ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

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Find a mentor: Use LinkedIn to find alumni, professors, or industry greats that can help you out as you navigate in your new career. If you want to network on LinkedIn, one of the best ways to do so is to get connected with others through industry and career groups.

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Ten Things Job Seekers Must Do in 2012

Corn on the Job

The post is titled, “ 10 Things You Must Do to Make 2012 The Best Year Ever “ Go now or later, but definitely stop by and read it. Make quality connections on Linkedin and set goals as to how many new requests you’ll send per week.

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5 Ideas that will influence 2012

Penelope Trunk

That's the method for launching a startup where you continually ask questions and refine as opposed to setting up a goal and driving unequivocally in that direction. We don't need to figure out a goal when we are in our 20s and then move toward that goal.

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Reach Your Career Goals by Building Personal Leadership Skills

Career Realism

Sometimes, we just need to change our mindset in order to achieve our career goals. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Climbing the Ladder advice career expert goal job leadership skills tipLearn why building Personal Leadership skills is important.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Changing Your Job Goals

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You see, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals—how to set them properly, how to see them through, how to keep your perspective about achieving them. As most of you know, I’m kind of a goal junkie. It doesn’t mean the goal of going back to school has to disappear completely.

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What Zig Ziglar Has Taught Us About Career Management

The Job Quest

Here are just a few of his quotes that get you thinking about how you approach the management of your career: About attitude. So why do we oftentimes let ourselves get pulled into negative thinking that doesn’t benefit what we are trying to accomplish in our careers?

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How to update your resume for 2012

Cube Rules

It’s 2012 — and time to update your resume with your 2011 business results. Put in your activity goal results. Show your outcome goal attainment. Outcome goals (achieve a 5% reduction in expenses) are the most common goals handed out in business.

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6 Job Search Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

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As someone in the careers industry, I clearly see how job seekers can learn from and apply the leadership and wisdom of Steve Jobs: “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. However, try not to settle for a career that just pays the bills.

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4 Goals Your Cover Letter Introduction Should Accomplish

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To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at It’s no secret every element of your cover letter is important from top to bottom. But the introduction may be just a bit more significant. Resume & Cover Letter advice cover letter expert job resume search

Startup Or A Corporate Job, Reasons for Startup

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Sure, a corporate gig might (initially) pay more than a startup and come with cushy benefits, but there are real, career-defining reasons to heed the siren song of a startup. Your Career Goals career job job hunting Job Search jobs resumebear

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6 Simple Steps to Improving Your Career

Career Copilot

By choosing to work hard at your goals and self-esteem issues, you will find yourself more in [.]. Career Development career advice career change job adviceThe decision to change some or all aspects of your life isn’t an easy one! Many people think that making the choice is enough; remember, you have to be the one to do all of the hard work.

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The 20 Best Personal Development Books for 20-somethings

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Whether you’re mapping out your career, establishing a financial future, or building a good marriage, you’ll find great advice in these guides. Get a Life, Not a Job insists that you can “design your own career, so you love what you do,” whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur.

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Survive Your Performance Review By Utilizing Active Goals


A recent Cornerstone OnDemand/Harris 2012 U.S. Employee Report indicated that only 20 percent of employees have established career goals with their manager or employer through a performance review. So, it may be a good idea to fill them in: What are active goals?

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ResumeBear: High Salaries For the College Grad Starting Out!

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According to the most recent salary survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for a Class of 2012 graduate is $44,442. All data/information from the NACE April 2012 Salary Survey.

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Starting Salaries for New Grads, The Job Horizon Info Graphic

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Your Career Goals career job Job Search jobs resumebear• Employers plan to hire 9.5% more new graduates in 2011-2012 than they hired in 2010-2011. • 73.4% of employers screen candidates by GPA and 65% of employers report a GPA cutoff of 3.0. • 46.4%

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ResumeBear: InfoGraphic Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30 Years Old!

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Changing Careers Success Stories Why ResumeBear? Your Career Goals Entrepreneur Online Resume resume resumebear

Is Your Former Boss Badmouthing You to Potential Employers?

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Worker safety Your Career Goals career job jobs resumebearIn this competitive job market, everything in your job-seeking arsenal must be spot-on: resume, cover letter, even your interview attire.

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5 Steps for a Better Career

Career Realism

Tips and Guide for a Successful Career: The Background. In my work as a department head, I have to provide guidance for my staff in terms of their career growth. Here are my five small simple tips and guide for a successful career. and How are you doing with short-term goals?

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12 Steps to Setting Career Goals You Can Reach This Year

Career Makeover Coach

Setting career goals consists of identifying clear objectives plus the steps needed to achieve them. If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. Coaching ambitions career career objectives gaol setting goals objectivesThe main reason people do not achieve ambitions is that they don’t set any. If you go to work on your plan, your plan [.].

3 Steps to Creating Your Career Development Plan

Career Realism

If you are pondering your career direction and how to get where you want to be, there are some simple steps you can take that will help you come up with a plan. Where do you want your career to be in two years? Where do you want your career to be in five years?

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Landed a New Job? How to Start Off the Right Way

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If you want a good career path, keep going to school, identify milestones along the way, and be responsible for your career growth. Your Career GoalsAdvice for a new job. A couple months ago, I received an email from a student who had some job hunting questions.

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Post-College Career Searching in Tough Economic Times

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Career searching is a daunting task under the best of circumstances. Students and recent college graduates can be particularly vulnerable to the anxiety and stress that comes with searching for the ideal career.

Align Your Strategies With Your Goals


The strategies set forth for your department or business must be aligned with your goals. Align your strategies with your goals. The complexities of career success are numerous and sometimes, easily discounted. Have you ever had a lasting effect on someone?

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Pursuing a Cyber Security Career

Careers Done Write

The following represents the views and opinions of the source and does not necessarily reflect the views of Careers Done Write. Why Cyber Security is a Smart Career Choice. Cyber Security Career Path. Tips for Pursuing a Career in Cyber Security. cyber careers

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Annual Career Check-Up: Your Year In Review

Career Realism

For many of us, that means our thoughts are turning to the goals we want to achieve in 2013. With pen and paper or your favorite word processing program at hand, jot down these career check-up categories. Goals. Make a list of the 2012 goals you aimed to achieve.

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“Be Inspired”: 10 People Who Inspirit Me!

Career Trend

Career Fitness Career Goals career advice Inspiration Motivation Robert P. By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter For me, being inspired is important. That is one of the many (many) traits that motivated me to marry Rob; he is inspirational. “He makes me want to be a better woman” - adapting a favorite Jack Nicholson quote from As Good As It Gets. In recently very public posts, HERE and HERE. I’ve [.] No related posts.

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5 ways to make it in a social media world

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But that does nothing for you and your career. Career Advice Job Market Social Media Success Stories Why ResumeBear? Your Career Goals career facebook job job hunting job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter(MoneyWatch).

“Why I Love My Father” (A Father’s Day Tribute: Happy Father’s Day To All Father Figures!)

Personal Excellence Blog

Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses to the 2012 Father’s Day Tribute. He used to provide any assistance as far as our career was concerned. A dream coming true that his sons should become better than himself as far as success in career and earnings is concerned.

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Act Like a Business Owner to Advance Your Career

Career Realism

This is not new career advice ; many of us have heard this before, and many of us have probably given this advice to others. Get to know your work associates on a personal level; understand their personal and their professional goals.

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3 Steps to Move Ahead in Your Entertainment Career

Career Realism

To create movement in your career , you have to generate a lot of energy. Review your entertainment career goals to make sure they are clear and up-to-date. What’s your goal now? Move ahead entertainment career image from Shutterstock.

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Are Employers and Employees on the Same Page?

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Career Advice Changing Careers College Graduates College Students Economic News Employee Benefits For Recruiters Human Resource News Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Research Resume & Cover Letter Tips Why ResumeBear?

Job Search Answers – Posting Dual Career Goals On Linkedin


after one of my webinars: "My question is how to post dual career goals on Linkedin." Learn how to handle multiple career goals, while protecting consistency between resumes and Linkedin. Featured Networking/Social Networking reCareered Blog social branding career career change career coach Job job search linkedin Planning pre-screen ResumeThis was an interesting job search question asked by M.M.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, or PayCheck?

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Career Advice College Graduates College Students Employee Benefits Human Resource News Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Why ResumeBear? Your Career Goals career job interview job search strategy job seekers jobs Online Resume resume resumebear

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When is the Best Time to Ask for a Raise

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If you had positive remarks and met your goals, then this is the time to use that information to your advantage. Maybe one of your customers called to praise your work, or maybe you reached a major sales goal in your department. Your Career Goals career job jobs resumebear

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ResumeBear: This is Why You Need a Pay Raise, Prove it

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If he asks why, tell him that you have career goals and improving your skills and increasing your responsibilities is part of that. Career Advice Economic News Employee Benefits Featured Articles Human Resource News Job Market Labor Laws Research Success Stories Why ResumeBear?

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Be Aware of Your Weaknesses

The Job Quest

You can’t fix the things that are holding you back in your career until you’ve correctly identified what they are. This is a practical exercise that can help you identify your weaknesses, the roadblocks keeping you from achieving your career goals.

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Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Take Action!

Career Realism

When you get that you’re not selecting a career , or a business, for life, at the exclusion of everything else that interests you, will give you breathing space and will relax you enough to actually move forward with an option. Stuck career image from Bigstock.

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ResumeBear: Should You Use a “Career Coach”

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Should I use a career coach? Can a career coach really help me get what I want? We’ve put together some useful information about career coaching to help you decide whether you should go see a career coach. What Is Career Coaching? What Can A Career Coach Do For Me?

Ready to Live a Better Life this coming July? ;) Announcing the All New Live a Better Life in 30 Days, July 2012 Run!

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You are now about to enter the second half of 2012. How are you going to maximize these crucial 6 months before 2012 ends? It’s here, it’s here!!!

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10 realistic New Year resolutions for job seekers

Mildred Talabi

Personally, I’m not a fan of resolutions – I used to be (though I was in the “keep ‘em until Jan” camp) until I discovered “goal-setting”, so now instead of making resolutions each New Year, I set goals, take action and voila , in come the results!

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