20 Job Search Tips for 2012 College Graduates

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The “life” 2X4 induces much more pain for graduates these days, so here are 25 Job Search Tips for the current or soon to be 2012 Graduates: 1. Don’t Get Too High or Too Low: The hiring process is a roller coaster.

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Great Place to Work Announces 2012 Best Small and Medium Workplaces List

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Great Place to Work®, a global research and consulting firm, today revealed the 2012 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list, published by FORTUNE magazine. The 2012 list also features the first government agency: the City of Rancho Corodova.

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5 Ideas that will influence 2012

Penelope Trunk

It's a process for dealing with the reality that we don't know what will work and what won't work. So here we are, in 2012, and did you check out the photo of the Apple store at the top of this post? It's 2012.

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Why You Should Create a Weekly Planning Process

Career Realism

Executive coaching clients who have worked with me have heard me encourage them – time and again – to begin their week with a well-thought-out weekly planning process. Two lists that I ALWAYS include in my weekly review and planning process are: 1.)

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5 Job Search Tips for 2012

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So what strategies are trending for 2012? StartWire , an online job search organizer, has released their first annual “2012 Best-Kept Job Search Tips.” For the companies you’re interested in, learn what kinds of processes bring candidates to them so that you can adapt.

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Volunteering: Set Yourself Apart in the Hiring Process

Hiring Technical People

Today’s guest post is from Melissa Russell. As a consequence of the recent recession, many people have suddenly found themselves either unemployed or underemployed.

3 Recruitment Lessons From the 2012 Summer Olympics


The torch has been lit and the London 2012 Summer Olympics have officially kicked off. While the Olympics are all about sports achievements, this doesn’t mean they can’t teach us a thing or two in the process. Recruitment Learnings at the London Summer Olympics.

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Ken and Barbie Bias in the Hiring Process.

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OK - but science shows that your looks are your most important asset in the hiring process. Be on the lookout for a webinar later this month on false positive in the hiring process and how you can shake your hiring managers out of the trance. Of course, this is a rant of frustration.

The Process of Improving

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Looking to improve something in your life in 2012? If you are looking to improve your team or your business, here are seven steps to process improvement. Improving your process is never-ending. Posted by Terrence Seamon on Thursday January 26, 2012. Goals Force Field Analysis Process ImprovementPerhaps you are thinking of improving yourself? P = Pick your target. Picture success. What would it look like if you actually reached your improvement goal?

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Mobile Recruiting Transforms HR Processes #mobilerecruit


Forward thinking companies have optimized their career sites for mobile users and are looking at how to leverage mobile apps and modify their HR processes to provide a streamlined online application process. More than 40% of mobile candidate abandon the process!

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Salary Negotiation And The Interview Process

Boomers Next Step

Salary negotiation is an art that relies heavily on timing; bring it up too early and you may lose out to competition, bring it up a little late and you may be given a raw deal. Generally, loyalty although revered and appreciated by most employers, isn’t rewarded very well. Existing ‘loyal’ employees often find themselves [.]. Interviewing

Why It’s Time for Your Recruiting Process to GO LEAN

The Undercover Recruiter

One of the reasons we celebrate large companies that have lean processes built into their marketing and talent acquisition efforts is because it’s so rare a thing. It’s a tough nut to crack to change the approval process, particularly when multiple people are involved.

Youth unemployment – many problems, few solutions (Channel 4 ‘Class of 2012? debate)

Mildred Talabi

The debate was centred around the ‘ Class of 2012 ‘ with the event asking, “Is this the worst year to leave education and look for employment?”

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Employers: Ignoring Job Candidates Impacts Your Brand

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Job candidates already know the importance of following up in the hiring process – but how often to do companies take out the time to do the same to their job applicants? Katie Lewis is currently a senior at Florida State University and will graduate in May 2012 with a B.A.

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Ace the Google Hiring and Interview Process

The Undercover Recruiter

The below infographic from Jobvine highlights the recruitment and interview processes of Google and also look at some interesting facts regarding the company’s approach to attract top talent. INFOGRAPHIC: How To Ace the Google Hiring and Interview Process. Tweet. Remember Google?

How to Create and Organize Your Career Plan

Career Copilot

The process of creating and organizing a career plan is essential to help people gain direction in their lives. There are some instrumental steps in creating a career plan. The steps to creating a career plan include: 1. Self Assessment Everyone should perform a self assessment and determine if a career choice fits their personality [.]. Your Career career job advice organisation organization plans

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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For instance, the hiring process has changed as companies increasingly rely on social media to search for potential employees. Employers may argue the social media inspection process is voluntary, but many find this practice a violation of First Amendment and privacy rights.

My Bold Prediction for 2013: Job Boards will LIVE


Science and technology are improving the job posting process. . Jobsite.com is a new job board launched on Nov 12, 2012. Science and technology are improving the job search process. . Technology and the people behind the hiring process should give it to them. WooHoo!

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ResumeBear Uses Content Marketing To Explode Awareness

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Posted by Nick O’Neill on March 27th, 2012. I remember reading in a book once a process that outlined the marketing process, which included some 20+ steps before a customer actually made a purchase.

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Change Management: Critical Skill for Leaders

Catherines Career Corner

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Niccolo Machiavelli By Catherine Adenle In the workplace, [.] Related posts: You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. 12 Reasons Why Employees Resist Change in the Workplace. The 5 Unhappy People You Must Convince to Change. Get the Job, Keep the Job and Lead! Career Change: How Do You Know When it’s Time?

Will Resumes Become Obsolete?

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Resumes are still the first step of the recruiting process for most companies, but that might not be the case in the near future. Have you been through a unique recruiting process? Two years ago while applying for jobs, I spent hours worrying about my resume. Is the wording okay?

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Ways to Spot a Job Scam

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The one with “processing fees”. If any agency or company offers you work but says you need to pay some sort of processing fee, what you have there is a scam. Warning Signs: If there is any type of hiring, application or process fee, something’s not right.

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Where To Find Internships and Fellowships in Israel in 2012


Over 30 places to find an internship in Israel in 2012. Except where noted, all the internships have fees of some sort, such as an application processing fee or registration deposit, but many also offer scholarships or other financial aid and/or let you use a Masa Israel grant.

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Your Focus on Social Media Should Be?

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We created our 7 Steps content marketing strategy guide to help with this process. The sales process is so much easier when you’ve already been granted the permission by your audience. 1 – Have a purpose and a vision – why are you doing this, what are your goals?

employer asked me to produce free work as part of hiring process

Ask A Manager

I sent my resume along with a few examples of my work in, only to get an email reply back after a phone interview that said the following: “At this point, you are in a group of candidates that are on the fence and we need you to complete the following request before we move on with the process. A few weeks went by after all this, and I saw online the design I had submitted during the interview process was now being used by this business!

ResumeBear: Should Tattoos Stop You From Getting Hired?

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In a study conducted by The Patient’s Guide, the number of tattoo removal procedures grew by 32% from 2011 to 2012. For a larger tattoo, it’s not out of the question for someone to spend $7,000 on the removal process. “A

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Use Your Social Media Profile to Your Advantage: Your Boss could be Watching

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Renee Arends, Human Resources Manager from Calabasas-based Informa Research Services, said, “Using social media sites is part of our hiring process.”

Job Hunting, Just Like Trying to Get a Date? Same Thing?

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During the registration process you will fill out a smart-questionnaire that’s designed to match you with the right job and the right employer. Are you dating your boss? No, not actually dating your boss- silly, but are you searching for the right company, the right employer, the right boss?

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Employers: Show Common Courtesy to Applicants

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Although companies do have the power to hire or not, they should still show candidates respect throughout the hiring process. Inform applicants about the results of the process. Looking for a job can be stressful.

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ResumeBear Hits USA Today: Four online tools for navigating the job market

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The process might be intimidating, but many that can attest that the outcome is sweet. Since the beginning of April, many of us, especially seniors, have been wondering where the semester has gone.

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The 8 Best Career Movies of All Time

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Valuable career lesson: It is, in fact, possible to love what you do, make a difference and have an “important” career without being a completely asshole in the process. Ever watch a movie and think, “Oh my God, that is my LIFE?”. Yeah, that happens all the time.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Ace the Google Hiring and Interview Process

The Undercover Recruiter

The below infographic from Jobvine highlights the recruitment and interview processes of Google and also look at some interesting facts regarding the company's approach to attract top talent. Remember Google? It's that company that used to be the hottest thing since sliced bread.

ResumeBear: Your Workplace Learning from “The Voice”

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Mentoring is an essential part of your professional development process. Are you a fan of the weekly singing competition The Voice ? If you are, you may have already noticed a distinct parallel to the way things are in the workplace.

How To Avoid Candidates Dropping Out or Accepting Counter Offers

The Undercover Recruiter

To avoid losing candidates through the hiring process: Actively talk to prospective candidates throughout the year, even if you don’t have any vacancies. Find out about any other opportunities a candidate is exploring , and where they are in other interview processes.

Moving Towards Efficiency in the Online Job Search Process

Career Alley

With the unemployment rate still lingering above eight percent and business owners complaining about a lack of qualified workers, it’s no secret that something’s gone wrong with the evolution of the online job search process.

why would a company freeze a hiring process?

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But then they froze the hiring process. I was in the top couple of candidates, but the hiring process for this position (and others as well) was inexplicably frozen. The in-house recruiter did not say that the opening has been closed, but he doesn’t know when the the hiring process will re-start. So why would a company that is doing well and has a good income freeze the hiring process?

The 20 Best Personal Development Books for 20-somethings

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But during the process, it’s normal to feel a little lost. Your 20s are a time full of excitement, change, and inspiration, but there’s no denying that you’re likely to run into stress, frustration, and all-out roadblocks as you seek to build the foundation of your life.

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My 2012 in Review :) A Year of New Milestones, Creation of My Self-Identity, and New Beginnings

Personal Excellence Blog

I hope doing so will stir you guys into reflecting how your year of 2012 has been and to plan the new year of 2013 ahead. My Review of 2011 (and Moving On To 2012!). Key Accomplishments for 2012. 2012 has been quite an interesting year for me. What Are Your 2012 Goals?

Stay Away From These Online Job Scams

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Payment Forwarding and Processing Scam. These are the payment forwarding or processing scam and the postal forwarding or reshipping scam. There is no processing of rebates or payments, just the illegal laundering of money for a small commission.

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Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

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Cyndy: How is recruiting different today as compared to 10 years ago, and do you believe these differences are having a positive impact on the process of talent acquisition? It is my pleasure to have Margo Rose with me today.