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Beware of Interview Liars: A Warning

Ms. Career Girl

career job search Nicole's "Life as an Entrepreneur "Journal office politics thoughts time management your first jobHow irresponsible. Beware. 

Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Glenn Ellyn, Illinois. Peoria, Illinois. Chicago, Illinois. work for an Ohio-based company. Is it enforceable?  . Thank you.

How to Ask Smart Questions

Penelope Trunk

When we visited the Baha'i Temple  in Illinois. This post is sponsored by the  American Cancer Society. Like, I put myself on a schedule.

2011 50

Networking means making real friends.

Penelope Trunk

lost my ATM card in Illinois , and I couldn’t get a replacement, becuase you can’t get a replacement if you’re out of state.

Another local resource.

Job Stalker

Ive been an independent recruiter ever since and being self employed also turned me into an entrepreneur. It is a blog by and for locals.