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Be a Consultant, Not a Job Seeker nor Anything Like Your Competition

Competitive Resumes

Editor’s note: Be sure you pick up the updated, 118 Job Search Tips for the Modern Job Seeker in 2018! If you were unemployed and a LinkedIn user in 2008, you likely heard the advice to list your latest job as a self-employed consultant.

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We Don’t Have a Talent Shortage, We Have a Training Shortage

Evil HR Lady

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Chris Rainey on the HR Leaders Podcast–and Youtube Channel. You can watch it below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

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Elevate Your Executive Resume From Bland to BRAND

Executive Career Brand

So many executive job seekers let ho-hum passive verbs describe their sometimes extraordinary accomplishments. They use wimpy verbs like “Responsible for” and “Managed” in their LinkedIn profiles and executive resumes.

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From Teaching to Finance

Career Shifters

“I was becoming increasingly tired and frustrated. My life was heading off course.”. Leigh Cavanagh's profession had changed and he was resenting it. So he decided to quit – with no backup plan.

4 Reasons Millennials Make the Best Employees

Ms. Career Girl

Millennials tend to get a bad rap. Most of what you hear about them is how they’re lazy, entitled and want people to do everything for them. However, for most millennials, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And they want a chance to be able to prove that.

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📚 3 Things To Prepare For First Job Interviews


How to make a good first impression in your first job interview with an employer. Photo by Ronald Cuyan. This is a guest post by Debra Wilson. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines.

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Why You Need To Learn To Say No

Ms. Career Girl

When we’re at work, we usually want to please people and help out our colleagues as best we can in order to make a good impression. That means that even when helping others starts to have a negative impact on our own work and happiness, it can be difficult to say no.

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How Is 2018 Shaping Up for Job Seekers?


People who have a tough time finding or holding a job understand that the labor market can be an incredibly frustrating place. There is always something you could be doing to land the next job you apply to. There are always some things you can improve to have more successful interviews.

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A New Study Finds Bad Managers Aren’t the Reason Employees Quit

Evil HR Lady

Good management is important. We all know this. In fact, multiple studies have shown that not getting along with a manager is often the strongest influence on employee engagement—and eventual departure. Or, at least, that’s what we thought. According to new research from IBM on why employees quit, the old HR adage “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers” is being called into question.

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how to recognize a bad workplace … before you take the job

Ask A Manager

If you’ve ever worked for a bad manager or in a company that made you miserable, you’ve probably wondered how to ensure you avoid that in your next job. It can feel impossible to tell from the outside whether a job will become a nightmare once you’re in it, but if you pay attention, there are red flags during the interview process can warn you about danger. At U.S.

Data Scientist – Most in Demand Jobs in Dubai

Imarticus Learning

Dubai is known for its wealth, and also is referred to as one of the most populated cities in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is synonymous with new technology, innovations, and is considered as one of the richest countries in the world. If you have the right skill sets, then there are many opportunities that you will be able to bank on.

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How to Care for an Elderly Parent

Ms. Career Girl

If you’ve decided to keep your aging parent at home, you know the responsibility it entails. Whether they’re living in your house or still at their own, keeping all of their needs met can be difficult and demanding. Read through these tips to reduce your caregiving load. Talk to your siblings.

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Google Analytics is Your Recruiting Secret Weapon


As our work in recruitment and hiring becomes more digital, we need tools, reporting, and metrics that help us understand the needs, interests, and activities of our candidates for the positions we. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Recruiting Technology career site google analytics recruiting metrics

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It’s Time for Tesla (and Everyone Else) to Take Racial Harassment Seriously

Evil HR Lady

“You don’t have a positive attitude !” ” or “ You’re not a team player !” ” or “It was just a joke. Everyone jokes.” ” Look, I’m a fan of positive attitudes, teamwork, and jokes, but when it comes to race in the workplace, foul language and treating people poorly because of their skin color or n ational origin is never, ever, not once appropriate.

update: my employees played a horrible prank on a coworker

Ask A Manager

We already have an update on yesterday’s post about the horrible prank where two employees made their coworker think she was being arrested for embezzlement, and terrified her to the point that she threw up from crying. Here’s the update, in which the letter-writer answers a lot of the questions that came up in the comment section yesterday. (In

Cities to Consider for A Career in Finance

Imarticus Learning

The global demand for professionals in finance is on the rise. Specifically, as the global economy is rising from the downtime. As it continues to recover, there are gaps being discovered by the human resource development teams, in skills requirements and expertise. Now there are finance jobs that can be found in most cities around the world, but there is a huge difference in the skill set and sector where the opportunity arises. A career in finances in most cases is considered very lucrative.

Three Little Words You Should Learn To Use

Ms. Career Girl

The memory is still vivid. I was newly separated and living in a very modest apartment with my daughter. My income was solely from working a swing shift job, and it wasn’t even enough to meet our essential monthly expenses. I looked around at the little place we called home.


How Important Is Passion?


A recent Ask A Manager question got me thinking about the importance of passion at work. Allison’s reader asked if it was necessary to fake passion to get a job; if it was ever ok to not be all that enthusiastic about a potential gig. Allison responded that no, you don’t ever need to take […] Source. HR company culture passion work life balance

What Real People Want as a Gift From the Boss: We Asked Them

Evil HR Lady

A few years ago, we went out and asked real people what their bosses had given them as holiday presents that they actually appreciated. Because times change and people change, it was time to go out and ask again. Take a look at this list of gifts that have been a big hit.

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employee pronounces everything as a question, I goofed off at work and now I’m paranoid, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My employee pronounces everything as a question. One of my new hires has a habit of raising her voice and drawing out the end of a sentence as if it’s a question. Aside from this annoying me, I worry that she’s confusing clients and coming across as lacking confidence. e.g., telling a client “You can’t raise the teapot spout because it’s against regulationnns?”

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What is Data Analysis and Who Are Data Analysts?

Imarticus Learning

The process of assessing data using analytical and logical rationale, to inspect each detail and component of the data, can be described as data analysis. For example, you get a jigsaw puzzle and sort it in groups, it then becomes important that you analyse how the pieces in the group fit and progress towards the larger picture. Data analysis is the process of breaking down data, evaluating it for trends over a time period, comparing it with other sectors.

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Forget Fad Diets! Listen To Your Body!

Ms. Career Girl

With all the focus on weight in our society, the growing number of trendy fad diets is not surprising. You may have wondered about (or even tried) one of the many diet trends – Paleo, Keto, Alkaline, Gluten-Free, Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Master Cleanse, or others.

It’s Possible to Help Employees Chase Their Dreams without Losing them


Chase your Dreams. Follow your Passion. Find your Calling. These ideas are all out there in the world. Floating around in society for our employees to see, hear, read and quite frankly, feel. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Kevin Spacey: Netflix Can’t Fire Me

Evil HR Lady

In House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has the real talent for making the viewer root for a truly horrible person , Francis Underwood. But, can he get people behind him now? According to The Blast , Spacey is claiming that Netflix fired him too quickly after claims came out that he committed sexual misconduct with a then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp and that they don’t have the legal ability to do so.

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4 updates from letter-writers (the unfair work-from-home set-up, the IVF, and more)

Ask A Manager

Tis the season of updates from letter-writers who have had their letters answered here in the past. Here are four of them. Is my boss’s work-from-home set-up unfair ? I was kind of annoyed at the time of writing because the winter can be busy for my company, and my boss was going to be doing a series of really hard-to-set-up interviews during their ski cabin time that would have really sucked for me to try to jam into two days a week.

Importance of India’s Foreign Trade Policy

Imarticus Learning

Foreign trade , as the name suggests is trade between different countries, this can also be referred to as International Trade, or Inter Region trade. It is basically a guideline around import and export trades. The reason to have a foreign trade policy is to maintain a mutual agreement of wants and needs while trading. For a successful economic development of a country, a robust foreign trade policy is crucial.

She Works Hard for the Money: How to Put Your Education to Work for You

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s a truth nugget that will surprise no one: sometimes things don’t go the way we hope or plan for. This is evident in every area of life, including the professional sphere.

It’s What Heroes Do: Planning to Make a Difference in 2018


As Human Resource professionals, we can sometimes feel we’re in a bind. Reacting to something someone has said or done. Working to fulfill business objectives – enabling and encouraging. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Executive HR planning Strategic Planning

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Sign Up Now: Employment Law Year in Review 2017

Evil HR Lady

This has been a crazy year as far as employment law is concerned. Sexual harassment, medical marijuana, the mark of the beast, you name it, it’s happened this year. And if you’re an HR practitioner or an attorney, or just really like to learn things, have I got the webinar for you.

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my coworker calls me his “work mom,” my employee keeps fake quitting, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker keeps calling me his “work mom” My coworker is a very young 20-something man. He comes from a very sheltered background and is not very worldly. When he first started, the entire team took him under our wing to show him workplace norms and professional behavior. We work in healthcare education and interact with a diverse group of people.

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Why Limited Feedback Points Are Crucial in Corporate Coaching.

HR Capitalist

You're a coach in the corporate world. That means you know a lot - about a lot of things. . It also means you've been trusted - whether formally or informally - to share your observations, thoughts and wisdom with others about their performance. With that comes great responsibility. I'm assuming you're good at what you do and have what it takes from a Subject Matter Expertise perspective to coach effectively.

Five Ways To Succeed As A Freelancer

Ms. Career Girl

While being a freelancer might seem like a dream job for many, it’s not as easy as it sounds. From choosing which path to take to thinking of how to reach your clients, there are numerous concerns that can make your freelance career challenging.

New to HR? How to Prepare for a Meeting


I know, it’s crazy, you’d think business professionals would know all of the steps to prepare for a meeting, but oh, would you be surprised. Meetings are a major part of the workforce no matter what level or title you hold, you will at one point or another be in a meeting or even conducting […] Source. HR new to hr

How to Attract Top Talent with Quality Job Postings

The Undercover Recruiter

Sponsored by Workopolis: In the hunt for great candidates, a job posting is your first important step. If written well, your job description can attract much higher applicants from the start, saving you time and, most importantly, money. Of course, that’s easier said than done.