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4 Best Tools For Creating Online Portfolios

Career Realism

Anyone who is on the lookout for a new or different job knows how important it is to have a solid portfolio. Choosing Correctly. Pinterest.

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LinkedIn Alternatives for Online Resumes

Career Alley

These networks not only allow you to post your resume online, but they also provide a forum to help you make professional network connections.

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Are Online Portfolios Only For Artists?

Tim's Strategy

“And that [report, blog, website design] can be seen in my portfolio. By creating an easily accessible, easy to navigate online portfolio.

How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Create a Living Resume appeared first on Ms. Your experience is by no means static and your resume shouldn’t be either.

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10-Minute LinkedIn Makeover

Career Realism

With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to brush the cobwebs off your LinkedIn profile. Get your 10-minute LinkedIn Makeover NOW!

ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

Resume Bear

Today, we’re exploring LinkedIn for new grads. Useful LinkedIn Tools. What Do I Put in My LinkedIn Profile if I am a College Student?:

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Introducing The LinkedIn Lab!

Career Realism

LinkedIn has become a crucial part of job search. It helps you network, show off your resume, brand yourself, and more. LinkedIn

6 Ways To Give Your LinkedIn Profile More Power

Career Realism

Is your LinkedIn profile powerful and alive? Related: 15 Ways LinkedIn Can Supercharge Your Job Search Results. Add A Photo.

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12 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

The Undercover Recruiter

Career Management Job Search Cover Letter employment Interview Job Board job search LinkedIn portfolio Recruiter Resume & CV Writing

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Why Social Media Is The New Resume

Career Realism

Why Social Media Is The New Resume. Resumes are no longer about a two page piece of paper updated only when you’re looking for a job.

How to Get Your Personal Brand Into Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

A great executive resume is not enough any more to land your next great gig. Extend the value of your branded executive resume.

It’s Time to Show Off Your Talent On Your LinkedIn Profile

The Undercover Recruiter

You can easily show them off with photos, videos and samples of work, however, you don’t need to build a website to have an online portfolioLinkedIn is your answer! Visual content is better: Your LinkedIn profile is more than just a boring online resume. Adding images will enhance your profile. Voila!

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How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

Executive Career Brand

” Having a fully fleshed out LinkedIn profile with plenty of content and activity is a must. But LinkedIn isn’t enough.

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Redefined: 5 Keys To Today’s Resumes

Career Realism

Related: 6 Punctuation Tips For A Sexier Resume. And whereas I’ll agree that a resume is partly that, if it’s only that… it’s not enough.

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2016 Resume Trends – The New, The Now & What You Must Know

Career Realism

Related: Top 7 Resume Trends For 2015. It means trends and times are changing and so should your resume. Do the same in your resume.

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Why Social Media Is The New Resume

Career Realism

Today’s resumes, particularly in creative and digital fields, are dynamic portfolios that might encompass several different social media platforms.

Should Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Be Carbon Copies?

Tim's Strategy

Melissa is a career consultant specializing in resume writing, interview coaching and job search strategy. Look you up on LinkedIn.

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5 Tips On The Header: Personal Information For Your Resume

Career Realism

The first thing employers see when they look at your resume is the header where you indicate your name and contact details. Job Search Resume

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Tailoring Your Resume During A Career Transition

Career Realism

In order to apply for new jobs, you will need the relevant documents: a resume, portfolio, and cover letter. Career Change Resume

Top Tips to include on your LinkedIn profile, but not your CV

Career Alley

The last few years have also been phenomenally successful for professional networking site LinkedIn, which now boasts over 180 million members.

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10 Top Resume Tips for College Students


We all know how important a resume is as an essential marketing tool for your job or internship search. 10 Top Resume Tips for College Students.

8 Expert Tips for Using Your Infographic Resume Successfully

Career Realism

8 Expert Tips for Using Your Infographic Resume Successfully. Related: 6 Creative Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out. Work It Daily.

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Up Your Cool Factor with 21st Century Resume Tips


There is an abundance of resume advice available online. There are many ways to receive feedback on your resume at no cost. Call today.

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Market Your Brand: Top 10 LinkedIn Add-Ons

Career Realism

Would you like to enhance the quality of your LinkedIn profile in a way that encourages recruiters and hiring managers to read yours more thoroughly?

Your Social Media Resume

Professional Resume Services

If you said LinkedIn, kudos to you. LinkedIn is the social media website for professionals. You’ve likely heard of social media.

The Value of a Web-based Visual Resume

Careers Done Write

Your web-based resume will not completely replace your resume prepared in MS Word or your LinkedIn profile page.

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5 Reasons Why You Need More Than A Resume

Career Realism

When I began my resume business, I quickly realized that most clients had problems that a resume alone couldn’t always help them with.

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10 Resume Writing Tips for College Students

Career Alley

Creating a captivating resume can be a daunting task for college students. Before you start writing the resume, make a list of your experiences.

How to Add Images or Videos to Your LinkedIn Profile

Blue Sky Resumes

But since LinkedIn makes it so easy to check out your work, many of them will do it. LinkedIn Online Presence Best of luck!

Top 8 Visually Compelling Alternatives To LinkedIn

Career Alley

Thanks to the DIY nature of the web though, you can get proactive with a resume-based webpage, making you and your work history stand out.

20 CV Tips That Lands Job Interviews

Catherines Career Corner

So, look at your core resume or CV. All about Jobs Career Career help Career Management CV CV/Resume Infographic Interview Job Interview Job Search Job Seekers Jobs Jobs and Careers Linkedin Skills Skills Portfolio Social Media Tips Web 2.0 Answer truthfully, can it survive the quick scan and the drill of [.].

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Top Resume Writing Tips for College Students

The Undercover Recruiter

If you know how to write a resume, you will easily convince your potential employer that you possess the exact skills they are looking for!

Be a Superstar Job Seeker!

Catherines Career Corner

All about Jobs Career Career help Cover Letter CV CV/Resume Empowerment Interview Job Interview Job Search Job Searching Leadership and Career Management Networking Personal Branding Self-Development Skills Skills Portfolio Social Media Web 2.0

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Your Personal QR Code-Resume 3.0?

Career Brander

Say you are at a networking event and someone asks about your social media presence, portfolio, website, or maybe even a combination of the three. Resumes are evolving. Let’s face it, paper resumes are likely to go the same direction as CDs and paperbacks, progressing into something more digital. Maybe not. But how?

7 Ways To Get Noticed by Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Executive Career Brand

Tweak your resume’s keywords every time you apply for a job. Ship your resume using overnight mail. I contributed tips 3 and 4.

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5 Actions That Speak Louder Than Your Resume


If you really want to land a job , your resume and cover letter alone aren’t going to do the trick. Meet the employer outside the office.

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Are You a Job Seeker? 6 Tips to Getting Hired!

Catherines Career Corner

Are you a job seeker? By Catherine Adenle Are you a job seeker? If you [.] The post Are You a Job Seeker? 6 Tips to Getting Hired! Need a Job?

Why You Need to Put Your Resume Online

Career Rocketeer

Resumes are one of the most important parts of the job search. Online resumes are more efficient. Do you have an online resume?

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Why You Should Create a Social Media CV [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

A social media CV enables you to keep a portfolio of work which you can easily update. Make sure you have built a social media CV on LinkedIn.

5 Resources for Visual Resumes

Career Alley

Visual Resumes hit the scene a few years ago and, while not being an instant hit, have started to become popular. So what is a visual resume?