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The post ARE YOU BEING MENTORED INTO A CORNER? Mentors provide a ‘safe space’ to improve your technical or interpersonal works skills. For years, only men had mentors, and it was one reason women didn’t advance. Now, women are being mentored like never before. Mentors.

Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors

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Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to identify three virtual mentors. Mentors are important influencers in your life. We call these people “virtual mentors.” One of my virtual mentors is Marie Forleo.

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How To Be A More Valuable Mentor 

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What does it take to be a good mentor? Related: Mentoring Vs Managing: Does It Have To Be One Or The Other? However, the common denominators in what makes a good mentor will always include the following: An interest level in their subject and their mentee.

How To Choose Career Mentors

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In our career choices, it’s a good idea to have a mentor; someone we can trust to give good advice. But how do you determine who is going to be the best mentor for you? Have they followed their own advice?

Four Steps to Finding a Career Mentor


Having a mentor is vital for your career success, and discovering great ways to find a career mentor can be a shortcut to boosting your career. What makes having a mentor so great? If you are lucky, your mentor might even have tips passed down from his or her own mentor!

Advice for Choosing a Mentor to Help Grow Your Career

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Having a mentor can make it easier to succeed in work or in life. Knowing how to choose a mentor can ensure that you make the most of this beneficial relationship. Building Your Network Change How You Work career help Coaching mentor tag1Here are some fundamental attributes to look for in an advisor, and a step-by-step guide to finding the right one for you. Traits to [.].

6 Things You Must Do to Be a Great Mentor and Leader

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Mentoring is fundamental to being a successful leader. I have witnessed far too many leaders who do not invest time and energy – and you need both – in mentoring. If you do not mentor, then you will not light the fires in the people you are meant to be leading, and they – and you!

How to Avoid Bad Career Advice

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The post How to Avoid Bad Career Advice appeared first on Ms. It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, especially when it comes to career advice. How do you know what advice you can trust? Here are six tips to avoid bad career advice.

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Why YOU Need a Mentor.

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This means reaching out and asking this person to mentor you either bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly as your coach. Here is why YOU need a Mentor: Undivided Focus on You. Typically, your mentor doesn’t sit next to you every day and your mentor does not know your boss.

How Mentors Can Help Grads Get Their Dream Job

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I asked him what was the one piece of advice he received, prior to graduation, that helped him make a successful shift to life after college. Related: 5 Things My Mentors Taught Me. Matthew surrounded himself, and still does, with mentors who provide sound counsel.

What good mentoring looks like

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I would send her an idea, we would get on the phone and she would tell me why my idea wouldn’t work, and then she’d end up giving me career advice. This is the part where I give you career advice. MentoringThis is a guest post from Cassie Boorn.

Create Career Success By Becoming a Mentor

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Success Tweet: Find a mentor. Mentors are positive people who will help you find the lessons in your experience and use them to move forward. This is a long post, because mentors are an important source of career advice. The term “mentor” comes from The Odyssey.

5 Reasons to Find a Career Mentor


Find answers to these and other questions by meeting with a career mentor. A career mentor will provide direction for your career future and will set the record straight on many of your work-related questions. The following are five reasons why a career mentor may be right for you.

Mentoring vs. Managing: Does it Have to Be One or the Other?

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For the success of most businesses today, especially those hiring in Gen Y's, it is imperative leadership blend managing and mentoring. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Internships advice career job manage mentor promotion search

Do You Have a Mentor? You Should!


Do you have a mentor? Perhaps you are a mentor to someone else and don’t even realize it. Who do you call for advice in life in general? Chances are these top 15 people in your list of dialed calls or emails sent are your mentors. Don’t have a mentor?

Linking Career Advice & Authenticity


Or should you heed the career advice given during annual reviews to mold yourself into the career persona your company admires to get that next promotion? In my 30’s, I was given the advice “don’t worry too much about your weaknesses, just focus on your strengths.”

25 Twitter Chats for Valuable Career Advice

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If you’re looking for help in your job hunt, this chat offers some of the best advice out there on filling out applications, interviewing, and the entire job hunt process. Are you making the most of LinkedIn to get career advice and opportunities?

Dispelling Bad Job Interview Advice, Part 2

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Frustrated with interview advice that missed the mark, I started the week with a post that provided better guidance to job seekers. Advice given: “Cover up the question with any productive activity that you have done during the time right like attending course to improve knowledge.”

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Why You Need A Mentor And How To Get One

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Last night, I was fortunate to have a conversation with a highly successful entrepreneur who offered some excellent advice for improving and growing my business. This experience made me think about the power of mentorship and why you need to be mentored by someone who has been there.

5 Ways To Scare Away Your Career Mentor

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Wherever you are in your career, seeking out a mentor is a great way to boost your career and expand your network. In fact, 75 percent of executives say mentoring plays a major role in their career — and 95 percent of Millennials just starting out their careers want a mentor.

Mentors and Advisors: The Significant Role They Play in Growing Your Business

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To succeed, particularly in the beginning stages of any business venture, it is ideal to rely on the support and assistance of others including mentors and advisors. Mentors and Advisors: What’s the Difference? Though business advisors and mentors have very different focuses (i.e.

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Help a Sister Out… Become a Mentor

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If you have endeavored to give someone whom you believe to be promising an opportunity it is important to create defined goals with her and undertake a mentoring process to help her obtain the expertise that will help your company succeed. What does it take to be a mentor?

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Is Your Friends’ Advice Ruining Your Career?

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It also might be the most important piece of advice you get this year… about taking advice. You see, advice is a tricky thing. But have you ever asked yourself whether that advice is working for you? Especially when it comes to success and your career, advice can be a dangerous thing. My Dad has one idea about success, and would give me different advice than my friends, co-workers, or boss. Bad Advice = The Worst Decisions Of Your Life.

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Take more advice. It will help you.

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So he finally took the advice he’d been getting for a while. So my editor is going to ding this post if I don’t get useful right now: You have to take advice. I take advice really well. Everyone can benefit from listening to other people’s advice.

The 5 Professional Development Pillars of Real-Life Career Girls

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Ann’s advice to other women is to, “Be open to ideas – now I’m open to the idea of being a business owner. As Alyssa Rapp builds here latest company, AJR Ventures , she still considers it her career’s mission to simply work with and be mentored by extraordinary people.

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can I ask my boss why my coworker quit, mentoring a student with questionable social media judgment, and more

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Mentoring a college senior with questionable social media judgment. My alma mater recruited me for an alumni mentoring program, which connects successful professionals with undergraduate students interested in similar career paths. I’d love to help her succeed (she understands basic professionalism over the phone/via email), but don’t know how to help her when she won’t register the very basic advice I’m giving. It’s five answers to five questions.

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Do You Know Your Story?

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The post Do You Know Your Story? appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The story you tell yourself throughout your personal and professional life is one of the most important parts of building an excellent relationship with prospective employers, clients, prospects, and peers.

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The Best Give Career Advice You Ever Heard for Your Workforce


Best Career Advice from Industry Professionals. So we asked them, a group of well-respected seasoned professionals about the best career advice they have ever heard, given, or received. Their answers and advice might surprise you, or maybe not.

A Teacher’s Perspective: Career Advice I Wish I Would Have Followed

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Before, during and even after college, I was given a lot of career advice from my family and mentors. Most of that advice was ignored, because it would have required me to take a great leap of faith.

how can I keep my former boss as a mentor?

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So, after giving me lots of great advice about job-searching and helping me network (introducing me to people, bringing me to events with him, etc), he recommended me for a great full-time position somewhere else, which I was offered and ultimately accepted. While we had no formal mentoring relationship, I always thought of him as a mentor, and I would like to keep in contact with him.

How Mentoring Relationships Helped Create the Thornburg International Value Fund

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At Position Ignition , a lot of the key concepts associated with mentoring form an important part of the career guidance programmes we provide to our clients. Career Confidence Executive Career Advice

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12 Tested Ways to Manage Your Peers

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The responsibility of managing former peers is one of the most difficult encounters in any leader’s career. All of a sudden, you have been promoted at work, now you have to manage your peers. To know how to successfully manage your peers, explore these 12 tried and tested ways to manage your peers.

Why “2 Years of Experience” Applies to Entry-Level Jobs

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Mentors to guide you as you develop your skills. The stories they share, the key lessons they impart, or the advice they offer on how you can tweak your approach — they are all worth their weight in gold. …and How It Helps Your Career.

Job Search Advice: Walking The Path

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Good job search advice is only helpful when it gets followed. Or share advice on job search strategy, career networking or ways to maintain confidence during a long job hunt. But sometimes near the end of a conversation I get a sinking feeling that the advice will be under-utilized.

I was asked to work more slowly so others don’t look bad, the purpose of a mentor, and more

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What’s the purpose of a mentor? You discuss mentoring fairly regularly, and I don’t know if it’s a country thing (I’m Aussie) but I’ve had very little exposure to the concept. I was wondering what makes a mentor, and what differentiates a mentor and someone you just regularly complain to? So should I look higher in the ranks for a mentor? Mentoring definitely isn’t about venting.

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Is Your Friends’ Advice Ruining Your Career?

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It also might be the most important piece of advice you get this year… about taking advice. You see, advice is a tricky thing. But have you ever asked yourself whether that advice is working for you? Especially when it comes to success and your career, advice can be a dangerous thing. My Dad has one idea about success, and would give me different advice than my friends, co-workers, or boss. Bad Advice = The Worst Decisions Of Your Life.

The Power of Professional Lineage Mentoring


Although it’s easy to understand the benefit of providing for one’s children and emulating the investment tactics of Warren Buffett, fewer people understand the benefit of supporting and mentoring their co-workers without the apparent benefit of immediate, personal gain.

What Do You REALLY Want to Do? - BLOG - Career Advice.


Lew Sauder, Author, Consulting 101: 101 Tips For Success in Consulting ( February 17, 2011 | Lew Sauder This is great advice. Others could include parents, academic advisers, internship coordinators, mentors, and so on.

update: how can I back out of a mentoring relationship?

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We have a late-breaking update in our “where are they now” update series: Remember the letter-writer wondering about how to back out of a mentoring relationship that was more like intensive remedial coaching ? She provided one update last April , but here’s a new one: I did take your advice and told the person that I didn’t think there was much more return to be gained by meeting so regularly. update: how can I back out of a mentoring relationship?

4 Lessons from My Mentor

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Take a few breaths and keep reading, because I am going to share with you four concise lessons that a mentor once taught me: 1. I will always be grateful to my mentor for sharing this insight with me. For more about my mentoring experiences, check out Employed Panache.