Creating Agile HR, Part 3: Possible Agile Hiring Metrics

Hiring Technical People

We also might want to look at sourcing in some way, another piece of cycle time. All of those cycle times create the lead time, the traditional HR metric of time to hire. Sourcing requires another team. That metric has too many pieces of the value stream as the only metric.

2017 212

Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

Sourcing, how and where you recruit possible candidates is a great way to use small, safe-to-fail experiments. Sourcing is a function of who you know, your network, and how well you can funnel people into your candidate funnel. Sourcing suffers.).

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The Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Recruitment Success

Undercover Recruiter

There’s no shortage of metrics available in the. The Top 5 Metrics for Measuring Recruitment Success Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruitment marketing success. Sounds great, doesn’t it? How are you measuring your team’s effectiveness?

2019 96

How HR Metrics & Big Data Can Transform Your Hiring


HR Metrics or Big Data. Leveraging data not just HR Metrics in human resources allows you to: Establish patterns. Why HR Metrics Aren’t Really Big Data. Learn more about how data can transform your recruiting efforts by registering for our webinar on Aug.

2015 171

Does Big Data Matter in Sourcing? #BigDataHR


Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that enable talent acquisition teams to strategically identify, attract and engage candidates. These methods provide raw data to help inform sourcing and staffing strategies… but these sources of data are just one piece of the puzzle.

Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire


I don’t necessarily put a lot of weight on the source of hire ,” shares Craig Fisher , head of employer branding at CA Technologies. “I I want to know the source of employee, as well as the source of impact.” So, why no love for the source of hire metric?

Ep 91 – Understanding Sourcing’s Role in Recruitment and Hiring


Sourcing. Episode 91: Understanding Sourcing’s Role in Recruitment and Hiring with Arron Daniels ( @arron_daniels ). However, Arron Daniels cautions me and our podcast listeners that sourcing although sometimes it seems that way is in fact not magic. Sourcing isn’t a band aid for your recruitment strategies. Sourcing is a long term strategy and practice. Arron says for sourcing to really be effective it needs to be proactive. Sourcing.

4 Keys to Recruiter & Candidate Engagement


Learn more about how to create great candidate engagement strategies by joining me 3/26 at 11 AM PST with SuccessFactors. The recruiting and hiring process is now one that doesn’t stop when a candidate is offered a job or began when they apply. Recruiters must create opportunities for candidate conversation, curiosity and research long before a job opening becomes available where they fit the bill. Recruiting suspect to candidate conversion.

2014 105

7 Technologies to Improve Quality of Hire and Hiring


That is a big question of concern for companies looking to hire better and lower cost and metrics by improving their quality of hire. Recruiter and hiring managers want less candidates of better quality. From there, candidates can prove what they know.

4 Ways Sourcers & Recruiters Can Show Recruitment ROI


Recruitment and Sourcing ROI. Every month you and your sourcing team should puts together slide deck of what was accomplished that month. I am not referring to metrics reports. If you look at the trends within recruiting on sites like

Human Work in a Digital World


Do In-House or Corporate Recruiters or HR Professionals rely on current employee incentives or employee referral programs to drive interest or garner candidates? Do you maintain a database of past applicants/candidates? How do you source new clients? Human Work.

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Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Trend #1 – Capitalizing on Technology


Among the key metrics that technology can help improve? Industry-specific and niche job boards, easy posting distribution, automated candidate sourcing, employee referral and social media programs smash old and staid notions. Healthcare Staffing & Nursing Shortage .

Jobvite 2018 Recruiting Benchmark Report: How Do Your Funnels Look?

The HR Capitalist

candidates per job to get a hire, and 90% of the offers are being accepted. . At Kinetix, our data follows our Show/Screen/Hire model, which goes something like this: Need an overview/executive summary metric that makes sense?

2018 129

Why We Must Stop Talking About Hiring “The Best”

The Undercover Recruiter

This also underpins the foundational concept of the job interview; by asking candidates about their past successes, you assume that past achievements act as a realistic predictor of future achievements. A number of talented candidates were rejected because they weren’t Bob.

2013 102

Creating Agile HR, Part 2: A Flow for Agile Hiring

Hiring Technical People

That’s why there are three columns before the Sourcing column. Sourcing needs its own flow, so the output of that column is on this board, but not the entire flow. Once the Sourcing activities provide candidates, there are people in the Ready to Phone Screen column.

2017 212

Should Recruiters Use Klout?

The Undercover Recruiter

Social media has revolutionised the way that recruiters work, so is Klout the next step in gaining an edge when sourcing the best talent? At first this sounds great from a recruiter’s perspective, as it is another tool to give you insight into the quality of your candidates.

4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

I explain that most recruiters and hiring decision-makers source and assess candidates by what they find in online searches of candidates’ names and relevant keywords that lead them to job seekers.

2017 245

How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

We believe that our world-class online representation through social media channels, a comprehensive global events calendar, our refined and personable careers site and our highly trained industry specific recruitment team have made us one of the pioneers of truly successfully direct talent sourcing.

2013 91

Process is the Ultimate Dictator in Your Recruiting Success


Source of Hire . Candidate Experience . It’s one thing to measure turnover, focus on retention and work to improve your metrics. These are demonstrated through metrics, analytics and measurements like cost of hire, turnover and retention.

2015 128

13 Common Remote Job Titles Without Location Requirements

Ms. Career Girl

Recruiters work to find candidates for open roles. They may write and post descriptions, reach out to qualified candidates, perform interviews, do background checks, and onboard new employees.

2020 172

Legacy Workplace Recruiting Practices That Must End


Candidate Hazing. Creating a candidate experience so dreadful, inconvenient and difficult that candidates have to take off 3-4 days of vacation in order to attend all your in person interviews. Otherwise, you should be compensating these candidates for their time with pay.

2015 143

The Biggest Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Career Solvers

Most people source their jobs through the hidden job market, the ones where opportunities are shared through close contacts and conversations. The candidate who lacks an MBA can show how they’ve solved business problems that are frequently solved by candidates who have the degree.

2016 80

Episode 5: 3 More Emerging HR Technology Startups #HRTechConf


Users are able to source, and engage and recruit candidates into a platform that is fully owned and customizable focused on building relationships with candidates regardless of if their is a current job opening or posting. CareerXroads 2014 Source of Hire Report.

2014 136

How to Make a Business Case for Hiring Military Veterans #SHRM16


There is no central database for employer and candidate matching. Measure at periodic intervals like quarterly metrics. It’s easy to overmeasure and be focused on the metrics. You want to make sure that while you are aware of the metrics, it’s not your number 1 focus.

4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


You might be surprised at how savvy recruiters and human resources professionals are when it comes to using social media for recruiting, sourcing, and workplace branding at your organization. An ATS is the online portal where a candidate applies for a job opening. Social Sourcing.

How to Write An Irresistible C-suite Executive Resume in 10 Steps

Executive Career Brand

That is, they source and assess candidates through Google search, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media. Everything in your resume has to align with what they’ll be looking for in candidates. Include 3 or 4 value-driven bulleted statements with metrics.

2017 251

Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

Executive Career Brand

Resumes have morphed over time from being a career history document often leading with an objective statement – to a career marketing communication showcasing relevant achievements, branding and metrics, to link good fit with value proposition. Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

2011 269

4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

I explain that most recruiters and hiring decision-makers source and assess candidates by what they find in online searches of candidates’ names and relevant keywords that lead them to job seekers.

2011 229

The Biggest Challenges in Human Resources


The Human Resources profession has seen many shifts in how work is conducted and how companies interact with potential candidates. The biggest shift comes from the source of hire. Base your departmental spending on specific HR metrics and the doors will open for your HR department.

2013 137

Be a Lean, Mean, Creative Recruiting Machine in 2015


Our jobs are extremely challenging thanks to a good economy combined with an increase in the number of candidates who are looking to make a move in 2015. These candidates are smarter and more secretive than ever about their 2015 job search. Candidate Relationship Management.

2015 137

Analytics & Execution is Key to Be Taken Seriously in Employer Branding


Long before employer branding was even invented, recruiters struggled with justifying their hiring efforts especially when it came to source and quality of hire. The more choices of candidate sources made the need for something to make sense of all it. It still makes me a little sad that even still 8 years later we are still allowing for candidate source self-reporting. We’re also communicating directly with the candidate more than ever before.

2015 103

Is It ATS or Recruiting That is Broken? #hrtech


We said goodbye to the file cabinets filled with handwritten job applications and replaced them with file cabinets filled with interview notes from those same candidates. With the invention of the ATS, companies could avoid interfacing directly with the candidate.

2015 121

A Day in the Life of an HR Professional


Check new candidate profiles. Call potential candidates for interviews. In larger organizations some of this can be broken up into different departments such as sourcing, benefits, and payroll.

2013 138

Ep 96 – How to Build Relationships Between HR Practitioners and Providers #hrtechconf


In my work as a consultant to providers and an advocate for practitioners, I hear of implementation horror stories gone wrong from both sides, pushy salesmen who oversell and practitioners who don’t circle back with metrics, analytics, reporting and feedback. Tim talks us through the types of metrics he uses to determine success. Danielle looks at the candidate quality in terms of the number of candidates from a source that pass the initial Amazon interview.

2016 68

3 Things to do to Improve the Performance of your HR Department


Is it tied back to sources of the candidates or training they have had or pay? Most CEOs don’t care about internal HR metrics. In October of 2012 KPMG published a study of 400 C-Suite executives. As you can tell from the title of this post, the news was not good.

2013 161

Top Interview Questions: 7 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your First Interview

Career Alley

Think of the answer to this question in terms of what you are personally good at that when applied with your skills, makes you the perfect candidate for the job? Sometimes, the interview process is influenced by ‘psycho-metrics’, body language and even handwriting analysis.

2011 295

Why Your Next HR Hire Should Be a Data Scientist


If you are like Best Buy and many other companies who follow brand guidelines over optimization guidelines you may be missing out on candidates). Why Hiring A Data Scientist Can Help Your Team Get More Money, More Traction and Better Candidates.

2012 139

How LinkedIn Has Changed Recruitment in the UK

The Undercover Recruiter

Well, for one it gives companies access to ‘passive’ candidates , or those not actively looking for a new job but who make up the vast majority of professionals. This enables employers to pinpoint the perfect candidates and engage with them directly through LinkedIn.

2014 109

The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


Perhaps it’s in retention, employee engagement/contentment which leads to still the greatest source of hire: employee referrals. Candidates. And the candidates – they are more “social savvy” than candidates and applicants of years past.

2013 149

A New Way to Envision Onboarding

Water Cooler Wisdom

At this year's  SilkRoad Connections conference, IDC Research Director Kyle Lagunas discussed the impact that social and mobile technologies have had on the candidate experience. Increasingly, candidates are our customers, hiring processes are collaborative, and talent acquisition and marketing are attracting top talent and managing company reputations via a powerful employer brand. The world of work is changing, and talent acquisition is no exception.

2016 40

Have No Fear About Scary Big Data #BigDataHR


Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that enable talent acquisition teams to strategically identify, attract and engage candidates. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify where your candidates are dropping off, and then make improvements to the process.

2014 128

5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


The recruitment process is a treasure trove of data that — when mined carefully — reveals important information on whether or not a candidate will be the high performing employee your organization is looking for. New hire performance by lead source. Improve the Candidate Experience.

2016 91

16 Deadly Executive Job Search Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Not developing benchmarks and metrics to measure progress. On-brand online information about you needs to be easily found by recruiters and hiring decision makers who source and assess candidates by what they find (or don’t find) about them online.

2010 270