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Ask A Manager

I’m in Boston, but many of my colleagues work out of our Boston office. For what it’s worth, everybody in the Boston office has probably left for the day and will not see any communication from me until tomorrow. I think that’s entirely up to what you’re comfortable with. Since they haven’t talked, I sense a blow up coming. Employee wants to work from home while caring for an infant. This will be her first child.

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employees aren’t covering their tabs when we go out for meals, my office is freezing, and more

Ask a Manager

As a result, one or two people (me and my assistant manager; I’m the manager) end up paying for the whole group. You have to speak up! Next time a group meal or coffee outing is being organized, say something like, “Just a heads-up that we’ll all be covering our own tabs.” And then if money isn’t offered up when it’s due, directly ask for it — as in, “Jane, I think yours was 10 bucks.” (Don’t It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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