Putting Your Best Foot Forward at Campus Job Fairs

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Now you feel ready to play a vital role programming, troubleshooting or engineering for a high-profile company or organization — but have you prepared for the campus job fairs that might actually open those doors for you? Agile Job Search job fairs new grads

Putting Your Job Search Plan to Work – Lesson 3

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Job search is much the same. Implementing a job search plan is key to finding a job. With any of the resources listed below, there is always the danger of focusing on one job search channel at the expense all of your other resources. Job Search Boards.

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5 Job Search Tips for Prospective Graduates

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” – Theodore Roosevelt As the job market continues to struggle, the need to remain competitive remains crucial for new and prospective graduates. Students should develop a proactive strategy for their job search to gain an advantage.

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Job Search Trap: To Much to Do

Hiring Technical People

Today’s job search trap is something we can all identify with: biting off a big chunk of work and not getting it to done fast enough. You know what the problems are in a job search: you have interruptions, such as phone calls; your family needs you to drive them or do laundry or something else; you want a perfect resume. Are you researching a job fair? Look at the job fair and decide if you want to go.

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5 Things You MUST Do Before Attending A Job Fair

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Most job fairs run between January and May. When Spring rolls around, things usually ramp up because most employers want job openings filled before Summer kicks off. Related: 3 Tips On Using Direct Mail In Your Job Search. Job Search

5 Job Search Time Wasters To Avoid

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Searching for a job can be a full-time job in itself. Between searching online job boards and networking with others, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the job hunting process. Here are a few job search time wasters to avoid: 1.

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4 Job Search Alternatives To Applying Online

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4 Job Search Alternatives To Applying Online. The process of job searching has nearly turned upside-down over the past decade thanks to the Internet and changes that have accompanied newer technology. RELATED: 5 Reasons Why Job Boards Aren’t As Effective Anymore.

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5 Resources for Job Interview Thank You Letters

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The main purpose (besides the obvious thanks) is to ensure that the interviewer knows that, not only are you are a good match for the job, but that you heard everything that was discussed during the interview. Thank You Letters Interview Thank You Letters Job Search

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Recruiting, Part 2

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See Manage Your Job Search.). You must go to meetings or job fairs yourself. At least post the job on your LinkedIn company page and change your headline to say you are looking for people. hiring process audition Hiring Geeks That Fit Manage Your Job Search network phone screen recruiting target network unemployed candidate My client in Part 1, where we talked about streamlining your analysis , was also having trouble finding people.

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21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters


This post is sponsored by SHRM Jobs , a job board dedicated to helping recruiters hire the best human resource professionals. There are either too many job seekers to choose from or locating that needle in the haystack takes more time, effort and phone calls than time you have. Enter in job boards especially those niche ones that cultivate relationships with the niche and speciality communities and job seekers, you want to reach. Authentic Jobs.

Tips for Hiring Recent College Grads #shrm14


Graduation season is upon us, which means a lot of recent college grads entering the job market. There is a lot of new talent entering the job search pool, which is a plus for employers trying to fill open positions. Consider it training for new job seekers.

10 More Reasons You Should Exercise Regularly


You know you should do it, and your job search is a great time to do it. Here’s my original list of 10 Mighty Reasons to Work Out During Your Job Search. Settle at least part of your job search into a routine. Add some fun to your job search.

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HIRE ME! 7 Tips For Getting A Job After College

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In today’s job market, college graduates have a tough time. Related: 11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads. Many colleges have job searching courses that help you build resumes and extol the virtues of the book, What Color Is Your Parachute?

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7 Common Job Hunting Mistakes Students Make

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It’s because job hunting is complicated, especially for those who are entering a new field as newly graduated professionals. Related: 11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads. Not tailoring cover letters and resumes to the job listing. How To Find A Job.

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Why Unemployment Statistics Can Be Very Misleading

The Undercover Recruiter

This isn’t just about re-training someone to do a different type of job as much as it is to explain how to ‘network’ – that generic term meant to explain how to find jobs besides applying online to job boards and sending up your resume hundreds of times without hearing back.

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US Chamber Foundation and Goodwill Partner to Provide Career Services to Veterans and Military Spouses

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Goodwill’s Targeted Job Training and Career Services to Be Offered to Veterans and Military Spouses at Dozens of Hiring Our Heroes Job Fairs Nationwide. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program and Goodwill Industries announced today a collaborative effort to offer comprehensive vocational services to veterans and military spouses who participate in Hiring Our Heroes job fairs and programs. Jobs for Veterans Veterans

Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019

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FlexJobs has released its annual list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019. To be considered, the jobs offered by these companies had to be remote-friendly, either allowing for candidates to telecommute entirely or part of the time. Number of Remote Jobs Up.

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How To Build An Effective ‘Marketing Yourself’ Plan

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Bravo, congratulations, great job, and kudos on graduating from college! Education gives anyone an edge in the job and career world, but how YOU use it and what YOU do to get hired, get ahead, and succeed is the difference. Generic resume templates are job search killers.

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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Your Personal Network

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It is especially useful when searching and applying for jobs. Those who are searching for jobs often underestimate just how useful this personal network can be; they can’t see the potential or imagine the opportunities that could come their way through the extensive network that they have built. Related: How To Effectively Expand Your Network For Job Search Success. Every job search should begin with basic networking.

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I can’t get a job because of a mistake I made at 17, resigning when my boss will explode, and more

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I can’t get a job because of a mistake I made at 17. I’ve actually been offered very good IT jobs, but all of those offers are always rescinded after the employer runs a background check. Am I forever barred from a corporate IT job? I recently traveled for a job interview in which the potential employer paid for the flight and was supposed to pay for the hotel. Should I visit the job fair booth of a company I just applied for a job with?

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3 Tips On How To Answer: ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

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” This is actually one of the most common questions asked at a job interview. Related: 5 Things You Must Do Before Attending A Job Fair. Don Goodman’s firm was rated as the #1 Resume Writing Service in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Interview Job Search

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4 Steps Job Seekers Can Take For Effective Networking

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You’ve heard it here before that networking through contacts is the most effective approach when job searching, but let us go into how exactly you as a job seeker can effectively network. So, rather than jump into it with the mindset of “Can you find me a job?”

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101 Career and Employer Blogs for Recruiting Candidates & Employment Branding


Optimized and more easily found by search engines. This list is quite expansive and is built upon an earlier blog post where I showcased 7 company career site blogs in 2014. Blog contained with the Allianz career site providing candidate and job seeker resources.

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