Why Recruiters Need to be Thinking About Mobile Website Speed

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer B2B Charlotte Hurley mobile readiness mobile website speedsWorldwide the talk is about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the extensive use of mobile phones and devices to conduct our business and daily activities bears testimony to its existence.

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HR CAPITALIST JOB OF THE MONTH: HR Business Partner (Fortune 500, Charlotte)

HR Capitalist

Backstory - Hey Kids - Working to find a great Fortune 500 company multiple HR Business Partners in Charlotte, NC. If you''re a deep, talented HR leader who''s frustrated with the shackles in your current role and wants a clean whiteboard, we''ve got the gig for you as an HR Business Partner for our client based in Charlotte. Great HR leadership, and you''ll be working directly with line of business leaders to solve their people pain/issues.

How Can I be There For People I Have to Let Go

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer Charlotte Billington employees Exit interviews redundant Transition PeakI had a client a while ago who was made redundant, at the time he was provided with outplacement support by his company but chose to also see me independently alongside this.

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The Recruiter’s Guide to Finding Top Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

We speak to Charlotte Clark and the Head of Talent Development at The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). Employer Recruiting apsco Charlotte Clark Recruiting RockstarShe is responsible for positioning APSCo’s UK & International Talent Development division as the recruitment profession’s ‘go to’ source of high quality, credible training and talent development courses. All of which are developed and delivered by recruitment. View Article.

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12 Ways You Can Look After Redundant Employees (on a Budget)

The Undercover Recruiter

Career Management career coach Charlotte Billington redundancy What to do nextMaking employees redundant is never easy.

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How to Tweak Your Job to Come Home More Energised

The Undercover Recruiter

Uncategorised Charlotte Billington Energy Goals strengths values workHave you ever come home feeling completely flat and exhausted and on other days buzzing and energised and wondered why that is?

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From Law to Tech Start-up

Career Shifters

Charlotte McMillan's light-bulb idea happened one morning in the shower. “ I wanted to have a go at creating something myself. ”. While starting her own business has been a big risk, now she's in the driving seat of something she feels passionate about. Here's how she did it

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Five New Books for the Woman Who Does It All

Ms. Career Girl

Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win. Charlotte Walsh knows what she wants and isn’t intimidated by the work it will take to get there. Charlotte will have to reconcile how badly she wants to win and the potential consequences that will bring in this new novel.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

Forward, NBA Charlotte Hornets. “There is no better test of a person’s integrity than how he or she behaves when proven to be wrong.” ” – Marvin Gay Williams, Jr. How simple. How true. An elegant guide in challenging times.

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Herbal Gardens – Why and How To Start One in Your Kitchen

Ms. Career Girl

Image Source: Wikilawn Lawn Care of Charlotte. If you’re a typical career woman, you probably don’t have time to create and tend to a large backyard garden. But there’s an indoor alternative that’s much easier, and it can provide some great benefits.

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From Big Corporates to Own Business

Career Shifters

After five years of job hopping, Charlotte Howells finally quit – with no safety net, and no idea how to start a business. To find out more about Charlotte's services, visit www.charlottehowells.com. What lessons could you take from Charlotte's story to use in your own career change?

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Top 10 Places to Move in the U.S. for a New Job

Career Alley

infographic on HomeownersInsurance.com says you should look at Denver, CO, and Charlotte, NC. Are you moving to get a new job? Then you could be looking for a place with a great cost of living. The Top 10 Places to Move in the U.S.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


AIG will create 230 jobs at new Charlotte, North Carolina technology center: Technology center to provide application development and management services for the insurance company. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGoodNews.biz.

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Gender Pay Gap, Who is Hiring, and Use This Instagram Feature

Competitive Resumes

” Yodle , an all-in-one marketing platform for local businesses with offices in Austin, Charlotte, Scottsdale, and more, offers both the stellar opportunities and awesome culture you’re looking for.

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have I been blacklisted from this company, HR is asking me about my sick coworker, and more

Ask A Manager

My coworker Charlotte and I are pretty close friends, but she’s been sick for a few months now, and I’m her primary backup. Charlotte does not get along with our HR rep, Debra. Since Charlotte and I are close, Debra has been coming to me to ask whether Charlotte’s feeling better yet and when she might be back. She’s done this consistently since the start of Charlotte’s absence, every time her doctor’s note is running out.

Why the World Would Be a Better Place All Managers Were a Little Bit Like Mrs. Garrett

Evil HR Lady

If you were a kid in the 80s, you undoubtedly watched T he Facts of Life , which starred Charlotte Rae as the housemother, Mrs. Edna Garrett. Rae died yesterday at the age of 92 and the world is a little bit worse off now. While I don’t know a great deal about her personal life, her character was someone worth knowing.

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two of my employees had a shouting match about PDA and social media

Ask A Manager

This is what they were doing last week when another agent (we’ll call her Charlotte) was sitting next to Matt. While on her work computer, Charlotte went on Facebook and wrote something to the accord of “people who can’t go a couple of hours without being all over their boyfriend are pathetic and gross. Sophie/Matt and Charlotte are not friends and don’t have each other added on their accounts.). Sophie saw this on Charlotte’s screen and got furious at Charlotte about it.

Top 10 Cities For New Grads

Resume Bear

Charlotte, NC – Charlotte has the lowest cost of living for the east ($774 median rent monthly) and a great hub for those in the banking and financial field. For those ready to graduate this spring, have you decided where you’re going to live?

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Non-Profits Playing An Important Role In Fostering Employment For People With ASD


One non-profit in Charlotte, North Carolina is proving that autism and employment are not mutually exclusive concepts. The Charlotte non-profit organization, Adult Spectrum Transitions (AST), is a new organization helping those on the spectrum find jobs that fit their talents.

2018 130

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Thinkgate brings 120 jobs to Charlotte, North Carolina : Salaries will range from $50K to $200K per year. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGoodNews.biz. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about.

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Know Thy Characters

Ms. Career Girl

In My Very Best Friend, my character, Charlotte Macintosh, is trying to find her best friend, who she hasn’t heard from in months. Charlotte is quirky. The post Know Thy Characters appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. (ed’s

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Red Ventures will add 580 jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina : Online marketing company to have more than 700 employees at University City office. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ.

2014 136

Can’t Find A Job? Become A ‘Liberal Arts Techie’

Career Realism

“I have decided that this is the year I am getting married,” declared Charlotte York on the HBO series Sex and the City. Desperate to be a wife, Charlotte found solace within a fictitious book called Marriage, Incorporated: How to Apply Successful Business Strategies to Finding a Husband. Bachelor friends of married men were New York’s “best untapped resource,” per Charlotte. They have to get creative, like Charlotte from Sex and the City.

Preview of Ms. Career Girl Connect Gift Bags & Door Prizes!

Ms. Career Girl

Charlotte Abel, author of Enchantment. Have you bought your ticket to Ms. Career Girl Connect? Turns out you’ll get your money back in the form of gift bag freebies if you’re one of the first 50 gals to come to the event! Take a look at all of the goods. Want a ticket?

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PRO(TECH)T Yourself: A New Wearable Tech to Combat Sexual Assault

Ms. Career Girl

The two are currently working with Enventys in Charlotte on the development and production of iuvo. The post PRO(TECH)T Yourself: A New Wearable Tech to Combat Sexual Assault appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Sexual assault. It’s not a nice term.

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7 Great New Books To Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day

Ms. Career Girl

While Charlotte is planning her career dreams in 1949, her father is coming up with his own plans for her.

2018 208

Weird Interview Questions CEOs Like to Ask

Professional Resume Services

– Jenny Ming, president and CEO of Charlotte Russe (former chief executive of Old Navy). We are accustomed to any number of conventional interview questions, and everyone has their favorites.

2015 145

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Red Ventures will move 200 jobs to Charlotte, North Carolina area: Internet marketing company will consolidate sales operations in Indian Land and University City. We had so much good business to share, here’s more good news brought to you by JustGoodNews.biz.

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The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

176 Jobs for Charlotte, NC. BAE Systems is investing $3 million and creating 176 jobs in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. The Charlotte Chamber began its 2010 annual meeting Tuesday night with a “promise of a brand new day.&#

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Movie reviews. Almost.

Penelope Trunk

It probably started when I was in third grade and there was no grownup home until 8pm , so after school I went to the movie theater every day for a week to watch Wilbur lose Charlotte and learn to fend for himself. I am on a sad-movie-watching binge. It started a few weeks ago.

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How Much Money Does a Front End Developer Make

Imarticus Learning

The lowest are Denver, St Louis, Minneapolis and Charlotte. A front-end web developer is responsible for the applications involving the visual and interactive element’s implementation used at the front-end or where users engage through their web browser.

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3 Soft Skills Every Great Leader Needs

Career Realism

Companies have moved away from the 'command and control' decision-making style," says Marie Holmstrom, the Charlotte, N.C.-based Soft skills get a bad rap. Yet more organizations are requiring development on the softer side than ever before. So, what's the deal?

2019 70

“Is it true church employees don’t get unemployment benefits?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Charlotte, North Carolina. Question: I have just been “let go” from my position at a church where I worked for five years. I know that my former employer did not pay into unemployment and I have read that church employees cannot collect unemployment. Is this true? . Thanks so much.

The Best Beach Reads for Your Summer Vacation

Ms. Career Girl

In 1949, Charlotte is finding that her life has taken an unexpected turn but she’s determined to get it back on track by entering the Miss Subways beauty contest. One of the best parts of summer is kicking back on a warm beach with a good book.

2018 191

Recruiters are Looking, What Do You Need To Do To Be Found?

Career Alley

Charlotte Critchley is a blogger, freelance writer and social media enthusiast, currently working on behalf of social media specialists, Sentiment Metrics. Recruiters are getting savvier each day with social media.

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ASK THE CAPITALIST: When Should I Mention The Vacation I'm Planning In The Interview Process?

HR Capitalist

Pritesh from Charlotte. -. A reader asks. My current company is a mess - I'm currently interviewing and have great traction, but I'm concerned about a vacation I've planned for late August. When should I tell a prospective employer that I've got a Disney trip planned?

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The 5 Largest Banks in the United States

Corn on the Job

With their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America comes in second only to JPMorgan Chase (Chase Bank). When choosing a bank, it isn’t always in your best interest to choose from the largest banks in the United States for a number of reasons.

CAPITALIST MAILBAG: What's the Most HRish Thing to Come Out of Boston?

HR Capitalist

Becka from Charlotte. Hey Capitalist/KD: What''s the most HRish thing to come out of the Boston tragedy? I''m betting you''ve got something to say about the media coverage. Hey Becka - . Media coverage? Talking at length when you know nothing? Sounds like HR, right? Or maybe marketing.

3 Soft Skills Every Great Leader Needs

Career Realism

You have to have [those skills], but to achieve the next level of success, you have to be able to lead through others,” says Marie Holmstrom, the Charlotte, N.C.-based Soft skills get a bad rap. Yet in 2013, more organizations are requiring development on the softer side than ever before.

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Tips for times of transition: Part 1 – Career marketing strategies for job seekers

Write Solution

Recently, Twitter friend Bridget Haymond , of Truth for Life Coaching , approached me to collaborate on putting together handouts for job seeking members of the congregation at her church — Grace Covenant Church , in Charlotte, NC.

Start like an Immigrant: Ways to Get a Job Even If Your Diploma Is Fresh Off the Press

Resume Bear

Today, he’s the general manager of the Charlotte Bobcats. Fiscal cliff. Debt ceiling. In my opinion, these words mean more taxes, less disposable income and an uncertain economic future. They mean retirement may come later rather than sooner. If you’re a recent graduate and you’re transitioning into the “real world,” it also means it’s time to work like an immigrant. Here’s how: 1. Adopt an Immigrant Attitude.

2013 165

“How do I resign while on FMLA leave (especially with a bully boss)?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Charlotte, North Carolina. Question : Dear Alan: What is the appropriate procedure/consequences of resigning while on leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”)? Background: six years, incredible performance. Company was acquired, and I received a new manager from the acquiring company, who instantly displayed classic “bully boss” behavior. To protect my health, I immediately starting looking for a new job.

2011 142

“Short Answers on Saturdays”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Penney Charlotte, North Carolina. Since so many blog visitors submit Questions, we’ve decided to devote Saturdays to answering several Questions at once, and have chosen those that call for “shorter&# Answers.

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