’t provide health insurance, while others suck it up and deal. A reader writes: I’m new to the working world. While some jobs have inherent drawbacks (long hours, high stress, etc.), what actions or requirements are generally unacceptable from management? And so forth.

“How does an offer of ‘equity’ from an employer work?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

This is one time I must start off by suggesting you consult with an employment attorney who is experienced in these matters. Private Equity firms invest “private equity,” meaning monies of very rich individuals and institutions, such as college endowments, pension funds and insurance company investments. How does that work? Marianne

“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance benefits?” “If Employment Info and Insight B. Alan L.

What Is the Meaning of HR Confidentiality?

Evil HR Lady

An employer would fire any HR person who shared information about any of these topics without authorization and a good reason. Shocked?

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So You Think Management Consulting Is Right For You? Think Again!

Career Realism

It is what it is… Disclaimer; I have never engaged in such a project nor have I ever heard my employer delivering such projects. I know.

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Forget Halloween, November 1st is the Scariest Day of the Year

Evil HR Lady

Today is the day everyone dreads–the day you have to start thinking about health insurance. Many of us think about health insurance regularly, but right now you really need to stop and think because it’s open enrollment time. (In However, you only buy health insurance once a year (with a few exceptions, see below).

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Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage


Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. TOPIC: Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. TOPIC: Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. The Decline in Employer-Based Coverage.