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How to Recruit & Source Candidates on Twitter


It’s no secret that Twitter is an information search engine. He later realized via Twitter once the news broke of the raid, how exactly he had been involved. Recruiters and hiring managers can also leverage this tool as a candidate source a number of different ways.

Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

Executive Career Brand

Your email signature is another opportunity to position yourself as a good-fit candidate. Below that I note a few credentials, then list my social media links — blogsite, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter — and close with my contact info.

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How to Find Talent Using Twitter Search #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

There are lots of benefits of using Twitter as a recruiting tool, from the huge user base of engaged professionals, hashtag and keyword search-ability, the ability to segregate users into talent pools using lists and many more! How to Find Talent Using Twitter Search #TechTuesday.

Setting Up Your Twitter Account for Employment

Resume Bear

Twitter provides a free platform to showcase your skills and talents to potential employers. Twitter also enables you to network and build relationships with people who can help you to climb your career ladder. You can also add a link to your blog or website.

Top 25 List of Twitter Hashtags for Human Resources & HR


Obviously, I’m a fan of social media and online engagement whether you are building relationships or establishing a presence with employees, candidates, or potential customers and clients. It’s no longer enough to tweet or post a blog. Popular Hashtags on Twitter.

Move Over Twitter. Snapchat is Newest Social Recruiting Strategy


Snapchat is a great tool to share with friends and randoms quick photos and now video quickly. They received over 2,000 videos using the service as a video interview introduction and screening tool and plan to hire about 20. Is Twitter Recruiting so 2013?

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The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

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There are many career-related blogs that provide helpful information by seasoned professionals, recruiters, authors, career experts, and those who want to share their own job search experiences. To jumpstart your search, we’ve compiled 50 of the best job-hunting blogs out there.

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5 Powerful Twitter Tips for Business Newbs


Twitter went IPO just a short two weeks ago with the stock opening at $26 and ending it’s opening day at $45.10. As I type this today, Twitter is holding steady at $41.31. Social media notably Twitter has an easy barrier for exit and entry. Twitter is about being personal.

How to Hire International Candidates [3 Tech Solutions]

The Undercover Recruiter

You need to find a way to personally connect with a candidate without spending an arm and a leg. You need to be sure that, once hired, the candidate will actually pull up stakes and move to your company. What technology do you use to connect with international candidates?

Executive Job Search: How Recruiters and Employers Find Candidates.

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

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How Disney and 5 other Top Employers Use Twitter to Recruit

The Undercover Recruiter

Tweet Facebook, with over 900+ million users, is the go-to place for recruitment advertising and employer brand-building, but you can’t deny the benefits of being on Twitter. 23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt.

4 Tools to Monitor & Measure Your Employment Branding Efforts


Employment branding is one of the most powerful tools recruiters have available to them today. It’s true that social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram give you the perfect platforms to flex your employment brand, but it goes far beyond those spaces. It’s for this reason that we should be measuring them not only through social analytics but a number of other tools as well if we want to grasp their full impact.

4-Step Recipe To Become a Golden Job Candidate


Imagine you’re a recruiter who was hired today to find a suitable candidate for the most recent job title you’ve held. Could you find the best candidate? You can follow her career advice on Twitter at @resumeservice.

4 Ways to Use Video Tools Like #Blab & Periscope in Your Job Search


Like any social media platform or tool, it’s about connections, building rapport and relationships that are the differentiator in any business including how you look for a job. Candidates you are referred to a job are 14 times more likely to land the role.

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Corn On the Job’s Top 25 Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow

Corn on the Job

Top 25 Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers to Follow. #1 You can check out his blog/website at [link] and make sure to check out, “10 Signs You Are Being Lazy on Linkedin” #2 – @JobHuntOrg. Check out Steve’s blog, [link]. #13

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How to Share Your Jobs on Social Media [Top Automation Tools]

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For most recruiters these days, it’s important to maintain at least a LinkedIn or Twitter presence. The functionality is not just for candidates who want to subscribe to the latest jobs from your company, but can also be used to supercharge your recruitment initiatives.

Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter

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Even the likes of Instagram and Slack are being coined as candidate sourcing tools, alongside market leaders LinkedIn and Facebook. But what about Twitter? Recruiters, Listen in as James Tozer of The Economist Talks Twitter.

Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

Resume Bear

Managers interviewed said they remove more than one in five (21 percent) candidates from consideration after speaking to their professional contacts. Great blog btw! Jun, 2010 at 7:44 am I entirely agree that a blog. Jun, 2010 at 2:38 am Nice site, blog and content.

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A Hiring Manager’s Starting Guide to Twitter

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Twitter has to be a part of your network. As part of the updated hiring book, I have a section devoted to networking with Twitter. So, here is what I’m telling hiring managers to do about Twitter. This is just a start of what you can do with Twitter, not all you can do with Twitter. Be Professional on Twitter. Make sure you have a professional Twitter name. Decide How Interactive You Want to Be on Twitter. Twitter is a social network.

BlogTalkRadio Interview: Using Job-Search 2.0 Tools.

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Tools I was invited by Roxanne Ravenel of The Savvy Jobseeker to participate within a live blog/radio chat relative to tapping and properly utilizing job-search 2.0 also means that next generation of tools that allow a jobseeker to network, job-search, build a personal brand, and yes, conduct a proactive campaign. First, the next generation of job-search tools and forums allow the jobseeker to be proactive rather than reactive relative to their job-search and careers.

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Best of Blogging Your Personal Brand for C-level Executive Jobs

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I haven’t written about blogging – one of my favorite things to do – in quite some time. They are the single best tool for marketing my brand, my value to my target clients, and the kinds of services I offer. It takes time for your blogging efforts to gain traction.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Source Quality Candidates


Many recruiters receive training on how to source or find candidates but the sourcing bit is the less difficult part in our opinion. There are very cheap or even free tools like Netvibes, Sprout Social or Google Blogsearch that will allow you to find the conversations and where you find the right conversations you will often find the right people. Set up an online space like a blog or talent community hub and also set up the relevant social channels.

Why Twitter Lists are Great for Hearing Through the Noise (and Stalking People)

The Undercover Recruiter

Whether you’re on Twitter or not, you’ll know that it is a vast, noisy place. There’s no getting away from what people had for breakfast, the latest football score or an article on how to use Twitter better. I am a massive fan of Twitter and the Lists functionality it provides.

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10 Ways I Use Twitter to Build My Personal Brand

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

Source Qualified Candidates on Social Media in Half the Time


Often referred to as sourcing , organizations don’t wait for the job seeker to find them, they find the job seeker using the phone, personal networks or the internet to guide their candidate search. Candidate sourcing times can be reduced dramatically using this tool.

A Nifty Personal Brand Writing Tool: Wordnik

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

Which Recruitment Tool Should I Use to NOT Seem Like a Tool?

The Undercover Recruiter

Some others weighed in with their opinions about the validity of the tool, if he should be that excited and about the use of something like LinkedIn Recruiter in the first place. All the tools are equally great and all of them equally suck – it depends on what you’re using them for.

How to Screen Potential Candidates Online [Top 7 Tips]

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For most employers, this online screening is an important part of their due diligence – using public information posted by the candidates themselves. Opening a Google Alert on each of your candidates’ names can provide ongoing monitoring throughout the application and interview process.

How To Break the Tie – When You're One of Two Great Candidates

Career Realism

Rita Ashley, Career Coach Author: Job Search Debugged Twitter: @jobsearch4execs Job Search Software Job Search Software: Thanks for the tips because these will help in standing out from a sea of nameless faces.

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How to Find the Very Best Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

I’m often asked by my clients, “How can you help me to find the best candidate for our role”? Let me explain; there are essentially just 3 ways in which any organisation, large or small can recruit; You can access candidates through a database. How to Find the Very Best Candidates.

366 Job Search Tips for Every Day of 2016


Bad Facebook and Twitter comments can haunt you. Blog your expertise. If you blog about work, include it in your resume. Job listings specify salary to filter out candidates. Use Twitter to network and share advice. Track resume views with tools like Yesware.

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Walk Like an Egyptian…Think Like a Candidate

The Undercover Recruiter

I often blog tips for recruiters to help them with their option paralysis and here’s one tip I really think more recruiters should adopt: think like candidates… (walking into an interview like an Egyptian may just freak them out!).

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Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints : Halloween Caution: Job.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints Master Resume Writer | Certified Resume Writer | Expert provides free resume writing information, resume help, tips, advice, career job searching tools, online social networking via this Resume Blog, Resume Writing Blog, Career Blog.

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How New Job Search & Recruitment Tools are Changing HR

Corn on the Job

Yet again, I have another great research article and blog from Spherion’s Emerging Workforce Study findings. Today’s blog post will be talking about how the technology surrounding the job search & recruiting is changing the HR landscape. Spherion on Twitter .

5 Secrets to Surviving a Candidate Personality Assessment #thecandidate


It’s Candidate Experience week on Blogging4Jobs powered by the cool folks at Talent Circles. Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . Building a better candidate experience.

ResumeBear Uses Content Marketing To Explode Awareness

Resume Bear

While it can definitely give a boost, smart founders know that one of the most powerful tools to create sustained traction is content marketing. It’s not clear immediately how the company generates revenue, but my guess is that they charge employers for access to potential candidates.

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4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

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For the beginner, I recommend profiles on the big three sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media can be an amazing tool for the job seeker and can help them accomplish a lot of great things. Huhman on August 15, 2011 in Candidate Advice.

Three Ways to Add Value to a Company before Getting Hired

The Job Quest

When zeroing in on a specific company or actively going for a particular position, you want to do everything you can to rise to the top as a quality candidate. ‘If Comment on their company blog. Say that they have a blog that offers news and commentary on happenings in the industry.

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Time to Clean Up Your Online Identity

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She says that “candidates who don’t have any online presence are just as troubling” as those with inappropriate posts. Have you noticed how more and more websites are giving you the option to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter login while registering? Blog – Start one.

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Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

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I want to blog about the pearls I have gathered from a particular event I attended, namely Impact99!! It is not just an implementation of social tactics but employees are empowered to share, innovate and collaborate with these social tools.