Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Other People, Pt 2

Hiring Technical People

In Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Women, Pt 1 , I wrote about the need to add women to your team, and what you could do. Surely, in the Boston area, there must be non-white, young and older people looking for jobs. You will definitely have a particular corporate culture. But, does that culture lead you to better products? Does that culture scale? cultural fit HTP ageism culture diversity hiring decision Hiring Geeks That Fit

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Tech Culture is in CTC’s DNA

Career Realism

Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) has a tech-centric culture that makes it easy for them to understand the needs of the talent they recruit. NOTE: Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about the company and why it can help you find better gigs in Boston! The post Tech Culture is in CTC’s DNA appeared first on CAREEREALISM.


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Hard Work And Ambition Are Rewarded At Drift

Career Realism

Drift is the fastest-growing technology company in Boston, but it remains committed to fostering a company culture of openness and teamwork. But, when you hire the right people, the culture often follows suit, according to Dena Upton, vice president of people at Drift. Drift Is Committed To Its Leadership Principles Upton says a big part of having the right kind of company culture is hiring people who will buy into the company's eight leadership principles.

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5 Things You Should Do To Revive a Toxic Work Culture

Ms. Career Girl

If the answer is yes, you may have a toxic culture at work. Work Culture exists on multiple levels. To create real and lasting change, your business must tackle cultural issues on both levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you turn-around a toxic work culture. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for repairing a damaged work culture. The first step is always to examine your business’s culture to identify your specific challenges.

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A New Book About HubSpot Reinforces The Truth About Your Culture.

The HR Capitalist

We all like to think our culture is special. Some of us talk about our culture without really doing anything to support it. Others work hard at culture, to the point where the cynic would claim there’s a cult-like feel to what’s created. . Hubspot, a beacon for company culture in the new economy, recently got reminded of this as Dan Lyons (a former Hubspot employee) released a new book called Disrupted. Culture Workplace

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Toast, Inc. Strives To Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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headquartered in Boston, is a cloud-based restaurant software company that provides restaurants with a management and point of sale system. Putting The Focus On Company Culture Toast is not afraid to boast about its company culture. Toasters work hard in a fast-paced environment, so having a company with a strong culture is one way to show appreciation for those efforts, according to Employer Brand Manager Natalie Audelo. The culture and environment is excellent.

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Culture Showcase: Fashion, Fun, And Bagels With The CEO

Career Realism

Each week, we try to showcase amazing companies that have cool company cultures. Today’s culture showcase is Rue La La , an online retailer headquartered in Boston. 5 Tips To Uncover Company Culture. Company Culture Is Important To Hiring Managers. The post Culture Showcase: Fashion, Fun, And Bagels With The CEO appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Take a peek at Rue La La.

Anti-Lebron: The Best Talent Culture In The NBA Is.

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Think you have a good talent culture? Points #1-3 add up to the following: The organization with a good talent culture routinely outperforms those who spend more on talent than they do. No doubt you can list other factors that must be present to have a sweet talent culture. Let's evaluate a real ecosystem and determine the winners and the losers.With the factors above in mind, who has the strongest organizational/talent culture in the NBA (pro hoops)? Culture Talent

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HR Capitalist Definitions: "Success Theater"

The HR Capitalist

Below is a quote from John Flannery, t he former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE who took over for Jeff Immelt (the guy who followed Jack Welch): “Flannery had taken to uttering a new mantra around the company’s shiny new offices in Boston: “ No more success theater.””.

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Non-Competes Can Hurt Your Hiring

Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job.

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Using Your Network

Hiring Technical People

Q&A with the Recruiting Animal → Using Your Network Posted on May 13, 2008 by johanna I found my first job with the help of an on-campus recruiter, and with a local Boston-area recruiter. Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job.

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Agile Hiring: It’s a Team Sport Slides Posted

Hiring Technical People

I gave the “same” talk twice last week, at Agile Boston. Hiring Geeks That Fit cultural fit interview job analysis Now, I never memorize my talks, so it’s never the same talk. I record my talks so I can learn from them. I had to select which talk I uploaded to slideshare. Tough decision! I decided to upload the first talk, because I thought the quality of the recording was better.

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How to Save a Negative Company Culture


You might have started out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way your company culture took a nosedive. While it can be all too easy for your company culture to turn negative, there are still ways to turn the atmosphere around and get workers excited about coming into the office every day. Changing your company culture for the better will often necessitate removing your rosy glasses in regards to your employees and your leadership.

The Power of a Loose Connection

Hiring Technical People

I wanted to work at Symbolics, a local Boston company. It was great because I fit the culture. More than that, I fit the culture. That cultural fit is what sold my boss on me. Cultural fit is what is key. Agile Job Search cultural fit job description network referralIf you read this blog or my Manage Your Job Search book, you know I’m a big fan of networking with loose connections.

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A Different View on Decision Making

Water Cooler Wisdom

« New Episode: 30/20 Vision | Main | Mantra For Being Less Sensitive » July 13, 2010 A Different View on Decision Making   Ann MarieBland of Boston ,a video game marketing executive, was recently faced with two attractive joboffers.    Ann Marie made alist of pros and cons and did her due diligence on the two companies, examiningtheir goals and direction, funding, and culture

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What Questions Do You Have For Me?

Hiring Technical People

If you live in a major city, such as New York, San Francisco, or Boston, and commuting could be an issue, you might want to address that. These prep questions are a form of cultural fit questions. If the candidate doesn’t, consider one of these, or any of the other aspects of cultural fit. Hiring Geeks That Fit candidate cultural fit interview interview question

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Keys To Building A Winning Workplace

Career Realism

Steve Pearce assumed the role of starting first baseman for the Boston Red Sox in the 2018 MLB playoffs following an injury to primary first baseman Mitch Moreland, Pearce went on to win World Series MVP. Workplace Culture Is Essential To Success We've seen with many sports teams that just because you have the talent, doesn't mean you're going to win. Sports are a great distraction from everyday life.

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Are Your Leaders Deluded?

Water Cooler Wisdom

last fall, corporate culture expert Dov Seidman’s firm LRN and Boston. view of their organizational cultures is not in line with employee. The research, National Governance, Culture, and Leadership Assessment , included data from 36,000 employees in 18 countries and was detailed in The How Report: New Metrics for a New Reality: Rethinking the Source of Resiliency, Innovation, and Growth.  Culture HR Issues Management Office Politics

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Rajon Rondo, Slurs In The Workplace and "Maim Tom Brady".

The HR Capitalist

Rondo, a four-time All-Star, was ejected after receiving consecutive technical fouls during a losing effort against the Boston Celtics in Mexico City on Dec. Culture WorkplaceEver stop and think about all the things you heard/said as a kid, and how the world has changed? Kids used to play "smear the queer" with a football on the playground back in the day. Those kids had no idea what they were screaming could be considered a slur. .

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Moving Overseas For Your Spouse’s Job? The Most Important Thing You Will Pack is Patience

Ms. Career Girl

For over thirty years, I enjoyed a career in the world of non-profit organizations: fundraising for organizations I admired (such as PBS); helping corporations and foundations make strategic philanthropic decisions; serving on the boards of many civic organizations in the Boston area, where I live. How would I navigate the culture and language? The Spanish culture was also new to me.

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Building Business Within a Community

Water Cooler Wisdom

I asked three local business owners how they reinforce the strong community ties that can ultimately lead to more sales: James DiSabatino, owner of  Roxy’s Grilled Cheese  in Boston; Cheryl Munoz, co-owner of  Sugar Beet Food Co-op  in Chicago; and Janet Schultz, owner of Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning  in North Carolina. Best Practices Communication Creativity & Innovation Culture Entrepreneurship Ownership & Initiative People Skills

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Naive Intensions Are Good for Business


In the Nut Island Effect, managers lost sight of this vision resulting in management-employee alienation, and employee self-regulation of critical processes that ultimately led to catastrophic mission failure polluting Boston Harbor. Business HR conversation culture lead by example leadership theories nut island effect organizational leaders organizational leadership red rubber ball moment

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Telepresence Robots Coming to an Office Near You

Water Cooler Wisdom

She lives in Boston, but most of her colleagues are in an office in San Francisco, and she was feeling left out. Culture Current Affairs Daily Life Employment Trends Flexible Work Handy Resources Life Balance Life in the 21st Century Office Politics People Skills Productivity Professionalism Technology Troubleshooting

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The Dark Side of Telecommuting to the Office

Evil HR Lady

Not everyone loves working from home, and a culture that ends up encouraging telecommuting can often make the people who prefer to work in the office unhappy. Pratt , a management professor at Boston College that talks about this dark side of telecommuting. The perk that many, many people want ? The ability to work from home-either part time or full time. In fact, so many people want this that a lot of companies have implemented telecommuting policies.

Top 10 Cities For New Grads

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New York City, NY – The city that never sleeps is high energy and culturally diverse. Boston, MA – Boston has the lowest unemployment rate of the top east coast cities (7.1%), yet the cost living is higher than NYC ($1,112). Still, Boston hones many educated citizens and large companies. For those ready to graduate this spring, have you decided where you’re going to live?

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Eat Like A Local: The Five Greatest Not-So-Famous Local Cuisine

Ms. Career Girl

Eating like a local helps you appreciate local culture, so step away from the easy and obvious, and enjoy some of these lesser-known local cuisine favorites. Boston. Boston’s Chinese food is unlike any Americanized Chinese food you’ve ever experienced. A great deal of Boston’s immigrants come from the Southwestern China province of Sichuan, whose dishes typically employ dried chilies, chili oil, and Sichuan peppercorn.

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Best Career Coaches in Your City

The Corporate Con/noisseur

million people and is the seat of the cultural, financial, and economic center of South Florida. They offer both individual and group level coaching and can help a company with their organizational culture. Best Career Coach in Boston. Home to world renown colleges and universities, Boston is the 21 st most populous city in the United States. Being a port city, Boston provides access and opportunity to individuals looking to advance their careers.

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Three Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community

Ms. Career Girl

From Boston to Bangladesh, creative entrepreneurs are building companies at the cutting edge of digital fabrication, augmented reality, design and entertainment. Unlike many tech founders, most creative entrepreneurs are also inspired by social outcomes such as engaging disenfranchised communities, providing a living wage, and building culturally connected communities. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.

10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day

Ms. Career Girl

Four young immigrant women in Boston use their weekly pottery making group as a setting to launch their dreams, ambitions and heart’s true desires. From the first word to the last, this unputdownable novel celebrates the art of overcoming oppression, cultural prejudice and the embracing the strength found in female friendships. The post 10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Real Career Girls CEO Spotlight: Annbeth Eschbach, Exhale Spa

Ms. Career Girl

And to me, that means sorting out what the brand and Company needs to be successful, and structuring the organization, business practices, and culture to address those needs. In order for someone to be a good cultural fit, they need to be engaged, passionate, soulful, a team player, and have a very high work ethic. For others, who thrive in a high energy, high work ethic, and high achievement culture, Exhale is a rewarding, fulfilling environment and career.

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50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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CareerBliss’ 50 Happiest Companies ranked the highest among their employees on the key factors that contribute to the overall happiness at work, including the company culture, the work they do, how they work and the people they work with. Boston Scientific. CareerBliss announces employees’ choice for the happiest places to work!

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3 Art Exhibits Perfect For a Fall or Winter Getaway

Ms. Career Girl

Lurking behind all that glitz and glam are a wide assortment of culturally rich attractions. Available for your pleasure only until February 20, 2017, and organized in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, this exhibition brings together European and American paintings that showcase how images of urban and rural life changed in relation to the Industrial Revolution. The post 3 Art Exhibits Perfect For a Fall or Winter Getaway appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Race Matters in Hiring, No Matter How Nice The Cheshire Cat Grins

Competitive Resumes

And, a 2002 study in Boston and Chicago found that résumés of persons with names common among whites were 50 percent more likely to generate a request for an interview than equally impressive résumés of persons with names common among blacks. Remove the address and zip (area can determine culture or color). Any identifiable cultural associations with sports (once remove a client’s college tournament “Sweet 16” appearance). Race matters in hiring.

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Top Internship Programs Announced

Ms. Career Girl

The Boston Consulting Group. One survey respondent loved the idea of working at Google because it’s “a company where you must work very hard, but they also provide opportunities to play,” while others noted that Google “looks impressive on a resume, and it’s an amazing company” with a “cool culture” that hires the “best tech minds and “creative thinkers.”. The post Top Internship Programs Announced appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

Students and Grads Top 10 Companies

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When we looked at Top 10 lists for mid-sized companies (1000 – 10,000 employees) across different countries, some interesting trends emerged: The Boston Consulting Group & Facebook have the most global appeal to students and recent graduates – either of them appear in every Top 10 country list except Brazil. Use it to share career advice, insights on your company culture, and new opportunities. Top 10 Companies for Students and Graduates.

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Best Companies to Work for 2014

Resume Bear

The Boston Consulting Group. The other third is based on responses to the institute’s Culture Audit, which includes detailed questions about pay and benefit programs and a series of open-ended questions about hiring practices, methods of internal communication, training, recognition programs, and diversity efforts. Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work for 2014 List is out and Google tops the list again this year! List Rank. Company Name. of US Employees. Google. 42,162.

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Many Small Businesses Are Not Sustainable

Water Cooler Wisdom

by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT supported this point of view, finding that only nine percent of small companies (fewer than 1,000. In my Culture Beat column at the AMEX Open Forum, I explore. As Kelly Spors wrote in a March article for Small Business Trends , environmental sustainability isn’t nearly as prevalent in small. businesses as it is in the corporate world. Sure, some small businesses have jumped on board and are leagues ahead when it comes to energy.

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Life After College: What It’s Really All About

Ms. Career Girl

I think the stereotype of backpacking in Asia to find oneself is a stereotype for a reason—there is value to setting out with a few items on your back and the aim of settling into your own bones, particularly in a foreign culture. A graduate of Princeton University and Boston University, she recently moved to the northwest of the U.S. Universities and colleges award an average of 1 million associate’s degrees and nearly 2 million bachelor’s degrees to graduating students every year.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Positive

Ms. Career Girl

The mini-magazine delivers style-minded content, pop culture highlights and Instagram inspiration to inboxes daily in a format that can be easily digested in 5 minutes or less. Now, heading into their senior year at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University respectively, the duo is determined to supply stress-free, streamlined social platforms for young women to explore lifestyle, fashion and career topics.

Study finds a Third of US College Students would Rather Have Started a Business

Ms. Career Girl

For the study, entitled “The Multi-Generational Job Search”, produced by Boston-based consulting firm Millennial Branding and career network Beyond.com, found almost two-thirds of US employers would now consider hiring a candidate without a college degree. Some 43% of respondents taking part in the national study, which involved 2,978 job seekers and HR professionals, cited “cultural fit” as the single most important determining factor when making a new hire.

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The New Amazon HQ - Is the Key to Your City Winning The Competition Eliminating Non-Competes?

The HR Capitalist

Once Amazon announces a city for the new HQ, watch the activity that happens to lock down critical parts of workforces - pay increases, culture enhancement and yes - forced signing of non-competes for those that don't have them in place. Once, long ago, Silicon Valley had a serious competing tech district on the East Coast — Boston’s Route 128 — but, unlike California, Massachusetts enforced noncompete clauses.

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5 Things to Know about Business Trip Etiquette


While there are some similarities, it’s important to remember that you’re not only representing yourself while travelling for work; you’re also sending out important signals about your company — its culture, brand and products. Staff at a hotel in Chicago , New York or Boston may appreciate a bit more generosity than what you’d normally give in less-pricey locales. Traveling for business isn’t the same as going on vacation.

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My Week at the NBA Summer League In Las Vegas, Part 1 (Featuring Lessons on Talent)

The HR Capitalist

First hot take: the Utah Jazz have the best culture in the NBA. Danny Ainge, GM and President of the Boston Celtics plopped down next to us during the game after the Celtics played on Monday like he was a tourist from Des Moines who decided to pop over to the gym after growing tired of the games on the strip. Went to Vegas this week with a few bloggers of note - Steve Boese, Tim Sackett and Matt Stollak.