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Sending work emails during a tragedy. I’m in Boston, but many of my colleagues work out of our Boston office. Can you think of a good way to handle work emails today? Our office was far away from the explosions, but that doesn’t mean that some people weren’t out there today, or that they don’t know someone there today. I work for a large (1,000-2,000 employees) nonprofit in Texas. This will be her first child.

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employees aren’t covering their tabs when we go out for meals, my office is freezing, and more

Ask A Manager

I have a question about etiquette and how to approach a subject with people at work. We work in a nonprofit where all salaries are low. Even though there’s a ban on space heaters, two of my coworkers keep one in their offices and are the only people comfortable during the work day. Turns out the person who was temporarily covering for this position (from an agency) ended up getting the position. He told me all about the company and the project managers who work there.

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