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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, January 3rd, 2011 Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 This month’s Career Collective topic is trends, tools, and hiring practices for 2011.

2011 27

Setting Up Your Twitter Account for Employment

Resume Bear

Twitter provides a free platform to showcase your skills and talents to potential employers. Twitter also enables you to network and build relationships with people who can help you to climb your career ladder. You can also add a link to your blog or website.

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In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

Boldt: Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Arkana) Archives April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 July 2010 More. » In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation This month’s Career Collective topic is things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices). 

2011 44

Great People to Follow on Twitter for Startups

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It serves as a vast repository of free and for purchase legal, business, financial, technical and educational docs — making it a key tool for startups. Nazar who tweets under the handle @jasonnazar recognizes Twitter to be a powerful tool for startups.

How to Recruit & Source Candidates on Twitter


It’s no secret that Twitter is an information search engine. He later realized via Twitter once the news broke of the raid, how exactly he had been involved. Recruiters and hiring managers can also leverage this tool as a candidate source a number of different ways.

7 Handy New Twitter Timesavers


New tools to help you get more done with Twitter. 28, 2011: I just discovered these tools recently and am still trying them myself. Some of them are very new and a little buggy, but if you like their concept (or even if you don’t), reply to them on Twitter with feedback. Save time on Twitter and off it. Official description: “Organize groups of people on Twitter into smart, auto-updating Twitter lists!

Great Tips for Job Seekers on Twitter

Resume Bear

Here are some links to some Great tips on job seeking on Twitter. 25 Twitter Tips For Job-Seekers: [link]. Career Tips: Getting Started on Twitter: 25 Tips For Job-Seekers to Take Advantage of the Web’s Best-Kept Job Search Secret Blogspot – by Susan Whitcomb Twitter. Find your dream job using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook [link]. The 5 Best Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search [link]. career Job Search job search strategy job seekers twitter

Five Tried and Tested Management Techniques - BLOG.


But it is also imperative to consider the full gamut of communication tools at the managers disposal. And social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now being recognized in the workplace as fun and accessible ways for managers to communicate with staff.

2011 71

Work Portfolios: The Best Job Interview Tool You’re Not Using


But first… Guest Blogging Contest update 1: I’ve added a box in the JobMob sidebar – appearing on every page of the site – that shows how many spots are still available. Subscribe to JobMob via RSS or email and follow me on Twitter for more great job interview ideas.

2011 48

10 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago - BLOG - Career.


Blogging allows me to make a decent living and write on my terms. Like blogging, there are other jobs that did not exist a mere 10 years ago.

2011 77

Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

Resume Bear

I want to blog about the pearls I have gathered from a particular event I attended, namely Impact99!! It is not just an implementation of social tactics but employees are empowered to share, innovate and collaborate with these social tools.

4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

Resume Bear

For the beginner, I recommend profiles on the big three sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media can be an amazing tool for the job seeker and can help them accomplish a lot of great things. Huhman on August 15, 2011 in Candidate Advice.

Three Ways to Add Value to a Company before Getting Hired

The Job Quest

Comment on their company blog. Say that they have a blog that offers news and commentary on happenings in the industry. Talk about them on Twitter/ retweet a post from their blog. They know that word of mouth is a huge marketing tool.

2011 102

Using Twitter: A Really Simple Daily Checklist

Tim's Strategy

A lot of people are still trying to figure out how to use Twitter. And when I consult for companies or chat with friends about Twitter, I often get a curious look. But first, here are the five keys to success on Twitter. If you are using Twitter solely as a broadcasting tool.

Social Media Tools: You Can Lead or Follow

Water Cooler Wisdom

  Maybe they think LinkedIn is for current job seekers, Facebook is for their high school-aged kids, and Twitter is just for sharing pointless information like what you had for breakfast. He regularly tweets and blogs, and when he attends industry events or meetings, people seem to know who he is because of his online activity. These events were directly related to the usage of LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging. Some professionals don’t bother with social media. 

40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the Brand New Graduate

Resume Bear

These blogs we’ve compiled here can do just that. These blogs touch on a range of career topics and are great starting places for any confused grad looking for guidance. On this blog, you’ll find career advice that can help you get started and make you a better employee.

Social Media Boot Camp for HR at SHRM 2011


In just a few short weeks, I’ll be landing in Vegas for the SHRM 2011 Annual Conference. Twitter for Business. Events HR carrie corbin SHRM SHRM 2011 conference social media discrimination social media hr jobs social media policies social media policy

2011 12

A Twitter Kick-Off: Defining Whom I am – One Tweet at a Time


I am going to kick off about Twitter. Now, understand that I love Twitter. It is a very interesting, fairly new communication tool and I have used it extensively in marketing and recruiting. Some good, some bad….

Gerald Weber: MyBlogGuest is Guest Blogging on Steroids


In this podcast interview, Gerald Weber explains how to leverage for great guest blogging results. The most popular feature inside is the Articles Gallery where you can upload an article for blog owners to come to review it and make their offers.

The New Resume Rules of 2011

Career Rocketeer

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal took a look at ways that a job seeker can update his or her resume to suit the needs of hiring managers in 2011. These tips from the Wall Street Journal can give your hunt just the boost it needs for 2011.

2011 13

Five Strategies for Leveraging Your Online Social Networks

Resume Bear

To Twitter or Not to Twitter (When It’s Best Not to Tweet) The impact of Twitter has been the subject of considerable discussion. Twitter, of course, is the social networking tool in which users answer a perennial question “What are you doing right now?&#

How Social Networking Sites Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Resume Bear

You’re likely aware of the necessary precautions to take when posting certain information to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Even though these platforms started out as tools for the youth to connect and share information, they’re slowly starting to lose their youthful flavor.

Who Do You Follow on Twitter?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Alexandra Levits Water Cooler Wisdom About Subscribe in a reader Subscribe to Water Cooler Wisdom by Email CareerChat eNewsletter Subscribe Find Alexandra Archives April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 July 2010 More.

Job Seekers Getting Googled, Volume and Relevance

Resume Bear

You have likely noticed when you perform a Google search that the results include the standard written content (links to blogs and Web sites and articles, for instance) along with images, video and real-time content.

2011 100

Career Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Resume Bear

Follow these simple rules and you should achieve success in this important strategic tool of job-hunting. Here are the keys to successful networking for your job -search. Do realize why networking is so important.

2011 98

Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints : Spring Cleaning and Your.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints Master Resume Writer | Certified Resume Writer | Expert provides free resume writing information, resume help, tips, advice, career job searching tools, online social networking via this Resume Blog, Resume Writing Blog, Career Blog.

Update All of Your Social Media Websites at Once

Resume Bear

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Quora, StumbleUpon, and of course there are more, dozens more! is another great tool for updating all of your social media at once. BufferApp is my new favorite tool.

The Oscars 2011: Job Search Lessons from the Best | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

Like the Coen brothers you need to understand what appeals to the audience in 2011 and how to package it so people will buy it. Plus as we see daily social networking is such a powerful tool it can topple governments in a matter of a few weeks, or get people killed for their efforts. So as with any new super power tool, learn how to use it properly or you’re liable to cause yourself some serious harm. As I have always said in this blog I am a big fan of Linked-In.

2011 19

125+ Creative Business Card Designs That Make You Unforgettable


Guest blogging contest update : with less than a week to go before the 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest begins and the early-bird prize is awarded, there are only 18 spots remaining. Now to the beautiful biz cards, organized by category… Tools. Bike tool.

2011 46

50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

Resume Bear

Twitter : Use Twitter to build your brand, keep up with friends, connect with teachers and family, and network. Tumblr : Blog through Tumblr’s platform to express yourself, post your portfolio, meet friends and more.

Sneak Peek: The 2011 Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide


Take a first look at the 2011 edition of The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide, which is almost ready. This is the second of a few announcements I’ll be making over the next few weeks about what I’ve been working on for JobMob moving into 2011.

How to Get a New Job Using Social Media

Careers Done Write

This blog is part of the Career Collective. Between LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, the three main social media sites, there is a lot to understand. Did you know that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? Yes, it’s true.

All-New Blogging Intensive Bootcamp (Registration Is Now Closed!)

Personal Excellence Blog

Start Blog Reader Favorites Free Ebooks Products Coaching Store About | Contact | Forums All-New Blogging Intensive Bootcamp (Registration Is Now Closed!) Less than 20 hours and we already have over 70 bloggers/aspiring bloggers sign up to learn how to catapult their blogs to success!

2011 22

10 Easy Steps To Design Your Own Personal Infographic


Use it as a desktop background, or as the base of your Twitter background image. In the Personal Message box, add a short bio, perhaps copying the one used on your Twitter profile. Blog about it. Tools You Need infographics personal-branding

2011 40

4-Step Recipe To Become a Golden Job Candidate


For now, right away, go create a captivating Twitter and Facebook profile, LinkedIn Headline, and a persuasive Resume Statement incorporating your on-brand and employer-netting responses to the exercise above. You can follow her career advice on Twitter at @resumeservice.

How to Choose a Social Media Profile Picture

Resume Bear

6 Tools to Create a Good Social Media Profile Picture. Here are six tools you can use to optimize, embellish or otherwise create your social media avatar. The images are a bit more sophisticated than some of the other cartoon avatar creation tools.

Social Networking for Career Success, A CNN “Top 10 Job Tweeter”

Resume Bear

You’re reading this blog, so you are obviously somewhat savvy about online resources and tools. Are you using social media tools well enough to help your cause? Use to find other people blogging in your field. She blogs at and GetASocialResume.

Mommy Bloggers Cheapen Blogging Marketplace


Turning your Twitter and other social media tools into a marketing machine. I watched as the third party PR and marketing company made thousands of dollars while me and my blogging counterparts sold our souls for a free ride and a couple measly gift certificates.

BLOG.COMPETITIVERESUMES.NET: Jobseekers, Good Research Includes.

Competitive Resumes

The Voice of The Job Seeker Blog. Wednesday, June 01, 2011 Attend This Job Interview Sick As A Dog Or… Sunday, May 29, 2011 10 Attributes Showing Men as The Most Hard-Headed Job Seekers In The Universe Wednesday, May 25, 2011 You can chat with me here at times.

2011 63

Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit

Executive Career Brand

Here’s what you need, along with links to relevant blog posts I’ve written each topic: 1. Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and social networking/real-time content (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, blogging, writing book reviews on Amazon , etc.).

2011 80