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3 Benefits Of Working A Temporary Job Following A Layoff

Career Realism

One of those decisions may be to find a short-term job in the interim, while working on long-term career goals. Finding your next dream job doesn't always happen over night, but that doesn't mean you should give up on it. Some people refer to this as a "gap job."

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4 Things That Can Affect Your Career Choices

Career Realism

What would happen if you had some choices that you could control in your career? While it’s often true we cannot choose our co-workers, we can make conscious choices to improve our career prospects. Affect career choices image from Shutterstock.

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Words That Should Not Appear on Your Resume

Jennifer Anthony

Co-workers will undoubtedly surround you. Recent Posts Does Your Cover Letter Match the Job You Are Applying For? Job Search Success System Are you a do-it-yourself type? Check out this comprehensive job search success system & 12-week coaching program.

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Warning: Your Major is Not a Floatation Device

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Career Girl Confession : When I was in college I hid behind my major- big time. I am way too social, creative and ADHD for a career in i-banking. I brought my pretentious attitude with me to my first job in financial sales.

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