playing “never have I ever” at work, child care stipends for employees, and more

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Can we offer child care stipends to employees whose kids’ schools aren’t reopening? This is not a high-paying industry to begin with and I can’t imagine adding a $500 monthly expense right now and that’s if you only have one child! It’s five answers to five questions.

mixed messages after layoffs, called back to the office but I’m a single mom with no child care, and more

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I have a feeling she won’t care about much/any of this, given her response so far. I’m being called back to the office but I’m a single mom with no child care. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. We’re sending mixed messages to our laid-off employees.

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You Don’t Lack the Discipline

Evil HR Lady

more knowledge You didn’t ever lack the time, you lacked the discipline — Jeremy Haynes (@TheJeremyHaynes) April 2, 2020. — Uncle Derek, Retired Emo (@derekmcnelly) April 10, 2020. — Fossilized Tree Resin (@Jamberee13) April 4, 2020.

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Why School Openings Matter to Your Small Business

Evil HR Lady

And a lot more people found out that when schools and daycares closed but their essential front line jobs didn’t shut down, that child care was critical to any business’s proper functioning. Many schools generally start in the middle of August.

2020 152

Can You Hear Kids on Your Zoom Calls? Don’t Fire the Parents

Evil HR Lady

In the pre-Covid days, it was absolutely reasonable to tell an employee that someone else must be taking care of the children while you are working. Telecommuting does not mean caring for your children while building a marketing plan.

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What a Black person thinks when they read this blog

Penelope Trunk

Because motherhood and child-rearing are generally disrespected in this country, and any sort of real honoring of that labor goes solely to White women. I’m so sad that every child doesn’t have access to the type of schooling you’ve described. But be careful.

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Hindsight Is 20/20: Living Your Culture In The Next Normal

Career Realism

It's now 2020: The pandemic health crisis is new, yet the economic dynamics seem eerily familiar. GoHealth Urgent Care is providing clinical back-up when employer resources are unavailable. (3) See Fortune 500 CEO Survey, May 14, 2020 2.)

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what are my obligations to my team when I’m also caring for a toddler full-time?

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And Lord help me, I cannot work while taking care of my toddler. flaky interviewer is causing child care problems how to explain lack of availability to clients what are my obligations to my team when I’m also caring for a toddler full-time?

2020 43

HR in private Slack channels, being forced to work a late shift, and more

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I suspect they will end up not assigning that shift to parents, or at least not to parents who cite child care responsibilities, and that’s going to cause even more resentment among the people who do get stuck with it. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2020 49

what to do if your company is making you return to your office before it feels safe

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If you’re unable to work because you need to care for a child whose school or child care provider is closed for reasons related to COVID-19, or if you need to care for someone subject to quarantine, you’re eligible for some expanded family and medical leave benefits (but only at companies smaller than 500 employees). A reader writes: I work for a 500-person company that has had all but 10 employees working from home since mid-March.

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Options For Working In The Educational Sector That Doesn’t Involve High School

Corn on the Job

It’s a very common stepping stone from child care workers or those that look after children in daycare centers. This could very well be a shock to the system and each individual child could display challenging behavior. Source – CC0 Licence.

2020 52

my coworkers rant about hating kids, I can’t wear a mask, and more

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For context, my company is fairly new, so no one has ever taken maternity leave (something they didn’t even have a policy for until last year), and none of the older coworkers have more than one child. is it okay to bring your kid to work when your child care falls through?

2020 40

coworkers’ kids are noisy at work, SAT scores in a cover letter, and more

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You may also like: is it okay to bring your kid to work when your child care falls through? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworkers’ kids are making it hard for me to focus. I am a little over a month in at a new job that I really like.

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we have a new paid (paid!) sick and family leave law

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But if you’re at a covered company, you are eligible for: • Two weeks (up to 80 hours) of expanded family and medical leave at your regular rate of pay (up to $511 per day and $5,110 over a two-week period) if you’re unable to work because you’re quarantined (via a government order or on the advice of a health care provider), and/or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and seeking a medical diagnosis. • These provisions apply through December 31, 2020.

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I gave relationship advice to my employee, company won’t hire me because of where I live, and more

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After several weeks of this, I decided to tell her that she needs to figure out a way to split the child care more evenly, and if he is supposed to be watching the baby during a meeting, he needs to step up and shouldn’t be bringing the baby to her halfway through.

2020 42

I’m pregnant and my new boss is the dad, coworker wants to keep us all connected in cutesy ways, and more

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She absolutely has to let your company know the situation because they can’t let someone manage an employee who they’re romantically or sexually involved with or the parent of their child (even if the relationship ended). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2020 44

I’m scared I’ll be fired for needing to care for my kid while we work from home

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Your employer can indeed tell you that you can’t homeschool a child during the workday. Pre-COVID, most employers that allowed working from home had policies requiring you to have separate child care if you had young kids; they didn’t want you trying to do both. One other thing: when you talk to your boss, I wouldn’t refer to “homeschooling” — just say you need to care for a child whose school is currently closed.

2020 30

how can we make sure flexibility for parents isn’t unfair to everyone else?

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My employer has been great about accommodating employees who have been juggling work and child care (even for those who have partners who are usually full-time stay-at-home parents). This is definitely the right thing to do, but it has meant those of us without kids are having to pick up some slack and also work around several different child care schedules.

2020 34

intern keeps pushing for a full-time role, can I invite people for virtual coffees, and more

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Some people are barely holding things together, with the demands of work, child care, and emotions that could be anywhere from stress to deep anguish. I am an RN, and now with COVID there is an increased chance of needing to wear an N95 mask for patient care.

2020 33

when can managers expect employees to adjust to the “new normal”?

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And for employees with young kids at home, nothing has changed — because schools and daycares and summer camps are mostly still closed, they’re still in the impossible situation of trying to work while doing full-time child care. A reader writes: Your advice around the pandemic and expectations for managers has been extremely helpful. However, I am struggling with when it is reasonable for employers to expect employees to get closer to pre-coronavirus work outputs.

2020 30

I’m in trouble for leaving for a business trip without a late coworker

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If she’d hit bad traffic, for example, or had a child care emergency or so forth and shown up 16 minutes late, it would be unreasonable for you to have already left. A reader writes: Recently, a coworker and I were assigned to go on a business trip for a work conference. It was held at a convention center in a different part of the state about two and a half hours away. We’d be taking a company car, and the drive there during rush hour can be horrendous.

2020 29

can I wear a baby during a video interview?

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Reasonable employers do understand that tons of people are home without child care right now. Obviously it’s not ideal for your partner to (a) not be able to take customer calls during that time or (b) have to deal with the baby interrupting a customer call — but it’s not ideal for you to be caring for a baby during a job interview either. If it’s at all possible to keep the baby in the care of your partner during the interview, do.

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