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How the #MeToo Movement Has Impacted the Average Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

The #MeToo movement even found its way into the American workplace, with 38% of supervisors reporting that after the movement began, they started to change how they interacted with employees. Is the #MeToo movement still impacting the average workplace? Women in the Workplace. Even before the #MeToo movement gained popularity, the face of the workplace was starting to shift. First, it’s caused some states to ban nondisclosure agreements in the workplace.

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coworker got obnoxiously drunk at a work event, can we tell people to wash their hands, and more

Ask a Manager

I am an HR professional and know the risks associated with slandering someone at another workplace, but do I have any professional responsibility to warn these businesses? Because of the spread of coronavirus, today all part-time instructors were informed that if the organization has to suspend programming for the rest of the semester, it cannot guarantee “uninterrupted, standard compensation” for us during that time. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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my ex-husband hired his new girlfriend, office freezer is packed with personal groceries, and more

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After about six months, he started dating a contractor at his workplace. Unless you’re in a state that considers accrued vacation to be compensation that can’t be later revoked (e.g., You may also like: my new coworker is the contractor who I fired last year my coworker wants the company to pay for a week-long sex romp with his fired girlfriend can I ask my coworkers why they didn’t hire my daughter? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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