Kelly Robinson & Broadbean Technology Join Forces with Job Board Giant CareerBuilder


Last night, it was announced that CareerBuilder has acquired Broadbean Technology for an undisclosed amount. Just a sales lunch. Nearly five years ago, I sat in a Newport Beach restaurant waiting to meet Kelly Robinson , the CEO of Broadbean Technology.

New CareerBuilder Study Reveals Lessons for Job Seekers & Recruiters That May Surprise You

Telecommuting Journal

A new study from CareerBuilder answers these questions and more, providing unique insights for both job candidates and the employers who want to hire them. and Canada by Inavero on behalf of CareerBuilder and completed in July 2013. CHICAGO, Oct.

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6 Pro Tips For Job Searching on Online Websites & Job Boards


Major job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster and job board aggregators like Simply Hired and Indeed are some of the most popular ways for companies to develop a candidate pool when looking to fill an open position. TIPS FOR JOB HUNTING ON CAREERBUILDER, MONSTER, ETC.

5 American Hiring Trends to Watch in 2017

The Undercover Recruiter

has seen in a decade with 2 in 5 employers (40 percent) planning to hire full-time, permanent employees over the next 12 months, according to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast. Employer Recruiting careerbuilder contract forecast full time Hiring jobs part time Permanent temporary

2017 91

Does Your Office Need a Swear Jar?


According to a 2012 CareerBuilder study , men and women both swear on the job, but men more so than women. No real shocker there, since Los Angeles made CareerBuilder’s list of U.S. My grandma used words like fudge and sugar when she swore.

2012 140

Statistics are Dead, Not Job Boards


Here’s some news…, interestingly enough, Monster is still big and still kicking, Careerbuilder is still building, theLadders is still being climbed, there’s no gamble at Dice, and Craigslist is making Craig rich. I appreciate statistics, but… what do we really see?

Job Hunting in Toronto

Ms. Career Girl

Job Search canada jobs careerbuilder If you’re anything like me, the rampant stupidity blasting from every single news report you see lately has you crying, “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada.”

2013 173

What Job Boards are Most Useful for Applicants?

The Undercover Recruiter

When it comes to general job searching, Monster , Careerbuilder , and Indeed definitely run the game. Both Indeed and Monster produce more candidates that do not have any college education than Careerbuilder. Job Board Monster careerbuilder Dice indeed job board

Social Media and Your Job Search

Jennifer Anthony

Long Live the Office Romance | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, February 14th, 2011 Long Live the Office Romance CareerBuilder recently surveyed close to 4,000 workers for their annual Valentine’s Day Survey and The Vault conducted an office romance survey recently as well.

2011 78

How to Prove You Are an “A” Performer to an Employer

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 How to Prove You Are an “A&# Performer to an Employer Careerbuilder recently surveyed close to 3,000 hiring managers to see what the hiring trends for 2010 will be.

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How to Avoid the Job Search Rut

The Undercover Recruiter

Depending on your industry, general job sites like CareerBuilder or Monster can be great resources for starting your search, posting your resume and getting an idea of the current demand in your field.

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What’s Missing During the Job Search? Mutual Respect

The Undercover Recruiter

Conventional job boards like Monster, Dice and CareerBuilder , and job aggregators like Indeed and Simply Hired are a start as are corporate careers websites and using LinkedIn. By now, most job seekers know some of the ways to apply for jobs.

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Forget the Thank You Letter, Lose the Job? | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 22 percent of the 2,800 employers surveyed said they were less likely to hire a candidate who neglects to send a thank you letter.

2011 67

One Wrong Move, Your Facebook or Twitter Could Cost You Your Job.

Catherines Career Corner

CareerBuilder Catherin Adenle Catherine's Career Corner Facebook Get Hired Job Seeking Strategies LinkedIn Market Yourself MySpace One Wrong Move Social network service Twitter Your Facebook or Twitter Page Could Cost You Your Job. Tweet Written by Catherine Adenle I just read Jeff Bullas’s interesting and apt post on the 30 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media. So, I thought I should write an article around the subject and aim it at the gainfully [.].

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She broke my heart when she asked, “Is LinkedIn the same as Career Builder?”

Corn on the Job

Social Media Careerbuilder LinkedinSomething very disturbing happened to me last week and after I pulled my jaw up off the floor I realized I needed to share it here. A recent college graduate that I’m friends with on Facebook had a status that said, “Jobs… Jobs&#.

2011 111

Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster

Catherines Career Corner

Download, save or read free career eBook from Monster. As you know, here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we offer you free straight forward career guidance and self-help that is critical in ensuring that we provide you, our readers with effective career support. Download a free career eBook from Monster. We take great care to ensure that [.]. The post Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

Will You Succeed in Your New Job?

Catherines Career Corner

All about Jobs Career Advice Career and Job Search Tips Career Management Career Tips Job evaluation Job Search Job Searching Jobs Jobs and Careers Keeping your job Career Career advice career builder career career builders Career help Career Success CareerBuilder careerbuilders Careers civil service jobs craigslist jobs dream job Employment federal government federal government jobs federal inded federal jobs Find Jobs government indee indeed indeed jobs

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Fix the Problem before It Occurs: Hire the Right Candidate


A survey performed by CareerBuilder revealed that 41 percent of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $25,000, and 25 percent said it costs more than $50,000. And the higher the position, the higher those numbers become. Besides such costs, which are extraordinarily high—and which can be avoided—there are other contributing elements: ones […] The post Fix the Problem before It Occurs: Hire the Right Candidate appeared first on WorkAlpha.

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10 Epic Job Seeker & Work Centric Super Bowl Ads


2) Time for a New Job from CareerBuilder – 2009. 4) Business Trip Ad by CareerBuilder – 2012. 10) Wild Jungle Ad by CareerBuilder – 2007.

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77% Of Currently Employed Workers Compete For Your Next Job


But a recent CareerBuilder study projected that 77% of currently employed workers are searching for a new job. Let’s examine CareerBuilder’s projection. That’s an eye-opening number if you’re looking for a job.

15 Funniest Job Search Super Bowl Ads


Super Bowl XLV CareerBuilder 2011 “Parking Lot&#. Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Job Fairy&#. Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Office Fart&#. Super Bowl XLIV CareerBuilder 2010 “Casual Fridays&#. Super Bowl XLIII CareerBuilder 2009 “Tips&#. Super Bowl XLIII CareerBuilder 2009 “Kick Ass&#. Super Bowl XLII CareerBuilder 2008 “Wish&#. Super Bowl XLII CareerBuilder 2008 “Heart Quits&#.

The History of the Job Board [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Monster and CareerBuilder (originally Net) began in 1994. Infographic Job Board board careerbuilder Craigslist history job job board Monster StepstoneThis infographic (from Sample Job Descriptions ) shows the history of the job board, especially online. Takeaways.

5 Careers to Go For in 2013


A recent joint report by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl can help, by identifying the jobs with the greatest potential for growth in 2013 and beyond: 1. Many people today are still out of a job, and trying to decide which field to go into can be a confusing mess.

2013 249

All the Online Tools Available Make a Job Search Simple! Right?

Career Rocketeer

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Google+, YouTube, Quora, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, GlassDoor, Indeed, SimplyHired, LinkUp, and countless other online resources would seem to make a job search in today’s world a simple proposition!

“You expect me to believe THAT??!!”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Recently CareerBuilder did a survey of 3,974 workers and 2,494 employers on employee absenteeism. Craziest Reasons For Calling In Sick. Here are some of the “excuses” given for not being able to report to work: “My toe was stuck in a faucet.”. “A A bird bit me.”. “My

2013 172

6 Tricks to Increase Your Odds on Job Boards

Career Realism

Major job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster are one of the most popular ways for companies to develop a candidate pool when looking to fill an open position. CareerBuilder alone boasts 2 million unique users per month according to a report by Cnet News last year. With unemployment at its. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search Resume & Cover Letter blog career management online profile recruiter resum

Stress and Sedentary Behavior Leads to Weight Gain at Work

Career Solvers

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, the stresses associated with full-time employment may be a contributing factor to weight gain among US employees.

2015 88

#HRTECHCONF: Useful Stuff From The Hallways.

HR Capitalist

That's why I was excited to find out about a CareerBuilder For Employers freebee related to career paths and interests called Use it with your kids - it's a great way that CareerBuilder is using the resources they have and offering something for free to the world.

2015 83

Get More From Job Boards!

Career Rocketeer

Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, and the hundreds or thousands of other job boards online, and consolidation sites like Indeed and SimplyHired are great resources to find potential openings in your field. Most job seekers, however, don’t use them as effectively as they could for their job search. There’s the obvious benefit of finding appropriate jobs that are [.]. Job Search SEO1

Update: 85% Of The U.S. Workforce Competes For Your Next Job


A CareerBuilder study late last year projected that 85% of US workers were searching for a new job - the numbers haven't changed much this year. Learn what that means for your job search. Continued at [link].

Working From Home – Productivity Driver or Drainer?

Telecommuting Journal

The results of a new CareerBuilder survey on telecommuting may bolster the arguments for both sides. CareerBuilder’s survey results, visually: Sources: CareerBuilder Infographics. CareerBuilder Infographic on

Social Media and Your Employer – Too Much Intrusion?

Ms. Career Girl

According to a 2015 study by CareerBuilder, 52% of companies say they check the social media profiles of job applicants before hiring them. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Snapchat and LinkedIn, each platform has its own purpose and intention depending on the user.

Doing This One Thing Increases Your Chance of Getting Hired by 75%

Ms. Career Girl

But, according to CareerBuilder , 61% of recruiters will dismiss a resume for typos. Getting hired, even in today’s strong job market, is a numbers game. And the numbers are scary. Right off the bat, a resume faces a lot of competition.

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Job Searching Websites: The Pros and Cons of Craigslist, Indeed, Etc.

Career Alley

CareerBuilder. Another viable option when searching for a potential job opportunity is CareerBuilder. As with, CareerBuilder allows users to upload resumes and will even scan resumes to attempt to match users with relevant opportunities.

Illinois AG Sends Age Discrimination Letters to Job Boards, Protects Rights of 81 Year Olds To Apply For Jobs They Don't Want.

HR Capitalist

In case you missed it, the State of Illinois Attorney General is in the news for some premium PR/saber-rattling, centered around the fact that job boards like CareerBuilder and Indeed are trying to exclude older workers from applying for jobs they don't want.

What else can you do?

Resume Bear

Let me share a way for you to do that by hopping over to CareerBuilder. Although I chose CareerBuilder for this demo, you can do the same thing with any job board.

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Temporary Work For Jobseekers as a Permanent Solution

Competitive Resumes

Last Thursday, CareerBuilder released its quarterly hiring forecast report, stating that Temporary staff is significant in supplementing staff: To supplement staffs, 32 percent of employers turned to temporary help in Q3, while 27 percent plan to hire temporary or contract workers in Q4. The Hiring Site/CareerBuilder Although permanent hiring is still slow, at least there is significant action for temporary professionals.

Is Social Media the Solution to Company Culture Fit?

The Undercover Recruiter

It makes sense, since a recent CareerBuilder survey found 38 percent of employers have open positions they just cannot find the skilled candidates to fill. Today, employers, recruiters, and staffing pros are increasingly concerned about the skills gap.

84% Of Currently Employed Workers Compete For Your Job


A CareerBuilder study last year projected that 84% of currently employed workers are searching for a new job and the numbers haven't changed much this year. Learn what that means for your job search. Continued at [link]. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment Job job search layoff Planning research

Famous and Infamous Office Romances

Career Solvers

According to a 2015 CareerBuilder Office Romance Survey , 37 percent of workers surveyed reported they have dated someone they have worked with and 24 percent of office romances involved a superior.

2015 72

Understanding Your Audience Is the Key to Great Onboarding.

HR Capitalist

I'm up over at CareerBuilder talking about how understanding your audience is the key to great onboarding , with some generational twists. Head over to CareerBuilder by clicking this link to get the whole article ! Here's a taste: As with anything talent-related, generational differences should be considered as you are building your onboarding platform at your company.

2017 46

Best Jobs for 2014

Resume Bear

CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Is finding a new job one of your New Year’s resolutions? EMSI) compiled a dozen hot jobs that are not only growing, but pay well too.

2014 237