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Job Search at Work? 5 Must-Read Tips


Put less pressure on yourself by job searching while employed. There are always individuals with jobs who for one reason or another choose to search for a different position. When those cases arise, it behooves the individual to be as discreet as possible so that their present employer is not privy to their search, something that in the end could cost the employee their present job. Being employed increases your value as you seek another job.

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How Can I Get a Job Following a Termination?

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One of the toughest situations individuals can find themselves in is trying to locate a new job after they’ve been terminated from a prior position. While there is hope of finding a job after a firing, the odds are definitely increased for such individuals. For those individuals who come across such a situation, keep these factors in mind: Accept the facts – It is never easy to be fired from a job, especially from a financial stand point.

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