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6 Ways to Inspire Your Remote Team


I have writers that I know can handle and deliver the project on-time and stay on a topic just by providing them with a title. That’s it.

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Coexist Creates a Period Leave Policy


HR flex-time sexism in the workplace sick timeAnd this is unfair. At Coexist we are very understanding. Ridiculous!

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Build a Culture of Workplace Flexibility


How time flies! Before adopting any workflex took in your workplace, consult your employment lawyer. Choices in Managing Time.

Ep 66 – Secrets to Workplace Teamwork From a NASA Rocket Scientist


Ep 66 – Secrets to Workplace Teamwork from NASA Rocket Scientist, Adam Stelzner ( @Stelzner ). Adam tells us the key to great workplace teamwork is understanding that human beings are fundamentally social beings. How Remote Workers & Flex Time Change Team Dynamics. The great works of humanity are done together.

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“Telecommuting and Flex-Time – 15 Steps for Your Request and Success”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Waste your time and you waste your life, or master your time and master your life.”. - Alan Lakein . In addition, this trend often enables reduced commuting costs and time for the employee, and reduced real estate and related costs for the employer, surely a “win-win.” That is what he or she wants to hear. .

4 Ways To Make Monday Feel Like Friday

Career Realism

Afford yourself some extra minutes of snooze time by showering the night before and by having your clothes ironed and ready to go. Be thankful!

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How To Deal With Interviews When You’re Employed

Career Realism

It is best to be honest about your schedule and your times of availability from the get-go. If it will be impossible to schedule calls or in-person interviews during certain days of the week or particular times of the day, be sure to share this with a prospective hiring manager or a recruiter. Flex Wherever Possible.

letting new parents bring babies to work every day

Ask A Manager

Flex time, reasonable hours, good health insurance, and generous time off would be a better start than babies in the office. workplace practicesThis has been done successfully at other organizations, including some government agencies and financial institutions, and I think that my office would be a good candidate.

Managers & FLSA Laws Stifling Work Flex Adoption


Is Flex Work Week Scheduling Possible? Work Flex time offered by 77 percent of workplaces (up from 66 percent in 2005).

#SHRM Benefits Survey: 40% More Companies Offer Telecommuting


It makes me wonder what else these two workplace demographics have in common; where else their needs align.).


Eggs, Milk and Discrimination: Parental Work Perks That Don’t Work


Extended parental leaves look great on paper, but in reality employees rarely use all that extra time. Not now, is the implication. Great!

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10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

Career Realism

Work can be quite stressful at times, and it’s women who bear the brunt of work-related stress. These things can make the workplace a frustrating rather than a liberating place. Flex Time Is Too Rigid. In 1980, the movie “9 to 5” introduced us to the concept of flex time, but it has not taken off as a trend.

Top Four: Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Problem


Marissa Mayer Pregnancy Announcement Sets Workplace & Women’s Equality Back 10 Years. That parenthood and womanhood must be justified.

Friday Five: Year-End Bonuses


It’s that time again. This isn’t the first time Hilcorp has been in the news for lavish across-the-board bonuses. Main St.

How Remote Workers and Flextime Are Changing How We All Work


Remote workers help employers save on office and infrastructure costs and for some sectors, the inherent flexibility of remote work – not bound by time or space – is the right fit for the job. As Jessica pointed out in December , Facebook At Work is leaving beta and being adopted in more and more workplaces.

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What Gen Yers don't know about themselves

Penelope Trunk

But it’s hard to hate people you hang out with all the time, and the truth is, I’ve spend the last ten years being a Gen Xer surrounded by Gen Yers.

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7 Collaboration Technologies You Need In A ROWE


ROWE is not telework, flex-time, or a “work from home” program. All revisions are tracked and we can roll back any time.

Showing Your Employees You Care, On The Cheap


Flex-time. Allow your employees the option to schedule their time at work around the core-hours of the day. Summer hours.

Why Baby Boomers Should Listen to Gen Y | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

However, if you’re of the Baby Boom Generation, you’ve probably noticed a reverse mentoring trend happening in the workplace. It’s Gen Y’s time to challenge outdated norms and create real change in an business environment where everyone can win. Why Baby Boomers are Exercising on Elliptical Trainers! Maybe.

Work/life balance – post recession career planning

Career Key

But for those of you choosing a long-term career path , what does the current economy mean for your future flex-time schedule? Probably not much - time is on your side. NYT reporter Lisa Belkin describes some of the preliminary impacts of the recession on flex-time policies, on site child care, and nursing mom benefits.

Career Change: Are You In For The Short Or Long Term?

Tim's Strategy

If you get the two confused, or try to do both at the same time, you’ll probably stay stuck where you are. a toxic workplace.

should we fire an intern for extending her vacation without permission, coworker makes rude remarks about my quietness, and more

Ask A Manager

She took a three-day trip to New York, and had asked for the time off in advance. Our office has a flex-time-off policy, but other workers have to cover for your assignments while you’re out, and we ask for advance notice. In many offices, where people manage their own time, this would be perfectly fine.

is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Example: my workplace (a restaurant) has no policy for smoke breaks. Example: my workplace (a restaurant) has no policy for smoke breaks.

Parental Work Perks That Don’t Work


Extended parental leaves look great on paper, but in reality employees rarely use all that extra time. Not now, is the implication. Great!

do what you say you're going to do

Ask A Manager

Every single time. Every single time. Reply Kris March 19, 2011 at 11:43 am I am one of the people that does this 100% of the time.

short answer Sunday: seven short answers to seven short questions

Ask A Manager

I was not working for her (or the organization) at the time; however, via conversation with her, I know of the date. Is this true? Almost there!&#

my staff has been held to a low bar; am I asking too much of them now?

Ask A Manager

Give them some help — and a bit of time — to reach it, but if they don’t, you need to bring in people who will. Good luck!

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I will review your resume this week

Ask A Manager

Limited time: I don’t want to be a full-time resume reviewer, so this is a one-week-only offer, not something I’ll be offering regularly.

manager is scaring her employees with sad Facebook posts

Ask A Manager

But at the same time that you need to help her set more appropriate boundaries, it’s also a difficult situation that requires compassion.

my assistant is using my title on LinkedIn

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This really has nothing to do at all with what he does in his spare time – he is giving people on the outside an impression which is false.

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how to stand out at a job fair

Ask A Manager

News & World Report today, I have some advice on job fairs based on my experience recruiting there, and it includes some stuff I never thought I’d write (like this might be the one time it’s okay to have an objective on your resume, and that your handshake might actually matter). how can I get employees to use vacation time?

yes, you really should write a better cover letter

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My time’s limited! Job seekers don’t have time to NOT customize cover letters — it’s definitely a quality/quantity issue. 3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession whens the right time to ask for a raise? how can I get employees to use vacation time? News & World Report. Whats This?

my company does secret performance reviews we're not allowed to see

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The owner is the textbook definition of a “workplace bully,&# so please understand that these concerns are simply not hypothetical. NEVER!

bad recruiter behavior: deceptive sales tactics

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One time I got a response fairly quickly and it was from a hiring agency. Well, I’ve already turned it down 6 times today so no thanks.

recruiter says: half my candidates are no-shows for interviews.

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Over 50% of the time. However, one time I left a voice mail the afternoon before but she was off that day and didn’t get it.

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3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession

Ask A Manager

At the time, it felt a little like jumping off a very tall bridge without any idea where I’d be landing, or whether I’d land at all.

does company's silence mean I didn't get the job? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

It’s incredibly rude and inconsiderate, but it does happen all the time. By that time I already had two other (better) job offers.

things that aren't good ideas #78

Ask A Manager

Reply ckf82 March 24, 2011 at 2:07 pm Long-time reader, first time commenter here. how can I get employees to use vacation time?

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answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

Ask A Manager

Reply Anonymous February 23, 2011 at 10:19 am Agreed, in IT it more common than not to be hired back part-time after hours to help out. YIKES!)

10 mistakes you're making on your resume

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I’d probably repeated the position I’d like to apply in the email title and coverletter couple times, and my resume is probably nicely sorted under the job I’m applying at. 3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession whens the right time to ask for a raise? how can I get employees to use vacation time?