Do Cover Letters Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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Opinions vary on whether or not cover letters are even read – or needed – in job search. The reality is that plenty of people will be expecting a cover letter (or covering email message), and favor candidates with well-written ones that convey personality.

2016 Cover Letter Trends

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Let that sink in for a minute…What influence does our ever-shrinking attention span ultimately have on our job searches—and our cover letters? It means the cover letter as we know it traditionally is dead. Related: 11 Tips For Creating Compelling Cover Letters.

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11 Tips For Creating Compelling Cover Letters

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11 Tips For Creating Compelling Cover Letters. So, we’re agreed that it’s worth your time to write a cover letter to accompany your resume (see Why Cover Letters Count ). Now you’re facing the daunting task of making your cover letter worth reading.

Should You ‘Stop Writing Cover Letters?’

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“Stop Writing Cover Letters! RELATED : Need some cover letter advice? Less than 100 words into the article, a study is quoted that says “only 18% of managers think cover letters are important.” a cover letter can only hurt you.

Cover Letter Help That Gets the Job

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I often say that sending a résumé without a cover letter is like leaving your house with a shirt and no pants. A cover letter is part of your presentation – the entire package. Address the cover letter to a specific person.

7 Painless Tips To Writing A Job-Winning Cover Letter

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Do you hate writing cover letters? However, employers expect to see a cover letter with your resume. They read your letter and form impressions of you as a candidate based on what they read. Related: How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired.

4 Tips For An Effective Cover Letter

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In this article, we’ll be exploring some strategies for writing cover letters. So, take out your cover letter, dust it off, and let’s go. Related: How To Customize A Cover Letter For A Specific Job Opening. How To Write A Hot Cover Letter.

How To Write A Cover Letter That Practically Guarantees You An Interview

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How difficult is it to write a cover letter that makes a great first impression on a potential employer, highlights your best qualities, and makes you stand out? The good news is that a cover letter that does all these things will practically guarantee you an interview.

Make Your Cover Letter SHINE With These 3 Tips

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A well written, compelling cover letter can show the hiring manager that they absolutely must invite you for an interview. In my recruitment job, I see a lot of cover letters on a daily basis. Then put THAT in your cover letter. Customize Your Cover Letter.

Cover Letters, are they Really Needed?

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For years, experts have told job seekers that they must include a cover letter with every resume they send out. Or is a cover letter just a waste of time? What about the belief that your cover letter can serve as an attention-grabbing catalyst?

3 Tips For A Persuasive Executive Cover Letter

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As an executive, a cover letter is a crucial part of your job search package. Related: 7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter. In fact, use strong words and powerful verbs throughout your cover letter. 4 Secrets To Winning Cover Letters.

4 Tips For An Effective Cover Letter

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In this article, we’ll be exploring some strategies for writing cover letters. So, take out your cover letter , dust it off, and let’s go. Your cover letter has one purpose—and one purpose only: To get the hiring manager’s attention so he reads your resume !

How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired

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A great cover letter is worth the time and effort it takes to write it. Employers do read cover letters, and they do accept or reject candidates based on what they see. Related: How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired.

You’re Doing Cover Letters Wrong – Here’s Why

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Cover letters. Related: 3 Easy Steps To A Quick Cover Letter Makeover. Because you don’t think anyone will even look at your cover letter? I bet the REAL reason you hate writing cover letter is because you really have no idea HOW to write one. Here are some tips for writing a great cover letter that gets the attention of employers: 1. Here are some great tips for crafting a great cover letter introduction.

3 Easy Steps To A Quick Cover Letter Makeover

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One of the most common questions asked of job search experts is, “Do I really need a cover letter?” To set the record straight, yes, a cover letter is necessary. The cover letter influences the reader’s first impression of you. Cover Letter

Knock Them Dead with Your Cover Letter

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Your resume and cover letter should combine to deliver an effective “one-two punch” that grabs the positive attention needed to land an interview. Typical business standards of communication apply in any type of career search contact. Personalize the Letter.

Does Your Cover Letter Get An A Or F? Here’s The Test

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Does Your Cover Letter Get An A Or F? CAREEREALISM. Many proclaim cover letters to be outdated in an era of digital communications and ever-shortening attention spans. Related: How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired.

Are Cover Letters Really Dead?

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Are Cover Letters Really Dead? You’ve probably been told that cover letters are USELESS these days. Cover letters are a very important part of your job search strategy,” said career expert J.T. That’s what needs to go into a cover letter.”.

How To Customize A Cover Letter For A Specific Job Opening

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Related: 4 Inside Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter. The answer: by creating the best cover letter possible. Make The Cover Letter Specific To The Position. You tailor the cover letter to the job itself. How To Write A Hot Cover Letter.

Is Your Cover Letter Riddled With These 4 Mistakes?

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Some people meticulously write their resume but then treat their cover letter as an afterthought, resulting in a mistake-riddled, dull and underperforming document. The post Is Your Cover Letter Riddled With These 4 Mistakes?

5 Key Steps To A Cover Letter That Opens Doors

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Don’t forget to send it under cover—a powerful cover letter , that is. While a great resume can open doors, a compelling cover letter can be an equal (if not MORE) important part of your pitch for employment. career Cover Letter

5 Cover Letter Techniques = Spellbound Hiring Managers

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Bottom-line is, a cover letter’s purpose is to lure the reader to, well, read your resume and call you for an interview. My answer is, you can —but how do you know your competition didn’t submit a persuasive cover letter that just about nudged you off the top spot?

5 Key Steps to a Cover Letter that Opens Doors

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10 Cover Letter Tips (Booklet) |

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5 Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of Job Boards » 10 Cover Letter Tips (Booklet) Written by Teena Rose, Writing an effective cover letter is getting tougher and tougher. How do you start the cover letter? How do you write a cover letter that doesn’t look like the millions of others this hiring company will receive over the next week alone? Download: 10 Cover Letter Tips (PDF) Related posts: Pssst!

Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies

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The post Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Job Search Executive Resume, Career Biography & Cover Letter executive resume writing

Why I Won’t Be Reading Your Cover Letter

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Active job seekers are sending out countless cover letters as quickly as humanly possible. Is that a smart job search strategy, though? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Resume & Cover Letter advice career cover letter expert job search

Why Cover Letters Are Relevant & How to Prepare Them

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter There are mixed messages in the value of a cover letter. In one instance, a recruiter proclaims, “Never waste your time on a cover letter. I never read them,” while in the next instance, in an equally insistent manner, a hiring decision maker says, “Always write an introductory letter to your resume.

Cover Letter Tips |

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Contact Resume to Referral; Leading Resume Writing Service (937) 325-2149 2nd Edition, Just Released; Updated for 2010/2011 Download: Designing a Cover Letter to 'Wow' Hiring Personnel Need a great cover letter for that special job opening? You need an eye-catching, interview-producing cover letter.

5 Cover Letter Must-Avoids |

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» 5 Cover Letter Must-Avoids A cover letter carries a lot of weight, when written correctly. Why should I care about writing an amazing cover letter? Visit any one of your favorite job boards, and type in “submit cover letter” within the search bar.

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Example of an Effective Cover Letter |

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Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « Does Your Cover Letter Contain a “HEADLINE?&# In just 3 ½ minutes you will have an amazing cover letter guaranteed to cut through YOUR competition like a hot knife through butter!”

Four Tips for Career Change Cover Letters

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A client recently asked, “How do you write a cover letter for a job you have no experience in? It can be difficult to write a cover letter for a position when you don’t have any previous experience in that field.” cover letters career change cover lette

Career Management for a Winning Job Search Strategy

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That is why this conversation is a MUST listen to for your career management goals. Donn Levie is a speaker, trainer, author of the just-released book, Strategic Career Engagement, The Definitive Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted. It is a frequent faux pas in career management.

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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

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Click here to register for a reminder to my interview with him on “How to Put Together a Winning Job Search Strategy&#. Power of a cover letter A cover letter is a helpful tool to share your resume. This is particularly true when sharing career highlights.

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4 Steps to Customizing Your Cover Letter for Any Job | Career.

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Here are a few simple steps to customizing your cover letters (and if you don’t think you SHOULD customize your cover letter for each application you submit then we have bigger problems than I thought…) AN UNFORGETTABLE OPENER Here’s a mistake I see more and more job seekers making… they’re opening line on their cover letter says “please accept this in response to the (position) advertised on….”. Give them fresh information on the cover letter.

How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

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Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely search for social proof (or online evidence) to corroborate the claims candidates make about themselves in their personal marketing materials (resume, biography, cover letters, etc.).

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6 Executive Job Search Email Content Blunders

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Think of an email message in the same way you would a snail-mailed job search (or business) letter. These will typically be career documents (resume, biography, etc.).

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5 Cover Letter Mistakes You're Making & How to Avoid Them | Career.

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Although many people believe cover letters are a waste of time, I always read a candidate’s letter first thing. To ensure you spark the hiring manager’s interest so they move on to your resume, avoid making the following mistakes: Mistake #1: Failing to Tell Your Story Your cover letter is your chance to convey your passion and interest in the position and organization. When those don’t work, call the receptionist to simply ask to whom to address your letter. (If

Oh, How the New LinkedIn Has Changed!

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Most of the strategies I recommend in them haven’t changed much over the past year but, as I got into LinkedIn particulars, I quickly realized that my content updates were going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. I just completed updating my 3 executive job search ebooks.

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3 Modern Job Seeking Strategies You Need To Know

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3 Modern Job Seeking Strategies You Need To Know. Well, it’s the same situation when you apply for a new job… Yet, so many people use strategies that worked 10 years ago. Recruiters and employers have seen the same, boring resume and cover letter format for years.

4 Goals Your Cover Letter Introduction Should Accomplish

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It’s no secret every element of your cover letter is important from top to bottom. But the cover letter introduction may be just a bit more significant simply because it works as the bait to lure in your readers, encouraging them to learn more about you.