The Forecast for Public Health Careers in 2012

Career Alley

The increased threats of terrorism are also contributing to the rise in public health careers. Although careers in public health are plentiful and will continue to be so for the future, they are challenging and only the most educated and experienced candidates are guaranteed employment. You’ll soon be on your way to a rewarding career with a high level of security and opportunities for growth. Related posts: Changing Careers: The Role of a Social Worker.

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Job Action Day 2012 – Personal Career Branding

Executive Career Brand

Today is Job Action Day 2012 – the fifth-annual job search initiative spearheaded by Quintessential Careers. Focusing this year on personal career branding, Job Action Day is an opportunity for all job seekers and workers to take stock of their situations, take steps to brand their job search and land their next good-fit job, and improve their careers.

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50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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See Top 10 We’re proud to reveal the winners of CareerBliss’ Happiest Companies in America Awards for 2012, thanks to thousands of employees from around the country.Of For the purpose of this data – nearly 100,000 reviews were assessed to determine CareerBliss’ 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2012. This article was contributed by CareerBliss , an online career community with millions of jobs, company reviews and salary information.

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National Bosses Day 2012: Should You Buy a Gift?


National Bosses Day is Tuesday, October 16, 2012. In cases like this, celebrate Bosses Day 2012 by giving a gift. Bosses Day 2012 Bosses Day 2013 Career Advice buy boss giftAre you buying your boss a gift? I've always believed in shopping down. In short, I am willing to buy a gift for people who are my peers or work for me, but not for a boss. However, as I mellow (and age!) I do believe there are exceptions.

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How to update your resume for 2012

Cube Rules

It’s 2012 — and time to update your resume with your 2011 business results. Related posts: 30 Career Management Tips: Update your resume. photo credit: sir_watkyn. Most people won’t, you know. Then, when it comes time to pull out that resume, blow away the dust, and update it, those same people won’t remember what they did in 2011 to put on their resume. Or, what they put on the resume won’t have any proof (read: business results) about what they did.

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Get Hired Now – Most Available Jobs for 2012

Career Copilot

Fortunately, that is not the case for certain career paths where employers are desperately looking for educated workers. Here, we breakdown six of the most booming careers in 2012. job hunting career advice education jobsWith over 2 million college graduates looking for jobs each year, finding lucrative employment will usually prove to be difficult. Registered Nurse (RN) Average Salary: [.].

2012 197 — How to update your resume for 2012

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“ How to update your resume for 2012 ” is my latest post over on Here’s what to do… Related posts: How to update your resume for 2012. 30 Career Management Tips: Update your resume. 30 Career Management Tips — Provide your updated resume to your new manager. Don’t let 2011 get too far in the rear view mirror before getting your resume updated. 3 ways to update a stale resume.

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How to Start Your 2012 Performance Review Off Right

Cube Rules

Performance reviews are such an important part of your year that I’m offering a 2012 New Year’s special. But only until Midnight, January 12th, 2012. Invest in your career and learn how to get your performance review right. photo credit: CodeFin. Performance reviews are those things that happen at the end of the year, right? So, not much to worry about until much later. Time to sit back and relax a bit, easing into the new year.

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The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

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It’s that time of year again: Glassdoor has released its list of 50 best places to work in 2012! career job job hunting job news Job Search job seekers jobs resumebearThe list, “Best Places to Work — Employees’ Choice” is the fourth annual employee’s choice awards for best companies to work for. Below, see the companies and corresponding ratings. Bain & Company: 4.7. McKinsey & Company: 4.3. Facebook: 4.3. MITRE: 4.1. Google: 4.0 (for

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3 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

Career Realism

Now, during times like these, I realize the LAST thing you want to hear is you could be making mistakes that could hurt your career. Personal branding is something we all need to do, regardless of our career situation. We can’t rest on our career laurels any more. Career mistakes to avoid image from Shutterstock. Job Search 2012 career job mistake personal branding search unemploymentOkay, so the economy can’t make up its mind.

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Career Mania 2012

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To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path Climbing the Ladder Internships Interviewing Job Search Networking Resume & Cover Letter career expert job mania searchEvery year, millions of Americans make ”finding a new, better job” their New Year’s resolution. And every year, they fail at making it happen.

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Career Planning for 2012

Career Rocketeer

So here are some tips on how to make 2012 a better year. Everything Else Career ManagementAs we approach the end of 2011, it’s time to reflect on the year that’s ending and plan for the upcoming year. 1: This is the time of year that you – whether you are happily employed, looking for a new job, unemployed [.].

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Ten Job Search Strategies for 2012

Career Solvers

There are many simple, painless changes you can make in 2012 to increase your chances of finding your next job. This is a critical aspect of career management. The more people that know you and the more people know about you, the greater the likelihood that someone will be able to assist you with some aspect of your career in the future. Here’s to your career in 2012 and beyond! The holidays are behind us.

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20 Job Search Tips for 2012 College Graduates

Corn on the Job

The “life” 2X4 induces much more pain for graduates these days, so here are 25 Job Search Tips for the current or soon to be 2012 Graduates: 1. Visit Your School Career Center: Your career center is not only free, but people there are very helpful. Work With a Career Coach: It’s never a bad idea to work with a professional. A career coach will help you focus and refine your skills.

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Ten Things Job Seekers Must Do in 2012

Corn on the Job

The post is titled, “ 10 Things You Must Do to Make 2012 The Best Year Ever “ Go now or later, but definitely stop by and read it. A Career Coach can do amazing things for your job search. More than ever, company recruiters are utilizing social networks to connect with and also learn about job seekers. “Hire Me” campaigns were huge in 2011, and I envision them becoming more common and more creative in 2012. What are your job search goals for 2012?

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4 Obstacles You Must Face When Changing Careers in 2012

Career Realism

And yet, the reality is that only a small percentage of them will be successful in changing careers. In a recent article I wrote for AOL Jobs , I explain the obstacles people must face when changing careers in 2012, and how they can deal with them. Changing careers obstacles image from Shutterstock. Career Change 2012 career change obstacle

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#SHRM12 Conference Unofficial Party Guide


The SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition is right around the corner. It’s a little mommy-free time for me at the SHRM 2012. Because of the sheer size of SHRM 2012 Annual Conference (it’s 15,000+ attendees strong), there is a lot going on especially after hours. Last year I got a lot of great feedback on my 2011 SHRM Unofficial Party Guide , and so I bring you the 2012 version. SHRM Annual Conference 2012 Party Guide.

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U.S. News & World Report Releases 2012 Rankings of World’s Best Universities

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The 2012 World’s Best rankings, which include colleges and universities in the United States and across the globe, are available online at News , are based on the 2012 QS World University Rankings ®, developed by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a leading global career and education network. An in-depth methodology was used to determine the 2012 rankings. World’s Best Universities Rankings 2012. *

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Choosing a Career Path

Career Alley

Choosing a career path is a make or break decision. It’s not easy to move from career to career, and no one wants to jump from the frying pan to fire. That’s why you have to decide on your career path as early as possible so that there will still be enough time in case you decide to change your mind. Brainstorm on what career path you want take while you are still in college, or even prior to that. Career Paths: Tips for Students.

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Financial Industry Jobs: What Does 2012 Have In Store?

Career Copilot

Career Development job huntingOn January 6th we got yet another positive jobs report; the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since February 2009. But of course, we still have a long ways to go until we’re out of the woods and meanwhile, jobs in the financial industry will continue to be susceptible. So what should we expect [.].

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Careers in Technology Consulting

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Information Technology Consulting is, according to CNN Money ( Best Jobs for Fast Growth ) one of the fastest growing careers. There are several ways you can approach Technology Consulting as a career alternative – as an independent (working as a contractor for a consulting firm or directly for a client) or as a direct employee of a consulting firm or technology services provider (such as Syntax ). Related posts: Changing Careers: The Role of a Social Worker.

56 Best Job Search Blog Posts of 2012


The Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2012. Dorlee M : How to Manage Your Career When Unemployed. Grace Kutney : Resume Trends of 2012- What to Follow and What to Discard. Mark Stelzner : 5 Career Lessons From The Road. Recruiting Animal : Job Hunter and Career Coach. Penelope Trunk : Get pregnant at 25 if you want a high-powered career. Jacob Share : 100+ Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2012.

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Secret to 2012 Career Success: Commitment

Career Realism

Looking for a positive career change in 2012? Chances are if you start committing, career success will find you versus you trying to seek it. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Climbing the Ladder advice career expert happy job promotion search success

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5 Exciting Non-Profit Careers

Career Alley

But there are many attractive and rewarding careers in the non-profit sector once you have the lay of the land. It is important to narrow your vision of your career down to a specific role with a defined set of core responsibilities, even if you may be asked to perform other tasks as well. From that point, you can make an informed decision about taking your first non-profit job and begin developing a career in earnest. Changing Careers: The Role of a Social Worker.

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6 Tips for a Successful Career Change in 2012

Career Rocketeer

Are you ready for a career change? If you are looking to make a career change, here are six tips that can help make this big step more successful: 1. Job Search Career Change SEO1What better time to make a fresh start than in the beginning of a new year. Assess your interests, values, and qualities. The start of a [.].

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What Job is Best for Me? 2012 Career Decision E-Book Now Available

Career Key

How to make a decision you won't regret ," our most popular career decision e-book, has just been updated for 2012, expanded to 97 pages. Career Key author Dr. Lawrence K. Jones guides people through their career decision, relying on methods, information and techniques based on the latest research and career counseling practices. Readers can take advantage of recent research on personality-major match and learn how it fits in with choosing a career.

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Re-Brand 2012: What to Do When a “Brand-Aid” is Not Enough

Careers Done Write

Many clients come to me for career advice when the same old approach is no longer working. What’s In a Career Brand? Often they will say, “Something is going on in the market. In the past, I was in high demand.” ” Well, perhaps it is the challenging market. On the other hand, could it be your long-time brand is no longer effective? In a challenging market, it is twice as important to update your brand. How do you know if you need a brand make-over?

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2012 is the Year For Travel Nurse Positions


Choose Your Career Traveling Jobs medical jobs travel nurse jobsWhile the economic recovery has not reached every job sector, registered nurses continue to be in high demand. Travel nurses are no exception to this rule. According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook , RNs hold the largest number of jobs in the health-care sector, about 2.6 million. They are also very highly paid and enjoy excellent benefits.

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Leveraging Your Winter Break For Your Career

Career Alley

That being said, it also provides the perfect opportunity to explore career options, network, and apply to those positions that have been taking the backseat to your day to day work obligations. Think of it as an opportunity to readdress your career goals and get some quality networking in through casual settings. For more great advice on how be proactive about your career follow Emily’s tips on the Jobbook Blog. Related posts: Top Career Development Tips for Students.

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Where To Find Internships and Fellowships in Israel in 2012


Over 30 places to find an internship in Israel in 2012. Summer 2012 internships. Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2012. Final decisions will be made by March 15th, 2012, PAID). Birthright Israel Excel Fellowship – “a selective 10-week summer fellowship program in Israel for 20 talented Jewish rising college juniors and seniors from around the world who are planning to pursue careers in business and/or technology.” February 26, 2012, NO FEES).

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Choosing a Career Coach

Career Alley

Most of the resumes that I receive nowadays come from job seekers using a career coaching service during their executive job search. 3. Would you feel comfortable considering a complete change in the direction of you career, if advised by your coach? Related posts: Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 2. My Favorite Job Search and Career Sites – Vol 1. Reinvent Your Career and Job Search – Part 1. Guest Post by Jason Sanders of Ivy Exec.

Reasons to Choose a Strategic Management Career

Career Alley

But some schools take the career field even further, offering specialized courses such as account management or creative classes that allow students to get a more globalized view and understanding of their field. Why Choose this Career? They usually find very lucrative career growth within businesses in the following departments: • Sales management. • Online media marketing specialist. • Account management. • Further Educational Opportunities.

2012 239

How To Create A Career Development Plan

Career Alley

If you are a career-minded individual with a desire to advance your career to the ultimate levels of success, you may be wondering how you can move beyond your current level and achieve your goals. One of the best steps that you can take to get your career moving in the right direction is to prepare a career development plan. By following a few key steps, you can prepare a career development plan that can guide you to success.

2012 231

Online Hiring Expected To Double In 2012

Resume Bear

nearly 1 in 3 workers began freelancing and pursing independent careers to they could be their own boss. Also, the report found that promising online careers for 2012 are software developer, visual designer, user experience designer, digital marketer, technical writer, web researcher, data analyst, content moderator, accountant, and distributed workforce manager. career job job hunting Job Hunting Strategies job news Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs resumebea

2012 210

Can an Overseas Move Fast-Track Your Career?

Career Alley

Though it is every bit attractive to pursue a career or business overseas, but is it really worth the move? If you are fed up of limping up the job ladder in your country, and wish to get an instant career boost, read along for some basic career and financial advice. Licensing and certifications - Career and your employment are undoubtedly, your biggest assets when you’re moving overseas. Sometimes, a move overseas can even slow down your career.

2012 262

4 Tips for Learning about a New Career

Career Alley

If you’re thinking about starting a new career, you aren’t alone. A poll last year conducted by Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower, found that 84% of employees wanted to find a new job in 2012. There are many reasons to make a career change, but the key to a successful transition is finding a career that will ultimately provide job satisfaction, which might mean more than better pay or a shorter commute. Take a Career Test.

2012 241

Understanding Careers in Business Analysis

Career Alley

Most careers have some sort of set path to achieve higher level positions and prestige. Getting started with a career in business analysis is different. There is no one set of skills or educational program necessary for a career as a business analyst. If you have experience in the business world and have found yourself performing strongly while always seeking new challenges, a career as a business analyst is likely a perfect choice.

2012 221

My Favorite Job Search and Career Sites – Vol 1

Career Alley

I’ve seen hundreds of career and job search sites over the three years that I’ve been writing for CareerAlley. I’ve covered Job Search Sites, Career Advice sites and Career Resource sites. Career Advice - My top two favorite sites are listed below. You can also get a free copy of Jacob’s book “The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide” in January 2012 if you join the job tip newsletter (check the site out for details).

2012 262

Top 10 Sexiest Sessions to Attend at #SHRM12


Top 2012 SHRM Annual Conference Sessions. We’re cutting through the crap and getting to the meat of the matter when it comes to SHRM 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA next week. Experienced in journalism, marketing, and college career services, she gets the bigger HR and workplace picture. We’ve chosen our Top Ten sexiest sessions you really shouldn’t miss. There are so many great concurrent sessions it was difficult to choose our favs.

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Blogging4Jobs Listed as Top Career Website by Forbes


Named Forbes Best Career Site in 2012. Since 2007, Blogging4Jobs has been providing content of the career, HR, and workplace variety with over 1,100 publish blog posts since it’s inception. We’re excited, humbled, and honored to be listed among Forbes Top 75 Career Websites. Managing your career involves planning, knowledge, and education into the inter-workings of the organization where you work, the industry, and your competition.

2012 119

Resumes, Cover Letters, and How to Stand Out in 2012

Ms. Career Girl

It’s 2012 after all, and while the following tips are from a girl who works in digital marketing (which tends to expect some creativity), I hope everyone especially new grads and all other job seekers can get some fresh ideas from the following –. When it comes to the job market and resumes and cover latters – how are you standing out in 2012? job search Kovie in Chicago your first job career advice gen y twentysomethings

2012 172

Getting Ready Now for Job Search 2012

Careers Done Write

I recommend that candidates who are planning a job change, take the following key steps: Clean up your career documents: Make sure you have a résumé that is a true reflection of your capabilities and sets you apart from the competition. Consider some professional career coaching: In preparation for interviewing, hiring a career coach can be an excellent idea. Career coaching is a valuable tool to help enhance your phone and face-to-face interviewing skills.

2012 164

Is a Career in Law Enforcement Right for You?

Career Alley

Before deciding to make a career in law enforcement, it is always a good idea to check if this is the right choice for you. The list below shows some of the aspects of a career in law enforcement to give you a better idea of what to expect. Career that matches your skills. Once you decide on a career, it is time to do some research about the law enforcement field. Another important aspect of a law enforcement career is the location.

2012 245