5 Reasons to Unfollow Career Obstructing Social Media Contacts

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Guilt by association on social media is a reality. Even if you’re not looking for a job, but you are seriously networking for your next career move, people connect with you on your values as well as career aspirations. Your career is at stake.

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How To Apply Social Media Skills To Face-To-Face Networking

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How To Apply Social Media Skills To Face-To-Face Networking. Related: Top 10 People You Must Have In Your Network To Find A Job. You don’t know them very well, but you figure it would benefit you down the road in your college career.

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3 Ways To Make Your Online Networking Count

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The best way to land your next great-fit gig is networking – fortified by targeting and personal branding built around your value to target employers. Along with so many other aspects of executive job search in the digital age, networking has changed and expanded.

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How Social Networking Can Boost Your Career

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Traditional methods in searching for employment opportunities involved many time consuming consultations with CV agencies or browsing broadsheet newspapers… In 2014 the key method is social media. How Social Networking Can Boost Your Career.

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How Do I Rebuild My Network for Executive Job Search?

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4 Steps to Revive and Expand Your Network. We discuss the fact that, by far, networking is the best way to land a job and that job boards yield dismal results. They’re concerned, and rightly so, that they neglected their network once they landed their current or most recent job.

How to Write a C-suite Executive Career Brand Biography

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When I first speak with potential c-suite clients, we discuss their job search target and goals, and which of the services I provide they’ll need to accomplish their career goals. Which of your personal attributes have been most beneficial to you in your career?

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What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?

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What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You? Related: What Your Social Media Says About You To Employers. If you maintain your social media profile, it’s worth considering what your profile conveys to a potential employer as well as to potential colleagues.

Create a Handbill if You Want to Stand Out at Networking Events and Job Fairs

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Let me share a valuable conversation I had with Jessica Dillard is the founder of Dillard & Associates is a National Career Staffing and Resume Writing Firm. She has been listening to the podcast, and from time to time conversate on social media. Resume handbill Networking

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Study: How Do Employers Manage Social Media?

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Social media has become a major player in recruitment (and well, everything else), so it is important to understand how companies are using it today. This is their fourth survey in a series looking into the role of social media for employers. career facebook linkedin resumebear twitte

C-suite Executives and Social Media: Are You Resistant or Engaged?

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The opportunity cost for executives who ignore social media is the loss of voice, and it enables others to shape the brand story and influence brand reputation. Alternatively, C-suite executives who embrace social media gain a competitive edge.

How to Makeover Your Resume for Social Media Marketing

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Naturally, this means the old ways of job hunting are on their way out, and those who are searching for a new career have to adapt their application methods in a way that helps them market themselves to today’s hiring managers. Include Any Relevant Career Experiences.

3 Reasons Why Companies NEED Employees On Social Media

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3 Reasons Why Companies NEED Employees On Social Media. Social media is taking over. With such a wide reach of engagement, social media is an incredibly powerful tool. Here are three compelling reasons why your company NEED employees on social media: 1.

How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

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Are there really rules for etiquette on social media? Social media like any other form of communication has its own nuances about how you should behave properly online. Sharing: Social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals.

5 Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

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The post 5 Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Looking for the top 5 tools for managing your company’s social media profiles? Using these tools will go a long way in streamlining your social media management tasks thereby empowering your company’s overall online success. Managing Social Media Profiles – The Quick List. Managing Social Media Profiles – Our Detailed Overview. Career Girl.

Career Networking Do’s and Don’ts

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Here are the keys to successful networking for your job -search. Do realize why networking is so important. Do read our article, Networking Your Way to a New Job. Do think creatively about where to find network contacts. 2 way to make network contacts.

The Definitive Social Media To-Do List For Job Seekers

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The Definitive Social Media To-Do List For Job Seekers. However, since the advent of social media, social networking tools have transformed approaches to recruiting and they are now a primary source of new hire leads for employers and recruiters alike.

How to Network Your Way Into a Great-Fit Executive Job

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You’ll probably have to do a lot of networking to find and land your next gig. Then you’ll network your way into the companies you’ve targeted those job search marketing collaterals towards, whether or not they’ve posted openings for jobs you want. How to Build Your Executive Network.

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The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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Then, the interviewer begins by asking for the username and password of all your social media accounts. Recent employment practices show your interview starts long before you arrive; it starts online with your social media accounts. Welcome to the age of the “social media interview.”.

Social Media Strategy Tips for Career Management ~ Part 2

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Social media is impacting the world of work and it can have a profound impact on your career if you understand how to use it. Social is here to stay, necessary and fundamental when it comes to managing your career.

6 Ways To Use Social Media To Network After College

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Nearly everyone in the professional world has some kind of a social media account. Who would have thought that all that time you spent managing your MySpace would turn into practice for finding the right career? LinkedIn is the premier social network for professionals to connect.

New Grads Embracing Social Media as Job Search Tool

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New college graduates are embracing social media as a job search tool, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Grads Use Social Media for Networking and Researching Employers.

Is Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

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You hear the word “networking” in a positive light most of the time, but think about it: Who are you networking with? It’s true; your online lifestyle can ruin a career opportunity.

Tips for Improving Your Networking

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Welcome back to our second installment of tips for improving your networking skills. Read on for more tips on how to effectively chat people up at those networking events that we all love, oh, so much! Embrace Social Media.

How Employee Networks are Powered by Social Media

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The best candidates for your jobs are often times part of your existing employees’ networks. The definition of employee network has been widened with the growth of social networks, meaning we can. How Employee Networks are Powered by Social Media.

Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

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Ten years ago, the mere thought of using social media to hire or fire someone was completely unheard of. How can social media play such an important role in employment today? career facebook jobs linkedin resumebear twitter

5 Ways To Network Outside Of The Office

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5 Ways To Network Outside Of The Office. Nothing replaces face-to-face networking, and for those who are job hunting, networking is every candidate’s lifeline. Networking is also important, however, for those who are working. Join local networking groups.

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Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

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I have been networking, meeting people face-to-face on my favorite topic. Yes, social media. I do have others but hey, I am on social media pearls! Sidneyeve definitely masters the social media need and language! Social media opportunities does not come gift wrapped.

5 Tips for Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search

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One of the well-known ways to land a new job is to network. Whether networking with colleagues from work, friends, professors from school, or in other areas, networking plays a vital role; giving us access to people who can recommend us for positions or simply inform us of them.

The Power of Social Media Recruiting Infographic

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use social media, while almost half of firms provide links to social media on their career page section. While social media is working for recruiters and employers, candidates need to be more careful than ever when using social media sites.

Five Helpful Methods of Incorporating Social Media as You Look for Work

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While the Internet—and especially social media—has been brushed off in the past as a means of finding work, it now can serve as an extremely valuable tool during your job search efforts. Social media is just that: social! Take Advantage of Popular Social Media Platforms.

Finding Social Media Jobs is Easy

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Social networking sites not only help people to keep in touch but they also make job searches much easier. If you have the right skills and know how to network with the right people, you will be able to land your dream job quickly. 3 Ways to Land a Job in Social Media.

Using Social Media in Your Search for a Job: ResumeBear

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The evolution of the Internet and social media websites means that job hunters and employers are fast realizing its potential in finding and filling jobs. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking for a job in marketing that requires social media experience.

7 Ways Your Social Media Profiles Are Killing Your Career

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Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest may be fun places to hang out, but did you know they’re also great places to grow — or completely ruin — a career? Related: What Your Social Media Says About You To Employers. 6 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid While Job Seeking.

Networking: The Art Of The Cold Call (Or E-mail)

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Networking: The Art Of The Cold Call (Or E-mail). Calling someone you don’t know, or even sending an introductory e-mail, can be terrifying for even the most expert networker. Related: Top 10 People You Must Have In Your Network To Find A Job.

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How to Use Instagram as a Recruiting and Networking Tool

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It may sound like an unlikely use of the platform, but it can actually be a really good tool for networking and reaching out to candidates. How to Use Instagram as a Recruiting and Networking Tool. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

How to Become an Engaged Leader Using Social Media

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Should leaders be active on social media? How to Become an Engaged Leader Using Social Media. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Business Social Media CEO Engaged leader Networking thought-leadership

How to Use Social Media to Build a Great Personal Brand

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Want to be highly successful in your career and stand out within your industry? Social media plays a key role in this, as it will often be the first point of call for people who want to learn a little more about you. How to Use Social Media to Build a Great Personal Brand.

Improve Networking Skills - Learn to Network for Success Now

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Learn how to improve your networking skills now. Develop your core networking ability to ensure career success by watching this 40 minute webinar on-demand: Network for Success. To view all career topics on-demand see our Full Webinar List.

Social Media and the Hiring Process

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Social Media has greatly changed job search for the job seeker as well as the organizations that are doing the hiring. The post Social Media and the Hiring Process appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Social Media: Making it Work for You.

Using Social Media to Get Hired?

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If you’re not using social media to help you land your next job, you’re not getting on the radar of recruiters and hiring managers. It’s becoming the new job search secret — 37 percent of employers currently use social media to research job candidates, and an additional 11 percent plan to start doing this in the future. Now, more than ever, recruiters are relying on social media sites to help round out the candidate search in addition to perusing resumes and cover letters.