Reviews – Top 5 Job Search Books

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We can all use help looking for a job. All of that is very helpful and can help us fast track the job search process. There must be hundreds of job search resource books out there, which are the best ones to use? Can you find a job in 2 hours?

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How to Face Down Job Search Obstacles

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The successful job search requires no less of a commitment. Here are just a few of the obstacles job seekers face every day and some tips to overcome them. The post How to Face Down Job Search Obstacles appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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How to Succeed in Job Search without Really Trying

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Job search is like any other task. The old saying “one step at a time” has its place with job search too. the article also helps you plan your day at job search. Maybe you have very little time to devote to your search. Book Corner: Job!:

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Time to Move on? Jump Start your Job Search

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You are feeling secure in your job, not a worry in the world when all of a sudden the signs you’ve ignored over the last few months come together for you and you realize that your job is at risk. Mergers, bankruptcies, a change in management, a brutal recession. Job Search.

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Personal Branding, Resume or Job Search Targeting: Which Comes First?

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It may seem obvious that the first thing to do, when you’re about to start an executive job search, is locate, dust off, and update your resume. In my experience, many executive job seekers do just that. In all likelihood, you’ll be facing a protracted job search.

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Unlock Facebook to Discover a More Friendly Job Search

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter For some, Facebook is a natural extension of your career and personal brand, adding value to your story. The post Unlock Facebook to Discover a More Friendly Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Serenity Now! Simplify Your Executive Job Search

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How much do you really know about today’s executive job search? It’s a given that job-hunting these days is a complicated process. Best-fit jobs for you – especially if you’re at the senior or c-suite level – may be waiting for you to uncover them in the “hidden” job market.

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Is Holiday Job Search a Waste of Time?

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Maybe it makes more sense to wait until the new year to dive into my search.”. I often hear such sentiments from executive job seekers at this time of year. Want to learn how to best take advantage of holiday networking, and land that great-fit job faster?

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Transitioning Military Leaders: Differentiate Yourself in Executive Job Search

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My answers to her spot-on questions — including links to other posts I’ve written — form the basis of a solid roadmap for successful job search. Why is it so vital for senior executives to use social media as part of their executive job search?

Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: Personal branding is not for me

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You’re faced with an executive job search. Personal branding is no longer optional in job search. More About Today’s Executive Job Search. My popular ebook – 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land.

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5 Simply Positive Things You Can Do to Get Results During Your Job Search

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Job search, akin to moving to a new town often is unfamiliar, disconcerting and frightening. The post 5 Simply Positive Things You Can Do to Get Results During Your Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Toxic Executive Job Search Belief: I don’t need to target my resume

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You’re deep into executive job search or about to dive into one. Today’s job search is a personal marketing campaign. More About Today’s Executive Job Search. How Do I Find a Job in the “Hidden” Job Market?

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How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search, Part 2

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This two-part series on Twitter for personal branding and executive job search is the culmination of an interview and communications with a journalist writing an article for Money Magazine. Get going with Twitter well in advance of starting your job search.

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Storytelling for Executive Job Search Success

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Seven years ago Quintessential Careers, a leading online career site, innovated Job Action Day to help all job-seekers and workers take stock of their situations, and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers. This year, celebrated on November 3rd, Job Action Day is all about empowering job seekers to use storytelling for career success. They become more memorable as candidates, as they network and interview for jobs.

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Don’t Overlook LinkedIn Company Pages for Executive Job Search

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Once you’ve determined which companies you’re targeting for your job search, you’ll need to research each one for various information: Services and/or products. Hiring managers. Job openings. Among the myriad of places to conduct your research (Hoovers, Glassdoor, job boards, company websites, etc.), And why will they even want to connect with you, and potentially help you reach your career goals?

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Top 10 Job Search Trends Of 2014

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a heads up about emerging job search and resume best practices? Results from recent focus groups conducted by Career Thought Leaders throughout the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Russia have been cataloged and offer a rich array of tips and suggestions for executive and non-executive job seekers alike. Related: 5 Easy Ways To Make Yourself A More Attractive Job Candidate. 8 Apps Every Job Seeker Must Have.

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How To Beat The Odds During the Job Search

The Undercover Recruiter

Applying to hundreds of jobs online isn’t the best solution for landing an interview or job. Less than 50% of hires come from job boards: Finding a job online and applying is relatively painless, or less painful than networking, so that might explain why so many […].

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How to Get Over a Job Search Slump

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If you think of your job search like a sport, then it is natural to expect peaks and valleys in your own performance. Still, there is nothing more draining, humbling and dispiriting than consistent rejection and non-responsiveness during a job search.

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6 Key Steps Of Effective Career Management

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Throughout my career in HR, I have seen more people leave their current job for the wrong reasons rather than stay for the right ones. Related: 6 Career Management Hacks That Will Get You Ahead. Here are six key steps of effective career management: 1.

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Stop! Before You Write Your Executive Resume or LinkedIn Profile ???

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The other day I was speaking with a senior-level executive job seeker in the healthcare industry who said she was not getting much response to her resume. We reviewed it together, and I asked her what kinds of jobs she was targeting, and in which industry.

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How Do I Find a Job in the “Hidden” Job Market?

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You’ve probably heard about the hidden executive job market, but do you really know what it is, why it exists, and how to take advantage of it? No one knows for sure how many jobs are unlisted, but it’s estimated to be around 80 – 90%.

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Best Ways and Places to Research Your Target Employers

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Savvy executive job seekers know that the very first steps in landing a great-fit job are TARGETING (selecting, say, 10-15 employers that you feel will provide the kind of job you want) and then RESEARCHING each one for industry and company market intelligence.

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How to Job Search 2014 Style: Three Mindsets to Embrace

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Job seekers are afraid. The job seeker of tomorrow needs to become a marketing marvel, savvy salesperson and take risks like a serial entrepreneur. Job seekers who have been successful understand how to position themselves in the market and highlight their differences so that employers view them as a “Must-have” versus a “Nice-to-have.” In case you haven’t heard, there is some competition out there for the “good jobs.”

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What’s Missing During the Job Search? Mutual Respect

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By now, most job seekers know some of the ways to apply for jobs. Conventional job boards like Monster, Dice and CareerBuilder , and job aggregators like Indeed and Simply Hired are a start as are corporate careers websites and using LinkedIn.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Personal Branding

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Do you dismiss personal branding for your executive job search because you think it’s all about self-promotion, and you don’t like to boast about yourself? Propels you to solicit feedback from those who know your value best (peers, management, staff, employees, clients, mentors, etc.),

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The Christmas cookie platter and job search strategy

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This comes back around to job search. I find in talking with job seekers, frequently they stop after that first step. Apply those same principles to managing your job search and career goals, and you’ll be amazed.

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2 LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips You Don’t Know

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LinkedIn is undeniably the executive job-seeker’s most important and powerful online personal branding tool. Here are just two of the valuable LinkedIn tips for executive job search I learned through the program: 1.

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The Ultimate Guide to Films About Job Searches

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Therefore if one is looking for a movie about an interesting career to pursue that is both fulfilling, lucrative and legal, they may be a bit disappointed. Most job related movies are about greed, corruption, breaking the law by aggressive, desperate folks.

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10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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[This is my latest article as''s Personal Branding Expert ]. Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online have become essential components of today’s job search.

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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your LinkedIn Profile?

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They put up a perfunctory LinkedIn profile years ago – perhaps the last time they were job-hunting – and promptly forgot about it, once they landed a job. If you’re in a job search, is all the content aligned with what makes you a good-fit candidate for your target employers? ?

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Your Personal Brand Online and the LinkedIn Privacy Dilemma

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Keep your profile entirely “public”, so it’s open to search. Upgrading to a Premium account (doesn’t apply to Job Seeker account). There’s always the threat that someone at your current company keeps tabs on employees’ LinkedIn profiles to suss out job-hunters.

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7 Reasons NOT to Copy Someone Else’s LinkedIn Profile

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You see a compelling, branded LinkedIn profile of a job seeker with qualifications similar to yours. Just the other day I received invitations to connect on LinkedIn from two women employed at the same company, in similar jobs. This can also jeopardize your current job.

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The New 10-Step Executive Personal Branding Worksheet

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Differentiate your unique ROI for today’s executive job search. Determine what kind of work you want to do (job position and industry), and which companies and organizations will afford you the opportunity to work your passion.

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How to Connect on LinkedIn with People You Don’t Know. and Get Action

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Networking your way into companies you’re targeting in executive job search is the best way to land a great-fit job. These are people who can help you meet your career goals, but many of them may be strangers to you, or people you barely know.

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5 Secrets To Create Job Search Magic

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Starting a job search can be confusing – perhaps you haven’t done it in a while, you may not know what you want, you may not be sure what to say, and you may be just plain stuck on what to do first. Related: 5 Secrets To Staying Upbeat In A Job Search. Job Search

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2 of My Favorite Insider Tips for Executive Resume Writing

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Aside from the given personal branding and first-step job search strategies everyone needs to embrace before writing their resume – targeting, research, and relevant keyword development. Do you get a feel for this COO/President turnaround management expert?

Yikes! My LinkedIn Profile Disappeared and I Don’t Have a Copy

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LinkedIn, Personal Branding & Executive Job Search: Perfect Together. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking social media

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Use Job Boards for Research … Not to Find Jobs

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I hesitate suggesting you use job boards at all, because in my experience, too many executive job seekers spend way too much time on them, responding to job postings. Job descriptions may not truly represent the job. How to Use Job Boards for Research. ?

3 BIG Mistakes That Screw Up Your LinkedIn Professional Headline

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The LinkedIn member has not changed the default headline automatically populated for this spot, based upon their current, or most recent job title. And most especially, your headline is the most important SEO (search engine optimization) spot on your profile.

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2 More Favorite Insider Tips for Executive Resume Writing

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I recently shared 2 favorite tips that can help elevate the value you offer and catapult your job search forward in my post, 2 of My Favorite Insider Tips for Executive Resume Writing. .

How to Present a Multi-Faceted Professional Brand

Careers Done Write

Most resume and job search experts agree that your resume should be focused on your current career goal. How do you focus on a current goal and construct a consistent brand when you have multiple career goals? Define Your Career Goals.

2014 239

Ignore the Hype! What Authentic Personal Branding Is and Is NOT

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Personal branding continues to be a trending topic on social media because it’s an integral part of successful executive job search and personal marketing. Your brand may help you land a high paying job (I hope!),

2014 225

Why You Need to Self-Google Once a Week

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In executive job search, you need to build and safeguard your online personal brand and online reputation. Your search results can be the deciding factor in whether they reach out to you, or cross you off their lists. Type your name into a Google search, and see what you find.

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