Think You Can’t Create a Successful Woman-Owned Business?  Think Again!

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If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, 2019 is the time to act! Women entrepreneurs are thriving, according to SCORE’s Megaphone of Main Street data report. In fact, we have a recorded webinar that highlights funding opportunities specifically for women in business.

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Citigroup Pays Women 71 Percent of What Men Earn, and I’m Totally Okay with that

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I believe in equal pay for equal work , which is why I’m totally okay with Citigroup’s announcement that, after careful study, the median pay for women is 71 percent of the median pay for men. To keep reading, click here: Citigroup Pays Women 71 Percent of What Men Earn, and I’m Totally Okay with that. The post Citigroup Pays Women 71 Percent of What Men Earn, and I’m Totally Okay with that appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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Millennials Want to Work. They Just Don’t Want to Settle

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So let them teach us a thing or two about the workplace, and we’ll teach them the values and lessons we instilled during our journeys as successful career men and women. Defining work as a “necessary evil” is not a new concept.

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4 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Should Do This Year

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Women need to support each other in a world in which men dominate the top ranks of companies and organizations. If you’re unsure of where to start, the SBA offers a number of internal organizations aimed at helping women entrepreneurs. New year, same to-do list.

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Anxiety & Depression: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

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A highly sort after public speaker, Susanna has been featured in magazines such as TV soap, Women’s Weekly, Empowerment Channel Voice America, Om Times, Motherpedia, Newstalk New Zealand and Holistic Bliss. Your past does not determine who you are in the present, or in the future.

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How To Revamp Your Job Search For The New Year

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For 42% of women, making a New Year’s Resolution is a promise to save more money in the new year. If you’re one of those women, saving more money may be changing your spending habits, but it might also take the form of a new job.

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The Financial Independence Movement: Right For You?

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There are a host of books available too – from Smart Women Finish Rich to Playing With FIRE (co-authored by Mr. Money Mustache). What is Financial Independence? A new movement is sweeping the nation -and for once, it’s not about clothes or the latest YouTube celebrity.

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The Amazing Things Millennials Would Give up for Help with Student Loans

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29% of women would give up working from home compared to only 18% of men. Student loans hang over the heads of 44 million Americans, with debt running well over a trillion dollars. It’s a huge concern and those who took out this debt will do just about anything to pay it down. Self-Lender surveyed 1000 Americans between the age of 18 and 34 and found out that 60 percent of them were willing to give up at least one perk in exchange for help paying down their student loans.

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Will Jeff Bezos Get Half of MacKenzie Bezos’s Fortune in the Divorce?

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But it’s not so easy for most women. Most women did not work side by side with their spouse to start the most disruptive company in the world. Most women do their half of the team’s work and get very little credit for it.

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coworkers only ask me about ducks, adult facts in a work presentation, and more

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Previously I have based the seminar on the fact that men say they have sex with women much more often than woman say they have sex with men, which is by far the clearest example I have of many obvious and not-so-obvious statistical issues. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. People only ask me about the ducks I work with. I’m in the lower-middle level of food service establishment with a couple hundred employees.

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do I wear too much black at work?

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Men have been doing this for decades, and an increasing number of women are starting to do it too. A reader writes: My current office’s dress code is business casual, and I wear black, knee-length dresses almost every day. I typically wear a neutral, light colored cardigan with the dress, and I always have a navy or black blazer on hand in case I need to step up the look unexpectedly. I don’t wear bright colors because I don’t like how I look in them.

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I can’t trust the snacks from my coworker, large employee won’t use heavy duty chair, and more

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Our culture is unforgiving to fat people, especially fat women. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss wants me to fire a heavier employee if she won’t use a heavy duty chair. One of my employees is a rather heavy person and has broken four chairs in the past year. My office is pretty flexible about office equipment, so after the first chair, I gave her the catalogue to pick what she needed.

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update: recovering professionally after an internet hate campaign

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During the interview, the owner asked me about my previous industry, with very specific questions like “did you find it a welcoming industry for women?” Remember the letter-writer who had been the target of an internet hate campaign after she spoke out about sexism in her industry ? Here’s the update. Last we talked, I’d left my company and gone back to freelancing.

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2019: The Year To Take The Leap And Change Your Career And Life

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In today’s world, that could be other women virtually anywhere in the world who share your passions and understand the challenges of the path you’re on. Arrive in December of 2019 with nothing changed? Another year is nearly over.

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The Real Story Behind Stretch Assignments

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It’s also unclear why women haven’t benefited from stretches as much as men. Selena Rezvani is Be Leaderly’s VP of consulting and research and a recognized speaker on women and leadership. based professionals, the research uncovered the following: Men (48%) and women (52%) are equally interested in ultimately advancing into senior vice president or C-suite roles. 73% of women disagree that they round up their skills while 60% of men disagree).

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California Bill Declares Women Not as Capable as Men

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The California House and Senate passed a bill that requires all publicly held corporations that are headquartered in California to have at least one woman on their board by the end of 2019 and two by July of 2021. It’s time that we burst that man-cave and put women in the boardrooms.” To keep reading, click here: California Bill Declares Women Not as Capable as Men. The post California Bill Declares Women Not as Capable as Men appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Negotiation Tips and Hacks You Need To Know

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Don’t wait until 2019 to start developing your skills, now is the time to get ahead and learn how to negotiate. WIN Summit, or the Women’s Insights on the art of Negotiation Summit, is here to help. The post Negotiation Tips and Hacks You Need To Know appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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updates: coworker gives us the silent treatment, a high coworker driving, and more

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I don’t talk with him as much anymore as he’s no longer my cube neighbor, but last week I heard from HR that he had removed himself from the approved driver list for 2019. Coworkers are ranking the attractiveness of women in the office (#2 at the link, first update here ).

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employee’s spouse emailed about his bonus, I don’t want to do a project with my needy coworker, and more

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I’ve already told her that I may not have the time to take on an additional project next year as my responsibilities have increased and I will be in a new role in 2019. She has already emailed my boss and copied me that she can’t wait to work with me again in 2019 on an additional project after I’ve already said no. It’s a bit more complicated than most situations, because we’re both gay women who are closeted at work.

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my coworker is blaming someone else for an anonymous complaint I made, dress code changes, and more

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This one week is dressier, probably closest to business casual with the women wearing nice dresses, or slacks and blouses, as each woman chooses for herself. Within the team are three women who are very close friends and have created a cliquish and gossipy environment.

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my coworker closed her trunk on my arm and didn’t apologize, hiring family, and more

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The point of laws protecting women from pregnancy discrimination is to make it legally possible for you to proceed this way, so that you’re not subject to conscious or unconscious bias from employers. They also said the funding would carry into summer of 2019 and then be up for refunding which they may or may not get (I am fine with that as this job will get me great connections). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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