Want To Learn New Age Banking? What Are The Prerequisites For It?

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With the banking industry constantly evolving to keep up with new technology, there is a surge in jobs in entirely new categories. New age banking is no longer a dream but a reality that all banks are transitioning towards and the career opportunities created are diverse and exciting.

Investment Banking Business Model and Financial Stability

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Investment banking is the clear winner when it comes to advisory and mediation roles. With so much to offer, how does investment banking generate revenue and profit? How does an investment bank thrive? Investment banks generate revenue from dividends too.

Are Fintechs Really An Enabler For The Traditional Banks

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But, since then, the technology has taken a diversion towards the consumer-oriented services. Fintech is expected to change the face of the banking sector in the next two decades. Other than PayPal no one has really disrupted the banks.

How do I get into Investment Banking?

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There’s no doubt getting into investment banking is hard primarily because it is the most prestigious job in the Financial Services Industry. Traditionally, companies hire from elite universities and colleges for their entry-level position, but things are changing as banks understand the need for diversity and different backgrounds. Here are some of the usual, and unusual paths, to an Investment Banking career and some tips on how to secure that lucrative job.

Are There Enough Opportunities in the Banking Sector

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India’s Banking sector is expanding. Based on certain reports, it is expected that the Indian banking sector could rank as the fifth largest banking and financial sector by 2020, and perhaps even the third largest sector by 2025. Which is indicative that the banking sector is growing faster than ever. Currently, the Indian banking industry is worth Rs 81 trillion, and it will effectively see a growth due to many factors in the future.

Why You Need to Bank on Your Employer Brand

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Talent attraction for banks can be very difficult, it’s a high pace industry with a very ‘men in suits’ image that in many ways is only appealing to men who seek to live that lifestyle. Why You Need to Bank on Your Employer Brand.

Are Fintechs Really An Enabler For The Traditional Banks

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But, since then, the technology has taken a diversion towards the consumer-oriented services. Fintech is expected to change the face of the banking sector in the next two decades. Other than PayPal no one has really disrupted the banks.

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Let’s Talk About Drag Queens at Work


Why is all this diversity so important? Because it allows your company to reflect the world around you and makes your team better able to develop fresh ideas that will meet the needs of a diverse marketplace.

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Reading fiction helps your career, but reading poetry helps more

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Eliot worked in banking. DiversityWe have known for a while that people who are most successful in business read fiction. And people who read fiction have more empathy , no matter where they land on the gender or personality trait spectrum.

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Why Jason Collins matters for your career

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At one point, during my last startup, I was crying in the lobby of Chase Bank because we ran out of money and none of my employees would get paid and it was the week before Christmas. Diversity Jason Collins is a professional basketball player who just announced that he’s gay.

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Top 20 Global MBA Courses 2011

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1 school for MBAs in the past three years, LBS is known for the diversity of careers its alumni enter into, including banking, journalism and real estate investment.

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Considering a Career as a Small Business Owner? Opportunities in the UAE

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Economic activities in the UAE are diverse, and including global banking, tourism, entertainment, luxury services, oil services, import-export businesses, port and shipping services, retail, agriculture and many other industries. Smart Money.

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WORKPLACE ARTIFACTS: "Patient Zero" Drives Dress Norms at Your Company.

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Before joining your company, your employees had a much greater degree of diversity in the way they dressed. It's a bank.". Are you, like, a bank teller?". Ever notice that everyone in your company pretty much dresses the same? Me too.

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How Can Shared Core Values With a Company Get You Hired?

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If a company says, they embrace diversity and community, is it reflected in management and volunteer community? Bank of America is another good example of stating what their core values are but also showing how it manifests throughout the company on their YouTube channel. –

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The 11 Best Spring Reads For Female Entrepreneurs

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We’ve curated a selection of the best books for female entrepreneurs to read in 2019 picked directly from the bookshelves of a diverse group of impactful leaders around the globe. In India, HDFC Bank is one of the leading home loan lenders for the booming country.

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Making A Career In 5 Most Lucrative Industries

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Banking and finance industry : This industry is giving tremendous job opportunities to people worldwide. Banking is the fastest growing segments of the economy, but this sector is always in search of highly qualified and skilled manpower. Investment banking.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Technology for Financial Services

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The right technology will offer new avenues for banks by opening revenue channels, by enabling the banks to serve more customers with diverse requirements in a cost effective manner. Mobile banking can assist banks to reach to customers and target population in areas they could not find a cost effective way to build branches. Digital technology is driving the ever changing market, in an exponential manner.

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Top 10 Cities For New Grads

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New York City, NY – The city that never sleeps is high energy and culturally diverse. Though diverse as any city, Baltimore tends to struggle keeping inner city crime at bay. For those ready to graduate this spring, have you decided where you’re going to live?

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Knowledge Series: What is Asset Management? And How Does Mutual Fund Structure Work in Asset Management?

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In asset management the investors capital is invested in diverse reserves like Bonds, Real Estate, Private Equity etc…, these asset management firms manage plenty of funds for either corporates or individual clients, within the lines of a particular mandate. This is a good thing as having a diverse pool of clients gives them greater value options, which in turn assures better capital appreciation opportunities, and thus mitigates the risks to an extent.

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Despite Economic Challenges, the Trends of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Make Them Viable

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More than 80 percent sponsor local charitable activities with more than 87 percent conducting on-site activities such as blood banks and food drives. Nominations Open for 2012. WARREN, Mich.,

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Top Internship Programs Announced

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I truly believe it is the best investment bank at which to begin a career,” commented one survey respondent about their experience at Evercore. Investment Banking Internship: Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst & Summer Associate Program.

How to write a powerful one page resume (5 tips)

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Showing a diversity of experience and skills can be effective, but done wrong this can do more harm than good. If you worked in banking but was always interested in tech, you can show your passion for tech through a side project.

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DylanListed, The Go To Job Site for the Differently Abled

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Are they really embracing inclusion, not just diversity? Bank of America support services in downtown Dallas focuses hiring and training differently abled. Are they really embracing inclusion, not just diversity?

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10 Happiest Big Companies of 2011

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Bank of America: As the largest bank holding company in the US and the world’s largest wealth manager, Bank of America also has great management, according to employees who reported to CareerBliss. There’s a solid board of directors that oversees international operations of all services including: banking, financial services, and investment services. Bank of America has over 288,000 employees.

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The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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On one hand, they need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able”, to promote their personal brand , and to provide social proof of the claims they’ve made in their personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.).

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Good with Numbers? Here are 7 Jobs with Your Name on Them!

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There is nothing wrong with this – after all, we humans have evolved to be a diverse bunch and the world needs many different skills to ensure life ticks on without too much drama. Economists also go into banking, business, and the public sector. The post Good with Numbers?

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The Skills You Need To Excel In This Fintech Era!

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But in a diverse, complex and fast-changing industry like FinTech, the following skills are also required. Doing an internship with banks or other financial institutes will help you with the lack of financial soundness.

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Introduction to Fintech

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Fintech is basically referred to as a broad term which is mainly used to describe those companies that usually apply cloud-based tools, open source software and other various kinds of technologies in order to improve the field of banking and finance. Various electronic devices like smartphones and technologies like mobile banking, investing services, cryptocurrency is such services which usually end up under the ambit of financial technology.

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What To Do If Your Company Doesn't Give MLK as an Official Holiday - But You Think You Should.

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If you don't have it, employees and candidates are increasing expecting it as a holiday, and MLK - rightly or wrongly - can be used as a proxy for commitment to diversity by vocal, mobilized special interest group and employees alike. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Most Interesting Career Options With a Law Degree That You Haven’t Thought Of

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Compliance officers in banks and corporations are often non-practicing attorneys. Non-legal career options for law school graduates abound in industries as diverse as real estate, government, business, insurance and publishing. Most students go to law school to become an attorney.

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What Are the Top 7 Python Libraries popular in the Fintech Sector?

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In today’s world, financial technology has become synonymous with lending, hedge funding, insurance, financial transactions, e-banking, trading, regulatory mechanisms and a host of activities between these sectors.

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Leaders, Consider Your Introverts


People-facing jobs, like sales, management consulting and investment banking are dominated by extroverts. Numerous studies have demonstrated that diversity on teams brings better results. This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

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The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online

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The Internet is filled with a wealth of knowledge and the courses available will be enormously diverse. Free online courses will provide you with the education you desire, without draining your bank account! The post The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online appeared first on Ms.

Awesome Career Paths with a Project Management Degree

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2) When I switched my career path from Banking to Marketing, this was the first skill that I identified as totally lacking in myself and totally crucial to my success.

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Stay Away From These Online Job Scams

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In the payment forwarding or processing scam, the victim is asked to provide bank account information to the scammer (the new employer) or to open a new account using information supplied by the scammer. The number of online scams is huge and growing.

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Friday Five: Year-End Bonuses


Not only is business booming for Hilcorp, but it consistently ranks highly in best workplaces and most diverse workplaces lists. Jonathan Hoffman, a former Lehman trader now at Barclays, claims he was never paid a promised $83 million bonus for making the bank $700 million in profits.

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25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

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Industry: Finance and banking. Applicants must be ethical, demonstrate leadership, achieve results, be a strategic thinker, have technical competence and embrace diversity.

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Incentive Programs for the Hourly Workforce


Dealing with a diverse population where people are driven by different things can make it challenging to use a one-size-fits-all model. This way the cash liability doesn’t hit the bank immediately but it provides employees a little extra time off from work.

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Digital Skills and Asian Job Market – What You Should Be Aware Of!

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From traditional banks and consumer retail companies to upcoming start-ups, digital skills can get you a job in a host of varied and diverse companies, roles and profiles. Digital Skills. With increasing digitization of everything from payments to record keeping, the demand for digital skills in the job market is on an ever increasing trend.

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Why We Work


If you’ve watched either show, you know all about the character Mike Ehrmantraut, played by the three-time Emmy nominee, Jonathan Banks. I worked all summer, usually ten hours a day, and by the time school started that $20 a day turned into more than $1,500 in the bank.

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Examine Your Hobbies & Interests to Discover Your Career Path

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making a difference, being needed, talking to diverse groups of people, being in a busy environment. If you need a family environment at work, with friendly and supportive co-workers, an investment bank might not be your place.

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

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She has gone from Big Bank to Startup Bliss to Self-Employed. was founded by a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds spanning education, human resources, technology, administration and business development. Finding the right job opportunity is hard enough but it’s only half the battle. When you finally get that chance how do you make sure you don’t lose it? The below blogs offer more advice than any young job seeker would ever need.

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Avoid, If You Can, The “Obsolete Job” Trap

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Item : President Obama recently asked members of an audience to raise their hands if, in the past few months, they had any contact with a bank teller. Steer away from “Commodity Careers.” – Bank tellers are being replaced by ATM machines. Also, as our world shrinks, and cultural diversity increases, consider the advantages of becoming multi-lingual. . “My father worked for the same firm for twelve years. They fired him. They replaced him with a tiny gadget, this big.

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