5 Reasons Why Recruiting Sucks


Try finding a PhD job candidate for a specialized position in Wyoming. Whether it’s the resume black hole or that pesky background check process, the recruiting and human resource tools and technology help us sometimes more than they hurt us. So join me on the Twitter to discuss Zero Unemployment using the #zeroue hash tag, check out the Facebook Fan Page , and learn more about how to get involved at our unofficial movement page.

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“After severance, what you CAN and CANNOT say”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Cheyenne, Wyoming. In fact, these are the three things almost all former employers will share with prospective employers who are engaged in confirming prior employment and “personal background checks.”. Question: I was laid off a few months ago in what they called a “position elimination.” While I disagreed that is why I was chosen, I did, with your blog help, get a better package. Thank you!!

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