Cut Once Measure Twice. HR Metrics for Training, Retention & Engagement


Increase Workplace Productivity Through HR Metrics. Impacting employees’ skills and knowledge can be accomplished through Hard or Soft Skills training. Cost-Benefit Ratio = Total Benefit ÷ Total Cost. ROI = (Total Benefit-Total Cost) ÷ Total Cost.

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [08.02.10] View Comments How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement If you are regular reader, you may notice that another recent post showed someone similarly posed. Today’s photo shows someone who has just accomplished something great.

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iCims: Integrating the Candidate Experience Into Your Hiring Solutions


iCIMS is a talent acquisition software that helps recruiters and HR hire better, faster, and smarter using an integrated platform that features tools like social media, job distribution, and reporting features to make hiring more cost effective and productive. Because each recruiter recruits and hires differently, the platform allows recruiters and users to accomplish this in the way that best works for them. Marrying Internet Hiring with Applicant Management. .

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Showing That You Are Qualified for a New Project

Careers Done Write

Update your resume with a listing of your recent accomplishments with focus on the ones that relate to the upcoming project. Dear Deb: What is the best way to show that I am qualified to handle a large, complex project if I have never led a project of considerable scope before?

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How to Fix Four Common Resume Mistakes

Career Solvers

Use bullets to express your accomplishments and how you perform your job smarter, faster, and more efficiently. These resumes show metric after metric – a 50% increase in sales, a $2M decrease in operating costs — yet they never explain how these stellar results were achieved.

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5 Characteristics of High Performance Culture

Ms. Career Girl

Empowered employees are able to make decisions about how they accomplish their goals and have control over their day-to-day experience at the company. The cost of employee turnover is high, and it’s usually better for a company to invest in existing employees rather than find new ones.

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8 Easy Ways To Put More Power Into Your Resume

Career Realism

Lead With Keyword-Rich Accomplishments. Now that you have gotten a prospective employer’s attention with your compelling branding statement, take full advantage of this opportunity by summarizing some of your most impressive accomplishments. Reference Metrics. Reduced costs $1.2

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Telework Week Pledges Filled Their Tanks with $2.7 Million in Commuting Savings; Demonstrated a Nationwide Impact

Telecommuting Journal

million in commuting costs, and gained back more than 148,000 hours by not commuting. based, full-time wage and salary workers teleworked two days per week for a year, they would collectively save $215 billion in commuting costs. billion in commuting costs. Telework comes at a time of increased importance on efficiency and a focus on building metrics, including improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and business continuity programs.

The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy: Coach Synder Effect


Layoffs cost your organization more than the size of its employees. It is more than can be easily illustrated in popular HR Metrics like the cost per hire. Layoffs cost your organization more than the [.] The Case for an Employee Rehire Policy.

3 Clues Your LinkedIn Profile Needs A Tune-Up

Career Realism

The fastest way to give your Experience section more punch is to add metrics and describe how your initiative created more… more customers, more profit, or more cost savings. Value-specific, metrics-laden content might convince employers and recruiters to give you a second look.

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3 Quick Fixes For A Lackluster Executive Resume

Career Realism

Metrics-driven, power-packed language makes it easy for them to see why hiring you will pay dividends. However, a business- centric technology leader can point out ways he or she has cut costs at the same time. Focus On Single Accomplishments.

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How Do the Best Executive Resumes Win Interviews?

Career Realism

The second example includes just one additional word, but the metrics and strength of the language clearly position the candidate as an executive leader. They use metrics to describe leadership achievements. Contract or cost savings.

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Seven Ways to Get Noticed in Your Job Search | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

7) The “Results&# section must include metrics. Below is an example of a resume that has been created by utilizing a job posting’s needed competencies and enhanced with a listing of results that include metrics. copied from Job Posting Description) CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS (matches Job Skills above with Results and Metrics added) Effectively utilized stimulation software EXPERTISE in 3D CAM and FEA/Stimulation software for product enhancement and./or

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I’m supposed to write 23 mini-essays in 24 hours before an employer will even interview me

Ask A Manager

Please describe one specific accomplishment in your career that aligns closely with the position. Membership Performance Reporting Analysis- Describe your experience and approach with strategic planning and reporting analysis with membership performance and metrics other than those related membership marketing including the following: · Membership Reporting & Analysis (Membership Counts & Revenue). Membership Year Over Year performance metrics.

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3 Steps To A Dollar-Driven Resume That Grabs An Employer’s Attention

Career Realism

After all, most leaders can point to the effect of their work on revenue, profit, and cost. 3 Steps To A Dollar-Driven Resume The trick is in sharpening your resume so it clearly demonstrates your effect on bottom-line metrics.

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3 Secrets To A Powerhouse Executive Resume

Career Realism

As shown in this example, you can mention an accolade, but focus primarily on the achievement behind it: Commended by COO for reversing decline in Product Manufacturing unit, saving 32% in production costs by leading new Lean Six Sigma projects. Metrics.

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Cover Letter Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips For A Great Cover Letter

Career Realism

For manufacturing, the key metrics are productivity, safety, quality and cost improvements. Original Article: “ 4 Goals Your Cover Letter Introduction Should Accomplish “). Writing cover letter after cover letter without any results can be a frustrating experience.

I don’t want to work with my estranged father, changing in front of coworkers at the gym, and more

Ask A Manager

And, finally, I’m so new to the company that I have no metric with which to gauge how reactions to this information would go. I am no longer 12 and trying to hide my body at all costs, so if someone glances over at me while I am changing, they will see me naked. Another accomplishment. Another accomplishment. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My amazing new job has a catch: my father. I just started a new job at what appears to be a great company.

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6 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting A Response

Career Realism

Accomplishments Are Not Highlighted. Use a highlighted accomplishments section to point out career successes that you’re proud of and that correlate to the position opening. Metrics, Facts, And Figures Are Nowhere To Be Found. Don’t just tell them you reduced costs; state a percentage or dollar amount. It can be hard to ascertain if it’s your resume, the job market, or who knows what else when you’re job searching and your phone just isn’t ringing.

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Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

The other concept, which vies for top position, is opportunity cost.) It costs me nothing (besides the initial down payment), someone else is paying my mortgage off, and I never have to think about it because I pay a management company to do that for me. we buy often things for a hobby or for others and this can cost much. Is this your first time here?

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You can be happier by reading this post | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

then being interesting is fundamentally a subjective thing, defined by other people's metric of what is interesting. Basically, in New York City and in some other, large cities, people pay a high premium — in convenience and cost of living — in order to be surrounded by interesting things and interesting people. Maybe they are happier than people in New York not because they are guided by happiness, but because their interested life does not cost them so dearly.

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Do you overemphasize happiness? | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Here's my stance on happiness and choices: For as long as I can remember, everyone in my life has been telling me that I am wonderful and that I can do and accomplish absolutely anything I want in life. People also live in big Midwest cities because (yes, it's easier, but also) they think that they can get something as high quality as in NYC or LA, but at a much lower cost. **You Is this your first time here?

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coworker monopolizes meetings with irrelevant topics

Ask A Manager

We have a regular staff meeting that was, for a long time, dominated by the boss, to the point where we didn’t accomplish any of the objectives that the meetings are for.

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