What is the difference between an Investment Bank and a Retail Bank?

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To help you understand investment banking, it’s best to differentiate it from the type of banking that you have experience with: commercial or retail banking – the banks that you see on the street. The banking sector is split into two fundamental divisions: Investment banking and retail banking. Investment banking is split into front office, middle office, and back office activities. Chances are the role you are imagining is a front office role.

A Quick Way to Solve a Problem with Trade Capture in Trade Life Cycle

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The rewarding trade capture within a trading system occurs when the trade facts are sent to the back office instantly, through an interface for operational processing. This requires either collection by or distribution to the middle office or settlement department for operational processing. Front Office. The front office, commonly referred to as the Trading Floor, performs two main function – Trade Capture. Middle Office. Back Office.

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I feel guilty about leaving the team I manage

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Due to a variety of corporate-level decisions, my job has gotten harder to enjoy as my team has become more and more unhappy with the retail side of the company (pay, hours, staffing, etc.). Because of that, my employees have been moving into more back office positions, promotions that I have helped develop them for and supported.

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Employers Blocking Employees from Social Media Access

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I was spending so much time on the phone with them going over spreadsheets on the phone that I need to be able to send email back and forth. Flash forward to 2009, when every company realizes that email and Internet access are key tools for most back-office employees in the company to do their job. An online shoe retailer that has blown the door off marketing and expanding their sales opportunities and customer support through the use of Twitter.

25 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism #AutismAwarenessMonth


AutonomyWorks, a Chicago based company offers operation and back office work that companies would have sent offshore in the past. Retailer, Home Depot Hires Autistic Workers Since 2010. Retailer, Home Depot was one of the first organizations that committed to hiring autistic workers. These are often small requests such as noise canceling headphones or wearing hats for light sensitivity inside the office. April is Autism Awareness Month.

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Interview: Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

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They have 4 outlets right now (2 retail stores and 2 pushcarts), and will be opening a new store in Causeway Point in June ’11. Citrusox has regular leggings that are appropriate for everyday, office wear, as well as fashionable leggings for streetwear. Back Story on Citrusox. A pushcart is a small retail space commonly found in local shopping malls. I run the back office, which includes barcoding, staff training, ordering of stocks from suppliers, and so on.

short answer Sunday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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I work in a medical office with five other people, two of whom are the owners. I have many back office tasks and responsibilities that are undefined but solely mine; like being the only employee who interviews new hires, I do all of the training, handle all patient complaints and disputes, and am asked by my bosses to coach my coworkers in sales and patient care, etc. I replied back with a thank-you note and said that I would be interested in the position.

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how can I follow up without being annoying, people ask “who’s in here?” when I’m in a bathroom stall, and more

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I have a mainly back office position and don’t work with customers or external partners for the most part, but sometimes I have to request documents for compliance. I have frequent back and forth with several key partners. Sometimes I only get one or two TPS sheets back when I need four, sometimes it’s the wrong name, and sometimes I receive them much later than the deadline. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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short answer Sunday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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Harassment laws don’t stop when you walk out of your office; they cover interactions between employees that happen on the evenings and weekends and in locations far away from work, so the fact that your actions were taken via your home email is irrelevant here. I don’t have any experience in retail, which often operates by different norms, but I’m posting this in the hopes that someone who knows more than me will weigh in in the comments.

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