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Fired For Violating a Company Policy

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HIPAA guidelines show no issue with getting this information because it was requested. I did break a policy (that I was unaware of), and the company did not wish to discuss the matter further. I had been an employee of the company for nearly three years with no other issues. If you have any pointers, I’d appreciate your input.

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2016 83

Every Business Should Like This Facebook Policy

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Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg , who lost her her husband unexpectedly in 2015, announced that Facebook would be changing their already above average bereavement leave policy of 10 days to 20 for immediate family member and 10 for extended family members. The average company offers three days of bereavement leave.

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Discover How Your Rigid Sick Leave Policy Hurts Your Business

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The company had a clear policy – 3 days gone and you’re out – and the HR department applies it fairly and across the board. Sounds like a great sick leave policy with no room for bias or discrimination to play a role. To keep reading, click here: Discover How Your Rigid Sick Leave Policy Hurts Your Business

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Is a Bring Your Own Device Policy a Good Cost Saver or a Legal Nightmare?

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So, why not have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy? You can also use a BYOD policy for computers and several companies do. But it is.

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Does Your Leave Policy Promote the Working Parent?


think that what Vodafone has done is innovative and bleeding edge in terms of maternity leave policy. HR Life leave policy working parent

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Transparent Wage Policies: Honest or Chaos Provoking?


A common policy found in many businesses is a prohibition against the disclosure of wage information. Is compensation an equal rights issue?

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The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy: Coach Synder Effect


The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy. You’ve just made the case to create a employee rehire policy. You need to add new talent. 

How Much Does a ‘No Recruiters’ Policy Cost You?

The Undercover Recruiter

How Much Does a ‘No Recruiters’ Policy Cost You? How many times have you seen the words ‘no recruiters’ or ‘if you’re a recruiter don’t call us as we won’t take your CVs’? I’ve seen it hundreds, probably thousands of times. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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Coexist Creates a Period Leave Policy


Despite this, they feel they cannot go home because they do not class themselves as unwell. And this is unfair. At Coexist we are very understanding.

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Are Your Company Policies Ruining Customer Service?


Their policies, culture, collaboration, work environment, schedules…it’s all centered around meeting the needs of the customer.

5 terrible workplace policies that good companies don’t have

Ask A Manager

Workplace policies are supposed to serve the needs of the business – which includes attracting and retaining great employees. And yet some truly terrible policies have stuck around for decades, despite fairly sweeping changes in work culture. At U.S. You can read it here. outside workplace practices

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What the New Overtime Policy Means for Your Wallet

Ms. Career Girl

The post What the New Overtime Policy Means for Your Wallet appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. What Are the New Overtime Rules? About 4.2

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How to Attract Candidates With Socially Conscious Company Policies


And this isn’t even taking into account how important socially conscious business policies are when it comes to recruiting talent. Photo Credit.

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Are Unlimited Vacation Policies the Right Fit For Your Company?


What do you think about time off practices and policies such as these — good for employee and business or all hype? Think outside the box.

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What’s the Standard Workplace Policy on Paid Time Off? (Part One)


Common PTO Policies. HR paid time off paid time off policy pto Sick time is generally unplanned. Pre-Cation.

Part 2 — How to Write Social Media Policies


HR Social Media HR Blogger human resource blogger social media discrimination social media employment law social media policies social media policy

Workers Gave Up $52 Billion In Vacation, is it Time to End 20th Century Vacation Policies?


Mismanagement, or miscommunications about the policy though can lead to its own troubles. Not everyone is a fan of unlimited policies though.

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What’s the Standard Workplace Policy on Paid Time Off? (Part Two)


HR paid time off policies pto How PTO is Calculated. That amount may increase after a certain number of years with the company.

Updating the Break Room: Set Up, Policies & Keeping it Clean


From a policy standpoint, it gives employees space to get away from their workstations for their breaks—something that is really important in states like California that have strict meal break requirements. There’s a Policy for That. Have a policy about keeping the break room clean. Why a Break Room is important.

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my husband doesn’t want to comply with my company’s trading policy

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My husband’s not in finance and didn’t like the trading policy and I thought best to make the consequences of non-compliance clear to him.” A reader writes: I am an accountant in Australia. ” He said maybe he’d divest all his holdings (<100K) and put money into ETFs instead and we left it there.

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Disaster & Your Employee Volunteerism Policy


What’s your policy? In times of disaster, we tend to see the best in human behavior. More than 100 lost their lives.

Fraternization Policy

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think anti-fraternization policies are really difficult to write and police. Do you have anything on the above, or work rules regarding supervisors and people that report to them having a friendship outside of work. It is becoming disruptive to the workplace. How do you get people to stop being friends? You need to manage the results.

Let’s Eat! Meal Break Policies & Employee Compliance


No policy seems to cause nearly as much frustration to managers, employees and HR as the dreaded meal break policy. POLICING LUNCH.

Lessons from the NLRB’s Social Media Decisions for BYOD Policies


Social Media Policies and the NLRB. It seems like the NLRB strikes down an employer social media policy every week. The NLRB struck down one social media policy where the employer forbid employees from sharing “confidential” information via social media. BYOD Policies. picky. National Labor Relations Act. HR Mobile

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Your Company Has a Dress Code That Transcends The Actual Policy.

HR Capitalist

You know it's true, right? It doesn't matter what your company's dress code is. You can identify the type of employee by what they wear. Fashion show?

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Challenges (and Solutions) to Unlimited Vacation Policy


Unlimited vacation policies, or “no vacation policy”, can be a real head-scratcher for the uninitiated.  ALL of their time.

Should Your BYOD Policy Ban Third-Party Keyboards?


However, its important for those policies to keep up with keep up with, and understand, new risks. Third-party keyboards are undeniably popular.

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5 Ways to Plead Your Case for a Telecommuting Policy


However, some employers remain behind the times by declining requests from their workers to develop telecommuting policies.

Auburn Football and HR: Why We Write New Handbook Policies To Police Morons.

HR Capitalist

And he wants another damn policy to hit the handbook to prevent this in the future. Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Sure it''s harmless.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy When Firing an At-Will Employee


Honesty will always be the best policy. What Exactly Does “At-Will” Mean? Most employment relationships are not based on a written contract. 

Part 4 — How to Write Social Media Policies


Many organizations fail to properly communicate a policy change using an employee acknowledgment as a fail safe crux.  Mobile Computer Apps.

What If Your Ex-Employer Has A No-Reference Policy?


Here's 5 ways to get a full informative reference, against company policy. Many companies have become shy about giving references. to avoid risk of lawsuits. Continued at [link]. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach headhunter Job job search Planning recruiter reference

The Cost of Poor National Maternity Leave Policies


NLRB Briefing Discusses Social Media Policies & Protected Activity


great deal of the briefing discusses social media policies and their role in both helping and hurting the organization. 

12 Employee Types of Paid and Unpaid Time Off


Employment Laws, Policies and Time Off Calculations Are Confusing. Most Commonly Asked Question at Work Is About Time Off, Paid and Unpaid.

Impact of NFL’s Potential New Policy on Tattoos

Careers Done Write

” This generated a slew of questions from football fans and Americans in general. Is that legal? Is that fair? How would it be administered?

Part 3 — How to Write Social Media Policies


By opening discussing with your teams about these potential situations you will learn more about what your policy should or should not include.

How Will Donald Trump Change US Immigration Policy?


While no concrete policies have been set, yet, his campaign record on immigration should give employers pause for concern. H-1B Visas. As U.S.


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I'm on record as having a game plan for helping your company become a Great Place to Work.   See that Kinetix whitepaper here. Write a check.

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